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Random Angsty ML Prompt

So mid fight Ladybug needs to recharge, either Chat missed the memo or he was forced to follow but he catches the transformation and discovers her identity.

Well, LB ain’t happy about it, but this changes nothing as far as she’s concerned. Professional as always, she expects them to maintain distance to protect their secret identities and gently turns down Chat’s timid offer to reveal himself. Her only request was that he is careful to avoid situations with mind control since what he knows is a liability. 

You’d think Adrien would be happy his Lady was so close, and also that she is a kind, likeable girl that he is already friends with. But he has a hard time reconciling them as the one person. Because to him Ladybug is poised, strong, and cunning; and Marinette is shy, awkward, and sweet. So sweet.
Except for right now.
Right now he’s staring at Ladybug wearing a Marinette suit. And it makes him incredibly uncomfortable. 

That discomfort doesn’t end once she’s back in spots. It doesn’t end once the Akuma is beaten and purified. And it bothers him right through the night, as he lays awake processing everything he knows about his partner and comparing to what he thought he knew about Marinette.

There’s no doubt in his mind that Ladybug is genuine, he’s certain that Ladybug is not a fabricated identity. 

He thinks back to every time he rescued her, and thought of her as small and helpless. And then tells himself, that was Ladybug in his arms, pretending to need his help. That Ladybug literally concocted a secret plan where she faced an Akuma as a civilian. His role was just to be the muscle. In hindsight, a role he failed. If he had managed to keep the Illustrator occupied, Mar- Ladybug would have gotten away with the pen and purified it proper. 

What truly scares him is the idea that sweet Marinette is the one that doesn’t exist.

TL;DR: Chat might put Ladybug on a pedestal, but he puts Marinette in a glass case.


Sherlock made a quick call to Angelo’s. From the level of noise I could hear in the background the place must be packed. Yet he managed to get them a table.

Now they are both getting ready to go out. John even went upstairs to put on a nice shirt. (Sherlock was already wearing one, otherwise I am sure he would have done the same). I think I can even smell a hint of aftershave.

I don’t believe this. Am I the only self-reflective person in this room? Has everyone else lost their collective minds?


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What do they even THINK they are doing? I just…I mean…HOW do they justify this kind of behaviour to themselves? How…I just can’t.

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No one can be this blind. Right?

I think John just had the same thought when he found Sherlock looking at him. He quickly averted his eyes and cleared his throat and he hasn’t stopped fiddling with his tie ever since.

J: You know what, this is ridiculous.

He is looking at a spot on the carpet now, hand going up to scratch his head in what can only be described as bashfulness.

S: What is?

J: This!

He gestures at his own appearance and shakes his head.

J: You know what? I’ll be back in a second. I’m just gonna get changed.

Sherlock looks utterly bewildered.

S: But you just did.

J: I…I know, just, I’ll be back a minute.

S: But…

John is already up the steps before Sherlock can get another word out.

S: But I liked the shirt…

Someone save me and them from themselves.

Sober- Part Two

G-Dragon & Song Mino-Angst

Part One Part Three

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BTS React to You Trying to Tell Him Your Pregnant

When you go about trying to get him to realize you’re pregnant without coming right out and saying it.

RAP MONSTER: Namjoon made it no secret that he loved seeing you wearing your red converse. So, you went out and bought baby red converse because one they were super adorable and it was the perfect thing to tell Nam you were pregnant without actually coming right out and saying it. When you get home you take the baby shoes from the box and coo over how adorable they were. All you could see was a tiny version of Namjoon wearing these shoes! You made sure to place them in the bedroom where Nam would see them. “[Y/N], is one of your friends having a baby”, he asks while admiring the baby converse. In your mind you were screaming yes, my best friend but he’s still being clueless. “Aren’t they the cutest thing ever”, you question avoiding answering his question for as long as you possibly could. Glancing back at you, “no”, he replies. What? He didn’t find them cute? Did this mean he wasn’t ready for children? Too late for that now buddy you should’ve thought about that before you….you’re the cutest thing I’ve ever seen", he says breaking you from your thoughts. Seeing you’re crawling into bed he follows you, “so is a friend having a baby”, he asks again as he flops down on his pillow. Shaking your head gently is all you could bring yourself to do. Telling him wasn’t an option. OK, it was but it’s not what you wanted. “Cool, do I know her”, he says looking over at you. Shaking your head once more you get a glimpse of his shoulders shrug as he turns over. Another night is going to slip by and he still has no clue that’s he’s going to be a Daddy! Why hasn’t he figured this out already you wondered as you rolled over to glare at his back. “It’s a he and you do know him”, you whisper. He turns over enough to be able to hear you better, “well, who is he?” Honestly, if you didn’t know better you’d never guess his IQ was what it was based on his cluelessness right now. “Kim Namjoon, are you seriously this cluesless? Red converse, BABY red converse! Enlighten me baby on who you think I’m talking about.” He jumps out of bed and walks over to grab the shoes and spins back around smiling like such a cute goofball that you know he’s finally put two an two together. Flopping back down on the bed beside you he holds the shoes up, “I’m the friend, right? Sweetheart, please tell me I’m the friend?” Yet again all you could manage to do was shake your head, but this time you were shaking it meaning yes.

JIN: It was the perfect thing to do. Dinner would be ready to serve or already on the table by the time he got home. Everything he’d have on his plate would be of the baby variety. Baby pasta with mixed baby veggies and baby back ribs. He should figure it out rather quick unless he was too tired and then you’d have to think of something else. “Princess, you should’ve waited and I’d helped with dinner”, he says as he comes up behind you wrapping his arms around you. “I know, but I wanted to have dinner already done by the time you got home so go wash up now, handsome.” Placing the plates down on the table as he walks back in the kitchen. Listening to him tell you about his day and how tired he is you start losing hope that he’s not going to figure it out. “Why aren’t you eating princess”, he questions looking at you with concern in his eyes. It wasn’t that the food didn’t look good to you because it did and the aroma was divine. You just thought this was a clear giveaway to what was really going on here but maybe it wasn’t to Jin. It wasn’t like you two didn’t ever eat this type of meal because you did, it just wasn’t ever all baby before tonight. “I’ll do the dishes, you go lie down and rest”, he gently instructs you. He wasn’t going to get an agreement out of you on this matter. No longer being able to fight hungry you make your way back to the kitchen, “babe, I couldn’t help noticing that dinner tonight was completely baby style. By some chance was I suppose to realize you were telling me we’re having a baby?” You happily giggle and nod your head at his words.

SUGA: There was no two ways about it Yoongi and you both loved your sleep, but how would he feel about the baby that was coming? A baby who like all babies would cry out in the middle of the night. Would he get adjusted to it alright? Would he just sleep through it or would he get up himself to check on his son? Time would tell how Yoongi would react. “Yoongi, if our future son cried out in the middle of the night would you get up to check on him”, you ask while you attempt to fall asleep one night. When he doesn’t answer right away you snuggle close to your rapper thinking he’s already asleep. “Isn’t that the mother’s job”, you hear him mumble. Did that mean he had no intentions of ever getting up at night to care for his son? Lifting your head you giggle while asking, “and just what’s the Daddy’s job then?” Opening one eye as he smirks, “sleep!” You just bury your head into him because you couldn’t have a serious conversation with him when he was like this. You couldn’t deny you loved his answer though. A few days later you hear Yoongi call your name and you make your way toward him. He was playing something you didn’t recognize but it was sweet nonetheless. “What’s in front of us”, he asks while softly playing whatever song he was playing, “baby grand piano.” You see he nods his head but just continues playing. Trying to figure out what that was all about you realize he’s stopped playing and has turned to face you, “is it possible that the other night my baby was telling me she’s having our baby?”

J-HOPE: He had always been the one you ran too over every little thing since you two became friends. It wasn’t like you to keep secrets from him but this pregnancy was remaining a secret for the time being. You wanted to see if he could figure it out on his own, with a few little remarks here and there, of course. Cuddling back against him on the sofa one night you show him the cutest little baby ballerina slippers, you didn’t care about the outfit the slippers is what caught your eye. He just laughs at you going on and on how adorable they were. “Do you want your children to have a love for dancing like you”, you ask him. “I want them to chase after their dreams, my love, whether that be dancing or not.” Snuggling closer against him as you become sleepy. “Hobi?” You mumble as you start to doze off. “I know, my love” and with that you sit up asking, “you know what?” Taking your hand he leads you to the bathroom and points to the home pregnancy box on the counter top. Didn’t I throw that away, you thought. “You went through our trash? That’s gross Hoseok!” Laughing he pulls you into his arms, “no, because you’re right it is gross, you threw the test result itself away but left the box right where you see it.”

V: Tae was one who never had any trouble getting you to smile or laugh. That was one thing you loved about him. No matter your mood he would always find a way to put a smile back in your face. He could even manage to make you smile when you were mad at him. Which was completely unfair, but it’s probably what kept fights from spinning out of control. As you watched him making faces as he looked in the mirror you could see the baby you had just recently found out you were carrying imitating Taehyung’s every single move. Smiling at the thought of that you hear, “I see that smile on your face beautiful.” Smiling bigger now you think this smile is because of you, Tae but the one earlier wasn’t. “Do you picture your mini me copying your every move”, you ask him. He starts giving his thinking face and there you go again smiling because he makes the cutest faces ever. “I don’t guess I have, why?” Shrugging you just try to brush the question off as if it was nothing. He slowly makes his way over to you with that look in his eye. You’ve seen that look before, so many times and it always leads to one thing, shaking your head and holding your arms out in attempts to keep him away. He laughs at seeing once again trying to stop him but he just pulls you close and begins tickling the daylights out of you. You squirm and try shoving his hands away but it was useless Tae had too much power for you to break free. Reaching up you run your fingers through his hair as you coo his name. He stops tickling you and looks at you and dives right toward your lips. The moment he pulls back you mumble “I’m pregnant.” He looks at you for a moment while he processes what he just heard and then your adult child is running around the room announcing repeatedly to you and himself, “I’m going to be a Dad!”

JIMIN: He had always wanted your full attention but how was he going to react to having to share you with his mini me? There was only one thing to do stop giving him your undivided attention. Of course, you’d have to pace this just right or he’d end up assuming the worst case scenario and you didn’t want that. You loved your Chim Chim. He was your everything. The two of you adored each other. “Sweetness, you aren’t watching me”, he whined like he usually did when your eyes weren’t completely focused on him. He was so cute with how he went about it that you didn’t help matters any with your reactions. This most certainly wasn’t going to be an easy task. “Sorry, I was just thinking…” and you didn’t want to say nothing because he wouldn’t believe you, he knew you so well in fact sometimes you thought he knew you better than you knew yourself and yet you didn’t want to tell him the truth just yet either. He just goes back to dancing once he sees he’s got your attention again. You just kept thinking about how he was going to feel about no longer being your favorite Park anymore. Before you’re fully aware of what your saying you’re telling him to stop dancing for a minute so you could think. He does as you request but not without giving you a worried looked. “Umm, I’m fine so don’t look so worried. I just… I was just wondering if we could go eat. Yeah, that’s it can we go eat?” You weren’t hungry but you couldn’t just blurt out questions asking him how would he handle having to share you, how would he feel when your eyes weren’t always on him? While watching him eat you couldn’t help asking, “if you had to share me, would you?” He looks up at you more confused than you had ever seen him before. “I don’t want to share you, you’re mine still, right?” Quickly getting up you go sit down on his lap because you’ve already screwed this up. No more trying to find a way to get him to question you about being pregnant. “Jimin, I’m just saying what if the day came that I could no longer give you my undivided attention? What if my eyes couldn’t always be on you? What if you had to learn to share me with someone else?” Staring at you not saying a word you start to panic. Why wasn’t he saying something? If he was thinking the worst possible thing why wasn’t he yelling at you? This silence was killing you and right then he just snuggles his face into you whispering, “I need you, [Y/N], I need you.” Was that a tear just now? OMG, what have I done?! Tilting your head to look at him you whisper his name and he lifts his eyes up, “Baby Park is that someone”, you whisper.

JUNGKOOK: He was and would always be your baby Kookie, but he wasn’t going to be the only baby in the house anymore. “Kookie, you aren’t going to turn getting my attention into a competition with our future children, are you”, you ask one afternoon. Looking at you he laughs, “No, I just did that with Jimin because he knew you before I did.” Smiling because you’d hardly refer to Jimin knowing you before Jungkook. You met both of them the same day, same time, it just happened to be Jimin who spoke to you first. As you sit there watching him watch whatever he was watching on TV you kept asking questions like, “so, if we’re cuddling like we are now and our baby starts to cry you aren’t going to do something to try to get me to stay with you, you aren’t going to pull me to back down on the bed when the baby wakes up in the middle of the night?” Snuggling you tighter, “I’m not sure what you’re exactly getting at but I’m going to love our babies and I know I’ll have to share you with them. That’s okay though because I’ve got my ways, ways that you won’t be able to refuse giving your love and attention to me.” Seeing that satisfied grin on his face you mumble, “alright, but nine months from now you better not get all competitive with your mini me.”

For @snapchattingyoonkook based on THIS post. Also part of Yoonkook Week Day 2/3 (because I was late OTL) so enjoy some rapper yoongi and fanboy kook’s first meeting and first “date.”

Woes of a Fanboy

Jungkook was a fan, not just a normal one though, a hardcore fan. Agust D posters littered his room and the beats of Tony Montana shook the walls. Don’t tell anyone, but Jungkook listens to the first few seconds of At Dawn right before he goes to bed just to imagine what it would be like to wake up beside him. No, it’s not because it sounds like he’s moaning, thank you very much.

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But re-imagine the scene in Blue Lily Lily Blue where Ronan makes Adam get in the shopping cart but this time Opal is with them

  • Ronan finally takes it upon himself to buy Opal some new clothes because he’s tired of seeing her in the same outfit everyday
  • He drags Adam along to the store as well because “How the fuck should I know what dream creatures wear. If Blue was here I would’ve let her fashion something out of an old pair of curtains.”
  • Adam just shakes his head in exasperation
  • So they go to the store and Opal goes with them wearing a pair of welly boots that are far too big but the only thing that will conceal her hooves.
  • She sits in the cart Adam pushes round while Ronan holds up obscure items of clothing that no one in their right mind would ever put on their backs
  • Opal hates the selection of children’s clothing and keeps throwing it out of the cart whenever Adam approves any of Ronan’s suggestions
  • Ronan starts to lose his temper and he’s hissing at Opal
  • But as they go past the men’s jumper aisle Opal starts kerah-ing and reaching out to try and pull the jumpers off their hangers
  • So Adam and Ronan pick out a bunch of jumpers and heap them on top of Opal who finally seems happy 
  • After they’ve paid and made it back out to the parking lot, Ronan snatches the cart from Adam’s grip accidentally brushing his hands against Adam’s ofc and once again orders Adam to get in
  • Adam is like “Do you not remember what happened last time?”
  • And Ronan is all “I’ll kiss it all better if you get scraped up.”
  • And Adam is like “Why are you like this.” but gets in anyway because it’s basically tradition
  • Adam has to sit with Opal squashed between his knees and he’s really uncomfy but he’s laughing and as Ronan starts to run, gaining speed, Opal is kerah-ing at the top of her lungs and Ronan is swearing and they go skidding across the parking lot and people are staring and shaking their heads and muttering something about irresponsible parenting but the boys don’t hear any of it because the wind is in their ears and the wheels are clattering over the tarmac and they scrape past the BMW, just managing to avoid it
  • Of course the cart ends up on it’s side and Opal manages to escape the wreckage unscathed thanks to Adam’s protecting her with his body as they went flying from the cart 
  • Ronan is the first one on his feet and he stands for a minute judging the distance they managed to travel and he’s impressed
  • Then he goes over to where Adam is still laying on the ground, one side of his face bloody and his hands covered in grit
  • Opal has pranced away in her welly boots and is singing what Adam recognises as the Murder Squash Song
  • Ronan looks down at Adam, shielding his eyes against the sun, grinning a wicked grin
  • “You are a terrible parent.” Adam groans
  • “You are a terrible liar.” Ronan spits back
  • And Adam laughs because Ronan’s right. 
  • Opal is unharmed and she’s smiling for once and trying to eat some of the gravel that’s stuck in her hair
  • And then Adam holds out his hand so that Ronan can pull him up which he does, rather violently so that Adam ends up crashing into Ronan’s mouth and they get caught in a triumphant kiss, Adam wincing slightly as Ronan brings his hand up to Adam’s ruined face
  • “I’ll dream you something to fix that up later.” Ronan mutters as he finally pulls away 
  • But Adam shakes his head 
  • “I think you could dream up a better way to distract  me from the pain.”
  • And Adam fucking Parrish pinches Ronan’s ass and then just walks away and gets into the driver’s side of the BMW, slamming the door and revving the engine and Ronan almost forgets to bundle Opal and the shopping bags into the car in his haste to get back to Adam’s little room at St Agnes’

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Echo Fives Wolffe Cody and Rex reacting to catching their daughter sneaking in at 3 o'clock at night?

  • Echo is not the type of dad to get angry very often, but when he catches her sneaking out, the seventh gate of hell opens up. His anger comes from hurt, however, because he can’t understand why she would do this. He’s an understanding father, he’s always open minded for when she wants to do something. He’d ground her for sure and take away some privileges. 
  • Fives would be so confused, he wouldn’t even understand what was happening right away. Once he does it would be “da fuq man?” kind of moment. After thinking about it he’s not to surprised, look at who her dad is, but knew it was still wrong. It was dangerous at night, anything could happen. He’d make one of those shame signs and make her wear it in public. “I tried to sneak out of my house and my awesome Dad caught me.” 
  • Wolffe would be annoyed, highly annoyed. For one her failed escape attempt woke him up. For two who does she think she is trying to play the bad girl? “I raised you better than that smh.” He wouldn’t want to go as far as putting bars up on her window or anything, but he’d give her so many punishments she would think twice about trying again. These punishments would be along the lines of cleaning the house everyday, not being able to go out with her friends etc etc
  • Cody wouldn’t stop her, he’d actually wait for her to get back and be sitting in the living room chair. He’d ask her where she went, who she was with, why she felt the need to even to sneak out. He’d then list off all the things she was going to have to do to be allowed to go out again. He wouldn’t make it easy on her either. 
  • Rex was already a strict parent, but he had always given his daughter relative freedom, so when he finds her abusing this he gets pretty upset. The lectures are harsh, very harsh. After he’s done, however, he’d tell her that he’s only mad because it’s dangerous. She still young and doesn’t comprehend all the things that could happen to her, and he’s just trying to protect. He’d still have to give her some sort of punishment, just to make sure the message got through, but it wouldn’t be too bad. He’d probably just ground her for a week. 
Dating Mafia!Taeyong

The second part to

•basically to sum it up for anyone who hasn’t read my other post, Mafia leader! Taeyong is a smol eomma that pretends he tough
•you’re Jisung’s noona who is like Taeyong’s girlfriend now I guess and a medical student
•they way he confessed was in the last post so check that out if you want to
•now onto the actual post
•basically Taeyong wears a lot of white dress shirts that are tucked in because he likes to keep it neat
•always has a backup black blazer or leather jacket in his office because he thinks he’s a bad ass
•you sometimes stealing the jacket when you visit because who in their right mind wouldn’t
•he’s not even mad bro
•like you look fucking adorable so he lets it go
•if it was one of the boys, they would have gotten smacked already
•bringing him food when he’s working is a must
•he’s always working and not taking care of himself since he’s busy taking care of the boys so guess who’s left with the job of taking care of him?
•that’s right, it’s you
•always has time for you unless there’s a deadline coming up
•then expect to hand feed him and watch him work
•if he’s not busy though…
•sitting on his lap when he’s eating
•Taeyong trying to be cute and feed you too but you already ate
•him pouting because he can’t feed you
•you giving up and letting him feed you even though you’re full
•the boys spying on you and taking pictures
•especially Jisung because he wants some blackmail on his favorite noona and hyung
•making sure you learn to protect yourself incase he’s not there
•but he’s like always there
•or leaves another boy with you and Jisung
•since you’re a medical student, you help everyone get healed up when there has been a fight or some shit
•you even have your own room for all the medical stuff because Taeyong wants the best for you and his members
•becoming the group’s 2nd eomma when Taeyong is busy
•taking care of the minis and making sure they go to school and not skip like they usually do
•he leaves the scolding to you because you’re better since your Jisung older sister and have a lot of experience scolding him
•when you got kidnapped he looked v v v calm
•and was like deadly silent
•even though he was bad shit crazy on the inside
•everyone was like ‘shit’s about to go down’
•and shit did go down
•you were saved in record time
•Taeyong has many many connections so it wasn’t that hard
•plus the guys who kidnapped you weren’t very smart to begin with if they decided to even touch you
•they didn’t even take the tracking device that Taeyong had on your phone
•when Taeyong found you he scanned you to make sure weren’t hurt
•Sniper!Taeil and Hansol already had most of the guys down
•and assassin!Winwin was already beating the shit out of whoever was left with the help of his partner Kun
•he saw a bruise on your face and did finally explode in rage
•made sure he covered your eyes with his jacket so you don’t see world war 3
•you don’t even try to move it after someone untied your hands and legs
•because when Taeyong is serious, you listen
•and he was scary
•but his jacket also smelled v v nice
•when he came back, his fist were bruised and there was some blood on his white shirt
•but you didn’t care because you instantly held onto him tightly because that was scary as fuck
•he doesn’t let go either
•the others that came with him mentally went ‘aw’
•but that didn’t last long since the cops were going to come soon
•but you guys stayed like that all night
•'never leave me again’
•kisses to where ever it hurt all night
•'I love you so much’
•'I love you too’
•even more kisses + cuddles

Drabble: Of BFF’s and Shoes

(Prompt/Summary: I decided to mesh together a fuckload of tropes/prompts. From the text to the wrong number, to meeting in an elevator. Mostly it’s funny and stupid. Apologies to anyone of likes high heeled converse all stars.)

- April 18th, 2015

From Unknown: What is it with tourists and always choosing the vilest options for footwear?!

To Unknown: I know, right?!

From Unknown: It’s like, why would you wear that lovely blouse, with that beautiful skirt if you’re just gonna use Nike running shoes with it!

To Fancy Random Person: Ugh. Nike sneakers. I’ve never found an aesthetically pleasing pair. Although, if we’re being fair, I think the thing with tourists is that they choose their footwear keeping in mind that they’ll probably spend their entire day walking. Thus, comfort trumps style.

From Fancy Random Person: What?! You’re not supposed to be the rational one!

To Fancy Random Person: I’m not?

From Fancy Random Person: No. I’m the rational one. So when I’m being irrational you’re just supposed to agree without questioning. That’s the deal.

To The Rational One: I’m so sorry, I didn’t realize. I agree wholeheartedly. Ban all ugly footwear!!! I’ll start the paperwork for the petition right away.

From The Rational One: Thank you.

To The Rational One: BTW, I have no idea who you are.

From The Rational One: What?

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Without You...

Without you I probably would be cutting back on the coffee and I probably wouldn’t be smoking as many cigarettes, even have a better sleep schedule.. 
But without you I wouldn’t have found the beauty and art in Graffiti or abandoned places.
I wouldn’t have as many smiles or wreck less times getting into trouble. 
I wouldn’t have as many matching clothes without you. 
I would most likely would wear more matching socks.
I would still hate ford vehicles
I would be scared of bigger dogs
I would be scared of a lot more things actually…
I’d probably not be using this damn app right now. 
I would be far less open minded.
I would’ve never been to Amish country.
Or visited “friendsville” 
I wouldn’t have muddy shoes.
I wouldn’t have my favorite Polaroid pictures.
I wouldn’t have as many people ask if we’re together.
Steak ‘n Shake wouldn’t be one of my favorite places.
My home away from home wouldn’t exist to me.
Getting into trouble wouldn’t be as fun.
I’d never think It’d be okay to eat the food from Walmart without actually buying it.
Getting drunk wouldn’t work with anyone else.
My tattoos wouldn’t be as meaningful.
I wouldn’t be as good at poetry as I am.
I wouldn’t have the right guidance to do the stupid shit and to keep it all together at the same time.

I wouldn’t have found my best friend.

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Alright *cracks knuckles* Tell me, what kind of fantasies have you got?

I gotta tell you, my imagination has just been running away with me the past couple’a weeks or so. I’ve had all these crazy ideas for stuff to make at my bakery now that I finally got my loan, but the one thing I just can’t get off my mind is this girl.

Well, girl really would’t be the right way to describe her, because she’s gorgeous beyond words. Like she’ll take the thoughts right out of your brain, she’s so gorgeous. She’s the kinda girl who wears black lace on pink silk, and don’t care if you see her wearing nothing but a slip that don’t barely go past her thighs. And you just know her skin’s softer than any silk she could pick out, and the way the silk don’t hide none of her body, she’ll kill ya just by standing in the doorway and smiling. I can’t stop thinking about her.

And now I’ve finally gotten a location for my bakery, and even though i know she’s a figment of my imagination, I want to show her everything I’ve worked for, I have this idea she’d be proud of me. I’d let her taste test my paczki recipe, and she’d get chocolate in the corner of her mouth, and I’d kiss it off, and we’d be alone so there’d be nobody to stop us from going on as long as we want. Maybe she’d end up sitting on the counter in front of me, and then those long legs on either side of me, and her clear, sweet voice like honey calling my name…

But, uh, yeah, like I said, my imagination’s been gettin’ away with me. 

@zephfair said:

I love Marriageverse! And I would LOVE to read about her adventures searching and studying Cetran artifacts. I’m sorry my mind went right to Seph wearing the shorts and tank for her one night when the fam visits her in the field, but he forgets that tents don’t lock and those poor children will never get over the shock…until they walk in on them again. I love how you write their family! I’m a huge fan of all your writing, but Marriageverse has stuck with me for years!

*basking in warm fuzzy glow* XD I am ridiculously attached to this hybrid family and their role on the Planet, but I always worry I’m too close to see if I make them real and believable enough to other people. And rare pair fic, especially family fic full of OCs, doesn’t have the kind of broad fandom appeal other relationships do, so it always feels like a longshot. So that you like it that much.

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As for Indiana Aeris, I realized I’d been neglecting writing about her character arc compared to the rest of the family. I think I’ve at least mentioned the invasion, ballet, med school and such, and all I’ve written Aeris doing was standing around sassing Seph, and that’s not the whole of her story by far. So I guess she’s demanding her time in the sun and Seph will do what he must and can, including wearing those pants even if they do ride up a bit, because that’s how you keep the fires burning, baby. ;p

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1- 8?

1) Post of picture of you: Currently watching 7 Deadly Sins, woohoo

2) Would you date an 18-year-old at the age you are now? Sure

3) Do you prefer to be friends with boys or girls? I actually have more guy friends than girls, but doesn’t really bother me. I don’t have a preference. Don’t mind more girl friends though!!

4) Would you ever smile at a stranger? Sure, i have before. 

5) Can you commit to one person? Of course, always.

6) How do you look right now? Check out #1.

7) What exactly are you wearing right now? Panties that say “Fruit Punch” with an Apple punching a Grape.

8) How often do you listen to music? I listen to it on my drive to and from work. I always do when I’m in the car.

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  • Nickname: Shelbs
  • Sign: Leo
  • Favorite Music Artist: … I can’t choose just one so top three: The 1975, Vampire Weekend, and Oh Wonder
  • Last TV Show You Watched: Full House
  • Last Movie You Saw in the Theater: It took me a ridiculously long time to remember but it was Rogue One
  • What Are You Wearing Right Now: a sweatshirt and shorts because I can’t make my mind whether I’m hot or cold
  • What Do You Post: a lot of shit, I reblog mostly gifsets and you can usually tell which fandom/ship I’m crying over at the moment because that’s what will be flooding my blog
  • Do You Have Any Other Blogs: I have a couple sideblogs, yeah. I’ve got @babyspencerreid because I went through a Criminal Minds phase and I really just adore MGG, @aislingrising for *aesthetics even though I don’t even keep to any particular aesthetic (it’s just stuff that’s too pretty to reblog on my regular/personal blog), and then @daddykinkkyloren because Star Wars and I love SW headcanons
  • Why Did You Choose Your URL: Um, I’m an art and a literature student so it was sort of a play on words of the ‘spilled ink’ thing plus I just waste a lot of art supplies when I do artwork so 
  • Do You Get Asks Regularly: Nope
  • Hogwarts House: Slytherin
  • Patronus: Thestral 
  • Pokémon Team: No
  • Favorite Color: Black and olive green
  • Favorite Characters: Bucky Barnes, Jillian Holtzmann, Steve Rogers, Kylo Ren, John Murphy, Poe Dameron 
  • Hobbies/crafts? making ‘art’ (because most of my stuff is shit so I don’t call it art), writing, reading, making books/notebooks, spending money on stationary (#notebooksquad4life)
  • Collect anything? I collect teacups and vintage postcards (I literally go into antique shops and plop myself on the floor and look through every single box of postcards that they have … and end up buying most of them)
  • Current challenges you face? I’m trying to look into internships for the summer at book publishers and I’ve gotta start working on my thesis/dissertation which gives me anxiety because I’m all over the place in terms of topics so yeah
  • Things you’re looking forward to? I’m going to Paris this weekend so I’m super excited about that…
  • Anything you want to promote? Nothing that I’m doing no but listen, there’s this super awesome band, Rad Horror, and they released their first LP a couple months ago and so everyone should listen to it especially “Benzos and Cigarettes” because it gives me major San Junipero vibes from Black Mirror and I love it so 
  • Anything else you’d like to share? I had a really amazing chai latte yesterday so yay

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I got a medium gc2b binder not too long ago and I've noticed that it doesn't hurt at all even if I wear it for 12 hours but if I wear a sports bra, I'm sore and uncomfortable within 30 minutes. Would you have any idea why? I actually find binders to be very comfortable. I was right in the middle of the medium measurements if that matters.


There are a couple potential reasons. The first one that comes to my mind is that you have less support in a sports bra. Binders are there to keep your chest flat and in one place, whereas a sports bra is not. If you’ve been binding for a while, it could be that your chest is simply used to having more support than you’re giving it in a sports bra. Another potential reason is that your body just like the feel of the binder more. Some people have major issues with bras their entire life, because their bodies just don’t like them. Bodies do unexpected things, and if you’ve found something comfortable for you, then I’d say it’s not a bad thing at all. Do be careful with the binding for twelve hours, though! I know days are long, but your health is important. If you ever do experience pain, please try to take your binder off. Happy binding!

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It’s kind ridiculous how the way Roan weaves their fingers together still causes this little drop in Ferus’ stomach, because it’s been a few weeks now and you’d think the novelty would wear off eventually, but it hasn’t.

Ferus can’t say he minds. And just lying next to Roan and holding his hand and trading the occasional kiss while they talk, it’s just … it’s good. It’s better than almost anything he can think of right then.

He never expected to get it, to be one of those kids who are all head over heels, but he really can’t deny what his feelings are doing when he’s around Roan.

Of course, when being at Roan’s, it’s not just the two of them.

“I’m pretty sure your sister took a picture just now”, he says after the sound of the door closing, not bothering to lift his head from Roan’s arm.

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Nickname: Beth, though one person is allowed to call me Liz for reasons
Star Sign: Taurus 
Height: 5′10″ 
Time right now: 7:59 pm
Last thing I googled: Something Rotten 
Favorite Music Artists: Fuck dude, I listen to a lot of show tunes and Vocaloid
Song stuck in head: What is this Feeling from Wicked
Last movie watched: Inside Out
Last TV show watched: The Late Night Show with Stephen Colbert
What are you wearing right now: A shirt I made for a cosplay and black slacks
When did you create your blog: April 2012-ish? Sometime around then
What kind of content do you post: Whatever floats my boat dude. That changes all the time lol
Do you have any other blogs: A FNAF blog with some friends, a writing blog that’s gonna be deleted soon, and another blog that doesn’t have anything on it lol
Do you get asks regularly: Nope! Every now and then when I post ask memes but that’s the only time. Even then it only happens for half of them
Why did you choose your URL?: Meaw (I needed one and choose this one cause I thought I’d never use this)
Gender: I guess I’m a girl? I don’t really think about gender much
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
Pokemon Team: Instinct by heart, Mystic cause my boy made me promise 
Favorite color: Aqua
Average hours of sleep: Probably about 5-6
Lucky number(s): 13
Favorite characters: I don’t really have any…. I’m not much into fandoms anymore
How many blankets do you sleep with: Just the sheets. I overheat with anymore
Dream Job: Who even knows. I’ve been wanting to work on a cruise ship for a while now
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Domino was roused from her sleep by a knock to the door.

Who in their right mind was at her door at this time of night?

Whoever they were… Though her usual approach would’ve been “they can wait,” at this time of night? Who could it have been if not one of the leaders, in an emergency? She didn’t even answer her phone after one AM.

If it was an emergency, she wasn’t even going to get into uniform, heading down to open the door wearing a rather uncreative outfit consisting of standard-issue pajamas. At this time of night, if it was anybody below the rank of Executive, she was going to–

“Jared, what the hell?!”

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Letter to me (Casey) from Newt? Pretty please?? I love your blog!! 💜

Of course~

To my darling, Casey

I hope winter finds you well, I know it’s rather cold. I must admit I miss my overcoat, but I’m quite sure it’s safer in your arms anyway. Are you wearing it right now, my love? I hear New York is cold this time of year. Please do keep yourself warm, and I regret that I’m not there to help you do so….

Um…forgive me, my mind trailed off there…right well, how are things? You’ll be happy to hear my manuscript has been accepted! Another win for magical creatures I’d like to think. Ah, yes, Pickett would like me to tell you he misses you…although he still hasn’t quite figured out his attachment issues. One could hardly blame him, as I miss you very much as well….

Work calls, but I will write again soon. As always….I send you my dearest love, and give the Niffler a pat for me.

With all my love,