no one in this movie was ever happy ever

that one moment you just know a movie has such an impact on you. just the music, the actors, the scenery, story, everything. when you feel chills and know that this movie means something to you. to feel so blessed that you are able to witness it for the first time, and then feel the same way every time you see it. it never gets old, it never goes out of style, it’ll always be the masterpiece you know it is. its one of the best feelings ever.

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top 10 chris evans movies as voted by my followers

#2 - Snowpiercer (2013)

just an fyi, as a bipolar person myself, i never found skam to romanticize mental illness once. it was a very realistic portrayal of the illness and both its ups and its downs. never once did i feel like even had to apologize for who he was. not once did he apologize for who he was. it was real, and it was scary, and it was true.

please don’t go around saying, “bipolar people did not like the portrayal of the illness”, because a) you saying that is disgustingly ableist as someone who does not have bipolar disorder and b) you’ve obviously not watched the show and are forming your opinion through summaries and not looking past your own bias.

you can love something without tearing the other thing down. it’s a simple concept. both shows have amazing representation, and to downplay the kind of representation skam gave me, managed to speak to me with, is disrespectful. i saw myself in even. i saw my illness in even. and just because we got a happy ending doesn’t mean it was romanticized – which a lot of you seem to be confusing one with the other – it means that it showed mentally ill people that it’s possible to have a happy ending despite the stigma surrounding your mental illness, that you are deserving of love. not that anyone needs to “accept” you. it’s that things are going to look hard, but you absolutely deserve the best and you absolutely deserve happiness and you absolutely deserve love and that, yes, you deserve a happy ending. you can have one. you will have one.

that’s what it taught me. that’s what it said to me. i have seen countless of shows and movies that do romanticize mental illness. i found skam because it spoke to me, and it meant so much to me as someone who struggled with even admitting to my mental illness, as someone who was quite literally dumped because of it, as someone who thought i could never, ever be deserving of love, ever be deserving of a happy ending, because i wasn’t “right”. i wasn’t “normal”.

skam shows us the reality of mental illness. but it also shows us what we can have, and that we are “normal”, and that we’re not defined by our mental illness. the conflicts were real and the message was clear. don’t come to me and try to tell me what this show taught me. because i can see it clear as day. don’t come to me and tell me what this character should mean to me. because i know what he means to me. if you’re trying to find a reason to tear the show down, try again. because you cannot take the very real representation i saw of myself away from me. you can’t.

“Calling this film a bonding experience might be putting it lightly. Many of the actresses knew each other before shooting — but now they’re in a special, insane little club that only they understand. It’s particularly special for McKinnon and Jones, both current Saturday Night Live members, who had no idea they were going to be cast in the film.

“I think I was getting fitted for something at Saturday Night Live,“ McKinnon says. "My agent called. I was pretty surprised, in a very good way. I truly had no idea.”

The group finally got together for the first time as the official Ghostbusters team at the 40th anniversary of SNL in 2015. “I knew I loved them all as performers and I guess I didn’t know quite how much I would end up loving them as people,” McKinnon says.

“I don’t know if I can say this, but Kate has literally become my bitch,” Jones says later. “That is my bitch for life. Like, she is my heart and soul. Kristen is one of the sweetest, open people that I have ever, ever encountered, and Melissa is like a mother. She’s just, like, really very nurturing … I’ve taken a lot of love from this group.””

Kate on getting her part in Ghostbusters, and also Leslie talking about how much she loves them <3 Everyday I’m still like so happy that we got this awesome movie with these four amazing and funny actresses.. 


First, can people please quit the ‘and Disney’s patting themselves on the back for this’ thing? I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve heard people say that.

Disney never did what they’re accused of. They didn’t even say a word about it on social media or in the press, as far as I’m concerned (correct me if I’m wrong, I might be.) They weren’t even behind the idea of making LeFou gay.

The movie’s director was. It wasn’t even in the script in the first place. It was just Bill Condon, a gay man whose long-time partner is a producer of the movie, taking that decision, letting Josh Gad do his thing, and then hoping Disney would be okay with it. I don’t care what you think of Disney in general, I’m personally not a Disney fan in the first place, but I care about misinformation.

Because it was Bill Condon, in an interview with a gay magazine, deciding he wanted to reveal it and being happy about it because he’d tried to include diversity in his movie. Not Disney. And what did he say about the ‘gay moment’, that wasn’t included in the Internet article? (it wasn’t the full version, if you wanted to read the whole thing you had to buy the magazine) That he was anxious not to overstate it, because “it’s a moment - it only lasts five seconds.” He never tried to pretend the scene would be huge.

Do you know who patted Disney on the back as if they were behind that decision? Do you know who ignored the full article to make their own, and by doing so did exactly what Bill Condon didn’t want to happen, and spread misinformation everywhere? The media.

Do you know who didn’t do a tiny bit of research that didn’t require buying the magazine before getting all mad and hateful? You all.

I’m tired of your negativity. I’m tired of you all shitting on the movie without even seeing it because you heard the 'gay moment’ is a three seconds scene. Shitting on LeFou without even giving him a chance because all you see is his animated counterpart (and god, did I hate the animated LeFou, and still do,) even though with a little bit of research you would have known he wasn’t going to be portrayed like a villain and an actual fool in the live action.

Besides, there’s more than that ‘gay moment’ at the end. LeFou really is gay and it’s there for the whole movie, as it should be. He’s not just thrown in a guy’s arms and whoop, surprise, he’s gay! Except the Gaston scene, it was subtly obvious that LeFou was gay, which I think is accurate given the time period (by that I mean he’s not going to openly tell everyone who wants to hear it that he likes men–particularly in that village)

Then, LeFou wasn’t funny because he’s gay. He was just funny. And gay. To be honest sometimes Lumière and Cogsworth felt more like comic relief characters than LeFou did.

That’s for the people who haven’t seen it and decided they wouldn’t. Now, about those who have seen it. I honestly can’t believe how many of you are like ‘there’s only one gay moment and it was shit and his gayness was played for laughs’ when… no? There’s more? Did we see the same movie?

And then, there are all the people saying LeFou is a homophobic stereotype.

Let’s be honest here, the only scene in which you could argue he was a flamboyant gay stereotype was the ‘Gaston’ scene. Yeah. That one over the top musical number. In which LeFou was confident, happy and adorable and didn’t give a flying f*ck what people thought of him. And guess what? No one in the movie ever mocks him for it, ever even reacts to him being flamboyant. Not even that asshole Gaston. I personally thought it was an amazing moment.

So… we’re going to do a LeFou scenes recap.

Introduction: LeFou’s funny, not because he’s gay but because he’s pretty much insulting Gaston and Gaston doesn’t notice. It’s basically shown he’s more clever and more reasonable than Gaston. Nothing stereotyped about him nor his mannerisms.

Arriving in the village: he just gets off his horse and tells the Bimbettes who were gushing over Gaston that it’s never going to happen. Nothing stereotyped about him nor his mannerisms.

Conversation with Gaston after ‘Belle’: he’s got a funny line, but it has nothing to do with him being gay. Then, he does a little head move and a sort of humming sound before following Gaston, that’s true. It could be interpreted as LeFou trying to imitate Gaston, or him acting towards Gaston the same way Gaston acts towards the Bimbettes. Either way, are you really going to hate on him for that little thing?

Mirror: he’s being his little sassy self. Nothing to say until the 'me neither.’ Probably the only moment that could be considered as 'gay for jokes.’ He wasn’t more ridiculous than Gaston a second before, though.

Already talked about the Gaston scene above.

After the ‘Gaston’ scene: “LeFou you’re the best, how is it no girl has snatched you up yet?” - “I’ve been told I’m clingy, but I really don’t get it” was basically a ‘I’m gay and I have a crush on you’ moment, and I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen the movie eight times, and no one ever laughed. Because it’s not funny. The tone of the moment, the absence of music… that scene clearly touched on the ‘LeFou is gay’ subject, probably in the most direct way in the whole movie, but wasn’t played nor shot as something funny. Nothing stereotyped about him nor his mannerisms.

In the woods: LeFou’s once again funny in this one, but because of how he deals with Maurice’s babbling about the Beast and the castle, and with Gaston’s anger. Funny lines, funny expressions easing the oncoming darkness of the scene. Again, it has nothing to do with the fact he’s gay. Nothing stereotyped about him nor his mannerisms.

In the tavern: for the second time LeFou shows he has a conscience and questions Gaston’s actions. He’s not comfortable with what has been done and will be done in the scene. There’s nothing funny about him in that scene. Nothing stereotyped about him nor his mannerisms.

Mob: once again he tries to talk some sense into Gaston. Nothing funny here, at all. This is the most serious LeFou gets. Nothing stereotyped about him nor his mannerisms.

Castle battle: LeFou is back to being funny at some points (‘you must be his grandmother’) Also he knows how to give a good punch, you go boy. Nothing stereotyped about him nor his mannerisms.

Ending: just some dancing. Nothing stereotyped about him nor his mannerisms.

So, yeah. This is what makes some people call LeFou a “homophobic stereotype.” Two tiny, not even five seconds moments at the beginning of the movie, out of everything else that was absolutely fine, and yeah, an over the top musical number.

I’m not saying LeFou is perfect representation. But it’s a start, and not a terrible one, by a gay director who had nothing but good intentions. 

Listen. LeFou doesn’t die. LeFou doesn’t end up heartbroken. He’s not a villain. We’ve got a smart, sassy, confident canon gay character in 1 billion dollars Disney movie, who goes through actual character development, taking him from worshipping and admiring Gaston because of their years of friendship and his loyalty and love for him, to questioning Gaston’s actions, to trying to confront him, to switching sides and being hinted at getting the boyfriend he deserves at the end.

Isn’t that enough for a first? I mean, believe me, I want a gay princess or a gay prince as well. I want a queer Disney story. We’re not there yet, but we will be. And it starts with characters like LeFou. 

To those of you who are/were upset by LeFou’s character: I’m not saying you have no right to be. This is how you feel. This post isn’t for you, but if it helped change your mind, great! But there’s being upset or upset and angry… and then there’s just being angry bordering on straight up hateful. Too many people are just bitter and angry and spreading useless hate, including people who haven’t even seen the movie. I think that’s a shame. LeFou is a good character. They’ve done a wonderful job reinterpreting him, and he and the movie don’t deserve any of the hate they’re getting.

I guess I’m done here. This is what I wanted to say. I love LeFou, I love what they did with his character, I’m hopeful for the future of queer characters in Disney movies, and I’m not going to be sorry for it.

ps: don’t bother with anon hate, I won’t answer and I’ll immediately block you.

Here it is! The time is upon us! We have officially entered the month in which Tangled Before Ever After and Tangled the Series will air! WELCOME TO MARCH 2017!

In anticipation of Tangled Before Ever After airing on the Disney Channel at 8:00 PM on March 10th, we’re going to be kicking off Before Tangled Before Ever After, a fan event further drawing the community on Tumblr together in celebration of this momentous occasion. We’ve set up a prompt a day for the week leading up to the Disney Channel Original Movie. To participate, simply post your art, edit, fanfic, gif, or whatever else you want inspired by the prompt, on Tumblr and tag it Before Tangled Before Ever After, BTBEA, Tangled Before Ever After and TBEA, as well as anything else you want, but this way you have the best chance of everyone seeing your work! (And if, for some reason, it’s not showing up in the tags, feel free to send me a link so I can reblog it.)

  • Friday, March 3rd: Friends
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  • Tuesday, March 7th: Weapon of Choice
  • Wednesday, March 8th: New Adventures
  • Thursday, March 9th: Life After Happily Ever After

Feel free to participate all, some, or even just one of the days! No amount is too little or too much! If you have multiple ideas for a prompt, feel free to submit more than one thing! Submit early! Submit late! Just so long as it’s fun for you! Even if you live outside the United States and won’t have access to the movie on March 10th, we encourage your participation! (Please, though, no smut, since we’re encouraging people to look at the submissions for what is a family show.)

I intend to reblog everything with the tags Before Tangled Before Ever After and BTBEA, so we can always look back on this week of thrill and anticipation.

Have fun, everyone, and happy creating! WE MADE IT!


Summary: Debbie’s friend tries to get with Mickey, so Ian shows Mickey who he belongs to.

Word Count: 1815

Notes: I have a few more requests in my messages so I’ll start working on them today :)

Ian and Lip were rummaging through a pile of movies that they had stuffed under the television. They couldn’t decide whether the wanted to watch a horror movie, something comical, or anything else for that matter. “A Nightmare on Elm Street,” Lip suggested. “The remake.”

Before Ian had a chance to reply, Mickey came walking out of the kitchen and into the living room area. “We just fucking watched that, dumbass,” he scowled at the older Gallagher boy.

Lip lazily through the movie on the floor. “What the fuck ever. You pick then.” He got up from where he was sitting and took a seat on the couch.

Ian shook his head and randomly grabbed three movies from beneath him. He looked at both of them and felt satisfied. “Okay, The Exorcism, Rocky, or Happy Gilmore. Fucking pick one,” he instructed.

At the same time, Lip and Mickey said, “Rocky.”

This was the first time either of the boys have ever

agreed with each other on something so they each gave each other a sideways glance. “Guess there’s a first time for everything, huh, Mickey?” Lip mocked, but Mickey just rolled his eyes.

“Okay, shut the fuck up,” Ian said. “Let’s round everyone up.” He got to his feet and quickly ran to the kitchen to grab two beers for him and his boyfriend. Lip rolled his eyes because as usual, Ian was only thinking about Mickey.

Once Lip saw that his brother was settled on the couch next to Mickey, he called out for everyone to come watch. “Movie’s starting! Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!” With that everyone came running into the living room. To keep the tradition, Fiona put a big bowl of popcorn on the coffee table, and people were scavenging at it before the movie even began.

Lip and Mandy shared the recliner, while Carl and Little Hank laid out on the floor. On the sofa next to them, Kevin, Veronica, Fiona, and Liam squished together. Then lastly on the other couch was Ian and Mickey on one end, while Debbie and Holly were on the other. There was a lot of people in this small space, but they always made it comfortable.

As the movie began, everyone began to cuddle together— Holly was a stuck up bitch though so she sat there with a scowl and her arms crossed. All that girl cared about was alcohol, drugs, and dick, and she was only thirteen.

In the beginning of the movie, there was a large amount of times where someone had to tell Carl to shut up. He and Little Hank kept trying to ask Mickey about different ways of shooting, stabbing, or stealing. Luckily, Mickey knew not to answer those questions. “Don’t ask me that shit!”

“Shut the fuck up!” Lip yelled at the boys.

Finally everything was silenced. Before anyone knew it, half of the group was asleep. The only people who were awake was Mandy, Mickey, Ian, Holly, and Kev. “Why does Fi always insist on having these movie nights if everyone’s gonna fucking sleep?” Ian whispered to his boyfriend.

“Don’t fuckin’ ask me, man,” Mickey lightly laughed. “I might as well try and get some sleep to,” he stuck his arm out for Ian to cuddle into him. “Come here.” He pulled Ian into his side.

At first Ian didn’t go along with the idea of sleeping. Instead, he leaned his head close and nibbled on Mickey’s ear and it was then followed by running his hand down Mickey’s torso and towards his crotch. Just as Ian started to palm his boyfriend through his jeans, Mickey let out a nearly silent moan, but the moment was disturbed by Holly.

When Holly let out a sigh, the boys regained awareness that there was a room full of people around them. As red rushed to Mickey’s cheeks, Ian giggled. Despite the fact that they were horny, they were okay with just cuddling for the time being. The redhead rested his head on Mickey’s shoulder while their hand intertwined. Mickey’s ankle was hooked around Ian’s. They could never sleep unless they were wrapped in each other’s embrace. Breaking the sleepy and blissful moment, Ian’s phone rang. “Fuck,” he said and untangled himself from the shorter boy.

“Take that shit outside, man,” Kev pointed towards the door. “I fucking love this movie. Let me watch in peace.”

Ian rolled his eyes. “Alright.” He kissed Mickey’s cheek. “Be right back.”

After Ian exited the house, Mickey curled himself back up on the couch. He was trying to muffle sound and sight out from around him, but suddenly a hand was lingering around the belt of his jeans. Though they were in front of people, Mickey knew he had a blanket over him, so he smirked because he thought it was Ian— who else would it be? “You’re back already?” He asked with his eyes still shut.

Just as the hand started to go into his pants, Mickey realized this was not Ian’s hand. Ian was walking into the house just as this happened. Before either boy had the chance to do anything, Mandy did. “What the fuck?” She shouted, causing Holly to stumble back. Everyone quickly awoken to see what was going on.

“Yeah, what the fuck?” Ian said and protectively stood in front of Mickey. There were flames fuming in his eyes.

Mickey peaked around Ian to look at the blonde haired girl. “This bitch knows she’s not my type, right?” Ian shot him a glare that said shut the fuck up, right now, so he obliged.

“What the hell, Holly? You tried to get with my brother’s boyfriend!” Debbie yelled in shock and disgust. She could not figure out why she would do that.

Holly rolled her eyes. “You get with girls too,” she said as if it was that simple. “Figured I could be the next.” She tried to seductively bit her bottom lip.

Ian and Mickey tensed up as Holly spoke about him getting with girls. Every girl he’s ever got with had either been to try and cover up the gay or a fucking rape. It was still a bit of a sore situation, and it made both boys nervous.

Ian stepped forward, if this was a guy that he was dealing with he’d have hit the person by now, but this is a girl— a kid. Noticing how much Ian would’ve loved to take action, Mandy lunged forward and punched the girl in the face.

“Oh, fuck!” V yelled out because she was not expecting that to happen. Fiona clamped a hand over her mouth. Little Hank and Carl were left with their jaws wide open. Mickey smirked though, he was proud of his sister for her tough nature.

Lip clapped. “Get her, Mands!” He didn’t like this little Holly girl. She had a tendency of trying to get with guys that are way above her age— him being one of them. After two punches though, Kev pulled Mandy off.

Holly shrieked and fell backwards. A bit of blood trickled down her face and she displayed the most displeased and petrified expression. “Ugh! What the hell?” She complained.

“Fuck off,” Mickey waved Debbie’s so called friend towards the door. Covering her bruises, Holly let out another shriek and ran out of the house.

Ian’s arms were still crossed. He was clearly still annoyed by what happened, unlike everyone else who seemed to be over entertained. Debbie didn’t even seem to care that her friend got punched by Mandy, she had a hand cupped over her mouth as an attempt to keep from laughing.

Veronica shook her head. “Y’know, I never liked that girl. She’s a skank,” she laughed and the others in the room followed along.

Mickey was intently watching Ian, and then Lip spoke. “I mean I get why she thought you’d be into it though. You have been with your fair share of girls— Angie Zagho, Svet,” he joked. He didn’t know the story behind the whole Svetlana thing, but if he did, he would immediately regret saying that.

Suddenly it felt like Mickey’s heart was in his throat. He is gay, full out gay, he’s just had a few bad experiences. Snapping him out of his worried thoughts was watching Ian’s rage grow. The redhead grabbed Mickey’s hand, got up, and pushed hardly past Lip. The boys then towards the staircase.

“Oh, shit,” Fiona said in wonder as she and the clan watched the boys stomp up the steps.

As soon as the couple got into the bedroom, Ian pushed Mickey down onto the bed. Possession and lust were running through Ian’s veins as he straddled the dark haired boy. He started placing sloppy kissed around Mickey’s jaw and neck.

Mickey loved a jealous Ian— mainly because the night usual ended in really hot sex, and he secretly thought it was really cute seeing his boyfriend get all possessive.

As Ian pulled at the bottom of his boyfriend’s shirt, Mickey quickly pulled it off, followed by pulling Ian’s off. While they were undoing their belt buckles and pulled them down, they were heavily tangling their tongues together. Ian held the back of Mickey’s head in place and kissed him hard.

After Mickey let out another little moan, Ian separated their lips. “Turn around,” he ordered. He didn’t plan on prepping Mickey, he wanted to get right to it because watching Mickey squirm was his favorite thing to do.

Ian started licking up Mickey’s back. Once he got to his hairline, he leaned his head down. “You’re mine,” he said lustfully. The tone of his voice was almost enough to make Mickey cum.

“Show me who the fuck I belong to,” Mickey tilted his head back into Ian.

Without much warning, Ian thrusted himself into Mickey. As he was going back and forth, he had a tight grip around Mickey’s waist. The redhead was kissing all around Mickey’s back after every thrust.

Mickey’s eyes were practically rolling to the back of his head. “Fuck,” he whimpered. No one else would ever be able to make him feel this way. “I-Ian,” he moaned.

“Feels so good, Mick,” Ian into Mickey’s skin. Suddenly Ian reached his arm around his boyfriend’s body and wrapped his hand around Mickey’s dick. With every thrust was a stroke and suddenly both boys were cumming at the same time.

Ian sprawled himself on top of his breathless boyfriend for a moment. Once he rolled off, he placed a kiss on his cheek. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” Mickey turned his head to look into Ian’s eyes. “You know you don’t gotta worry about other people tryna get with me, especially girls,” he joked.

Ian nodded. “I know. I just like showin’ you that you’re mine,” he whispered and stroked his hand through Mickey’s hair.

“I’ll always be yours.”


Favorite actress series | Drew Barrymore: [on her favorite movies to make]: “I try to make movies that I would want to go see rather than ones I would just want to do as an actor. I want people to have movies full of romance and hope and empowerment, something they can escape into and feel good about. I love happy endings.” - Drew Barrymore   

Happy Birthday - Peter Parker (TH)

Happy Birthday - Peter Parker (TH)

Words: 522

Warnings: None

Request from @wanningluna: Can you do a Peter Parker imagine where it’s the reader’s birthday because it’s my birthday :))))

A/N: I hope this is what you wanted love and happy birthday again! :)

You pushed your rucksack further up onto your shoulder as you stood outside the high school gates. Peter, your boyfriend of a month, had promised that you would spend time together tonight as it was your birthday. He had sent you a text to wait just outside the school and he would be with you as soon as possible.

You wondered if he had got himself into any trouble and then wouldn’t be able to be with you. Being Spider-Man and all, that didn’t seem too hard for Peter.

You checked the time on your phone again. He had sent you that message to you 10 minutes ago.

You looked up from your phone just in time for something to swing past you - Peter. He grabbed your waist and you were pulled along with him. This was the first time he had done this and you were quite shocked at first.

“Peter? What…” But you didn’t finish before Peter jumped in.

“Well I said I was going to come for you didn’t I?”

“Yes but I didn’t know it would be like this!” You were smiling widely.

You grasped onto Peter’s suit for dear life as he swung round Queens.

“Where are we going!?” You asked. The exhilaration you were feeling from this was amazing.

Peter just laughed and didn’t answer you. He shot another web and swung you two onto the roof of a nearby building. Peter let go of you and you looked around you in awe. New York from this angle was breath taking. Even though you were smiling you became a tiny bit jealous of the fact that Peter could see this anytime he wanted.

“This is amazing!” You said to Peter as he took his mask off.

You took a step closer to him and smirked. “Why havent we done this before?”

“Well I wanted to keep the first time for a special occasion.” He said.

“Oh really?” You lent forward and pressed a light kiss on Peter’s lips. Peter kissed you back and wrapped his arms around your waist. You felt like you were in a movie, kissing one of the most wonderful people you could ever have met with the skyline of New York City behind you.

“This may have to be the best birthday ever.” You said when you pulled out of the kiss.

“It’s about to get better.” Peter said. He picked up his rucksack from on the floor and opened it.

He took out a medium sized white box and opened the lid.

“Happy Birthday, Y/N.” Peter handed you the box and you saw a large sized cupcake inside. It had swirled purple icing with edible glitter and had little butterfly sprinkles dotted about the top. In the centre was a blue candle.

Your smile grew even wider even though you thought that would be impossible.

“Thank you Peter.” You said and hugged him again. “Best birthday ever.”

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Glee AO3 Fest fic

So I guess the Glee AO3 Fest is going on and we are supposed to send around our Glee fic on AO3.  Here you go!

Not Like the Movies

When new Hollywood golden boy Kurt Hummel receives some disturbing letters, his manager hires bodyguard Blaine Anderson to be with him 24 hours a day. In an attempt to hide Blaine’s true identity from the press they decide he needs to go undercover…as Kurt’s boyfriend.  Part 1 of 8 in the Not Like the Movies verse

Take Me All the Way

Successful fashion designer Kurt Hummel has lost his inspiration. When his friend and assistant, Santana Lopez, banishes him from New York so that he can find his missing muse, he takes a trip to Washington State to visit the decaying Victorian house he recently inherited. Small towns are not Kurt’s cup of tea, but he tries to make the best of his month of exile. Then he meets construction manager Blaine Anderson at a bachelor auction and Victorian-themed costume party and a month starts to seem not nearly long enough.

 There to Break Your Fall

Blaine was desperate to start over after his father, the most hated man in Ohio, jumps bail the day before his sentencing for investment fraud. He changes his name and flees to New York City, where he meets Kurt, who seems determined to break down his barriers. Blaine wants to believe that happiness is possible but can one ever really outrun the past?

 Similar Pair

Notoriously difficult ice skater Kurt Hummel failed in his attempt to win the first gold medal for the new sport of Similar Pairs Skating. Charismatic Blaine Anderson needs a fresh start after an injury prematurely ended his promising hockey career. Can they put aside their personal conflicts and help make each other’s dreams come true? AU based on the movie The Cutting Edge.

 All I Ever Wanted

Blaine Anderson doesn’t believe in magic, but when he meets the mysterious Kurt he just might have to change his mind. Blaine knows Kurt doesn’t belong in his well-ordered world, but he may end up being just what Blaine and his family need most. Part 1 in the Genie! verse

Since March, I have now watched Batman V Superman thirteen times. It’s fast approaching the time that I start losing count. I have never ever watched a movie so many times in such a short space of time.
I’m watching right now (paused to make some tea) and Bruce has just said “My parents taught me a different lesson, dying in the gutter, for no reason at all.” and I still get shivers like it’s the first time.
Like, for real, this script is beautiful. Its poetry and mythology all bundled up in a superhero action movie. Who would ever have believed we’d get a BATMAN AND SUPERMAN movie quite like this!? It’s always been fairly easy to take Batman seriously, but few filmmakers ever afforded the same depth of character and intricate plotting to Superman. But now we’ve had two of the most introspective, thoughtful, meaningful Superman movies ever made, and the second one has him fighting freakin Batman! One of the most silly, but fun comic book battles and it’s not only taken seriously, it’s downright operatic!

I’m so happy I’ve been able to enjoy this movie as much as I have and continue to. I hope so much to be saying this after Wonder Woman and Justice League. Because in this dark time, both personally and globally, I need to see the heroes struggle, I need to see them fail, because that’s us right now, and just like they do, I know we can still win.

Voltron Headcanon

They sing Disney songs when they get upset. All of them. Lance even teaches Allura and Coran some of the best.

- Lance prefers “Hakuna Matata” when he’s feeling homesick, bc he’d always sing it with his younger siblings and cousins

- Keith prefers “Let It Go”, just because he relates to Elsa having to hide away for so long

- Pidge really fucking loves both “We Are One” and “A Whole New World” to death, she will always be humming one or the other, especially when she remembers her brother and dad

- Hunk hums a good chunk of the Moana soundtrack, and only ever sings “We Know the Way”. No one is ever entirely sure if it’s the reprise from the end of the movie or the regular from the start of the film

- Shiro hums pretty much every Disney song there ever was. He barely sings. Usually it’s something from Mulan (“Reflection” for how he sees himself as both head of Voltron and still the prisoner of the Galra) or Bambi (don’t judge the man, he saw it with his grandmother as a child and he’s loved the soundtrack ever since)

- Allura likes all the upbeat, happy-go-lucky songs. All of them. The Paladins refuse to tell her how downhill a lot of movies go after the happy songs

- Coran likes the instrumentals most. He doesn’t like to remember words along with the music. It’s distracting for him, and he’d much prefer to hear the heavy bass or soft wind instruments do their magic

A Memory

It has been years since I have actually stepped foot in the movie theatre, the last time I went to see a movie was in 2010 to see the Black Swan with my Grams. I found an English theatre in a neighboring town on the coast so I decided to catch the last showing of La La Land yesterday night.

I had forgotten how much I actually enjoy movie theaters. It is something that hauntingly reminds me of Grams. I kept self consciously glancing over my shoulder, trying to imagine the expression on Grams’ face.

I was always very close with my grandmother. She was such a creative & expressive soul. I always used to love watching her read or watch films while I was growing up because the entire story would radiate through her face, I always liked her interoperation of story lines better.

My mum is a very practical person, she always thought spending money on movie tickets was a waste so the theatre was a special treat since Grams was the only one that ever took me as a kid. She took me to so many film showings, it seemed like every week there was a new movie my Grams wanted us to see. We used to pour over the Sunday paper with the theatre showing times & circle movies that interested us. She never told me no to anything I wanted to see. Grams was a patient woman because I definitely dragged her to some stupid movies as a kid.

Something I never really understood until I got older was Grams told me the last happy memory she ever had was going to the movie theatre, I think she always wanted to go to the theatre as an escape mechanism to try to capture that same feeling of unconditional happiness.

One of my Grams’ stories she always used to tell me was this final happy memory, it was also her first date.

She was 15 in 1939, she always said she could turn the head of every lad in Southern Germany. She was a pretty girl, but her vivaciousness & her laughter are what really made her standout. However, she had a strict religious father that scared away any boy that dare request a date… Except one. A gorgeous, blonde boy with ice eyes named Rudolph would not give up on asking Grams out. The cult classic The Wizard of Oz was just premiering in German theaters. Grams was expecting everything to be sold out so she told Rudolph the only way she would ever go out on a date with him is if he bought her tickets to Oz.

Rudolph got them tickets for a Saturday night at the nicest theatre in Munich. She would go on about the grandeur of the theatre. The carpet, the food, the fancy seats. A few months later the massive deportations began.

rent (movie) ☾ starters.

trigger warnings. ;; death, sexuality, alcohol.

❝ I’m more of a man than you’ll ever be - and more of a woman than you’ll ever get. ❞
❝ There are times when we’re dirt broke, hungry, and freezing, and I ask myself, why the hell am I still living here? ❞
❝ [Name], clad only in bubble wrap, will perform their famous lawn chair-handcuff dance to the sound of iced tea being stirred. ❞
❝ You always said how lucky you were that we were all friends. But it was us, baby, who were the lucky ones. ❞
❝ I’d be happy to die for a taste of what they had! Someone to live for, unafraid to say I love you. ❞
❝ There will always be women in rubber flirting with me! ❞
❝ I’m looking for baggage that goes with mine. ❞
❝ How we gonna pay last year’s rent? ❞
❝ There’s only us, There’s only this.❞
❝ No day but today. ❞
❝ I can’t take much more of this. This obsessive, compulsive, control-freak, paranoia. ❞
❝ I didn’t pierce my nipples ‘cause it grossed you out! ❞
❝ I try to open up to what I don’t know, because reason says I should have died three years ago. ❞
❝ Time flies, and then no need to endure anymore! ❞
❝ Forget regret, or life is yours to miss. ❞
❝ There is no future. There is no past. ❞
❝ I didn’t recognize you without the handcuffs. ❞
❝ Take me for what I am! ❞
❝ Take me baby, or leave me! ❞
❝ I should tell you, I should tell you… I have always loved you. ❞
❝ Long ago you might’ve lit up my heart. But the fire’s dead, and ain’t ever ever gonna start! ❞
❝ My body’s talkin’ to me, it says “Time for danger!” ❞
❝ Every single day I walk down the street, I hear people say, “Baby, so sweet.” Ever since puberty, everybody stares at me. Boys, girls, I can’t help it, baby. ❞
❝ Have you ever doubted a kiss or two? ❞
❝ They say I have the best ass below 14th street. Is it true? ❞
❝ I don’t own emotion, I rent. ❞
❝ Excuse me, did I do something wrong? I get invited then ignored all night long! ❞
❝ This boy could use some STOLI! ❞
❝ This is not my bar mitzvah! ❞
❝ I say “se la vie”, let her be a lesbian! ❞
❝ Will I wake tomorrow from this nightmare? ❞
❝ A tiger in a cage can never see the sun! This diva needs their stage, baby, let’s have fun! ❞
❝ Times are shitty, but I’m pretty sure they can’t get worse. ❞

I’m not a film studies person, but I was thinking about Jupiter Ascending and The Matrix. Just the first Matrix, I have no time for the other two. 

[My original post contained a quote from Neil Gaiman on gendered archetypal stories. While I was concerned about discussing gendered archetypes in the context of a trans woman’s work, I felt that it could be viewed as either nature or nurture. Unfortunately, what I failed to consider was the transphobic nature of the work I quoted, which hadn’t hit me when I read it. I am genuinely sorry and will try to do better. The point stands without the quote, which I have removed.]

I saw Jupiter Ascending over the weekend. I enjoyed it immensely, although I don’t think I would ever go so far as to call it a good movie. But it got me thinking. 

The Matrix is an archetypal boys’ story. Neo is the Chosen One. He goes from being boring and ordinary to knowing kung fu, being able to fly - when he becomes The One, he is literally limited only by the scope of his own imagination.

Jupiter Ascending is an archetypal girls’ story. I’ve seen it referred to over and over as a well-made big-budget equivalent of a writer’s first fic: the terrible Mary Sue self-insert princess with the alliterative and meaningful name who falls for a gruff loner space werewolf named Caine Wise (really? Not Caine Nine?). People threaten her and she is rescued, because she is precious and worth rescuing - initially only for their promised reward but eventually for her own sake. She is declared to be space royalty in a faintly ridiculous but apparently incontrovertible fashion, and she runs the gamut of clichés (including an interrupted wedding and a kidnapped family) on her way to an ultimate sacrifice that still somehow results in a happy ending where the major difference in her life is that she is content with it (and also she has a sexy space-werewolf boyfriend and some hover-skates). 

I guess what I’m trying to say is, The Matrix and Jupiter Ascending are two sides of the same coin. They take the childhood stories associated with each gender and mix them with impressive cinematography and costumes. (I do wonder about Lana - if perhaps she has always identified more with the Jupiter Ascending storyline than with the Matrix, and now that she’s out she can put her childhood myth on the big screen along with the more stereotypically male one. If so, I hope she enjoyed making it as much as I enjoyed seeing it.)

Coming back to what I said earlier. 

I enjoyed it immensely, although I don’t think I would ever go so far as to call it a good movie.

Why not? Is Jupiter Jones a dumber name than “Neo”? (Yes, I know he was originally Thomas Anderson, but he goes by Neo throughout the movies.) Is Caine Wise a dumber name than Trinity? Is Laurence Fishburne a better mentor than Sean Bean? (Okay, maybe I would pick him if I got the choice. Hanging out with him and Gina Torres would be awesome. But that’s more or less a matter of taste.) Does it make less sense for humans to be processed into fountain-of-youth goo than turned into giant batteries? (IMO it actually makes more sense, because while it is highly implausible it at least doesn’t necessarily violate thermodynamics.)

But The Matrix is lauded as a sci-fi classic. It has 87% on Rotten Tomatoes. Jupiter Ascending has 22%. I’ll admit the main points of its plot could be presented slightly more coherently at the start, but that’s really not enough to account for the discrepancy.

So what is? Why did I start this by saying I wouldn’t call it a good movie?
I really meant it when I typed it, but the more I thought about it, the more I realised that it was my own internalised misogyny causing me to distance myself from any presentation of the “girly” archetype. I don’t know if I’ll have time to see it again at the cinema, but I want to see it with this thought firmly in place:

Jupiter Ascending is a female equivalent of The Matrix. Visually impressive, couple of holes in the plot, definitely a lot of fun. But I (and who knows how many others) have held myself at a distance because I don’t want to be associated with girly things. Even if you dress it up with spacesuits and dogfights and occasional ladies in lingerie, this film draws its inspiration from the stories little girls tell themselves. The stories we are ridiculed for, and eventually pushed back from, so that we can be respected. 

In the past decade, superhero movies have enjoyed a resurgence. I love them, and I’m not going to stop going to them. But wouldn’t it be nice if these female monomyths were given the same space and cultural acceptance, so that girls didn’t need to be ashamed of them?