no one is better off without their parents

I was rewatching the scene where Mon-El meets his parents and his mother hugs him. He doesn’t even hug her back!! 

That my friends is not what happens if a family is happy to be together. 

I feel like his mom is the one we really need to worry about. She is the one that convinces Kara that Mon-El would be “better” off. And that obviously fails since he doesn’t want to come back. And when he does get sent back his father does it without hesitation while his mother wants to protest but doesn’t. 

There has to be more to all of this then something as simple as Mon-El being the Prince. 

I Need You | Jungkook

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Summary: You’re older than Jungkook but have always captured his heart. You constantly refuse to go on a date with him until one day and, before you know it, you find yourself in a relationship with him. But then you begin to worry about his life with you and how he’d most likely be better off without you. 

Word Count: 6,626

A/N: I hope this was angsty and fluffy like you requested, anon cause idk man tHIS IS REALLY LONG but I couldn’t stop myself from writing more

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Jules and Bernie need more appreciation tbh
Actually, a lot of Archie Sonic characters need more respect :^)
*please do not use this art or image in any way without my given permission- thank you!*
Sorry about the inactivity lately, sometimes I just forget I have a Tumblr??

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Hi! I'm a 16 almost 17 FTM and I've been trying to get over my major dysphoria by wearing lose clothing to hide my curves but I only have so many shirts. I came out to my parents but they said to wait till after highschool to do anything but I don't feel like I can wait that long. Should I save up money to buy a binder without them knowing or just ask for one so I can get used to the feeling of flat chested before doing therapy?

You can ask them if you feel they will let you. You can tell them that it will make you feel better and you can take it off so it is not a set thing. It is only temporary. Explain how dysphoria is negatively affecting you. If you feel like they will not approve, save money up to buy it. I do not know your family situation so I cannot give you a 100% good answer. It is up to you to feel out the situation. Some families who tell their kids to wait after high-school allow their kids to have binders while others don’t. 


spoilersandguns  asked:


💜- A memory about one of their loved ones, happy or sad

“Funny thing how that can change, isn’t it? Who we love can be one person one minute and the next everythin can change. When I was a kid I had parents. But I didn’t. There was a crack in my wall that ate them up in one timeline but in another it wasn’t there at all and they were. But I remember them. My Mum was so beautiful. Smile like an angel. My Dad was always makin the worst jokes. I remember the day I had ta take him to school with me. He was goin ta talk about his job and what it means to be a grown up. All those boring things. But my Dad had a better idea. He sent me off without him so he could plan it all right. Showed up in the most ridiculous lookin suit! I mean, really! It was two sizes too big and the brightest lookin mess of colors I ever saw. I was mortified but he just kept smiling. When it was his turn ta talk he told a bunch of stupid jokes and didn’t say a word about his job at all.” She smiled. “I didn’t know it then, but he was tryin ta show us that bein an adult doesn’t mean never havin fun. Such a good man, my wee Dad.”

[ red velvet ]

To @riocu, Merry (late) Christmas, we apologize for the delay and for your Secret Santa’s absence. We hope that you’ll accept the story in its place. Have a wonderful 2015 and an even better 2016 <3

Pairing: Aomine Daiki/Kagami Taiga
Rating: Teen and up
Wordcount: 2482
Author: Admin Sam / @kisekinodrabbles

He had been alone in his apartment, waiting for the curry to brew in his pot. The room felt a little too empty without his teammates. All of them were gone visiting family, spread out all across Japan. But Kagami’s family? He wasn’t quite sure he even had one at that point. The tightness in his chest pissed him off. He’s man enough to handle this. Why should he feel pain over parents who felt nothing for their children?

Shit. Don’t cry. Goddammit, don’t cry.

Ding dong. His eyes moved up to the clock. It was a little over eight but everyone had already gone home at that point. He sucked up a huge breath before walking over to the door.

What the — his eyes blinked a few times just to make sure he wasn’t seeing things.

Aomine Daiki. At his doorstep. Carrying cake. Yawning.

The yawning he wasn’t surprised. But what was he even — “What are you doing here?”

“That’s a nice way to greet someone on Christmas.” He rolled his eyes, pushing the red-haired man out of the way and stepping into the apartment. He sniffed the air. It had become all too familiar for him to scent out Kagami’s apartment whenever he dropped by. It always smelled like something different. Sometimes he had cookies baking in the oven, other times ramen cooking in a pot. Most of the time, it was just his scent. Aomine didn’t mind that. He turned to Kagami who was still standing shellshocked at the door. “Are you going to just stand there forever, princess? Or are you going to feed me?”

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Exo Reaction to Their Little Sister Getting a Lip Ring


He was staying at his parents house, watching it and his younger sister while they went on vacation. He wasn’t too strict with her, but then one night she came home late after school with her lip pierced. He looked at her slightly alarmed, wondering how she got it done without anyone present but also realising he was going to be thoroughly chewed out by his mom for letting it happen. 


A lip ring didn’t suit her at all. She would have been better off with just a stud in the nose. Chanyeol poked her in the cheek and waited for her to look his way before telling her that he thought it was ugly. 


When she walked in the house late, he immediately noticed what held her up. A part of him was surprised she had waited to do something like this until he was staying a few days to watch her, but then he remembered she was his little sister. He immediately sassed her, holding up his hand. He was not being blamed for this. 

“I hope you liked wasting your money, now take the piercing out and let it close.”


His family was going out to dinner with him for the first time in awhile to catch up. When they met up at the restaurant, he pulled his mom into a hug and then his eyes caught his sister. She had a variety of facial piercings and he hardly recognised her from the last time he saw her. After he got over his shock he pulled her into a hug too, happy to see her but surprised. 


Piercings weren’t the worst thing ever, but he questioned if she was supposed to have them. She had gotten on a bus and came to Seoul to stay with him for  a week and visit, but she had been a couple of hours late to get to his apartment and he was suspicious she had made a stop somewhere to get the lip ring when her parents weren’t around to stop her. 


He wasn’t stupid. Kyungsoo had come to watch his younger siblings for a few days and the last time he had been there his sister didn’t have a lip and a nose piercing. His mother was going to be furious and she was going to direct her anger his way. 


He didn’t even notice the new piercings when he saw his baby sister, he just pulled her into a hug and have her a kiss behind her ear before he ruffled her hair. 


“Mom doesn’t know about this does she?” she asked his little sister, his impatience clearly showing as he questioned her stupidity by the tone of his voice. “Take it out right now. You are not doing this on my watch.” 


When his sister walked into the house with a piercing she clearly wasn’t supposed to have, he didn’t care. It wasn’t his problem nor was it his job to parent her. She could deal with their mother’s wrath if she wanted to be stupid in her free time. 


When he came home for the first holiday in while he saw his younger sister and smiled. He wasn’t put off by the piercing or any of the others she had because he thought his baby sister was adorable and if their parents had said it was fine then it was fine. 


They ended up talking piercings together and fangirling over how good her lip ring looked. He then suggested them plan out her next piercing and called being the person to take her to get it done so he could pick out the earring for her. By the end of the conversation they were both giggling like school girls. 


He literally did not care that his sister had a lip ring. He was tired, jet lagged, and catching up with his parents. As long as their parents were fine with her doing stuff like that and she didn’t do it sneakily, he wasn’t going to say anything about it. 

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Dear OUAT writers,

Thanks for teaching us that good people are the ones who deserve to perish. Thanks for teaching us that rapists can be forgiven while their victims are left in the dust. Thanks for teaching us that children are better off without their parents. Thanks for teaching us that a WOC can never have her happy ending without it being taken away for the thousandth time. Thanks for nothing.

From, an Evil Regal and OQer who doesn’t recognize this show anymore

Who I am and my life in a nutshell.

My name is Larry.
I’m a 21 year old Asian American that attends George Mason University
I was born in Baltimore and grew up in a family that had very little money.
I lived in Baltimore until the end of kindergarten. 
My family and I started to become better off as soon as my parents got jobs in Virginia. My first year in Virginia was when I was in first grade. We moved to an apartment in McLean, Virginia for only a year.
The following year, we moved to Vienna, Virginia into a home.
I was an innocent child.
I loved Pokemon. I loved drawing. I loved dinosaurs, Power Rangers, Ninja Turtles, Digimon, and many Disney movies.
My mom said that when I was 4 years old, I remembered every single VHS tape of all the Disney movies we owned and could put in each one without reading the label and could identify what I was playing prior to the movie starting.
I was an innocent kid who loved playing Nintendo 64, watching my brother play video games, watching TV, and playing Pokemon on my first Gameboy Color (Green).
I loved people. I loved attention. And all I wanted was to feel loved.
The later years of my life weren’t great, however.
Elementary school is when people made fun of me for being fat.
They called me a loser and I had only one friend that I can think of now who was truly genuine and kind throughout our time together until the end of high school.
Like in middle school and high school, there are groups of kids that hang out with each other. There are the “cool kids”, and there were kids like me. A small group of us who weren’t popular or liked very much.
No one really liked me.
But through my friend, I was able to ignore everything and enjoy going to his house often.
We played basketball, listened to Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, My Chemical Romance, and always dreamed of forming our own rock band. 
But as all friendships die out, ours did too.
I developed eating disorders in 6th grade.
After hearing continuously how fat I was and me feeling so sad and crying so much, I decided to lose weight.
And I did. At a ridiculous pace.
I went from 220-120 in 3 months.
I ate nothing but lettuce and exercised in 100 degree weather everyday while drinking nothing but water.
After I started middle school, I experienced  bullying yet again.
I gained a lot of my weight back. Through that, I developed bulimia.
I still struggle with it today.
I was bullied throughout elementary school, middle school, and high school.
I had very little friends.
I was very suicidal and depressed.
Not only because of the bullying, but because of my brother, mom, and dad.
I got beat often. And when I did by my mom, I would turn to my dad for help. He wouldn’t flinch an eye. When my dad beat me, I would crawl to my mom for help. She would shake me off as I would cry every time.
I was terrified by my brother the most because I looked up to him.
His beatings hurt the most because he was my brother, yet he made me feel so alone. And it always hurt the most when my brother beat me.
I told my psychiatrist that I got abused while living with my family.
She’s old school, though, and said to me that it was just discipline and not abuse. 
Ever since that, I’ve kept the words of abuse close to myself.
Cause if she pushed away my past like that, a professional, then it probably would happen if I told others. Especially my other family members.
Through the abuse, I developed anger problems.
I became violent as a result.
I got into fights often with other kids.
I would get into fights with my parents easily starting middle school.
Some days, my fights with my dad were physical.
The pain I received from my family made me lose my mind. I didn’t want to be beat anymore. I wanted to defend myself. I wanted to feel loved and appreciated, not feel like a worthless child. My parents would always tell me I would end up as a minimum wage worker at McDonald’s cause I didn’t receive the same grades as my brother did. They would scold me for not being talented like my brother with the violin and piano.
I would often think of jumping out my window and just letting my life end.
I would think every night to myself “will this height actually kill me? will I actually die?” And I cried to myself often, alone in my room.
I had no friends after middle school.
Maybe friends IN school. “Friends”.
But were they really when I think about it now? Not even close.
I was anti social. I had no confidence at all whatsoever as a result of the bullying and abuse I endured.
I was violent, ill-tempered, depressed, and suicidal.
People would use me in middle school to try and make me tell them secrets.
The next day, they would tell the entire school.
Everyone laughed, of course. I felt like a piece of shit.
One time, it was over me having a crush on a girl.
And the best part was her finding out and running away from me yelling “ew” as everyone in the classroom laughed.
Those were the middle school days.
High school, I got even fatter since my middle school days.
But I would force myself to vomit everyday.
I would puke as much as I could just cause I felt terribly about my appearance and weight. 
The jocks at school would fuck with me, make fun of me, and push me around.
They threw me into lockers, they slammed my head on the desks in class.
One also tried to intentionally get me blind by continuously pointing a laser pointer in my eyes.
Life was miserable for me. Abuse from my family both verbal and physical, verbal and physical bullying in high school, and a life alone. Where all I did was go home, stay on the computer, and then sleep late at night. Sleep all day in school cause I didn’t give a fuck and had 0 motivation to do well. I didn’t care about college. Why would I when my parents had no confidence in me? 
And then, things started to get better after my junior year.
My parents told me they wanted me to get into college and to study well and do well.
They made me go to tutoring programs every weekend and would make me spend so many hours in the summer studying.
My dad started to try and treat me better. We fought a lot still. But he tried to push me for the better and trying to enforce positivity into my life. I think he realized that I was mentally ill. 
Cause my mom told me a year ago that he knew I was mentally ill at a certain point and wanted to get me mental help. My mom was the one who rejected, though. She didn’t believe in that shit back then.
I started to love my dad more after I got acceptance letters from several schools. We developed a much healthier and positive relationship after I did well on my SATs and got into school. He started to brag to his friends how well I did and how I’m getting acceptance letter from great schools. He was so happy for me and proud of me. That in return brought me so much joy.
And then, he passed away.
That is when my depression and shit got infinitely worse.
One of my “friends” said that I was using my dad’s death as an excuse to feeling shitty. And that I was being a bitch about it.
I then started to drink as a result of my depression.
Life got even more difficult for me.
I almost died because of a life threatening condition.
I should have died according to the doctors.
They said it was a miracle finding a way to perform surgery on me.
And it was so severe that a team of top doctors at my hospital had to get off from their days off/vacation just to try and save me.
And they did.
However, during that month of recovery, I suffered a lot. 
My mom told me she had to sign a form from the doctors that acknowledges that I might not survive.
I suffered physically. Could barely breathe. Couldn’t eat at all.
But after that summer, college started. 
During those years of college, I kept battling my eating disorders.
My alcoholism got more severe.
I started to cut. Often and while crying.
And tried to kill myself.
I’m missing a lot of points in my life, but who cares.
I’ve wrote enough as it is.
Anyways, I started recovery two years ago in 2013. Or maybe it was 2012. I can’t remember. But I was sent to a mental hospital. My school psychologist called my mom and brother about my eating problems, drinking, and cutting. They told them that I’m struggling severely and that I wanted to commit suicide and was a danger to myself. I was released from the hospital after my stay from May until August
I’m here.
I stopped drinking.
I stopped cutting.
I haven’t tried to kill myself since 2013.
I’m still fighting my eating disorders, but I’m much better than I was before.
I’m writing this to vent.
For myself.
Cause this past month, I’ve been at the lowest point since this past winter.
And I need to let out some form of my thoughts.
And this is what my brain is telling me to write out. 
Anyways, I feel much better now.
I spent maybe 30-40 minutes writing all this.
I should be studying, but whatever. Fuck school.
I wish I could have written more about my college years, but it doesn’t matter.
Enough is enough.
I don’t want anyone to say anything.
Please do not feel obligated to try and comfort me.
I am not seeking that.
I am just venting while expressing myself who I am and the past I’ve had.
I do not want sympathy. 
I do not expect sympathy.
This is a form of me trying to try and make myself feel better.
I’ve dropped a majority of my bad habits.
I’ve become more loving towards others, I’ve become more supportive towards others, and I’ve become much more willing to try and be a friend for others, even if they might not see me as a friend.
Well, I guess I’ll leave a message at the end.

Things will get better.
Things do get better.
It’s a matter of giving yourself time and remembering that you are the most important person at the end of the day.
And that the only person capable of fixing yourself is you.
FIGHT. Because fighting is worth it when you fall in love with the love of your life. When you move into your dream home/apartment. When you find your new best friend in the form of a puppy or kitten.
And then the past will be nothing but forgotten feelings and emotions.
And the feelings of happiness and love will become present forever and will fill your life continuously.
I love you all, so if you ever need someone to talk to, never feel afraid to message me.
Have a lovely night, everyone. 

Still super confused as to why Regina and Swan Queen has so many stans.

Let’s go over the list shall we?
Regina has:
1. Raped Graham for over 28 years
2. Tried to kill Emma numerous times
3. Publicly humiliated Emma many times
4. Is the sole reason that Emma grew up without her parents
5. Has slaughtered whole villages of people
6. Crushed people’s hearts for fun
There’s probably more but these are the major ones that I can think of. Why on earth would anyone want this woman with Emma? I like f/f as much as the next queer person but Regina is a villain through and through and Emma deserves better. I know there lots of people who hate Captain Hook but let’s go over his list.
Killian has:
1. Immediately backed off when Emma said she didn’t want him in Neverland
2. Went out of his comfort zone and allowed Rumplestiltskin on his ship.
3. Saved Aurora’s heart at great personal cost
4. Immediately went to look after Emma when he realized Rumple wanted to turn her Dark.
5. Went to go find Emma in New York
6. He could’ve beaten Emma in that first swordfight they had but he didn’t
7. Asked bar wench Emma twice if she wanted to spend the night with him
8. Made Milah second in command of his ship
9. Did not at any point insist Emma do anything with him she wasn’t uncomfortable with
How on earth could anyone hate this guy? He’s one of the few characters that constantly gives agency and respect to women. That is something Regina hasn’t done.

Monday So Far

On Babygate

Everyone yesterday: Whatever happened to that?

Today: Here have a picture and an interview and a ton of articles to go with both.


  • Liam talked about it rather than Louis.
  • Liam managed to discuss it without saying baby, father, parent, pregnant, etc.  Very impressive.

On Zayn

Liam: He’s off doing his own thing at the moment.

Liam: Zayn and I wrote songs that are still unreleased together.  Zayn never liked 1D’s style of music.

Liam: We love Zayn.

Interviewer to Louis: Is it worse or better without Zayn?

Louis: It’s different without Zayn, but it’s something we’ve adjusted to.

Interviewer to Louis: Drag Me Down is about Zayn dragging you down, right?

Louis: You’re just trying to get me to say something controversial.


  • The overall tone is that Zayn and the boys are good, but Liam was allowed to be much more overtly positive.  
  • We’ve never had any confirmation that Zayn didn’t like 1D’s music until the #realmusic last week and Liam saying this today.  It fits with the “it wasn’t real to me anymore” narrative, but this is the first time we’ve gotten specifics.  Where we got nothing for 4 months, we got 2 things within a week.

On Drag Me Down

Liam: I should know when the album’s out, but I don’t.

Louis: I should know when the video’s out, but I don’t.


  • Although the answer might be the same, there are different ways to phrase things.  They said the same thing in almost the exact same way.

On the Vios Commercial

Toyota: We’re omniscient.  We knew Zayn was going to leave ahead of time even though he supposedly quit suddenly, so we went ahead and filmed a commercial without him.


  • It mostly seems like it was filmed without him rather than just finding a way to edit him out.  The framing seems like it was meant for 4 people rather than 5. Also, if he were edited out of the balls part, we should be able to spot balls that are acting oddly, as if hitting a person who’s not there.
  • It almost definitely was filmed at the same time as the other one because Liam’s hair looks exactly the same.  His hair is the best to date things with at the moment.
  • It’s weird that Harry and Louis were scooted together in the back seat of the car when they could have spread out to opposite sides.  However, the camera angle on this car scene is different from the angle on the last, so it doesn’t look like they were taken at the same time exactly.
  • What’s 1DHQ’s intent?  They have to know the fans know roughly when those were filmed and that having Zayn not be in this contradicts their “suddenly leaving without warning” story.  Do they just not care or do they want fans to notice?
  • Why did Toyota film both a 5 person commercial and a 4 person commercial?  They would have to have known Zayn would be gone to film the 4 person, but it would be obvious that his leave was planned if they immediately released the 4 person commercial.  Leaving it until later makes it look like they had time to re-film… but not really since it’s the same clothes and the same set.  

Just a helpful note that’s quite relevant today

If you’ve never heard of something before when there’s been time for it and then suddenly it’s mentioned several times, it’s 99% narrative.  

  • Babygate: all quiet for over a week, then 2 things in the same morning.
  • Zayn doesn’t like 1D’s music genre: nothing specific for 4 months, then 2 things within about 5 days of each other.  
|| Mating Dance ||


Siegfried, in his teasing, has not meant to embarrass the young swan so badly. He was only  bringing up a good bachelor, one she knows better above the rest—if anything, he had quite expected her to brush the name off and say he is too much a brother to her! Never had he thought he would chase his daughter away in embarrassment… “Oh no…poor Emma—I was not trying to push a marriage onto her! Only a suggestion, a possibility among many…”

Humphrey could laugh at how this conversation went down. His parents hit the nail on the head without even meaning to! Likely his father was just teasing, and still Emma was chased away in a flurry of embarrassment. Humphrey startles a little when the focus of the conversation is shifted suddenly to him, when his mother is asking Humphrey for his opinion on the pair. Already he knows more than either of his parents could; he’s seen the way Lancelot watches her and flusters when she hikes up her dresses. The prince considers the question for a bit, glancing at Emma by the punchbowl.

“I would say they have a fair chance,” he says, as offhanded as possible. The main doors open and guests begin to filter in, greeted by the footmen and servants. With once smirk back at his mother, Humphrey pulls a glittering mask up and over his face and disappears into the crowd.

Among the early crowd to arrive, the first to hear the elegant music lifting to the high ceilings, is the young man at the center of the royal conversation. Lancelot, in a long, black outfit decorated by silver, follows a few steps behind the main crowd, scanning around for either of his friends. He lifts his mask, a slim affair that lacks the flamboyant flair of feathers around his face, and makes do with just enough to cover his eyes. The bottom of the mask juts sharply down over his cheeks, but the feathers of onyx and silver, with just a touch of gold, are as simple as Humphrey’s is outlandish. Even so, he gathers more gazes than the flashiest of birds. He hovers, for a moment, by the door—until he spots a burst of white and beauty on the other end of the large hall. He recognizes Emma even from a distance and sweep is way over.