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You are not as bad as I thought - One Shot

Author: Admin GCV
Title: You are not as bad as I though
Chapter no/One Shot: One shot
Words number: 1330
Original imagine: None/
Notes/Warnings: Requested by anonymous: One shot about being Lokis daughter and dating Bucky?


«I deny that to you! If I see you with him the both of you will be in serious trouble.»

«This is my life father! You can’t tell me what I can or cannot do, especially in this case!» you scream furiously «I’m old enough to make my choices.»
«You won’t ever have my consent.»
«Fine! It means that I don’t need that!» you run away and leave your father Loki in his chambers. You are so angry you wanted to scream so that everyone on Asgard could hear you. That situation is so unfair. You slam a fist on the wall of your room and take your ultimate decision.
The time is poor, you have to do everything before someone can notice it. You use one of the hidden passages your father showed to you - he better never told you those secrets - to teleport you on Midgard.
You arrived exactly where you wanted to: near the Stark Tower. Just in that moment you noticed you were still wearing your Asgardian clothes. Damn, it is better to hide quickly, so you decide to just enter in the building and go find the Avengers. You know he is there with them.
When you arrive in the big lounge with the elevator no one expected to see you.
Steve immediately run towards you. «Y/N, what happened? Why are you here?»
For some reason every time you are on the Earth they think that something bad happened in Asgard with Loki. This time they’re right, but how can you explain what happened to the Captain Rogers? You are friends but he’s not the one you want to talk about.
«It’s just that… well, my Father… he…» you blushed, the reason of your escape are suddenly such stupid. Where are the right words? Luckily someone else walks in the room in that exact moment.
«Honey, why are you here? Is this a surprise?» he says without reading your worried expression.
«No I’m… I’m…» you start stuttering and he becomes serious.
«Come with me.» He looks at Steve, Clint and Tony with a speaking glance that just said “leave us alone”. He takes you in his room and the both of you sit on the bed. You can’t stop looking at the floor.
«Do you want to talk?»
You nod slightly but don’t answer immediately and he just stares at you until you decide to speak «I-I escaped from Asgard.»
«What? Why?»
«My father doesn’t really approve what we’re doing…» you take a deep breath before speaking again, you don’t want your voice to tremble «he doesn’t want that we date.»
Bucky looks at you with a sad expression «Do you mean that he doesn’t like me?»
You nod and look at him in the eyes. He immediately hugs you and strokes your hair «Don’t worry, I’m here and I won’t leave you.»
«You know who my father is» you break the hug «He is Loki, the God of Mischief. He could hurt you at any time and he will, I’m too sure of that. I cannot keep calm, I am worried.»
But in that exact moment you hear a huge noise coming from the main room. You run out in the corridor and Bucky follows you holding your hand «Stop Y/N, it can be dangerous.»
You hide behind the wall and try to spy and see what’s happening, but clearly the source of the noise is on the other side of the room because you can just hear the voices.
«Where is my daughter? I know she’d here, don’t fool me.» It is you Father, and he is really angry.
«Bucky just come back in you room, it’s him.» but he doesn’t listen to you and keeps holding your hand.
«She’s not here, Loki, I already told you.» you can here Tony speaking.
«Don’t lie to the God of Mischief-»
«We’re not lying! Why should we? So you can destroy the other half of New York?» now it’s Steve talking. «If she comes here we’ll send it again on Asgard. You have our word.»
«Your mortal word, I don’t know what to do with it.» and then he just disappears.
You now stand there looking at all of them «I’m really sorry, I knew that I would have brought problems coming here. I’ll leave immediately.»
«No, Y/N, you don’t have any other place where you can stay, you can stay here as much as you want.» Steve reassures you.
«Can she?» Tony whispers but the Captain ignores him.
«He would have come here anyway in first place anyway.»
You look at them «Thank you very much guys, I wouldn’t know what to do without you.»
«Yeah, we know we are amazing.» states Tony and you can’t help but smile.
«So…» Bucky draws your attention placing a hand on your waist «What if we go out tonight so you can relax?»
You think about it for a while, you don’t think it’s a good idea, you father can be anywhere, but maybe he doesn’t expect you to be so imprudent. «Yes, maybe we can do that.»
He places a soft kiss on your forehead «But first lets see if Natasha has something you can wear, you can be a bit showy with these Asgardian clothes on.»
You giggle and follow the advice.

Few hours later you are in a pub. There’s a lot of people and loud music and it’s really difficult to speak, plus you had a few drinks and you’re beginning to be a bit too much cheerful.
«Y/N I think it’s time to come back to the Tower!» he says near to your ear so you can understand him.
«Alright!» you nod in approval and the both of you exit from the crowded place.
On your way back Bucky circles your waist with his metal arm and you lean your head on his shoulder «Thank you for this, I needed it.»
He just smiles without answering.
You walk for five minutes without speaking, the neon lights of shops and other locals illuminating your path, but suddenly something appears in front of you, or it’s better say someone.
Panic takes you, Loki stands there, and you two froze. You fear the worst.
He takes a few steps towards you but you don’t move.
«I’m not coming with you!» you say firmly but trying to not scream, you don’t want everyone to notice you. «I won’t listen to your gripes, I’m happy with Bucky.»
«I know.»
You are ready to retort but you don’t expect those words or reaction. You thought he would have taken you away with the force. «Wait… what?»
«I’ve been watching you for all the night, I knew where were you because Heimdall told me and I can tell that you’re happy and…» he looks at Bucky now «you are not so bad as I thought. But hurt my daughter and I’ll hurt you in ways you can’t even imagine.»
For a moment he thinks that there’s actually something worse that his past with Hydra but decided to not say nothing too sarcastic and just nods «Sure, sir.»
«Remember, I can change my mind again.» Loki looks at you two but then without saying anything turns around and begins to walk away.
«Father wait» you approach him «I’m sorry if I escaped but I don’t regret it because it showed you what I see. What I’m trying to say it’s just thank you.»
«I’m happy if you are, but be sure to not let me think I made a mistake.»
You smile in the happiest way you ever did and finally come back to the Soldier.
«Your father really scares me» he laughs.
«Yes, it scares a lot of people. But you’re lucky because maybe, despite what happened, he won’t hurt you in the future» you giggle circling his neck with your arms.
«It’s not sure yet» and you kiss him on the lips.

Saviour (L.H.)

-Listen to Eva by Nightwish while listening-



A girl. A songwriter. A musician. A daughter. A rolemodel.

You were all of the things above, but there was a lot of behind that. Things people didn’t see, not because they couldn’t, but because they didn’t WANT TO.
They didn’t want to see a depressed, lonely, messed up girl. So you hid it, deep, deep, deep inside your heart where no one’s love or care could ever reach.

You thought you could even hide it from yourself, just forget about it.
Oh, how wrong you were. Because if you were right, you wouldn’t have been standing naked on a high cliff, a pen and exactly 1000 pages of paper in your hands. All the songs you ever had written.

Just about to jump, the ring of your phone stopped you. A phone call. From your boyfriend, Luke.
A single tear rolled down your cheek. Luke had been one of the only persons who had almost reached deep inside your heart where your dark emotions were hidden. ALMOST.

“Hello?” you said to the phone with a shaky voice as wind made your hair dance.
“Y/N? Hi, I was thinking if I could come over? Movies and such would be nice, what do you think?”
“Luke, I’m so so sorry”, you sobbed.
“Y/N? Y/N are you okay? Why are you sorry?” he said panicked.
“Save me”, you whispered before hanging up and throwing your phone down the cliff.

“Today, in the year of our Lord, 2015
Y/N was called from the cares of the world
She stopped crying at the end of each beautiful day.
The music she wrote had too long been without silence.
She was found naked and dead,
With a smile in her face, a pen and 1000 pages of erased text.”

You took a step closer to the edge. And an another, and another. Until there was only one more step, and as you were just about to take it,

there was hands wrapping around your waist from behind. Someone held on to you, sobbing. Someone, who had come to save you, as you pleaded him to.

“Y-Y-Y/N I was s-so scared I w-wouldn’t make it b-before it’s too l-late”, Luke sobbed to your neck and you let the papers fall from your hands.
“I was so scared too”, you whispered turning around and he took his flannel off, wrapping it around your naked body.
“But how? How did you know where you’d find me? And what I was going to do?“
“I saw through your smile. I read the song lyrics you wrote. I wanted to see deep insde your heart.”

He was the one who unlocked your closed heart. The one you loved and who loved you.

Your saviour.