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Worth It

Summary: Cas has a hard time holding himself back from touching you sometimes, not that you mind. 
A/N: Hi everyone! I love you guys, and any and all feedback is appreciated! 
Pairing: Castiel x Reader
Warnings: Dom!Cas, Rough Sex, Oral (Male Receiving; Face Fucking), Vaginal Fingering, Anal Fingering, Squirting, Hair Pulling, Spanking, Language, Sir!Kink, Daddy!Kink… I think that’s it.
Word Count: 1,937


Sometimes Castiel couldn’t control himself. You were well aware of this, and that’s why it was no surprise when he came up behind you as you stood in the kitchen, doing dishes at the sink.

He wrapped his arms around you and one slid up to your breast while the other slid down to your sex, “I want to see your legs spread wide open on the counter for me.” he said while his very obvious erection pressed into your backside.

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Thank you for writing such wonderful books. I've been reading your work for about 20 years. I've read some of my copies so many times they are in pieces. I was wondering about Kel calling Shinkokami "Cricket" when they first meet again in Tortall but then never again. Later she uses the nickname Shinko and says she got permission to use it when they were kids. Why the change? What happened to the cricket nickname?

Well, the Cricket nickname is completely off the boards because she’s the fiancé of the crown prince. Shinko is allowable because Kel’s mother saved the sacred swords in the isles. Kel has the two names she could use, but one takes away from Shinko’s standing in her new home. Shinko is okay because it shows Kel’s standing in the imperial family. 

The proposal

Gwen knew David was a simple guy. She knew that he wasn’t one for flashy gifts or large, over the top displays of affection. That still didn’t stop her from gazing at the row of pricey rings displayed on the shop window. One golden band had maple leaves dancing around, another had an emerald beading. Gwen would have loved to buy David the ring with golden vines etched onto it, but she knew with her income she would have to settle for a simple one. Pity. David really deserved better-

Gwen quickly shook that thought from her head. No. She was not going to finish that train of thought. Thinking she wasn’t good enough is what lead to David crying for three days. Straight. David loved Gwen for who she is, not what she could buy him. The man was no gold digger, hell, he’d be happy with a plastic ring from a cereal box.

Strolling into the store Gwen marveled at the display of jewelry before her. Each piece was absolutely stunning. Had David been a more complex man she was sure he’d love the flashy pieces, but her boyfriend was of a humble spirit. The ring had to be just right. It needed to exclaim to the world, “ this boy can’t be bought, he’s mine and I’m his.”

She browsed the aisles for what felt like hours, frowning at the outrageous prices in the rings. Maybe she couls check the sale section?

“May I help you ma'am?” Gwen startled as the woman behind the counter addressed her. She fumbled with her words before mutely nodding. The woman beamed at her.

“Getting a ring for someone special?”


“Boy or girl?” Gwen raised an eyebrow at the woman. The lady chuckled at her reaction. “I ask due to ring sizes. I don’t judge love.” Oh. Right. Wait, what was Davids ring size again?

“Uh, boy. Really preppy, simple. Easy to make happy.” The woman nodded as Gwen listed off a few of Davids traits. She reached into a desk behind her and pulled out a plain band with a green line going around it. The ring was absurdly plain, but it would look absolutely stunning on David.

Gwen paid for it without a word. Luckily it didn’t cost her a fortune. Good. Otherwise David would feel guilty for having her spend a lot on him.

Now to wait at home for David.


David sang Gwen’s name as he burst through the front door. It was a perfect day for an evening hike, he couldn’t wait to hit the hiking trail with his girlfriend.

When he got no reply David poked his head in the living room. He knocked in the bathroom door. No answer. He knoced on the bedroom door. Silence. With a shrug, David decided that he might as well get dinner started before Gwen came home.

He pulled off his coat and hung it then dug his apron out of one of the cabinets and tied it around himself. David pulled out the pot and was about to fill it with water when he heard the front door open. Gwen was back!

He quickly raced out of the kitchen to greet his girlfriend. “Gweeen!” He cried, throwing his arms around his slightly shorter lover. Gwen squacked and flailed slightly as she tried to regain her balance.

“Way to almost bowl me over David.” She said in mock anger. It was a good thing the ring was in her jacket pocket. He definitely would have questions if Gwen agreed to the bag.

David stepped back slightly so Gwen was at arms length. He brushed back a but of her hair causing Gwen to blush. It totally wasn’t because he was in an apron, looking like an adorable house husband. No sir ee.

“Oh, I was thinking we could go on a hike after dinner. I was just about to get it started-”

“Can’t we eat out tonight?” Gwen whined. “David, you have been cooking for the past week on top of work. And I doubt either of us bought groceries.”

“…….” Now that David thought about it, the fridge did look rather empty yesterday…..

“Pizza?” He offered

“Pizza. I’ll start the car.” Gwen grabbed the keys and went to wait for her boyfriend, her hand in her pocket felt the velvet box that held her and David’s future.

The drive to the parlour was short. The couple enjoyed a quick meal of cheesy, greasy pizza then headed out for Davids favourite hiking trail. It was a moderate one. Nothing like the roots and cliffs at Camp Campbell.

Gwen allowed David to excitedly drag her out of the car and towards the trail. She had the way to the clearing memorized by now. Before heading up Gwen quickly checked her pocket for the ring and tissues. For David. Because she knew he’d cry. Definitely not for her.

As they progressed through the hike Gwens rah of sunshine chattered on about his day. How class went, the people at work. Max begrudgingly calling him from band camp just to let David know he was still alive.

As the pair walked David eventually ran out of topics to discuss. He went to reach for Gwens hand only to find it was in her pocket. Odd. They always held hands on their hikes. Maybe she was cold?


“Yes Gwen?” He yelped as Gwen grabbed his arm and dragged him to the clearing. This was it. She was really going to do this. Gwen suddenly became hyper aware of the sweat on her hands. Shit, were they like this when she held David? And was her heart usuay beating this fast after a hike?


It was now or never.

She took his hand in hers ignoring her minds screaming about her cold clammy hands.

“David. We’ve dated for three years. We’ve kept lil shits from dying and somehow managed to run a camp that was in shambles.” David didn’t know where Gwen was going with this, but nodded. It seemed like she had something important to say.

“Look…you….you put up with my bullshit ontop of Max’s and well…’re great okay? The best fucking boyfriend I’ve ever had.” Damnit, she was rambling. What happened to the eloquent speech she had written in her head? Ah, fuck it. She might as well be blunt.

“I want you to marry me.” Gwen let go of Davids hands to pull out the box that held the simple ring. Her heart leaped in her throat as she waited for her boyfriend reaction.

“….I….I….Gwen are you sure?”

“I bout you a fucking ring, what do you think?”

“B-but…I-I’m not buff.”

“Easier to hug you.”

“I’m not good at being tough.”

“Not true. Kids told me about Jacob.” David winced at that. Gwen internally cursed.

“I’m not manly…..” Gwen’s eye twitched. Was he serious?

“David.” She grabbed his hand and jammed the ring on his finger. “I don’t fucking care. I’m man enough for the both of us.” David stared at her for three seconds before the tears poured out. He threw his arms around her chanting, “yes, yes yes! Of course I’ll marry you!” Rolling her eyes Gwen grabbed the tissued and dabbed away her crybaby boyfriends tears. She kissed him on both eyes, his nose, his chin, then finally on the mouth. She then smirked.

“Any chance I can convince you to wear a veil?” She cackled at the adorable blush dusting her fiances face. “C'mon.” She took his arm and pulled him down the trail. “Let’s get back before your tears fucking freeze.”

Quick overview

Arvis is finally here, and quite frankly he’s somewhat of a mixed bag. He’s quite the great support unit, being the best debuffer in the game, able to debuff 3 stats alone with his base kit, while his stats are okay, they’re not great either. 34 attack is certainly nice but he finds himself at a middling 31 speed, which while fast just isn’t fast enough without the right support, or the ability of ivs, in fact that’s his biggest weakness. If only he could have ivs he’d be a lot better. Still he’s a lot better than most red mages in the meta.

Base set

So Valflame is a weapon with a skill nobody saw coming. A joint ploy skill which debuffs both atk and res by 4, making it both a solid offensive and defensive weapon. Not only does he do this though, he debuffs defence as well with defence ploy (God bless this memelord skill) which although not helping him, it allows him to support his melee team mates and utterly cripple foes with 3 debuffs at once. Growing flame is a rather poor special due to its long cooldown charge, so it’s probably better to go with something else. Finally Recover ring is a odd choice for him but free recovery every turn is nice.

If using his base kit, you can either up his damage out put, or focus on his res to make his ploy skills go off more. Swift sparrow is the best offensive version offering attack and speed without touching his res stat. Fury offers a boost to all stats and with recovering won’t have to worry about the hp loss, while Fortress res offers a massive boost to his res at the cost of 3 attack. Assist wise he’ll do fine with anything but using a healing assist makes good use of recover ring

Suggested set


No ivs

Valflame, Ardent sacrifice, Iceberg

Slot A = Fury, Swift sparrow, darting/death blow

Slot B = Recover ring

Slot C = Speed/defence ploy

So he’s actually quite the cheap unit to build,you just have to make a few changes. The most expensive is probably speed ploy, but defence ploy is just a good option. The reason speed > defence is that it helps him out too as a support. However it should be noted once we get a sacred seal for either defence or speed ploy, he’ll be able to debuff every stat in one swoop. With recovering, Fury is clearly his best bet as the -6hp is healed the next turn, while it boosts his res to 36 and his attack to 51 and his speed to a nice 34. Finally it also allows him to heal units with ardent sacrifice and recover it instantly making him a great healing unit too. In a ironic twit of fate though, iceberg is his best special. If you wan’t other A options though, the blow skills will do him nicely.

This is really the main way you should use him and not focus on trying to blade or raven tome him as otherwise its a waste of Valflames support abilities and the main reason to use him.

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I want to make sure I'm not sounding transphobic. So tw, possibly. I was explaining my views to someone, and although I am nonbinary myself they said I was transphobic. I don't believe there are 76 genders or whatever they all are. I believe you can be male and female and I believe you can fit outside of that scale. But I don't believe there are 76 genders. How is that transphobic?

Kii says:

I don’t know where you’re getting 76, but there are an infinite number of genders. Each gender label describes a different way in which people see themselves in relation to (or not in relation to) the gender binary, and there’s no way to put a cap on how many of those labels are allowed to exist.

 If you’re saying that someone’s gender label isn’t real or that everyone should fall into one of three categories (male, female, nonbinary) and not use other labels then yes, I would say that’s fairly transphobic.

As most of you probably know (I assume??? I don’t know if it’s common knowledge of if I just know weird shit that nobody’s ever heard of??? anyway) you cannot simply translate a word into runes. Tables such as the one below only allow you to transform runes into letters of the latin alphabet, not the other way around. But I chose to get a tattoo of the runes equivalent of the letters of the word ‘heathen’, using the runic alphabet Elder Futhark.

Vikings used the Young Futhark but for aesthetic reasons I chose the Elder.

This is ‘heathen’ in Younger Futhark :

Maybe none of you care about my new tattoo or the explanation of the thought process behind it but I’m so happy with it that I had to share <3 I had a pretty shit day up until the moment I walked past (or almost walked past) a small, practically unnoticeable tattoo shop and decided to go for it. I’d been scribbling these runes everywhere for a while. I am now officially a member of the Heathen Army, no one can take that from me.

Also before that, and to make me feel better, I bought another bunch of honey mead bottles. Sue me.

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I was a virgin when I met my daddy but he’s slept with 136 other women and I can’t help but feel sick thinking about the fact that 136 other people have touched my daddy What do you think I can do to get over it?

Wow…… I mean….. just… wow.

Allow me to attempt to put this into perspective for you. Let’s say that your daddy is 30 years old. The average male begins having sex at around the age of 15. Even then, he usually only has one or two partners through high school so that brings us to the age of 18.

That gives him 12 years of sexual activity. And in those 12 years he’s had 136 partners?

That’s one and a half per month or something close to it. I think about that for a moment… One new woman every month for the last 12 years… And do you think that he’s a good choice for a daddy?

That number is either grossly inflated and all to make himself look cool, which honestly he doesn’t at all… Or he’s a raging whore who is only out to get some pussy.

Zero commitment. Territorial. And only out to get some… Wow. That’s some kind of daddy that you have there.

I think you should be less concerned with the people that have touched him, and more concerned with what he’s given you by touching you.

Even if he’s 40 years old or more, That’s still excessive. I know people who are polyamorous and also swingers and have not had that many sexual partners.

Unless they are a retired porn star.

Please… Run away.

Run away as fast as you can.

And get tested.

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*Continuing Star Wars Topic* "Weird stuff from EU... gets forgotten for good reason?" As a man who has only Just Recently Became a Fan (tm), I am woefully out of the loop of... well, everything that's outside the main movies. Tell me, are you up to enlightening me? Or is this like that one thing in Transformers that honestly, at first, made me think of a certain Heavy Metal band?

Well the Expanded Universe is a pretty big thing, and moved on after I stopped keeping up with it, so I’ll just mention the ones from my childhood that weirded me out the most.

•That one time the ghost of Palpatine possessed a clone he’d made of himself so he could get back to terrorizing the galaxy

•That one time when Luke Skywalker allowed himself to become Clone Palpatine’s Sith Apprentice and actively used the Dark Side while sabotaging Palpatine’s new empire. No, for real. I still have to wonder who’s idea was that?!

•That one time a weakened Clone Palpatine had a plot to transfer his mind into the body of Leia’s unborn child and in response she flipped him off his bed and stole a holocron from him.
(I think all of these were from Dark Empire)

•The Courtship of Princess Leia. That was a weird book and I don’t think it was just because I was a ten year old.

•Those guys who put human souls into droid bodies and use them as a private army in “Truce at Bakura”

Anyone else want to chip in with the moments in EU that they thought were the strangest/most out of character?

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The fun thing with "the creator lied to us" is that it implies different things depending on who we assume wrote it. Like, let's say it was Alice. What if she was only "loved by all" on the fictional side of the screen? She could've been one of those characters that was popular in-universe, maybe a bit over-hyped, and boring or annoying to the audience. Realizing her fame was fake would be quite a betrayal.

We sort of have different characters saying it too, seeing as Barley’s belt says “LIAR” on it. Though it’s worth noting the official Instagram posted a photo of the message with “Lied about what, exactly?“ (or something to that effect), which implies that the lie was somewhat universal.

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I love reading your tags, your love for bad!Robert is r e a l 😂❤️

hahahah I mean let’s be honest, my love for all the rob’s is real

but I love it cos that’s who he is. and no one can change it. literally not even the love of his life, man was still out there kidnapping and threatening when he was with aaron???? chrissie used to hate it when rob ever went out of line, when they were together he was never himself, but aaron’s like *eye roll* YEAH MY HUSBAND IS TRASH DEAL WITH IT. that’s true love man

but yeah, he has changed. he isn’t the same person he was in 2014/15, literally anyone can see that, and excluding the current ~situation~ (he’s having a breakdown it’s allowed) he’s just so much more real. he’s real to himself, to aaron, to vic and diane, to most the village ffs

and it’s BEAUTIFUL. it’s like he’s still bad, but he’s open about it? everyone knows he’s trash but everyone knows he’s a soft idiot who’s hopelessly in love. and he’s always trash when it’s for a reason. and oooooOoOooH I love his reasons. cos 99% of the time, that reason is aaron. and vic, diane, ANDY FFS. him and aaron basically teamed up to be a beautiful trash power couple to help protect andy. he used to be a dick for himself and now he’s a dick for the people he loves

oh robert sugden I love you with all my heart please never change

For those who ship my Next Gen boys, Mars Wukong and Jet Black…

So do you know that girl sleepover trope where girls have pillow fights in their underwear and practice kissing?

WELL Mars is a worry wort over not having his first kiss and Jet just lets him get it over with with him. Jet tells him that he should focus on what he’s doing instead of freaking out inside his head. Also, he could use some improvement, but good luck.

Then Mars goes kind of gay on his Bi-ometer and asks Jet if he would let him practice kissing on him. Jet just shrugs and allows it for one hour.

To his credit, Mars does improve.

When I look back, I find it kinda ironic that my favourite teacher in high school was my art teacher. He was pretty chill and he only had one rule. You’re not allowed to use the words “I can’t” when you talk to him. The moment you say “I can’t do this or that”, he will stop talking to you and move on to help the next student. 

He explained that the rule was to change our attitude. Instead of saying: “I can’t draw well”, he wanted us to go: “I’m having trouble with this.” If you ask for help with your art and apply what he says, he will boost your mark by 5%. This is one of the most valuable lessons I got from my high school education. It was hard at first but I got into the attitude that “I’m learning and I can improve.” 

Even though I learned this in an art class, this can be applied with anything. So, if you’re a young creator and you’re having trouble, don’t think “I can’t” because you can create wonderful and beautiful things.

more ironically, I hated my creative writing class because of the teacher

he’s doomed to be another one wrapped around yr thumb.

10 words // what may come. 

sees it in the photos // single, each and every one // thinking of you // by yr side when you’ll allow // each of us holding out. 

he knows because he was them // yearning // aching // caring // swept up in the sheer magic of yr presence // here he is // them again.

he’s such a fucking moron.

he had won // by men and women you are craved // he had conquered yr want to be solo dolo and you had made him worth the caress of yr soul.

here he is // a fool.

still in love with you and what he has // that they don’t // was that you loved him once // holding onto that // double fisting hope and peace // booze and blunts.

he’s diving headfirst into the shallow end of the pool // question is // has he skill enough to save himself and reach you?

xxx SirPup Kingston // 10.18.2017


On this day in music history: October 18, 1977 - “Goin’ Places”, the eleventh album by The Jacksons is released. Produced by Kenneth Gamble, Leon Huff, Gene McFadden, John Whitehead, Victor Carstarphen, Dexter Wansel and The Jacksons, it is recorded at Sigma Sound Studios in Philadelphia, PA from December 1976 - August 1977. The groups second album on Epic Records like the first is produced by Gamble & Huff and several other Philadelphia International staff writers and producers. It lacks a major hit single, becoming one of the groups poorest selling albums, barely selling 300,000 copies in the US (next to “2300 Jackson Street” in 1989). Though it is the first release in which The Jacksons begin writing their own material (contributing two songs). This opportunity for greater expression comes to full fruition on their next album, when The Jacksons are finally allowed the creative freedom they have long desired. Along with the original vinyl LP, it is also issued as a limited edition picture disc that becomes a collector’s item. It spins off three singles including “Find Me A Girl” (#38 R&B) and the title track (#8 R&B, #52 Pop). The tracks “Different Kind Of Lady”, “Jump for Joy” and “Music’s Takin’ Over” become break outs hit in discos, continuing the succession of underground club classics their albums have generated since the part of their tenure at Motown. “Goin’ Places” peaks at number eleven on the Billboard R&B album chart, and number sixty three on the Top 200.

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My dude, my friends and i love your art. I hate mine, any tips? (This is my first time asking a question to a cool person)

hngngng ;o; and tips? Hmm, don’t stick to same expressions/positions. Experiment a little, even if the position doesn’t turn out right or if the expression makes em look constipated, over exaggerate a little bit, don’t be afraid to change it up every once and a while! I apologize for I’m not the greatest at tips and stuff, but all I can suggest is to not allow yourself to make every drawing consistent 

because honestly, and I still do, I’ll find an easy position and facial expression and I’ll use it for evERYTHING. SOrry this is getting too long, but hope this was helpful in one way or another ;w;!  

Poetic Garbage #116: efficacy is not cheap

At the end of the day are you worth what you say you worth?
Do the skills that you carve into your frame, into your mind,
into your flesh and Bone; do they allow you to get what you want?
We all want something out of our lives
and even those of us who say they want nothing, 
can live with nothing, 
can need nothing, 
not another person, 
not another us, 
not even a mirror to spit at their own reflection, 
in order to hate you need no reflection.
Do you have the skills to hate yourself?
Do you have the skills to love yourself?
Do you have any skills at all that will bring you to your final end with
the same amount of peace that no one else can give you?
Self-worth does not equal self-efficacy if you do not work on it.
We are not simply worth our flesh and our bones, our sins, or our good deeds.
We are worth every skill that we have ever crafted in
order to get that desired outcome.
We are our deeds and we are death and everything in between.
“You cannot get out of life  alive you have to die to leave it”
so you better have the skills to get out of here
with the same pride in a death
that you would have and a life worth living.

OC October ~ Burnin’ Up (James March) part 2

Part 1 is right here. This OC was made by the lovely @amandahorrorstory. Enjoy!



“How was that?” asked Iris. I got up, coughing up the bullet my body took. “Not bad Iris, but you were off about three inches from my heart. Getting better though.” I tell her. It has been close to three months that I have stayed in the Hotel Cortez, waiting on my brother.

To pass the time, I allowed open season on myself to occupy myself. Most of the residents didn’t take part, but the ones who did only used me for target practice. “Want to give it another shot?” I asked.

“Nah, I’m out of bullets. Thank you for letting me practice.” Iris said. I nodded, “Yeah of course.”

We walked out of the basement pool and back into the lobby. I looked up at the bar as Iris went to the front desk. James was up there as per usual, but he was with another person.

Then I saw the wings. “Castiel!” I called out to him. My wings carried me over the railing and I appeared next to him. I pulled him into a hug, happy that he finally showed up. “Anael. It’s good to see you again dear sister.”

“I just knew you would show up here eventually Castiel. What happened to you?” I asked. He started to go into detail about his capture by Malachi, how he stole Theo’s grace to be an angel again, and his little adventure with the Winchester brothers.

“We should go soon, we need to keep travelling so the others can’t find us.” he said with a sense of urgency. I was slightly taken back. “I’ve kinda started building a life here. I’ve made so many friends Castiel. I don’t want to just up and abandon them.”

“Well I am leaving tomorrow with or without you Anael.” he said, “I can’t be here too long.” He got up from his seat and started to leave, to what I assumed was his room.

I looked over to James who was silently watching from the bar. “James. I’m confused, I don’t know what to do.” I said. “Pour me a shot.”

“I believe you might need a full bottle.” he said handing me an unopened bottle. “Thanks.” I said opening the bottle.

“You should ask yourself, are you happier with your brother or here?” he asked me. “Honestly here, but my brother means so much for me. I might end up going with him, I don’t really have anyone to stay for here.” I said to him.

“Well it looks like you made up your mind then. We should celebrate your departure, why don’t you come to dinner in my suite?” James asked me, “Say at 7 tonight?”

I smiled and nodded, accepting his invite. “That would be lovely.” I tell him.

I go out to go shopping for my outfit tonight, it took about an hour and a half before I found an emerald green collared dress. It fell a little past my knees and had short sleeves and I absolutely adored it.

Paying for it and heading back to the hotel I went to my suite to get ready. I did my make up, keeping everything neutral in my face, besides my red lips. I curled my hair and got my dress on, accompanying it with black nylons and black ankle boots.

I left my suite to his on the seventh floor. When I reached his door it was only 5 minutes until 7. I could hear faint jazz music playing in the room and I smiled. I knocked on the door and it opened for me after a few seconds of waiting.

James grinned at the sight of me. “Ah, Anael. Do come in, you look absolutely ravishing tonight.” he said to me. He gave me his arm and he escorted me into his room.

“Thank you James. You are looking as handsome as ever.” I tell him with a tinge of blush creeping on my face. “Thank you darling, I know you already drank today, but do you care for another drink?”

I giggled, “Yes, that would be nice. I’ll just have a glass of wine if you will.”

He removed his arm and flashed a smile, “Coming right up Anael.” he said and walked to his liquor cabinet. He pulled out a bottle of red wine and poured me my glass. “Here we are.”

I took my glass from him smiled, “Thank you James, so what is for dinner?” I asked. “Chicken my dear. Miss.Evers’ recipe.” he responded.

He pulled out my chair at the dinner table and I took my seat. Miss.Evers came around the corner with our plates, setting them right in front of us. “Do enjoy Anael.” she said with a smile and disappeared.

“A toast to you my dear, may you find adventure in the outside world with your brother.” James said raising his glass. I raised mine with him and took a sip. “Thank you James, this is all very lovely.” I responded.

“Of course, I do wish you the best in your travels. I have to admit that I will be missing your presence around the hotel. It was a rather nice break from the bleakness of the hotel.” he confessed.

“Well I am glad you took a comfort to my stay here. I did enjoy it myself.” I spoke before taking a bite of the food. “This is delicious.”

“I’m glad you are enjoying the food.Now I must confess that I have ulterior motives than celebrating your departure.” he said. I smiled, “I know you want to try and convince me to stay.”

He just chuckled, “I always forget that you can reach into my head like that. I was somewhat hurt that you said you had no one to stay here for. After how close we had gotten in the three months, I figured I meant more to you.”

My face blushed and my body froze when he got out of his seat to walk over to me.

“It’s not like we are in a relationship James, I mean I don’t mind visiting you. I can write, we can still keep in contact.” I tell him.

He held his hand out for me to take. “Dance with me?”

I hesitated before taking it, getting out of my seat and following him as he took me to the center of his room. He pulled me into him and we swayed to the music.

Something in his movements combined with the dulcet tones of the music was keeping me in a trance. I could easily get out of it, but I chose to stay. “Anael. I love you, truly. I wish for you to stay so we may try and let our feelings for each other flourish.” James spoke, “But I understand that a creature such as yourself shouldn’t be left caged. If you still wish to leave, I will find a way to deal with it. I just wished for you to know this.”

I looked up at him. Our eyes locked and I could just read the emotions he carried in his big brown eyes. At first they showed love and compassion, but I also saw the anger and sadness underneath. I frowned, not really at him, but at myself for thinking that leaving would be the best thing. I was already doubting in my choice.

“I need something James, that would prove to me that I really do have feelings. I don’t want to stay and then it be a waste of time for the both of us.” I tell him to try and reaffirm my earlier decision.

Without another word from his mouth or mine he tilted my chin with a finger and kissed me. I melted into it instantly. My hands were already behind his neck when we danced; now this time they were entangling themselves in his hair. I could feel a tingling sensation in my body the longer he kissed me.

I hadn’t realised that I was letting my wings show until I felt them brush along my sides to wrap James into me. He finally pulled away after what felt like an eternity. “I hope that was proof enough for you.” he muttered as he pulled away.

My eyes fluttered back open. I just nodded, my lips still tingling from the kiss. “I’ll stay, for you James.”

I’ve never been a fan of toms not being involved in child rearing/raising, for one thing you can have trans toms who can actually birth their own litters, as well as fathers who take more to parenthood than even females of the Clan might.

Say a heterosexual couple has kits but the mother is just itching to get back to Warrior duty, she could go back as soon as they’re weaned and allow the father to take over care until the litter are Apprentices. Given the Clan only loses 1 active Warrior either way, I don’t see them raising a fuss if a couple wanted to handle it this way.

Not to mention cis homosexual male couples, neither of whom would be able to nurse, using surrogates. It’d be pretty unfair to expect a surrogate mother to do more than carry the litter, so in that event you’d HAVE to have one of the fathers take over raising them.