no one hates twilight like the twilight cast

After months of research, Twilight Sparkle writes a new spell, with the goal of allowing her to experience magic as nopony has ever wielded before. Something inevitably goes wrong during the casting and she is accidentally transformed into a draconequus. I hate it when that happens. :/

Anyway, transforming back proves to be much more difficult, as Twilight’s new magic, though powerful, is wonky and random and nearly impossible to control. Looks like there’s only one being in all of Equestria that can show Twilight how to rein in her chaotic draconequus magic…


an idea that came to me in class
i figure at first Discord would be super amused at Twilight’s predicament but ultimately help, and then he’d grow more and more reluctant about her changing back. What’s so wrong with being a draconequus, anyway?

orrrrrr i could make it a full blown shipping thing and have discord trying to court the new lady draconequus with fresh bouquets of poison joke and whatnot XD