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Bucky x Reader

Summary: Bucky Barnes. When you think everyone’s out of the compound, you pick up your guitar to play a little music but little do you know, Bucky Barnes is standing outside your room, listening to you.

Word count: 1068

A/N: This was a quick one!! I just heard this song again and it inspired me so I wrote it quickly in between classes. Hope you guys like it!

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Music has been an enormous part of your life ever since you were a little; you played the guitar, piano, and you sang but you rarely ever played anymore since you’d joined the Avengers. Your musical equipment goes unused most of the time you’ve spent here and you realize it’s been months since you’ve even picked up a guitar. Missions kept you from your music and your fingers itched play a few songs and sing your heart out. It was your escape but you hadn’t been able to find the time between missions and training and normally exhaustion sent you directly to bed.

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How come no one ever talks about the dead guy from the On the Open Road part of A Goofy Movie? I mean look at this

“Dead” guy pops out of his casket to sing along like the bridge between life and death doesn’t exist anymore and how does Max react??




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Hey admin Emi could I please have some HCs for a Bokuto/Tendou friendship. They are spikey headed dorks and I love them.

Of course you may! (I hope I read this right lmao)

Enjoy these slightly delirious head canons!

  • you, a simple shiratorizawa student introduce your two best friends to each other, finally, and, oh boy was it the best decision ever
  • you have a group chat together it’s basically just memes and self-depreciating humour

11:23 pm

koutarou: wake up y/n we’re going to mcdonalds

tendou: dw we have sweatshirts and coffee

you: fuck i want mcnuggets

  • imagine: you, tendou and bokuto hit up clubs together
  • basically you have two hot dudes fending off unwanted approaches as you’re all doused in body glitter (looking fucking fabulous)
  • also, hc, these boys can rock six inch heels easily, it’s just hard to find stilettos for wide feet (except for tendou, he has the daintiest feet)
  • when you all get into college you room together and it’s like living with the biggest dorks ever bc once you came home from your part-time job to find them crying over neon genesis evangelion 
  • one of you are in the shower and the other two congregate outside the door to sing along with the person

“don’t go breaking my heart~”

two people, loudly and simultaneously: “I COULDN’T IF I TRIED”



  • they give the best hugs, all warm and lovely and you just feel so safe
  • who knows who owns what clothes anymore, you just grab whatever you need from the pile that maybe should be folded and put away and you’re ready to go
  • at least one of the has their arm around yours and each other’s shoulders
  • every trip you guys go on is documented on snapchat and every time it starts off at 0 and then gets to 100 real fast for no apparent reason, it’s just like; oops now one of you is arrested
  • either you’re all drunk when out or one of you isn’t and then draws dicks on the other’s face when they’re passed out on the sofa
  • “sup fucker” “sup dicks” “what up nerds” “what’s chilling my dudes” “which one of you shits left out of date yogurt in the fridge” 
  • it’s a wild ride, but you all care for each other very much and would take a bullet for each other

This is great oml, I would love these dudes as my friends tbh.

[reminder that the inbox is open for requests and to chat but closed for matchups!]

- Admin Emi

Prince On Every Tour: 1999

It’s Friday night Tumblr, it’s 8:30, and part of me wants to hightail it to bed again like I did last night. Is it just me or has it been THE LONGEST WEEK?! A lot going on, but I’m using the scraps of energy I have left to get into the next Prince on every tour. Shall we begin? Tonight’s show is a real treat for me and is easily one of my favorites:


Overview:  Okay. OKAY. I just want you all to understand that this post was almost certainly about to look like this:

BUT, I’m trying to do better in life. So I stopped, collected myself, and decided to try to give some semblance of a readable post. This my attempt. 

We find Prince in the same arena a year later, yet he’s of course hit another level up. At least he gave us more than 6 months to cope with the greatness of the Controversy tour we attended. We’ve decided that the last concert was him definitely coming more into his own, but maybe with still a bit of an unrefined touch to it. By this show, it’s ALL refined. And I say that not just because he is my fave here ya’ll. I mean it sincerely.

Let’s start with the dancing. He was so full of energy before that some of it came off awkward, but completely endearing. Here though, we see that Prince swag that some may know from Purple Rain onwards. But I promise ya’ll it’s here in 1999. We’re seeing his signature splits become more prominent, and the overall James Brown influence has fully emerged in his movements. We also are seeing that dual femininity/masculinity element to his movements become more evident. They’re elegant and graceful, but you don’t doubt for a second that he would also be able to… handle you. Or me. I will speak for myself. Actually, yeah, none of you think about that. Keep moving. Bye.

Sorry. Focused again. Promise. Basically, P just seems to be so much more comfortable on the stage overall by this point, therefore more playful than before. Take, for example, one of the most glorious 14 minute portions of a concert I’ve ever witnessed - How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore. He starts with just a piano jam sesh ( “ ‘Scuse me, I’m just jammin’ “) that turns extremely funky and EXCEEDINGLY rude. He sings, quite soulfully, that he really wants your *insert kitty emoji here* this evening. One would think that as many times as I’ve watched JUST THAT PART, it wouldn’t affect me, but no. I’ve had no growth as far as that’s concerned. I’m fine with it. As the sesh turns into How Come, he gets increasingly extra, until the breakdown (MAD FUNKY) in which he then graces us with the most of that liquid velvet (what I refer to his voice as) we’ve heard thus far on a tour as he accuses us of having another man…or woman, how we’re to blame for him screaming out our name while tryna make love to his other woman, and pleading with us to call him some time, all culminating in asking us if we wanna play with his tootsie roll. To which I answer a resounding YES. I know this was purposeful. I know it was intentional. I know. But do I care? I SURE DONT. To quote boyfriend “now if you think that I’mma fool who’ll go for any line, honey put down all your money, you’d win every time.” I ghost wrote that. It’s who I am. *kanye shrug* 

His bandleader skills are also a 10 here. Not only can you see his growth on stage, but you can see everyone else’s. Dez is jamming and making his way across the stage with no shirt and that haircut I hate so much, Brownmark is having a ball on the bass, also shirtless. Fink continues to amaze on his solos. The sound is airtight, but if anything did go wrong, they knew how to make sure we couldn’t tell. More than anything, you can tell how much they’re all enjoying themselves. It’s infectious to watch. 

Production has stepped up. Not a whole lot going on besides the International Lover bed prop and my personal fave, the pole he refuses to stop sliding down for 3 tours in a row. But you can tell by the lighting, transitions between songs, etc. that he has honed every aspect  of the experience. At this point, we’re just waiting on funds (which are well on their way)  as the final part to having the type of production a performer like P needs. 

This entire concert (and tour in my opinion from all the shows I’ve seen) was executed with a confidence and swagger we had not yet seen from him before, but one we will continue to see blossom into a dangerous flower of swag and life ruining. It is, and forgive me (or don’t, this is what’s in my soul ya’ll) the emergence of daddy. Point. Blank. Period.

Favorite Number:
You can try to tell me there was a bad number in this show, but you’d be a double drag fool. Despite the fact that this era produced some of my absolute favorite music from him, these were all still stellar performances. I can’t imagine a single person in attendance not being on their feet for the duration of this show. 

Pretty much, I am stuck here. I would typically go with Lady Cab Driver, but nothing beats the Detroit 82 soundboard version. DMSR is always a jam, and I love the coordinated two step between him, Dez, and Brownmark. Let’s Work is always a hard jam too, and I LIVE for his dance on that song as well. So swaggy. Vocally, Do Me Baby and International Lover are standouts. His range on the recorded version of International Lover is INCREDIBLE, so hearing that live…just let me ascend please. How Come, for obvious reasons and also another vocally amazing performance. 

As I sit here in an internal battle with myself, I feel like I’m going International Lover. It’s a favorite from the album, he’s extra, he’s rude, and he’s sangin’. A combination of all the things I love. 

Favorite Outfit:
There weren’t many outfit changes here. He started out with the iconic purple trench, open-chested opera blouse, and the fitted, buttons-down-the-sides pants we’re used to now. It’s an outfit we’ve come to know and love. However, I’m thinking that I’m loving the moto jacket that matches his pants (perfectly cropped to not deprive us any portion of his booty, bless) fit the best. He just looks so doggone good in that all black getup. LORDT. Honorable mention to the purple moto jacket and headband he wore during International Lover though. It almost won simply because of my love of Prince in a headband/headwrap. Especially with those perfect 1999 curls cascading over it. 

Still Would Rating: Clearly.

Overall Rating: So I know several will think that this rating is based simply on the fact that this is my favorite iteration in one of my favorite shows. That is partially true. I mean, it’s a favorite for a reason, right? However, take all that away, and it was still an AMAZING show. He is on the precipice of his superstardom, so getting to see that before the clamor of Purple Rain (and trust me, I love PR) is thrilling to me. It’s like being privy to a secret a lot of people might not have really known yet. Like “ya’ll have no idea how he’s about to slay you for the next 30 years.” Plus, this era spawned some of my favorite music, not just from him, but from The Time (What Time Is It is their BEST album; let’s argue) and Vanity 6 (I am the obnoxious person who does all THREE sides of the conversation in If A Girl Answers), so being able to see those sets too was great. But even without those factors, if I knew nothing of Prince, I’d walk away from  having watched this feeling exhilarated, wanting more, and thinking “this dude is gonna be a legend.” 


You perform HyunA’s part for a Trouble Makers performance (SEVENTEEN)

*THIS WILL ONLY BE UP TO THE 96 LINERS AND DK+MINGYU…Legal ages. After that Hyunseung is 7-8 years older making you minor so none of that here!*

S.Coups: -he was well aware it wasn’t your idea mainly your manager who said it help sell your group better- “You know what I should go kill that dick no one should use you like that”

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Jeonghan: -he found it funny how you almost punch Hyunseung more than once when he touched you but you remember it was acting and had to play along- “I’ve taught you well. Don’t let anyone touch you like that unless its me babe”

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Joshua: -you explained to him you had to go to a happy place in your head throughout the performance- “it was a good performance, rather convincing but I could see the disgust in your eyes jagi”  

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Jun: -he’d watch your cringe during practice for it everytime Hyunseung touch you. During the performance almost everytime he touch you, you’d lean in the opposite direction- “see boys Y/N only wants to touch this”

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Hoshi: -you had whined most of the time your manager was convincing you to do it. Amazingly Hoshi remained calm but was listening more than watching- “how much is he going to touch her? I actually want to watch my baby sing her heart out”

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Wonwoo: -he was extremely pissed at you for accepting something he’d describe as degrading towards your relationship because he knew rumors would start, you’d fight, and he’d do something he’d regret- “just go away Y/N I can’t look at you or have you anywhere near me”

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Woozi: -he straight forwardly threatened your manager about sexualizing a girl who was barely considered an adult was going to have him six feet under- “you ever recommend my girlfriend for something like this again I personally tell you’d be dead before you finished your sentence”

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DK: -PDA never once made you comfortable and Seokmin watched you cringe and cower slightly everytime you were touched by him- “he’s making her too uncomfortable. I should kill him after this no one touches my jagi like that”

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Mingyu: -you were practically back in his arms minutes after the performance. Hyunseung had actually come to apologize for ever accepting to have you sing HyunA’s part realizing you had just been considered an adult didn’t mean you fully were and he’d destroyed some of your innocence- “don’t worry about it anymore she’s never doing this again anyways.”

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so i signed up for the like advanced vocal ensemble this semester and i just spent 2 hours putting together a playlist of all my favorite “good singing” songs cause goddamn do i feel out of practice. I havent been part of a choir since high school so i gotta get my voice back in tip top shape, been lazy with it for too long lol rarely do i ever warm up or exercise my vocal range so we’ll see how it goes 🙃

hurricane, punch-drunk, drunk on
power / love / adrenaline / fury
or maybe that’s just the wheels talking.
you pride yourself on the fire
in your bones but it’s just ice
disguised as something to burn.
phoenix on a toddler’s legs,
swaying back and forth as you
go up in these flames that are not flames.
your bones are no crematorium;
you are not somewhere to burn.

have you ever seen the lights
at an old, run-down gas station—
the one no one ever uses anymore
and you think maybe you dreamed it?
they flicker like christmas lights,
erratic, totally unplanned?
i like to imagine them clawing
at the edge of a cliff, too weak
to shine how i assume they were
meant to, but too goddamn stubborn
to let go.
(read into this what you will.)

clever. cunning. conniving.
one, two, three. best to worst.
they all mean the same thing;
you’re a jar of fruit and you aren’t
interested in rotting, a battleship—
one of many, part of a fleet
but you are not interested in sinking.
you sing and you sing and you
aren’t interested in stopping,
even if it makes your own ears bleed.
you’re having fun.
is that so wrong?

you are not weak.
it is not for lack of trying, of course;
you wanted so desperately to be
saved. you wanted so hopelessly
to be someone the world would adore,
eye-candy starlet, moon-eyed and
gazing out at the crowd.
you learned pretty quickly.
hold your granite soul in your hands—
keep it safe. it is heavy, but that
does not mean it will not break.

helen of troy had a knife /
helen of troy had a mirror.
you do not know which is deadlier.
helen of troy had cheekbones like
knives and a window through which
to sit pretty; pretty powerless.
you know this all too well.
it is a special kind of mourning
when it’s someone else’s loss but
it’s your fault, your fault, your fault.
helen of troy had a window like a
mirror and through it she saw:
troy lost the battle, but
helen lost the war.

they are all moths and you hold a
lamp between your teeth; your
voice like roses stuffed down your
throat, spilling out past your lips
and you’re the one who’s choking
but none of the others can speak.
you know your words are headlights
and you know how easy it would be
to pied-piper them off into the night;
you also know you are atlas.
the weight on your shoulders is an
old, old friend. you bear it so beautifully.

you grow so fast, honeysuckle
vines that take over skyscraper trees
that stretch into infinity; you are
not tall, but you are dense,
overgrown forsythia bush.
no one has had the care to cut you
down but it’s sadder not to be than
to be too much—
you know this. you know this all too well.
golden branches, brambly,
stretching up to touch the sun.
they make you beautiful;
they weigh you down.

bitter, bitter, bitter.
you take your coffee no sugar, no cream,
no regrets. don’t let yourself regret this;
you’re coming up on a summer
full of hazy-hot crop-top days,
a watermelon-summer full
to bursting of juice that drips
sticky-sweet down your chin;
watermelon-summer with seeds
like stars in the sky,
seeds like wishes gone sour.

you’re bright like the edge of a knife
(silver; catches all light and
hurls it out into the world
like a grenade)
but you are not sharp.
you’re a blank canvas
and you can see the impressions
of what you will be, but
you cannot make paper into edges
enough to protect you;
stop trying. there are papercuts
all over your hands and you
are still breathing but, god,
do they sting.

leave well enough alone.
you’ve got enough on your plate
already, and you cannot afford
to heap on someone else’s portion. you’re such a fault line,
tectonic crack down your middle
sending earthquakes, shock waves
down your spine
but you just can’t seem to stop
shivering. leave well enough alone.
bleeding heart,
tend to your wounds before you
bleed all over somebody else’s.

you didn’t build a wall between
the world and your heart,
you became one. you
did not want to build a wall—
mortar is so hard to come by,
and you are only one person.
you could not build a wall
but you needed one there and so
you transformed yourself into
stone, granite turrets, eyes like brick.
you meant to become this wall.
you did not mean to fill your lungs
with concrete permanence,
to keep yourself covered in vines

you’re not afraid of falling,
you are afraid of the plunge.
you’re not afraid of the down, down, down,
you’re afraid of whatever the hell comes after.
you’d be perfectly happy to fall forever.
it’s the earth that scares you.
it’s the end of the fall, bones
shattering into the earth / coming
apart at the seams in the sea.
you have never been afraid of falling.
you’ve always been afraid of having fallen.

—  horoscopes // s.h.

So I finally decided to watch Descendants. So my thoughts… 

And beware of any spoilers I guess.

1) Omg Ben is a cutie

2) The Rotten to the Core song is kinda catchy

3) Idk if this is just me, but I think Mal’s, Evie’s, Carlos’s, and Jay’s costumes are a bit overdone

4) Maleficent’s safe is a refrigerator omfg

5) Aww Doug he’s a precious cinnamon roll to me

6) Wait is Carlos playing that Aaron Stone game am I the only one who remembers that show

7) Dude is a super adorable dog aww

8) Okay the magic hair thing is pretty cool

9) *rips part of skirt* “Now I’m cool.” “Like ice." 

10) Love potions always go wrong but no one ever listens 

11) But I’m Bal af 

12) Yes very Bal af 

13) I didn’t know the love potion allowed Ben to sing well but okay I’ll take it 

14) Evie and Doug yeahhh man omg cuteness and also bowties are cool okay

15) "For the first time I understand the difference between pretty and beautiful.” oKAY IM DONE I CANT ANYMORE BAL TRASH YES THATS ME

16) “I can look into your eyes and tell you’re not evil.” YES VERY DONE

17) Aww Mal and her obsession with strawberries


19) I know this doesn’t matter but what year is it all the movies the characters come from take place in different time periods

20) Wait Jane took the wand first what what whattt

21) “Ben makes me really happy.” OMG HELL YEAH HE DOES

22) Everyone’s supposed to be frozen but you can tell the actors are all still slightly moving…

23) A lil’ disappointed about no kiss but that’s okay

24) “You didn’t think that was the end of the story, did you?” ….SEQUEL?!?!

25) Okay Mal, Evie, Carlos, and Jay all had some character development which was nice I mean Mal with Ben and learning to love and Evie with being both smart and fashionable and Carlos getting to actually know a dog before making any assumptions or listening to what his mom said first and Jay realizing working together pays off in the end yes I love that

26) This movie is amazing af everyone needs to watch pleasee