no one is awake why am i posting this

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Your tags on damons photoset seem kinda manipulative??

Lmfao what the fuck
I was skyping it at 2 am last night and it posted the selfies and I was like “Babe I’m like the only one awake rn you have to post these later if you want anyone to see them” and it laughed and so I tagged the selfies like that
But I don’t owe you any explanation for inside jokes between me and my boyfriend so fuck you for saying this shit ?? I would never try and manipulate my boy

…. ​why are people always over-analyzing my relationship with Damon like stop it isn’t good for your health

I worked on this all day.
I did not intend on making it originally.. but like… yeah.
currently its like, 1am, I have no idea why I am awake owo

@nanyalan knows that Weeb!Gaster is like my favorite for some reason.
Next time I will do something with The Weeb. (sans)
I might even polish this up one day, but today… today is NOT that day.

oh man, its too early to be posting this owo”“
@definitelynotalek is gon kill me for staying up late.
I am sorry big brother! <3</strike>

Sister apprication post

Why my little sisters are the best:
1. The first one that was awake at the middle of the night (watched Markimoo’s livestream) just ditched her phone for me because I told her that I had a nightmare. Note: she is 14, I am 22.
2. To my second sister, I got minecraft and after I got myself one aswell and made a realms I added her to my realem of me and my friend.. And the first thing she did was to make us suprises (which I havent seen yet) she told me not to log into it without her around because she want to show me.
To sum it up: my little sisters are my blessing. All my family is 💗

I refuse to believe that people didn’t play quidditch on harry potter’s 4th year in hogwarts? Like i will not accept this? Just because 4 students had something better to do for 3 days in a year doesn’t mean that everyone else had to suffer too??

No here’s something like how it probably happened while no one was looking: everyone said screw this, we’re playing! It’s what oliver wood would’ve wanted! So they did mixed teams. There’d be like 20 different teams, all with people from different houses and drumstrang and beauxbatons. It was beautiful. It would’ve built team spirit more than the actual tournament?? A couple of gryffindors and slytherins in the same team just because they found out one of the beauxbatons boys is a damn good seeker and they want to be on his team and neither is willing to back down! Team spirit! Eventually the slytherins and gryffindors learn to play nice and some of them become friends??
Hufflepuffs and durmstrang playing really well together because im a sucker for an unexpected combo. Big muscly Durmstrang keeper girl falling for a small hufflepuff beater because damn, that girl can swing, will you go to the yule ball with me???
A gryffindor is afraid of heights but has always wanted to be involved so they let him keep score and, along with people from durmstrang and beauxbatons, be the commentator because let’s be honest, they need a multilingual commentary.
I just!!! I have a lot of feelings!! A ravenclaw who has never flown before starts sneaking out at night with some of the girls from beauxbatons and they teach her to fly!! Because all those beauxbatons girls are also self taught bc they have old parents who said that flying wasn’t “lady like” but they didn’t buy into that bs!!! Ahhh my girls!!!

Sarumi drama translation: The whole world sinks except him and me


Rough translation of the Fushimi Saruhiko x Yata Misaki’s drama CD (28/01/2016 on sale through Animate): The whole world sinks except him and I.

Keep reading for the whole translation :) Enjoy!

**May upload the audio if anyone needs it but probably someones has uploaded it already so yeah XD (being lazy)**

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A bunch of (but nowhere near all) times Bitty made fun of Jack on Twitter. He looks like such a jerk when you read these out of context lol.
Some of my favourites?
- “Why are you allowed to have a phone?”
- “Of course Jack is already awake and listening to something awful in his room.”
- “what is wrong with this boy?”

I need to post a combo of every time he makes fun of Jack’s photography. “DEAR GOD!!!!!!!” Lol

On a somewhat related note: I haven’t written a fanfic in probably a solid 12 years at least… I am currently in the process of two. I am “Check, Please!” fandom trash. The one I’m almost finished involves a French nickname for Bitty and is a pretty big fluffball lol. (Side note, it’s actually a term my dad used to call my mom all the time when they were young… She didn’t appreciate the translation lol)

shoot! Forgot to add this earlier. read the comic here:


au in which aaron is best buddies with carly and tracy, carly and tracy are gay af and aaron somehow ends up constantly third wheeling the village’s top chic lesbian couple

I think this is the wrong way to try to convince white male writers to write more women and POC, but I am not awake enough to articulate why.

I think “why is it specifically bob’s duty to not bring coleslaw rather than everyone’s duty to better coordinate” is part of it

As is “why haven’t we asked who prepares the tastiest coleslaw and decided to keep that one”

eta this response is even worse:

bob might be an asshole if he’s upset you “made him” bring something he didn’t know how to make to the party. Bob is substantially less of an asshole if he is upset because he is a chef and his dishes are his livelihood and being pressured into this experiment means losing money. Especially if he is not a big name who can absorb the damage easily

@confidxnteveryday cause the cuddles post-ZBH must be a thing

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He didn’t know why she was awake at this hour, but he didn’t know why he was early either. The red numbers read 2:49 am, so he could’ve gone back to sleep, and so could she, but for some reason they hadn’t. “Samar?” He quietly asked, breaking the silence they had for the last few minutes while she had rested up against him and ran his hand over her hair. “Why are you awake?”


‘Sup, hey. So I noticed a lack of more or less an actual music club around these parts and I think that’s kind of a shame. So I think I’d like to maybe put an idea for one in the works. I’m going to need some Dominants to sponsor it and stuff, but that’s why I’m making this post open to people of all marks and not just Switches and submissives.

In my years of going to rallies and fighting for rights of Switches (for my parents) and submissives (for myself) I’ve noticed that blocking out the Dominants have done more harm than good. Especially in this school where I’ve noticed that every single Dominant student has been nothing but great to every single person here. Especially because having the Dominants standing behind us to help us when we fall (which we will, a lot) is a lot better than knowing no one is on our side. So I’d like to offer this music club to everyone so we can all just chill together consistently, play music (if you do) and just have some time to ourselves.

So I guess the point of this post is, if you’re interested in this, let me know? We need a lot of sponsors. I’m tired of being punished for no reason and I know a lot of you are too, so I’d really like to make this a place where no one gets punished and we can just feel safe. So get your sponsors, get everything you need.

every time i fall asleep in the phandom a lot of shit happens

  • dan and phil release like 5 books
  • dan transcends reality to be come the perfect enigma of existentialism and ironic emo-ness
  • phil transcends mortality to actually become jesus
  • someone notices something really fucking dumb and makes some bullshit post about how dan and phil are essentially children that need to be coddled even though theyre like 24/28 and can take care of themselves but apparently everyone literally thinks theyre not so that one person who made the first posts starts a domino effect of more posts that all get like 500k notes and honestly why am i here
  • the one person that everyone goes to about phan starts like 400 more shit storms
  • dan uploads which is rare in and of itself but always seems to happen when im passed the fuck out
  • my chemical romance comes back this is relevant to the phandom because when this happens dan will probably shit himself at “such an alarming velocity” that he’s going to shit out of his fucking house and into outer space

so tip: dont fall asleep if ur in the phandom. stay awake at all times.