no one has mentioned it

  • There’s two floors to the library, I should have mentioned that earlier
  • Floor one has the staff room, childrens, and media sections and the circ. and children’s desks and meeting rooms and some study rooms
  • Floor two has the ref desk, nonfiction, YA and adult fiction, periodicals and study rooms
  • There’s stairs and an elevator too
  • Coran always has to go break up people, usually teens, who like to hang out in the periodicals and make out or just horse around and he always is passive aggressively Customer Service-y to them to scare them off
  • Who am I kidding, everyone gets that way if they catch any patron messing around or breaking rules and it gives them adrenaline tbh
  • Out of the two of them, Hunk is the faster shelver and is pretty accurate, and Lance is slower but is pretty accurate too
  • They once had a shelving race to see who could do it faster and Lance tried to go too fast and ended up running his cart into Pidge when she was carrying some ILL’s for Shiro to process and everything went flying
  • Lance did the holds list once and he saw that he was pulling a lot of books about aliens and shit and paranormal creatures and he finally looked at who was requesting them and he should have assumed it’d been Keith all along

Sometimes I favor Mikey but sometimes Bunsen proves that to be a filthy lie. So, here is a Bunsen moment I enjoyed in every episode up to “Astro-Nots”!

chofitia  asked:

Hello! Thanks again for writing and sharing Running Down a Dream. Hrm. Fic prompt... How about the Chocobros and fighting games? Or... One More Year-era inevitable beach/onsen episode with Luna?

You’re very welcome! ^_^ So! Have I mentioned that one of my IRL chocobros has a dazzling talent for recreating characters as Soul Calibur custom fighters (usually genderswapped, because more options)? And that she’s done these four? And they are /dead sexy/? Anyway. That’s who they’re playing.

“Square button,” Prompto said, leaning over until he was nearly horizontal on the sofa, as though that would have any effect on the game controller in Noct’s hand. “Squarebuttonsquarebuttonsquarebuttonc'monc'monc'mon Noct you gotta do your finisher–”

“I’m trying he keeps blocking me Prompto shut up you are not helping–”

Gladio made a noise of smug triumph as his character smashed her surfboard-sized sword into Noct’s, resulting in a K.O. that was nothing short of humiliating. Noct slumped over his controller in defeat, and Prompto flopped back on the sofa, annoyed.

“Square button,” he said. Noct kicked him.

“Are we getting into fights over Crazy Fenrir again?” Ignis called out, from the kitchen. “Am I going to have to come and paint a stripe down the middle of the couch?”

“No, because obviously, this is Ehergeiz Dis-Infinity Ex.12,” Prompto said, groping around for the open chip bag he’d lost back at the beginning of the bout.

Ignis paused, ladle still in hand. “Oh well of course,” he sighed, with something that could not be called an eyeroll, not on a man so self-controlled. “That just explains everything.“ 

“It’s a fighter, not a racer,” Gladio said, tapping through the keypad for his initials. Down at the bottom of the high scores list was one very chagrined NLC.

“I know what it is, Gladio,” Ignis sighed. “What I don’t know is why it makes you shout so much I have to assure the guard downstairs there’s not an assassination in progress.”

“It’s an assassination all right,” Noct said, staring forlornly at the screen. “Assassinating my record.”

“You should try it, Iggy,” Prompto said, draping himself over the back of the couch. “Bet you’d be good at it!”

“No, thank you.” Ignis rapped the ladle on the edge of the pot in something like a warning.

“Scared of lookin’ bad,” Gladio said, with a snort.

Ignis stared at the back of Gladio’s head, eyes narrowed.

“Uh-oh,” Noct breathed.

“Fine,” Ignis said, stalking over to the couch and holding out his hand to Noct. “Your highness, if you please.“ 

"Okay, but I’m not responsible for what happens.” Noct gave up his seat for Ignis, and Gladio reset to the selection screen.

“Okay. So X is attack, and O is block, while–”

“I’m familiar with the basics, thank you,” Ignis said. Prompto looked a little worried about where he found himself, smushed on the sofa between them with nothing but a half-eaten bag of crab-flavored chips to use as defense in case things got ugly. Noct, very wisely, had retreated to the far side of the room.

“Your funeral,” Gladio said, and picked his usual fighter.

And Ignis smiled a dangerous little smile.

The first fight was less than fifteen seconds.

“My bad,” Gladio said, with suppressed surprise. “Not used to going up against a circle-blade type.”

Ignis was perfectly gracious. “But of course. Rematch?”


Noct yawned. Prompto crammed a good fistful of chips into his mouth.

The next match was even more brutal. And the next. Ignis sportingly switched character types to the one Noct normally used. It was a complete massacre. Gladio tried everything, from calculated strategy to button-mashing, until his hands were slippery on the controller and Prompto had run out of potato chips.

“Damnit,” Gladio gasped, as Ignis handed him his ass, neatly gift-wrapped, with a tasteful accompanying note of condolences, for the last time. “The hell you learn how to play like that, Iggy?”

Ignis shrugged, passing the controller back to Noct. “How else do you think you teach an eight-year old boy combat strategy when he has a broken back? Now if you’ll excuse me, my stew needs attending to.”

Gladio stared after him, and then at Noct, in disbelief. “You ever beat him?” He asked, in an awed whisper.

“Once,” Noct said, as he sat back down. “He got up and unplugged the console before the auto-save could record it.”

Prompto boggled. “But that’s–”

“Cheating,” Ignis said, from the kitchen. “Yes.” He sniffed his stew broth, added a pinch of tarragon. “A king of Lucis must learn to always think one step ahead of his opponent. Even a nasty one.”

“What’d you do?” Gladio asked Noct.

“Stood up and yelled at him,” Noct said, with a fond smile. “And then marched over to the tv and plugged the game back in.”

There was a pause as everyone realized what this meant. Prompto looked at Noct, and then at Ignis, for confirmation. “But, wasn’t he–" 

"First time on his own two feet since the accident,” Ignis said, and toasted his prince. “Perhaps, one of the proudest moments of my life, and well worth besmirching my otherwise flawless record of fair play. And now, if you’ll turn that off, dinner’s ready.”

Today I got told “you need to exercise more” so that “you won’t be wasting your pretty face” because if I lose weight than “guys will start to notice you” and “they’ll see your blue eyes and blonde hair and actually notice those things”.








And the worst part is this was at work and so I couldn’t leave (like I do when strangers on the street tell me this) or tell them to fuck off (like I do to the anons) and so I had to shut down and completely freeze just like I always did when my grandma would berate me with those exact same words.

Also, he claimed I “you know you even look younger than 30″. I’M NOT EVEN FUCKING 30 YEARS OLD, YA DOUCHE.


Game of Thrones isn’t all about magic- it’s way more about political scheming and family tension. But to be part of the exclusive magic club is actually really cool -Isaac Hempstead Wright


Protecting the Hokage. Or, fighting beside the Hokage

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I look like a guy from the 1980′s waiting for his girlfriend at the subway station.. did they have green tea latte back then?

The Last Jedi-Could it be...?

Ok y’all, I’ve watched that new trailer like 4 times now and I have come to a realization. 

So for the most part, the trailer is pretty straight forward. But there is one bit that has everyone scratching their heads. 

“The balance”

When Rey responds with this, we see two images. From what I can guess, the first image is a book shelf in a tree. And the second one is a hand over a faded picture of the Jedi symbol. Now I’ve studied this part so many times, my head hurts. First off, why the f**k are there a few books on what seems like a tree?! And who’s hand is that? Seem like questions with no answers, (at least right now) correct? Wrong! 

Don’t get me wrong, I got no clue what the book shelf is all about. That is an answer I’m gonna have to wait for. But I think know who’s hand is that. Now you might be wondering “How could you possibly know that? It’s just a hand!” You’re right! But look closely. Notice something interesting? This person is wearing a glove. Look even closer, and the glove looks yellow. And who do we know where’s a yellow glove in the Star Wars universe? What’s a major theory going around about this movie involving an unnamed cast member? Mainly this guy:

Oh yeah, you better believe you know where I’m going with this. I believe that our mysterious yellow-gloved hand in the trailer of The Last Jedi is none other than our favorite blueberry child: 


I am reading a lot of Humans are weird things recently you know the things about Aliens and Humans. One strange thing is I haven’t noticed that anyone has mentioned anything about how Humans have a lot of extra “Stuff” like we have extra teeth that don’t fit in our jaw and often have to be removed. We have a bunch of useless body parts that we don’t even know what they do like the appendix that CAN just suddenly be like:

“nah fuck you I’m gonna get inflamed and you will die if you don’t remove me”.

We can also survive with only one lung
or kidney just fine. Humans are super weird when it comes to a biological stand point I feel bad for Alien doctors imagine them finding out about human’s appendix, we don’t even know what it does and we can live fine with out it and he can potentially kill us how do we just don’t remove it by standard before it becomes a problem

trottingalongthelines  asked:

In YOI episode 3 when Yurio is about to start his program and Yuuko is freaking out over his costume, why is Victor shown as if he's in deep thought? Or just why was the clip shown in the first place? I feel like they wouldn't have put it there just because, but I cant figure out what it's significants is..Do you know why?

I love episode 3.

It’s one of my favorites. There are so many interesting character moments to analyze, and this is one of them. 

There are several potential interpretations you could apply to this scene.

Yuri is scowling as he’s warming up to perform “Agape” - which is not Agape-like behavior. Victor could be thinking “Well, I guess he hasn’t tapped into the concept of Agape after all…” 

If you notice earlier in the episode, we see Victor looking at Yuri much the same way - particularly right before he sends him off to the waterfall. Victor is not seeing what he wants in Yuri’s demeanor.

You could also speculate that Victor might see a younger version of himself in Yuri, who is standing there in Victor’s costume from his junior years.

But here’s another theory…

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i might be looking into things a bit too much, but i just thought i’d share some things i noticed. 

so in today’s upload, we’re met with this:

he’s been with us all along” ––– now, bare with me for a second on this… what if this is a subtle reference to dark? mark started playing scp containment in 2012 in the beginnings of his channel. and around that time was when the whole ‘darkiplier’ character started to spring up in the community as well.

now, mark has started playing scp again, and coincidentally enough, dark has returned as well (returning in ‘a date with mark’, and ‘don’t play this game’). which poses that question: has dark been here with all of us the entire time, but only now started to make his move?

looking into this video, i picked up a few things… there’s one scene where mark is in the elevator and becomes attacked by an unseen being. 

You can feel something near you, but you are unable to see it. Perhaps it’s time is now.” it reads.

hmmm… well, looking back on it all, dark has disappeared for a while from the channel (only appearing on rare occasions) and mark didn’t seem to notice. which brings me back to the idea that dark has been there all along, but he’s been waiting for the right moment to come back. which is where the “perhaps it’s time is now” ties in. and now is the moment that dark’s been waiting for.

but it can’t all be coincidence that dark started to come back with the fact that mark is playing an old game he used to play, right?

what about this, maybe?

ah, a slender game! we haven’t seen one of those on mark’s channel for a while either. but there’s only one character who was associated with slender and even got around so much as to get an interview with him…

this guy… wilford.

and mark has mentioned in one of his tumblr posts, saying to “buckle the fuckle up” when someone stated that they hope wilford will return. which this could pretty much only mean that the bubblegum bitch is going to reappear again.

wilford is definitely not who he says he is. there’s more to him. i mean, in a date with mark, the guy literally teleports you to the bathroom where you find out that you’re actually chica. so i hope it’s safe to assume that wilford, in one way or another, can deal with time and space. so, looking back at the title “a scare from the past”, perhaps wilford is the one who is bringing back all these old games? and because of this, dark is returning as well?

the egos are definitely up to something. there’s got to be more to it than just a big coincidence. do they have something planned?? are they plotting something??? i just???/