no one has ever become poor by giving


Sonia: Oh God, another text from Gen.
Apollo rolls his eyes heavenward. Sonia feels something tugging at her solar plexus that is both thrilling and terrible, and hopelessly addictive. She has refused to meet or speak with Gen for 6 days now, ever since The Incident, and Gen’s texts are becoming more and more desperate in tone. The latest one reads: MY DARLING SONIA! PLEASE STOP TORTURING ME!I CANNOT LIVE LIKE THIS! I NEED YOU! PLEASE RING ME! PLEASE!!!!!!
Apollo: Just block the poor cow. Put her out of her misery. Please. For the sake of everyone’s sanity.
Sonia: But I don’t-
She gives a start, nearly dropping the phone. There’s an incoming call. It’s from Roy.
Roy: Sonia? I need to talk to you.
Sonia: Roy, it’s not-
Roy: Now.
Sonia turns to Apollo, not bothering to cover the phone.
Sonia: Can you go and see what the triplets are up to?
Apollo: I can see them from here. They’re all perfectly fine.
Sonia: Apollo!
Apollo takes the hint, an air of deep personal injury trailing behind him like a little cloud.
Sonia: Roy? What’s wrong? Is Angus-
Roy: Angus is fine.
Sonia: Okay. So what’s wrong with you?
Roy: I found your pill packet in the glovebox, Sonia.
Sonia: What p-
The sequence of events after The Incident is still unclear in her mind, fragments of memory bobbing up and down like flotsam on the ocean. She had been on her way home when the full implications had dawned on her, and she’d almost driven through a red light in her panic. She has no recollection of driving to the doctor’s. She remembers having to use the fingers of one hand to hold the wrist of her other so she could sign the paperwork in the doctor’s office, that’s how much she was shaking. She has no recollection of stowing the pill packet in the glovebox, but it’s within the realms of possibility. Damn.
Roy: It was him, wasn’t it? Genevieve’s husband?
Sonia nods.
Roy: Sonia! Answer me!
Sonia: Y-yes, Roy. Yes. Don’t yell at me, please. I can explain, sort of. But not over the phone.
Roy: How long has it been going on?
Sonia: It was just once, Roy. I’m telling you the truth-
Sonia: Roy, stop this crazy talk, please.
Roy: Does Genevieve even exist?
Sonia: Of course she exists, Roy.
Roy: Really? You know, I’m beginning to think she’s just a smokescreen.
Sonia: Roy-
Roy can tell by the ripple in her voice that she’s very close to tears.
So he terminates the call. And then switches his phone off.

honestly mass effect is full of role models and you can’t stop me.
jack? was abused and treated like shit as a child and became very distrustful and violent because of that. decided to put her trust in someone else and grew up as person, became an inspirational and strong woman who uses her experience to teach younger ppl
miranda? raised to be the perfect daughter, decided to get the fuck away from her abusive father. take no shit from anyone, confident and powerful yet cares deeply for her loved ones
mordin? an accomplished scientist who created the genophage, doesn’t give a shit about how people see him and use his knowledge for the greater good even if it means sacrificing himself.
liara? a shy, awkward nerd who gains confidence through time, eventually becoming a famous historian and the most influential person of the galaxy without ever changing as a person
kasumi? the best thief ever, uses her skill to free slaves and offer money to poor people, still read love stories and has the biggest heart
kaidan? ashley? tali? garrus? wrex? everyone tbh