no one is awake why am i posting this

I woke up to my room feeling more cold than usual. Groaning, I turned my body over and grabbed my phone from my nightstand to check the time.

It’s almost 6am. You have got to be kidding me. Why the hell am I awake?

I scrolled down my notifications. It’s the same as always, people liking and reblogging my stories and posts, my idiot ex trying to get back with me. What caught my eye was an anonymous message of course.

I couldn’t help but laugh at the message. Really? Trying to insult me by calling me a hoe? Honey, I call myself a hoe for a reason yah know?

And yeah, I know I’m a bitch. But a whiny one? I smirked. Really?

I didnt have the energy to respond, so I fell back asleep with a smile on my face.

When I woke up I went back to screenshot this kid’s message before deleting. The boys are gonna laugh about this.

I yawned as I walked downstairs to the kitchen. The guys were all eating breakfast already.

I scoffed. They were eating Alfred’s awesome breakfast without me, “Why you guys didnt wake me up?” I snarled.

My little brother, Damian, rolled his eyes, “You’ll kill us all if we woke you up.”

I blinked, he has a point, “Right.”

I shrugged and served myself breakfast, kissing Jason on the cheek, “Morning, handsome.”

Jay smirked, “Goodmorning, babe.”

I grinned. Jason and I have been dating for quite some time now. Ever since Damian and I had to start living with Father, Jason and I were inseperabble.

Tim groaned, “Jason, just marry Artza already damn it and stop staring at her like you two are the only ones in the room.”

Dick nodded, sipping on some orange juice, “Tim’s right. When are you going to pop the question?”

Jason raised up his middle finger, “You pussy, you didnt even ask Kori to marry you yet. All you did was give her a damn key in a fucking ring box. Who does that shit?”

I sat down, trying to hold in my laugh as the boys burst out in laughter. Dick blushed, “Y-you shut up, alright?!”

I interrupted before Jason could say anything else, “Guys, I got my first anon hate.”

The boys fell silent. Tim cleared his throat, “Could you repeat that, please?”

I rolled my eyes and repeated what I said.

Jason slammed his fist on the table, making the plates and cups shake, “What the fuck did they say? I’ll kill them!”

“I cant belive I’m saying this, but I’d like to help you, Todd.” Damian said, “Show us what they said.”

I took out my phone and passed it to Jason, who was sitting next to me. After reading it, he sniggered, passing it to Damian.

When Tim and Dick finished reading it, they all bursted out in laughter again as Dick passed my phone back to me.

Tim almost choked on his coffee, “Is that person like, 14 or something?!”

I shrugged, “Don’t know, don’t care. But I did put the message as my header. I’m glad they think I’m a hoe.”

Dick swipped a tear away, “Ah man, that’s not something you hear everyday.”

Jason was still laughing hysterically, holding his stomach, “This bitch really thinks calling you a hoe is an insult?! Do they not know your username?! Ha!”

Damian was the only confused one, “What’s a hoe?”

“Oh a hoe is-”

Dick, Tim and I yelled, “Jason!”

He raised his hands up as if he were surrendering, “What?”

You know that vine where the guy shouts “WAKE UP SLEEPY HEAD” to the one guy in bed but another dude pops up?

That’s Lucio and before telling anyone about their realtionship. 

Tracer came in to get Lucio awake, but blinks away yelling when pops up with wild bed hair telling her ‘What the heck’. 

     eli, here again with a long post about rich’s squip? what a shock. i bet no one saw that one coming

  • he got the squip the summer after freshman year. he’d gone to the mall with his brother and wandered off somewhere, trying really hard not to bump into anyone from school, when a guy had grabbed him by the shoulders and started telling him about this pill.
  • rich, suicidal, lowkey always tryna die, was like ‘lmao cool might as well’
  • he had the intuition to ask how to power it down should he get sick of it. after a few minutes of arguing, the guy tells him abt mt dew red. rich, kind of incredulous, goes and spends his last dollar on a bottle of regular mt dew and takes the pill.
  • the freakout happens at home, with him writhing in his bedroom, screaming into his hands so he doesn’t make as much noise. his brother hears, obviously, and comes into his room, causing rich to blurt everything. the squip’s first action is to shock him for lisping.
  • ‘squip. say it with me. it stands for something, richard. there is no t-h.’
  • the squip only ever calls him richard, which he hates to the very core of his being 
  • the first change it makes is to his hair. the red streak is something they both agreed on — luring rich into a false sense of security.
  • it’s manipulative in the sense that instead of telling rich he’s disgusting outright, it makes him genuinely believe he needs it. ‘you’re so lucky to finally get the help you need, richard. you were already at your lowest point. you can only get better from here.’
  • steven gets really freaked out when rich stops lisping. though he knows about the squip, he doesn’t really believe it, so he’s really phased when his baby brother starts to change so much. 
  • which leads to the stellar conversation ‘why the fuck do you care? you weren’t interested in me at all until i got this thing. i guess it’s doing its job.’
  • while it doesn’t fix his eyesight, it tells him what he’s seeing so he can pretend he doesn’t need glasses.
  • when he goes back to school, he’s muscly and the red hair and a totally different fashion sense. people start to take notice of him — who was this kid, and why had they never seen him before? with all the noise he’s making, he would’ve been pretty unmissable.
  • rich gets the confidence to strike up a conversation with jake, the squip giving him all the answers and questions he needs in that really patronising way it has. he makes jake laugh and jake tells him to sit at his table at lunch. 
  • the only good thing rich’s squip has ever done is sm i’m lowkey stealing from the book actually lmao. the first time rich’s squip sees rich’s father, passed out on the couch, snoring, he tells rich ‘that is disgusting. you are never going to be like that.’ he thinks about that a lot.

I worked on this all day.
I did not intend on making it originally.. but like… yeah.
currently its like, 1am, I have no idea why I am awake owo

@nanyalan knows that Weeb!Gaster is like my favorite for some reason.
Next time I will do something with The Weeb. (sans)
I might even polish this up one day, but today… today is NOT that day.

oh man, its too early to be posting this owo”“
@definitelynotalek is gon kill me for staying up late.
I am sorry big brother! <3</strike>

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I just saw the post about you being around the world, and that's why you're always posting middle of the night (PST)... Well... I am on the west coast and I am a night owl. So apparently I just need to find friends on the other side is the world, because they'll be awake when I am! #the little epiphanies one has

well now u know u can always talk to me but tbh sometimes im up during western hours too lmaooooo 

Sarumi drama translation: The whole world sinks except him and me


Rough translation of the Fushimi Saruhiko x Yata Misaki’s drama CD (28/01/2016 on sale through Animate): The whole world sinks except him and I.

Keep reading for the whole translation :) Enjoy!

**May upload the audio if anyone needs it but probably someones has uploaded it already so yeah XD (being lazy)**

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A bunch of (but nowhere near all) times Bitty made fun of Jack on Twitter. He looks like such a jerk when you read these out of context lol.
Some of my favourites?
- “Why are you allowed to have a phone?”
- “Of course Jack is already awake and listening to something awful in his room.”
- “what is wrong with this boy?”

I need to post a combo of every time he makes fun of Jack’s photography. “DEAR GOD!!!!!!!” Lol

On a somewhat related note: I haven’t written a fanfic in probably a solid 12 years at least… I am currently in the process of two. I am “Check, Please!” fandom trash. The one I’m almost finished involves a French nickname for Bitty and is a pretty big fluffball lol. (Side note, it’s actually a term my dad used to call my mom all the time when they were young… She didn’t appreciate the translation lol)

shoot! Forgot to add this earlier. read the comic here:

cheek to cheek - phlint one shot

Clint has a hearing problem.

It isn’t anything he really hid; it wasn’t some huge secret. Anyone who read his file would know the whole story and he wouldn’t hesitate to answer whomever asked. His hearing aids were just as part of him as a hand or a leg, so sometimes it slipped his mind that they were even there. A newbie agent with a sharp eye would stare too long and Clint would laugh at how quickly they looked away when he caught them. Its no big deal, he would say. Just forget they’re even there. I do.

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I know this post seems like it’s on the wrong blog, but it isn’t, bear with me here.

So, I was re-watching the Avengers, and y’all know the bit with Loki’s speech in Germany? Well, I was thinking: personally, I probably would have knelt when he yelled “KNEEL!” but then I think I would have slipped into DnD mode (my brain goes to strange places when adrenaline takes over) and I would have started mouthing off from my knees and probably gotten myself killed.

In other words, I would have died from inappropriately-timed comments about kink-shaming. And Nazis. I most likely would have pointed out the total lack of subtlety about his “freedom in subjugation” speech taking place in Germany. It was a bit on the nose, you have to admit.

So this is what DnD has done to me: theoretically gotten me murdered by disgruntled Norse gods by training me to respond to powerful and vaguely deific figures with inappropriate snark that may or may not have been in character, people usually just pretend I’m not talking at that point.


PS: Also, it’s like… holy fuck it’s after 4 in the morning, why am I still awake. So anyways, just telling you that to give you context for this very bizarre post. I’m probably going to delete it before it makes it out of the queue. (who am I kidding I’ll totally forget about it and then wake up later today and be like “what the fuck have I done??”)

PPS: It is now precisely one hour later, this post goes up in a little over 45 minutes, and I refuse to acknowledge any regrets.


au in which aaron is best buddies with carly and tracy, carly and tracy are gay af and aaron somehow ends up constantly third wheeling the village’s top chic lesbian couple

I think this is the wrong way to try to convince white male writers to write more women and POC, but I am not awake enough to articulate why.

I think “why is it specifically bob’s duty to not bring coleslaw rather than everyone’s duty to better coordinate” is part of it

As is “why haven’t we asked who prepares the tastiest coleslaw and decided to keep that one”

eta this response is even worse:

bob might be an asshole if he’s upset you “made him” bring something he didn’t know how to make to the party. Bob is substantially less of an asshole if he is upset because he is a chef and his dishes are his livelihood and being pressured into this experiment means losing money. Especially if he is not a big name who can absorb the damage easily


@ShinsFriends: Since everybody is waiting so much, well… I’ll give one more hint then .. Woosh~~ This one will be really hard, what should we do?? crycry?? … But it’s nice to at least get one more hint, right~ (Hint- 135.010 94.17) if you get this right, you are daebak genius!!

@ShinsFriends: kkkkkkkkkkkk everyone, thank you for trying so hard~ hehehe but you guys aren’t genius. kkk Fasodoblend? Mexico? there are more than one or two (guesses) kkkkkkk I’m tired today so I will sleep earlier~~ I will give next set of hints easier~ ㅠㅠ hing..

@ShinsFriends: I’m awake!! Why are you guys waiting for me so much?? kkk why are you like this?? You want me to post another comment?? Since you are so frustrated, I (will tell you that) the hints are just related to my parts, and I am giving hints not about the concept but something else. Today’s hint ( -ㅣㅣㅣㅣ-ㅣ-ㅣㅣ-ㅣ-ㅣㅣ-ㅣ-ㅣ=ㅣ=ㅣ=ㅣ= )



: it’s not relevant to dates.. kk it’s fine now, right?? kkkkkkk hohoho @


: I know I know, the hints so far have been very hard!! The level of difficulty was 1…sorry sorry… here!!! round 2~~~ ( Do Cupin ) … oh!! I`m up!! @


: the link isn`t the hint~~~ what`s in the ( ) is the hint~~~ㅠㅠ link was just because I saw it when I searched Shindong.. it`s not relevant at all..ㅠㅠ babu…

@ShinsFriends: Did you wait?? I’m here~ Another hint is out~ (Hint - Servant’s cup) since you guys are having such a hard time.. Should I give a hint about this one?? mm.. you guys all have mirrors at home right?? hehehe that’s enough of the hint kkk fighting!! Think a bit harder on it!!

@ShinsFriends: …. ah…. you don’t understand…

@ShinsFriends: kkkkkkkkkkkk aigo kkkkk sorry, really sorry… kkk what should I do kkkk someone said they got round 2 correct kkkkkkkkk what should I do kkk what do I say now? … I’ll give the hint that I was going to give tomorrow in advance… Round 2 isn’t over yet.. ㅠㅠ Hint : ( 눈비가사-진심 )

Title: Because I am frustrated… I must write a post…
Why do you… think I say the round 2 isn’t over yet????….

If you look at that tweet, didn’t I just throw another hint out for round 2?? (눈비가사-진심)<— that’s the new hint. Do you really think I gave that hint to say “‘snow’ and 'rain’ will appear in the lyrics”?? That…. isn’t enough thinking!!!

Now then… If the answer is, perhaps!! 'Cruel’ !! Then!! I gave another hint '눈비가사-진심’ and if 'Cruel’ were to appear as answer again!! Then I would be a liar, and the answer would obviously be!! That right?? If something else appears, then the explanations before could be wrong?? Sigh.. ㅠㅠ

What, should I explain the hints too? What, am I a kind gay*? kk

But is the word 'gay’ the right word to use??

I have something I’m curious about… I haven’t been on here for a while.. But what is 'YooDong’**?! ㅠㅠ kkkkkk

Anyways sorryㅠㅜ

*Gay = In SJ Gallery, it is short term for GAllery User
**YooDong = Users who don’t have a nickname (just uses ㅇㅇ), and just have their IPs displaying


@confidxnteveryday cause the cuddles post-ZBH must be a thing

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He didn’t know why she was awake at this hour, but he didn’t know why he was early either. The red numbers read 2:49 am, so he could’ve gone back to sleep, and so could she, but for some reason they hadn’t. “Samar?” He quietly asked, breaking the silence they had for the last few minutes while she had rested up against him and ran his hand over her hair. “Why are you awake?”