no one has ever become poor by giving

Confessing to Baze, his friend of so many years, the one from whom he had become inseparable from even in childhood, was a daunting task. But he did it – because love, too, cannot be stopped, can’t be torn away from him, nor would he ever lie to the other. He considered a range of possibilities from the negative (awkwardness, the erosion of their friendship, the unlikely but still frightful disgust) to the positive (acceptance, happiness, maybe even reciprocation). But Chirrut never expected this. Baze doesn’t just reciprocate his feelings; he treasures them, gives them back tenfold, years of pent-up affection spilling out at the first opportunity this poor neglected boy has ever had. Every moment alone, there are Baze’s hands at his shoulder, his waist, his cheek, not quite possessive but appreciative in a way that makes Chirrut’s face go red. It almost hurts, sometimes, to think how completely Baze has been without love his whole life to make him so thankful just to be cared for. Despite the pain that lurks between hugs and kisses taken with shy eyes and hesitant smiles at every single chance, Chirrut catches his tears only once. Baze sleeps with his head on Chirrut’s chest, his body curled close, needy, though innocently – they haven’t even broached the topic of sex yet, both still content with exploring one new feeling at a time. Chirrut has barely drifted off when he feels Baze shudder (doesn’t hear him, there’s nothing to hear) and a moment later senses the dampness on his shirt where Baze hides his eyes.


“Don’t go,” He whispers hoarsely, whether it’s brought on by the remnant of a nightmare or a memory or just one of those worries that seems to plague him constantly. “Please don’t go.”

y’all wanna know what i really want? really, like what reboot i’d really want them to do? fuck new characters. give me a show about the amazing characters we already got

gimme mulan 

i wanna see mulan as a fucking heartbroken mercenary stomping her way across the enchanted forest. for a little while, she’d been with the merry men, briefly, it felt right. she wanted to do good again. but then when things caught up to her—she became a sword for hire and she ran, ran straight into a wolf who made her second guess herself. 

but then ruby went and broke her heart all over again and she thought about going back to the merry men but when did stealing from the rich ever make her feel better? what did the poor ever do for her? what did anyone do for her? who was the last person who looked out for her? 

the world has done nothing but take and take from mulan and she’s fucking done. so she corners will scarlet in a lowly lit pub and convinces him to be her partner. they’ve both lost best friends, lost princesses, and they’ve lost the grounded, kind women that followed. they’ve lost love and honor so many times over and they’re done giving a fuck

so a mercenary of one becomes a team of two

it’s the perfect partnership. will’s a smart ass but he’s the strategist. he’s finds the marks, he sets the traps. mulan’s dry and sarcastic and cleans her nails with her blade but she’s the muscle. and best of all, there’s no danger of falling in love

they’re blades for hire and they traipse the realms in search of gold and the fleeting company of women and that’s all they need damnit and they really did not need to sign up for the rescuing and returning of a princess who has been turned into a frog and can’t find a single man to break her curse……….

also a love interest for will who i haven’t headcanoned yet but like i know this will not happen. we’d never be so lucky. but honest to god abc give me a fairytale mercenaries story lead by a woc with platonic, unexpected best friends and a queer romance. give it to me!!!!

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How about Kacchan tickles? That little boy looks like he would play to not be ticklish but is SUUUUUUUPER sensative

Omg Kacchaaaan<3 haha he is always so angry, I love it. Sure I’ll give a few!:

☆ He’s indeed the “I’M NOT FUCKING TICKLISH!!! TRY MEEEe!”- type of guy. 

☆ Ofc being weak to tickling is seen as uncool by him. With his proud confidence he used to lead the boy gang at middle school into humiliating Midoriya by tickling him, taunting how he was such a pussy boy who couldn’t stand something like tickling.

☆ He’s a mean, evil bully- ler, promoting his own unticklishness and exploiting that of others, accompanied by maniac laughter and proud claims of his own strength vs their weakness. 

☆ But if anyone has ever tried if he’s truly not ticklish? Not exactly. (like, who would even dare, if they didn’t believe his super convincing confidence)

That is until he enters the Hero Academiya where they all give no shit about him, dare to make fun of him, give him nicknames, tease him aaand prove his own “I’m not ticklish”-statement to be false.

☆ When in class the tickle- subject comes up and this guy’s name is mentioned, the first one thiiiirsty to try him is Kirishima and poor terrified Deku be like giving him “but he’s not ticklish!”- whispers, but Kirishima doesn’t care. And that’s when class-tickles on Bakugou become a regular thing and it’s the best thing ever.

☆ Ofc the guy gets angry, very angry. “WHO ARE YOU TO– !?!?!?” but once those two hands grab is sides and tickle him, his angry shouts turn to high pitched laughter. 

☆ Tickling is teasing and playful but innocent, so especially in class Bakugou has to be a man and take it. Fight, kick, struggle and not only control his laughter and his jumpy body but also his explosions because it occurred once he literally exploded with laughter and he became the one to blame since teachers suck (and a classmate or two needed to be sent to Recovery Girl.

☆ Best spots: lower sides near his hips, strangely his calves and also behind his ears gives some enteraining responses. He’ll shout and curse and make a scene, but in class + with more ticklish Bakugou is the best.

☆ Outside class, run from him. He will hold a grudge against everyone participating in the tickle attacks, over and over again, and claim his revenge in the worst way possible. 

☆ Every time when tickles happen, a list à la Arya Stark (sorry non- GOT watchers) with names is born in his head, with the names of those to tickle (instead of to kill) and he will hunt each one of them down. Kirishima, Kaminari, Todoroki, even Midoriya.  

☆ Dying by tickles from Bakugou is nothing to take lightly because as with fighting and anything else that’s competitive he takes this very seriously and with passion, BUT hearing his very hilarious laughter and seeing him kick and flail just because someone dares to scribble their fingers over his ears or down his neck = totally worth it.

☆ Only with his s/o he is willing to have some cuddly tickle- interactions but only to some extent. Some squirming + giggling = fine. But there’s only one who’s allowed to laugh their head off hysterically from mer-ci-less tickling aaand that person isn’t him. Definitely not.


Sonia: Oh God, another text from Gen.
Apollo rolls his eyes heavenward. Sonia feels something tugging at her solar plexus that is both thrilling and terrible, and hopelessly addictive. She has refused to meet or speak with Gen for 6 days now, ever since The Incident, and Gen’s texts are becoming more and more desperate in tone. The latest one reads: MY DARLING SONIA! PLEASE STOP TORTURING ME!I CANNOT LIVE LIKE THIS! I NEED YOU! PLEASE RING ME! PLEASE!!!!!!
Apollo: Just block the poor cow. Put her out of her misery. Please. For the sake of everyone’s sanity.
Sonia: But I don’t-
She gives a start, nearly dropping the phone. There’s an incoming call. It’s from Roy.
Roy: Sonia? I need to talk to you.
Sonia: Roy, it’s not-
Roy: Now.
Sonia turns to Apollo, not bothering to cover the phone.
Sonia: Can you go and see what the triplets are up to?
Apollo: I can see them from here. They’re all perfectly fine.
Sonia: Apollo!
Apollo takes the hint, an air of deep personal injury trailing behind him like a little cloud.
Sonia: Roy? What’s wrong? Is Angus-
Roy: Angus is fine.
Sonia: Okay. So what’s wrong with you?
Roy: I found your pill packet in the glovebox, Sonia.
Sonia: What p-
The sequence of events after The Incident is still unclear in her mind, fragments of memory bobbing up and down like flotsam on the ocean. She had been on her way home when the full implications had dawned on her, and she’d almost driven through a red light in her panic. She has no recollection of driving to the doctor’s. She remembers having to use the fingers of one hand to hold the wrist of her other so she could sign the paperwork in the doctor’s office, that’s how much she was shaking. She has no recollection of stowing the pill packet in the glovebox, but it’s within the realms of possibility. Damn.
Roy: It was him, wasn’t it? Genevieve’s husband?
Sonia nods.
Roy: Sonia! Answer me!
Sonia: Y-yes, Roy. Yes. Don’t yell at me, please. I can explain, sort of. But not over the phone.
Roy: How long has it been going on?
Sonia: It was just once, Roy. I’m telling you the truth-
Sonia: Roy, stop this crazy talk, please.
Roy: Does Genevieve even exist?
Sonia: Of course she exists, Roy.
Roy: Really? You know, I’m beginning to think she’s just a smokescreen.
Sonia: Roy-
Roy can tell by the ripple in her voice that she’s very close to tears.
So he terminates the call. And then switches his phone off.