no one even when trying is ugly

the signs’ anger as natural phenomenons

ARIES: lightening (a sudden destructive release; often well aimed and with few survivors)

TAURUS: volcanic eruption (with a build-up so slow the outburst is rarely expected, though they give lots of warnings; the destruction is vast and they can remain upset or hold a grudge for a long time after)

GEMINI: tornado (very messy and loud, they will verbally throw everything at you in the hopes that something hits where it hurts the most; could be harmless except when it’s not)

CANCER: tsunami (it’s usually very personal, they want you to feel exactly what you made them feel; they want you to drown in that feeling)

LEO: wildfire (one of the worst tempers, they take a lot and it’s usually one seemingly small thing that sparks it, from then on its loud and obliterates everyone in its path and doesn’t end until they’re good and satisfied or plain exhausted; no apologies)

VIRGO: earthquake (they’ve most likely been holding this in for ages just under the surface, hot and densely suppressed; it seems to happen without warning, the façade of control cracks, they release some of their most shattering critiques and observations; no one is exactly the same after)

LIBRA: hail storm (anger is usually communicated clearly, if not coldly and with a bit of passive-aggressive derision; they probably discussed it with themselves whether this anger is deserving or not, if it’s been deemed justified your verdict is final and penance is delivered without respite)

SCORPIO: maelstorm (this is definitely a palpable experience for everyone involved; they will hold back at first, more from fear of themselves than of you; the break can happen as suddenly as an aries, it is consuming and frightening for both of you, the depth of their contempt, even if exposed just a little, causing either of you back off least you fall in and never return; they usually regret not being the bigger person after)

SAGITTARIUS: solar flare (like scorpio, they are aware of the power of their temper which is why they seem to distance themselves or ‘run away’ when upset; if they can’t laugh it off, the flare is sudden and strong for them, throwing everything, like gemini but with grotesquely precise aim; then it’s over like nothing even happened)

CAPRICORN: avalanche/mudslide (their anger is like a higher power, even while they are feeling it they are still trying to distance themselves from it so that it becomes its own force with its own will, course and end; and the end is usually them never acknowledging your existence again. ever.)

AQUARIUS: thunder storm (slow to anger, when it happens all their positive traits are flipped, friendliness becomes cold, imagination becomes cunning, cool cleverness turns to a harsh downpour of criticism and ugly truths; they will make you doubt whether their brighter side ever really existed)

PISCES: geyser (for one fleeting moment they are so completely besides themselves it’s frightening for everyone involved; their deep, emotionally intelligent nature is flushed away in a destructive and scary display they didn’t even know they were capable of, rushing out of a deep chasm of turmoil they probably didn’t know was there)

Why Amethyst not hating herself anymore is not out of the blue - or an Amethyst development analysis season per season

This was originally a reply to another post, but people asked me to write it as it’s own post so why not.

Amethyst’s character development has happened on screen apparently this need clarification since early season 1.

In the episode “Tiger Millionaire”, season 1 is when we are first introduced to Amethyst’s inferiority complex. We learn she doens’t feel appreciated by the gems and uses wrestling to feel better about herself.

In the end, the gems let her wrestle, recognizing how pressured Amethyst felt.

The next important episode in Amethyst’s development is “On the Run”, season 1. We learn how she was made in the Kindergarten and how she sees herself as bad because of it.

She thinks Pearl sees her as “a mistake” and the episode ends when Pearl reassures her that she think Ame’s good and the two reconcile.

This is the first step of Amethyst’s development.

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YOI Future!Verse ABO AU - 4 Koma


Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether the twins get along or not, in fact it’s usually both simultaneously. In which they’re babies, Yasha’s already a fledgling asshole, but Shura still wants to be with him…

(Featuring OC kids Yasha and Shura as infants)

*If the comics are hard to read, tap on the image first to bring it up in the Tumblr viewer, THEN right click view image for the unaltered slightly higher resolution.


IF YOU ARE NEW TO THIS AU: It’s a Yuri!!! on Ice AU, Yuuri-centric with end-game polyamory in an ABO setting, Yuuri gets married to four mates (Victor, Yurio, Phichit, Minami) and they have OC kids.

BASICS and timeline of this AU

INTRO to how ABO works in this AU

A SUPER DETAILED world-building headcanons post on ABO+ in this AU

OTHER POSTS (comics + illustrations) in the Future!Verse ABO section of my YOI Masterpost.


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Mistborn | 02

Kim Taehyung | Comedy | Fluff | Angst | arrangedmarriage!au | dragon!au 

❝You’ve been promised to Taehyung since you were seven and he’s hated you since. Nothing could possibly change that fact, not when you’ve all but stolen his freedom by simply existing. Or so he thought.❞

warnings: this is horribly historically inaccurate. pls. don’t read if you like know shit because you’re just in for a wild ride. also. this is like, borderline sucky because its rushed and im lazy but yah 

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anonymous asked:

i like manga reigen's coloring because it feels more natural but anime reigen's somehow better fits his personality

Honestly both colors fit their respective personalities.

Manga!Reigen is a loooot more toned down. The bombastic antics (that he’s known for in the anime) are reserved for when he’s trying to put on a show, frustrated, or super afraid. Even his Reigen Roast ™ is tame in comparison. He looks more ugly-frustrated with the group’s inability to understand, rather than actively looking to drag them like his anime counter part.

When he’s not doing those motions, the rest of time Manga!Reig is just kind of an apathetic, depressed, regular pathetic, and average kinda guy. Which! fits one of the major themes of mob psycho 100 anyways: Congrats! You’re one of the masses just like everyone else! The brown hair and black tie fit better for this interpretation. Duller colors bring out his more mundane, pensive, wistful side.

Anime!Reigen brings out waaaaaaaaaay more of his showmanship, and this is also a fun angle! For a media based largely in visual movement, this was a great decision. Gold hair for valuing intellect (since hair is above ur brain), gray suit bc he’s morally gray bdum tss, and pink tie to show that he’s got some heart in the midst of it all. These are all very great color choices that showcase other facets of Reigen’s character.

And the anime gives him equal moments to look cool, and to look like a damn fool.

This color design is honestly more memorable and marketable as well. Plus the character designer said they gave him a pink tie since it makes him look more “shady” and I can get behind that.

Congrats this is the end of the rant! Both are good! If some of you were expecting a ‘that’s why this version is better’ conclusion I aint sorry though. They’re just two designs that emphasize different sides of the same character. 

This means for my stuff where I draw somber/weighted things, Manga!Reigen’s colors fit better. But for things that are more energetic and fun, Anime!Reig’s colors are more suited.

A Rock and a Hard Place

killing children to protect children; dying and the resulting deaths

So I’ve decided to do something terribly stupid and try to address a really difficult aspect of this week’s chapter: Kaneki’s decision to kill Hajime and the Oggai. 

First and foremost, I want to bring us back to the middle ages, to Yamori, when  two inherent flaws in Kaneki’s personality were fully revealed to us. His discussion with Imaginary Rize involved his token slogan “be the one who gets hurt, not the one who hurts others”– a gift from his mother, which he has struggled to loosen his grip on throughout the entire story. 

Unknowingly, Yamori challenged that very belief with an ugly mind-game:

By not being able to choose (despite Kei’s insistence to save her son), both mother and child were killed. He failed to even try. 

Kaneki faltered like any person would have in his situation, but it underscored what would ultimately become a huge problem for him in the future. He has always struggled to do harm and to make difficult decisions that hold him responsible (a complex most likely created by deep-rooted feelings of helplessness after a childhood full of neglect and loss).

Fast-forward to today’s chapter, we find Kaneki faced with a magnification of the same situation. At the end of E14, Touka, Hinami, and a flock of starving ghouls unable to fight– many of which are children– are backed into a corner by an inescapable death. Nearby, Kaneki is laying in a bloodied, limbless, lifeless heap, surrounded on all sides by a hoard of deadly child-soldiers.

Without Kaneki’s intervention, Goat’s children will be slaughtered like lambs. However, in order for Kaneki to intervene, he would have to slaughter children himself. It’s a total conundrum that Ishida has purposefully created; a twisted, horrifying, challenging predicament for us to muddle through… hence the name of the Oggai: 

Death, mirrored. A behemoth wrong from all angles.

With this, Furuta is Yamori dangling lives in front of his face once more. He’s Arima, handing Kaneki the opportunity to win on a silver platter….

… But more than anything, Furuta is Furuta: a man barefacedly showcasing the CCG’s dirty little secret in a stunt that the average investigator is still willing to overlook.

Furuta confirms here that it really is no problem controlling the masses. So long as they feel unified on the front to Defeat Evil™, a person won’t look at their own wickedness in the mirror. 

The last chapter was the first time we heard Kaneki reflect on his decisions and life choices outside of admitting his inability to do so in Cochlea. But unlike Cochlea, we finally see him take a grand step forward. He considers dying here (again knowing that a chunk of his adopted family is in grave danger), but despite adversity, FINALLY digs his nails into life and comes tearing all horns and thorns back to the surface.

HOWEVER. I want to reiterate that what he’s done is still sickening. It isn’t the Oggai’s fault that they are who they are, and no less now that Furuta has fanned the flames of their personal vendettas against ghouls. They are all just children who– like the Garden Kids– have been exploited by means outside of their control.

Has Ishida made this theme blindingly apparent yet?

The thing is, Kaneki understands the nature of act he’s about to commit. It doesn’t necessarily make him right, but he understands the gravity of the situation.

He does interject with uglier thoughts (”I don’t care”, “I will kill”)– BUT! He also considers those old flaws of his and finally, finally kicks them aside. 

Furuta accused him of never learning; of always choosing himself. He’s always put his own moral righteousness above actual life. He’s never killed humans, never choose one life over another, and never made an honest decision that forced him to take responsibility for his actions. And for all of that, he has done nothing but suffer. 

But now, in the face of all that, Kaneki gathers up all of his experiences over the last several years, pins positives against each other, outweighs the cons, and for the first time ever reaches a solid conclusion: kill, and put an end to the senseless murders the Oggai might commit in the future. Kill, and save those innocent children and the people he loves. Kill, and take control of the the life he’s been handed. Kill, even at the expense of others. 

Limerence (M)

Anon asked:

“Hii gurl I have an idea for a Suga fluff or smut depends on how you feel like making it and I don’t know if you’ve ever made anything similar but could you do one where Yoongi’s y/n’s (who’s quite younger) brother’s friend and things happen between them, please? :3″

“Limerence; the state of being infatuated with another person”. I decided to make it slightly angsty (whoops) I guess that just makes the sex better. I didn’t get the part about being younger– I’m guessing it’s the reader that is younger, so…. Yeah.. I made the age difference 9 years (another whoops). I hope you like it, anon! 3.2k Words

Pairing: Pure-blood!Min Yoongi x Half-blood!Reader

Genre: Ancient Korea au!, smut, angst

Warnings: Cheating, moaning denial, fingering, Taking the Agust D

P.S. I made the reader/oc half-blood noble, so it’s not just the Korean people. ;)) I want it to be internationally compatible.

Originally posted by seokjins-wings

The day that you were born was probably one of the most joyful days for your father and 8-year-old brother, maybe not for your step mother – considering he had sex with a concubine to have you. You were the first half-blood of the family, and even though your father loved you dearly, there was still a small difference in the way he treated you. 

Whilst your brother was out learning archery and literature, you were sat at home, learning how to look like you were radiant enough for being part of the nobility. Unfortunately, you were not exactly fit for the beauty standards, so you had to try harder to look appealing to outsiders. You weren’t ugly – you were just not traditionally beautiful. 

You had an exotic type of beauty. 

That was one of the first things a 25-year-old Min Yoongi noticed about you when you both first met.

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Delta (Bucky Barnes x Reader) Pt. 9  A/B/O ❤️

A/N: Okay this ones gonna be emo to the extremo *bursts into tears* But its a good emo nonetheless! I hope you guys like it! ENJOY! - Delilah ❤️

Warnings: Angsty as heck. Swearing. 

Series Masterlist

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I know it’s impossible considering it’s the 1910s, but I want to see Al make a series of vlogs called “What’s Big Brother Doing Today?”, about his short-tempered, too smart for his own good, rambunctious fighter older brother trying to adapt to home life and being very bored

“What’s big brother doing today? …Yelling at a tree. Winry asked him to install a swing, since the old one broke. That was three hours ago. I think he’s just tree-shaming now.”

“What’s big brother doing today? …Dressing up the dog like a- You know, I don’t even know what kind of creature that’s supposed to be. Pretty ugly tho”

“Today brother is in a very bad mood. Granny insinuated that he’ll be as short as her when he’s old, and now he’s absolutely fuming.”

“Day 3 of Winry being in Rush Valley. I’ve spent the entire day trying to convince Ed that our house does not need a moat. I’m not sure I’m succeeding.”

“What’s big brother doing today? …Throwing up, because he ate an entire bucket of ice cream himself, in one sitting.”

“We took in three kittens whose mother was eaten by a coyote. The kittens’ names are Katya, Tiger, and Dark Lord Ragnarok. You can guess who named who.”

“What’s big brother doing today? …Trying to assemble a dresser, and failing really, really badly. Remember, this is the guy who passed the state alchemist test at age 12. He can’t put together a dresser.”

“Ed’s not home today. He found a book that has some really bad, possibly even dangerous advice for beginner alchemists, and he got so pissed off that he decided to go to Central himself and threaten the publisher into recalling it. I’d try to stop him, but… He’s right.”

You Snuck Up On Me

Just a little reddie fic. It’s really cute I swear. please read >.>

warnings: um nothing really just kissing 

Age: Eleven

Richie uses his pointer finger to push his newly bought glasses back up his nose. He speed walks out of his classroom, racing to the door. He dodges Henry and his goons, choosing to focus on his escape from the school and to his friends. He shuffles down the stairs, and he catches a quick sight on Bill. He scrunches his face when he sees a stranger talking to Bill, and he looks the boy over. He was wearing a pink shirt with short brown shorts. His jaw drops without his permission at the abominable sight of a black garment wrapped around the smaller boy’s waist. The words fall through his lips before he can think it over.

“A fanny pack? Who wears a fucking fanny pack?”

Challenging chocolate brown eyes meet his gaze, and Richie raises an eyebrow. “It’s perfect for holding condoms. Tell your sister I got the right size this time.”

Richie gawks at the shorter boy in front of him, who has a smirk plastered on his lips. His eyes dig into Richie, not at all intimated by someone he doesn’t know, or the attitude of said person he doesn’t know. Richie is at a loss of words, left to stare right back at the boy. It feels like he’s been struck. He’s always been known as ‘trashmouth’ due to the fact that he doesn’t necessarily hold back to what he has to say. He’s the first to call someone out. He’s filled to the rim on his glasses with jokes and smartass comments. ‘It’s a gift’ he’s used to telling his friends, since nine out of ten things he gets in response includes them saying ‘shut up’. He’s known for it, and he’s always been proud of his role within the group.

So, the fact that he not only didn’t get something that wasn’t ‘shut up’ or silence, but he actually got a pretty impressive comeback. It has something spiraling in his stomach, heat rising in his cheeks to cause them to gain a pink hue. His body feels numb all over, and his mouth is impossibly dry.

“Th-This is my fri-friend, Rich-“

“Richie,” the taller boy introduces, interrupting Bill. He brings his hand out to make it formal. “Please, call me Richie.”

The other boy flinches at the limb splayed in front of him, and Richie feels slightly hurt and self-conscious. What was wrong with his hand? He washed his hands after lunch. Did he get the atmosphere wrong? Was this kid uptight and think he’s all that?

He watches anxiously as the boy suddenly reaches into his fanny pack and pulls a blue and red pill. He swallows it with the help of a water bottle that he hadn’t noticed before. He chooses to ignore that for now.

He starts to pull his arm back to his side, depressed at the idea that the one person he was actually interested in getting to know was actually first class trash.

But then, his hand is grabbed with a slightly smaller, yet firm hand. “Eddie. You can call me Eddie.”

A smile breaks out on Richie’s face, and he doesn’t remember even trying to smile. “Alright, Eds. Nice to meet you. Say, what’s with the pill popping? May pull a Michael Jackson.”

“I have to take this medication for when I see such ugly fuckers.”

And it’s on.

Age: Thirteen

A sharp, familiar cry bursts in the broken down shack. Layers of pure terror and fear are laced in the painful shout, and it causes Richie’s chest to tighten extremely.

“Eddie!” Richie shouts in response. He’s set in autopilot, fumbling through the house’s maze to get to his friend. He hears echoing steps behind him, signaling him that Bill was right behind him. Richie pays him no mind, legs set on bringing him to wherever Eddie was.

He dashes into the room, and he gasps at the horrific sight of the infamous clown. His gloved white hand is on Eddie’s face, and Richie forms fists with his hands.

“Eddie!” Richie calls out. Pennywise talking to Bill is background noise, and a shiver rolls down his spine when Eddie looks at him through the clown’s fingers. Fear drenches the shorter boy’s face, and it angers Richie not having the ability to get to him. He wants nothing more than to comfort him. The fact that Eddie could very well bring himself into an asthma attack has him thinking about racing over to him, running towards the danger for him.

He jumps and screams when Pennywise comes running at them, moving in nonhuman ways. He clutches onto Bill, ready to face his fate. He screams in fear with Bill as Pennywise gets within reach.

Richie jumps with a shout when suddenly a pole is sticking in the clown’s white head. He grimaces at the gruesome sight of inhumanly sharp, yellow teeth and scary yellow and red eyes now pointing in different directions. It’s obvious that the impale wasn’t life-taking, since he was still standing menacingly and laughing at them.

Richie takes one more look at the clown before racing around the creature. He is down on his knees with one hand on Eddie’s broken arm with the other caressing the wounded boy’s face. “Fuck, Eddie, told you you have the coordination of a baby deer.”

“The leper pushed me, dipshit!”

“Whatever you say, Eds,” Richie taunts back with his usual nickname for the other boy. Eddie scowls at him, but doesn’t retract from Richie’s touch. Richie only gets a moment to investigate Eddie’s broken arm, because then Eddie is screaming, and he turns around to find Pennywise stalking over to them with the pole still implanted in his head. The sight is nerve-wracking, and his hands tremble as he now uses both hands to hold Eddie’s face.

“Eds, keep your eyes on me, okay? You’re fine. It’s going to be okay, just keep your shit colored eyes focused on me-“

“We have the same damn eye color, you dumbass!”

“That’s exactly why nothing is going to happen to you. Need you to keep me in check, yeah? You’re fine, I promise. Nothing is going to happen to you,” Richie shushes the frantic boy. He runs his fingers through Eddie’s brown, fluffy hair. Every time Eddie glances at the direction behind him, Richie reminds him by lightly tapping a finger on his cheek to continue looking at him. Eddie follows his demands, looking at Richie as screams flow in the room.

Richie soothingly rubs his thumb along Eddie’s left cheek, feeling the soft skin against his own. He can’t help from counting the freckles splattered on those cheeks. Eddie is staring at him; he can feel his eyes on him. He doesn’t realize until now how close they are, breathing the same air.

There is chaos around them, but Richie keeps looking at Eddie, even when the other looks away. Finally, Richie breaks away and looks around to find Bill chasing after the clown down the hall.

Richie looks down at Eddie’s broken arm, wincing at the dislocation. They needed to get out of there. He wraps a hand around Eddie’s arm, causing a cry of pain from Eddie. “I’m going to snap it back in place!”

“Don’t you fucking touch me!”

Richie ignores Eddie’s demand, grabbing Eddie’s arm and quickly pops it back in place with a short exhale of air. Eddie’s scream takes a moment to rip through his lips, but when it does, it’s heartbreaking.

Richie helps Eddie out of the house, holding onto the shorter boy’s back and having him lean on him. Time disappears after that, and the next thing he knows, he’s watching Eddie get driven off by his psycho of a mother.

Age: Fifteen

Richie huffs as he runs across the street, where the town’s pharmacy is. He counts the seconds passing in his head, wondering if Stan was done counting to forty yet. He still can’t believe the losers club still vote to play hide and seek, considering they are all either fourteen or fifteen now. It’s a fun game though, and it reminds him of all the years he’s known the others. He loves his friends, and he would do anything to continue knowing them for the rest of his life. He may spend every minute of their interaction thinking of smartass comments, but he will agree to anything they want to do. He enjoys making his friends happy.

That being said, he dashes across the street to the alleyway behind the pharmacy. He remembers the rules and boundaries. It was from Bill’s house to Eddie’s house, and the pharmacy lies between the two, and that’s where he’s going to set up camp.

He runs into the alley, speeding behind the trashcan. He blanches at the god-awful smell, but he ignores it and waits to hear footsteps.

It takes no time at all for him to hear footsteps, and he tenses up, hiding farther behind the trashcan. Gravel crunches under his shoes, and he curses under his breath. He stills completely, listening intently to the footsteps and movements of the mystery person.

He’s always been proud of his role in the losers club. He’s the talkative smartass of the group, and he owns it. He knows his friends care about him. He’s essential to the group. He would do anything for the group, and they know that.

What he’s also good at, though, is that he is excellent at acknowledging the tell-tell signs of his friends. He notes every detail of his friends. He knows what effects everyone. He knows the likes and dislikes of everyone. He knows how to comfort in a specific way for each and every one of them. He knows how every situation effects Bill’s stutter. Bill’s eyes flicker to the right when he’s nervous or scared. He knows how Stan’s tone of voice changes with each emotion he feels. There is a crinkle by Stan’s right eye when he is embarrassed. He knows how much Mike enjoys reading, even though he tries with all his might to hide his joy when they pass a comic store. He also knows how much he hates going home every night, because the nightmares keep him up. He is an expert on Beverly, since he gets to be the ears to Ben and Bill. He does, in fact, know that Beverly loves to be watchful and caring over everyone. It wasn’t so much as a ‘motherly’ thing, but more of a ‘I want to be in control for once’ thing. With all the shit with her dad…it was a no brainer that Beverly would want to take the caring role. On the other side, though, he knows when she is upset. She always breaks eye contact and bites her lip, going quiet for a while until she opens up again. She was a healer.

Eddie… Eddie was something else. Richie knows he’s the expert on him. He has learned everything about him. He has noticed each facial expression, every move, every emotion, every eye flicker, every deep inhale, every everything. He knows Eddie’s breath hitches every time he goes outside, going on instinct to grab for his inhaler. At four o’clock, Eddie routinely reaches for his fanny pack before remembering that he no longer takes medication for whatever illness he had been lied to about having. He knows Eddie still doesn’t like being around ‘dirty’ things, but who can blame him? Especially when he’s been trained ever since he can swallow pills to think about the diseases any object can hold. In the back of his head, Eddie still believes he is sick and needs to be careful, even though the reality is that he is not sick with anything.

That doesn’t keep Richie from holding an extra inhaler in his back pocket. It angers Richie to think about poor Eddie believing every time he freaks out over something, it was his asthma picking up. It wasn’t asthma. It was only normal anxiety, only amplified.

So, that’s why he is absolute certain that the footsteps approaching belonged to Eddie.

The hesitation in the walk was what gave it away. The rapid breathing only backed it up.

He listens as Eddie walks closer, and he grabs the shorter boy fast as lightning, pulling the now panicking boy into the alley. He covers Eddie’s mouth with his hand, shushing him as he looks around the corner to check for Stan. Once he sees that Stan wasn’t coming, he releases Eddie, who immediately pushes him away.

“What the hell was that for!”

“You were going to give us away, dipshit!” Richie argues back with a ‘duh’ expression written on his face.

Eddie rolls his eyes. “Trust me, I wasn’t going to give away your weak ass hiding spot. You do know that alleyways are usually the first places people check?”

“Yes, but you know the thing about Stan?” Richie starts off. He pulls Eddie over to the trashcan, and Eddie lets him. “He checks the alleyways, but he doesn’t actually walk in them.”
“Next week I’m watching America’s Most Wanted for you,” Eddie replies with a shake of his head. His lips screw up at the sight of the trashcan.

“Awe, you’re going to watch TV for little ole’ me? You know how to make a girl blush, Eds,” Richie teases with a pinch to Eddie’s cheeks.

Eddie swats at his intruding hand. “Yeah, going to print your ugly mug all over this town. You know I hate when you call me Eds,” Eddie glares.

Richie pulls Eddie closer to him by his belt buckles and whispers, “I don’t think you do! I think you secretly love it.” He freezes when he hears footsteps approaching. His attention is stolen by Eddie’s response. He always sucked at keeping his attention on something other than Eddie when he was there.

“You know trashcans are the top five most dirty things?” Eddie changes the topic. Richie counts it as a win.

Richie listens closely, eyeing over the trashcan to who he assumes is Stan. Stan was extremely close to the alleyway they were standing in, and he pulls Eddie closer to him. Eddie was still complaining about the germs on a trashcan.

“You know most people don’t wash their hands after they throw their trash bags into the trashcans? These trashcans are in the sun all day, and insects and wild animals get in them leaving bacteria…”

Stan was getting impossibly closer, and Eddie was still yapping like a dog. Normally, he would be more than happy to hear Eddie rant on and on about something, but this was a game he was really good at, and Eddie was ruining his game!

“Harmful bacteria gets in the cans from said insects and animals, and the bacteria grows! The bacteria grows, and people go to put more trash in them. They get in contact with them again…”

One more step, and they were caught.

“Bacteria transfer-Hmph!”

Richie dives in for the kill, bringing their lips together with force. Eddie’s lips are soft and free of cracked skin, most likely from his need to keep himself thoroughly clean. He’s captured by the sweet smell of the other boy. Whatever cologne Eddie uses mixes perfectly with Eddie’s natural smell from the soap he washes with.

He brings his hands up, wrapping one around Eddie’s neck with the other caressing his jaw, effectively pulling him closer to where their bodies are touching. It’s hot and feels excellent to have Eddie’s body pressed against his, and he forgets why exactly he initiated the kiss in the first place. Something about keeping Eddie quiet?

Which by the way, he loves listening to Eddie rant. He could listen to him all day rant on about the germs on a simple spoon, but god he loves the delightful silence of Eddie’s lips closed against his.

His head is spinning when Eddie finally begins to kiss back. Richie feels shy, hesitant hands on his hips, and he smiles into the kiss. He has long gone forgotten about Stan, who he doesn’t hear anymore. It was safe to say that Stan did exactly as he theorized: looked into the alley, but walked away when he didn’t see anything.

It doesn’t motivate him to break the kiss even a little bit. It actually gets him to deepen the kiss, running his tongue along Eddie’s bottom lip.

His body goes on overdrive once he feels the hot sensation of Eddie parting his lips to run his own tongue along his. Richie tilts his head to get a better angle in the kiss. The hands on his hips are more sturdy, but still slightly shy of confidence.

The hands do tighten up, and Richie knows – don’t ask him how – that Eddie was probably getting uncomfortable with all the saliva sharing. He switches things up, closing his lips and lightly yanks on the shorter boy’s hair. He smiles when he hears a surprised groan, and he takes that time to bring their bottom halves together. They both let out a moan at the contact of their clothed erections. Richie backs off, not wanting to give the other boy an actual asthma attack. He ends the kiss, giving one last peck before completely breaking contact. His heart swells when Eddie leans forward to chase the departing lips before realizing what he’s doing.

Eddie’s pupils are fucking blown, and Richie is beyond happy to know that Eddie got turned on too. He made him like this. He made Eddie’s pupils as big as the moon, and he made the tent in Eddie’s shorts. Eddie looks fucking hot right now. A smile is painted on his lips. He can’t imagine not smiling right now.

“You are so fucking cute, Eds,” Richie breathes out. Okay, he did not mean to say ‘cute’, but he apparently did right by the looks of it. Eddie’s face was as red as a tomato, looking mighty pleased. Alright, he can call Eddie cute. He can scream it to the mountaintops. Eddie was cute. He was the cutest boy he’s ever seen.

“80 million.”

Richie tilts his head. “What?”

“There are 80 million bacteria that transfers in a kiss.”

Richie breaks out in a grin. “And you shared your 80 million bacteria with me! You really do know how to make a girl feel special.”

“Shut up, asswipe.”

“I felt like sometimes she didn’t want me born. I was like Cinderella—even though I was a dude. She blamed me for everything. Maybe it’s because I was ugly, I guess. Girls were all running from me. My brothers were better looking. When I grew older, it was all about money. Mom and I never discussed anything personal. It seemed like she always wanted something from me. One time I called her crying, because I was trying to quit marijuana, and I felt really depressed. She just told me: ‘You’re wasting all that money on weed. You could be giving it to me instead.” She used to cash my student loan checks. One time she even used my social security number to get a credit card, and I didn’t even know until I got the bill. So I detached myself from her. I stopped answering the phone. Then two years ago she called to tell me she had cancer, and she needed an operation, but I didn’t even answer the phone. I thought she was tricking me again. She left a message, it said: ‘Michael, I’ve been trying to get a hold of you. I love you. And I know you love me.’ And I just ignored it. And she died. And I’m haunted by that. I’ve been trying to write about my life lately, but I can’t get past my mother. I wish I could just start my story with that phone call. With her saying that she loved me. The only other time I ever felt love from her was when I tried crack cocaine. I was a teenager, and I had been using for a couple weeks, and I went in her room to ask for baking soda. She started crying, and she looked scared, and she said: ‘Michael, why do you need baking soda?’ And I felt love at that moment. And it was so strong that I quit doing crack right then. I never used again. I didn’t go to a program or anything. That’s how strong that feeling was.”

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please tell me what you thought!! I'm not worried about spoilers, i already know what happened, i'm gonna see it in a few days and i'm so psyched! tell me all your thoughts please!!!

I am so charged up about this movie I don’t even know where to fucking start!!! I guess I’ll start with my initial Twitter rant bc GODDDAAAAMMMMNNNN!

Here’s some non-spoilery things about the movie for those who don’t want to be spoiled:

  • Mother! is a horror movie for every woman whose pain was ever used & romanticized to further a man’s personal growth.
  • Mother! is a horror movie for women who have invested and fallen in love with a selfish man.
  • Mother! is a horror movie for women who feel the constant suffocating entitlement of the patriarchy.
  • Mother! is a horror movie for women who feel they’ve been constantly taken advantage of and are demonized for daring to speak up about it.
  • Mother! is a horror movie version of The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. (And I said this BEFORE I saw this tweet by the director 😍)
  • Mother! is a horror movie for any woman who was only valued as a cure for a man’s pain instead of valued as a full, human person.

  • Mother! is a horror movie for women who were treated like IRL manic pixie dream girls and then tossed aside like garbage. 

Also I found it able to tap into horrors of being a woman that were subtle and specific in a slightly Get Out kind of way, imho. I felt very understood in many ways even as I was being horrified by what I was seeing. 

Below are some spoilery things:

The movie opens with a woman burning, a tear falling down her face, and then her turning to ash. Javier Bardem sets a gem stone on a stand and then a beautiful home surrounded by nature appears out of the ashes. I knew as soon as Javier Bardem’s character sat that gem on the mantel and the scene turned to Jennifer Lawrence appearing out of the ashes in bed that that is where the movie would end, and it would end with another girl in her place. 

AND IT DID. For a bit there at the end, I was wondering where it was headed because of the chaos, and I nearly forgot about the gem itself, but then we ended right where I expected. What I didn’t forsee was what the gem was made of: it was the last thing that Bardem’s character could squeeze out of his previous lover before she turned to ash, something beautiful that he could put on display before he started it all over again with someone new. 


This movie is about a woman who gives all of herself (physically, literally, spiritually, emotionally, horrifically) to a man because she loves him, because it is expected, because she thinks he will view it as love, and it is never enough. He never stops taking from her, not even when there are literal mobs in their home tearing the physical house apart, stealing their belongings. At one point an actual war spills into their house and she barely escapes with the life of herself and the child she is about to give birth to. When she begs her husband to send these people away, he refuses because they stroke his ego. 

I don’t think the chaos of the previous 10 minutes of the film before she asks this question nor her struggle through them were literal but rather a representation of how it feels to be in her position, where she’s tried everything to be enough for this man for as long as she has been with him, rebuilt his house by hand, made it a home, served all his guests and fans without complaint, and even carried his child. She finally started believing with her pregnancy that she was going to win him over and be with just him, that this would be the key to finally meeting that standard of enough, but that was never who he was ever going to be for her, even as a father. And when she realizes, at 8 months pregnant, that his true love is still himself, his writing, and his fans, despite his child growing in her womb, she felt her world slip. The insanity of the the wars, the executions, the mobs in the house weren’t real but that’s how it felt. Her world was crumbling and she’d never regain any control again. 

In the end he even invites his fans to hold their baby and the baby ends up dying. It’s horrific and disgusting, and what does he say to her? He tells her that it can be something beautiful and encourages her to forgive, that there is nothing more beautiful than forgiveness, so they must. As if she doesn’t have rights to feeling ugliness in the face of losing her child. I felt suffocated myself by this immediately invalidation of even the most understandable and vulnerable of feelings. 

There are other moments like this throughout the movie where Jennifer Lawrence’s character is trying to speak up and voice her needs but it’s like shouting into a pillow as she asks politely and reasonably. No one listens or seems to care, especially not her husband. He seems to only placate her lovingly when he can tell she needs to feel he’s heard her, but he never really does or cares to try to actually listen to her. This last time, when she is weeping about her son being murdered by the people he allowed into their house, is the last straw and she calls the people around her what they are: MURDERERS. And because she finally yells and screams at them, they beat the everloving shit out of her and call her names like whore and bitch and cunt, etc etc. 

So she makes her way down to the furnace and burns the fucker down. GIRL YES BURN THAT BITCH TO THE GROUND.

And yet after the explosion that incinerates it all, guess who is intact and who is charred to the bone. Javier Barden, completely complete, carries Jennifer Lawrence, a burned, scaley version of herself, through the rubble of the house. She can’t understand how he is able to do this when she and everything she built is destroyed. 

She asks, “What are you?”
He replies, “I am life.”
She asks, ”What am I?”
He replies, “You are home.”

You don’t have to be sexualized to still be objectified and if this isn’t exactly the damaging dynamic in so many male/female relationships, I don’t know what is. He is what life is and she is where he gets to live. Does she have her own life, her own plans, her own goals, her own space? It doesn’t matter, she exists to house him. 

She asks, “Where are you taking me?”
He replies, “To the beginning.”

He lays her on the charred bed and tells her there is one more thing he needs from her. She says she has nothing left to give. He says that isn’t true, he wants her love. She relents. “Take it.” He digs physically into her abdomen and pulls something bloody and charred out. Jennifer Lawrence’s character turns to ash and the mess in Javier Bardem’s character’s hands turns into a gem. He marvels at how beautiful a thing it is, the only thing left of his lover. He doesn’t grieve that she is nothing but a pile of ash now, he sets the gem up where the old one once sat and the opening scene repeats with a new girl waking in their bed, signifying that this is what this man does to women and what he will continue to do. He doesn’t learn his lesson or change because he doesn’t value the women he is with enough to see their pain as destruction. Instead, he only sees it for how it can benefit him.

She is ash. He is whole. A parasite going from woman to woman. 

To me, one of the scariest elements of this movie is that Javier Bardem’s character himself isn’t really that scary, he’s not a horror. He’s even sweet sometimes, albeit neglectful af. What’s smart and unfortunately really relatbale about this is it makes him seem like (if not a good guy at least) an okay guy. He’s not evil. She doesn’t befall this horrible fate because he is malicious. It’s a Nice Guy who just wants to Create something Beautiful. But in the process he fucking destroys and sucks the entire life out of the woman he is supposed to love with no remorse at all. There are so many fucking men out there who do this very thing to every woman they are with, emotionally and mentally. Sometimes physically, too, but that’s easier to pinpoint. The horror of Javier Bardem in Mother! is that he could be and really kind of is many of the men we will come in contact with. 

(Bro I know I’ve fallen in love with and had this done to me by one ALREADY)

My thoughts on how this movie has been received:

What blows my MIND is that large groups of people DO NOT GET this movie and I think it’s because it is largely and almost exclusively a fundamental female experience. There are whole hot takes and think pieces trying to figure out HMMM WHAT IS THIS MOVIE ABOUT???? when like…to me, it was obvious and direct in my opinion. I’m not trying to be a bitch about it, like I’m smarter than everyone. I understand that I get it because it’s for me, it’s about a female perspective, but to say it’s about nothing is ASININE. Which many of them are saying. 

If you don’t like the way this movie told its story, that’s fine and fair. We all have different tastes. But if you don’t get the message and therefore want to criticize what it’s trying to say because you think it was pointless, maybe THINK AGAIN. It didn’t fail because you PERSONALLY don’t get it. It maybe just means that there are other experiences in this world and you’re lucky enough to have never had to understand what this movie is saying, the feelings it evokes in many viewers, or the horrors it represents for them. And most likely never will.  If the movie is just not for you I GET THAT bc damn it was rough, IT WAS HARD, it was awful. But it wasn’t about nothing. If you didn’t see the point, be thankful.

There were some think pieces analyzing it and coming to the conclusion that it was about global warming and the Catholic church, which there was definitely some imagery for but that for SURE was not the POINT. If you thought Mother! was just about taking on the Catholic Church while identifying the other ‘weird’ stuff in it as just ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ you MAY be ignoring the literal title character of the movie & her entire emotional journey throughout the whole thing. 

Which, SHOCKER, is like… the point of the entire movie. 

Good job I GUESS. But you still missed point by proving it. 

I mean, I get it, make it about whatever resonates with you, but it is undeniably about a fundamentally female experience. No wonder it’s being overlooked. "Gee what could this movie entitled ‘Mother!’ be about? Should we look at the mother character in the movie?? OR HOW ABOUT we just dive into the symbolism surrounding the woman instead while ignoring her completely.“ 👍🏻

To me it seemed any side-symbolism in that movie was to promote the dynamic of her giving all she was & him feeding off of it. Including any messianic imagery. As a smart, smart friend of mine said, “Men will of course deify themselves all the time.” That’s EXACTLY what the religious imagery was about, about Javier Bardem’s character living out his desire to be a god to his fans for his own ego, so deep that he let them devour his own child. It was about the church but it was only in service TO EMPHASIZE HOW HE CONSUMES HER AND WHAT SHE HAS GIVEN. Like… LORD help me. (No pun intended.)

I cannot believe a horror film about a female experience is so baffling for people to understand when we’re half the people out there. “WHAT IS IT ABOUT?????” It’s about what she’s showing you it’s about. PAY ATTENTION!! 

But how poetic (ew gross) that many people who don’t get it write it off. It’s the same reason so often women are not believed and their experiences are questioned. No wonder women feel LIKE NO ONE LISTENS. <—- a direct line from Jennifer Lawrence’s character over and over in the movie.

It’s like there are people looking directly at this movie screen and seeing a blank black box for 75% of it. And here I am screaming into a pillow.

This is not to say that Mother! doesn’t take on many things, it does. There is a lot to unpack and it would be unfair of me to say there is only one way to read it. Of course there isn’t, and many parts are going to resonate with different people for different reasons. With that being said, though, to anyone trying to make the point of this movie about anything other than the experience of the female lead character, remember the gemstone and the burning woman at the beginning of the film, and then at the end. It is bookended this way for a reason. This is about the pattern of a man and how it affects the women he chooses to be with. This is about a woman who loves a selfish man who unapologetically lives selfishly and what it does to her to be in his life. 

It’s metaphors, it’s symbolism, obviously it’s hyperbolic, but it’s still REAL👏🏻AS👏🏻FUCK👏🏻.

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do you think Jon loves daenerys more than he loved ygritte? know anon i could make a entire answer just showing the way Jon looks at Dany


He never looked at Ygritte

Like this

But i will also say more..

Jon looks at Dany as she is the most precious thing he ever seen. In their last scene in 7x07, that moment when they stopped their kiss to just look at each other..that was so beautiful and pure! It’s more than attraction, more than fate. it’s like now that they have each other life truly feels complete!

Ygritte had a ugly personality and Jon was literally trying to survive when he was with her. That’s why in the end Jon left her. 

But he chooses Dany in so many ways. Especially here:

You know what..even Dany was pretty shocked that he did this. One episode before he was literally almost dying trying to catch a WW so he could show to Cersei that the real danger is out there. And he did. But when Cersei said that he had to pledge to her, he literally could never. yes, he is a man who has his word and like Ned, he has his beliefs and principles, but it’s also way more than that. It’s why the camera focus in Dany’s reaction so much.

He is out there saying that he is WITH DANY. Doesn’t matter what happens, he is WITH HER. That’s why this is not only one of my favorite moments of the episode, but also from the whole series.

Jon and Dany are pure soulmates. They complete each other in a way that no one else can. None of their past love interests can come close to what they have and this is the lesson here.

I hope i have answered your question :)

Writing Harry Potter fanfic without reinforcing unconscious antisemitism when you write goblins or Snape

Hi, I have a question about writing fanfic of source material with questionable/ offensive aspects. I’m writing Harry Potter fanfic and am unsure how best to deal with antisemitic undertones in both the goblins and in Snape (esp his physical appearance). I’m not jewish.

I tried researching goblins in general, and the approach I came up with so far is to remove the connection of the harry potter goblins with gold/ gringotts. In my fic they have other jobs, professions and roles besides that, and humans work alongside them in the bank. I got rid of negative descriptions like “swarthy”, untrustworthy etc, and while not really going indepth (they’re not the focus) hinted at them having their own culture not revolving around gold or treasure, but with their own traditional clothing and art.

I wonder if this is a good approach, if there are other things to be aware of or pitfalls to avoid. I’m not trying to portray goblin culture to resemble jewish culture in any way btw, but will rather have human jewish characters. 

The second thing I’m struggling with is Snape. I don’t think Rowling intended either him or the goblins this way, but he comes across as a negative jewish stereotype and I feel unsure of how to change this. Since he is such a central character, I feel less like I can completely disregard canon or make him unrecognizable. I also don’t feel like just changing his physical appearance would help at all? Doing that might only reinforce the idea that there’s something ‘wrong’ with his features. So far the only thing I could come up with is not to portray features like his hooked nose or oily hair in a negative way or as a sign of bad personality traits. I’m honestly at a loss though. – Sorry this got so long!

First of all, for anyone who isn’t aware of what OP is talking about, it’s not that JKR deliberately set out to poke us in the eye with her money-babysitting goblins and hook-nosed Snape. It’s built into English folklore this way, so much so that she most likely didn’t realize why her knee-jerk idea for what those characters should look like was informed by centuries-old garbage. So I’m not blaming her, and this is a warning that you don’t have to be deliberately racist to accidentally perpetuate harmful tropes.

Moving on to the answer: 

>> the approach I came up with so far is to remove the connection of the harry potter goblins with gold/ gringotts. In my fic they have other jobs, professions and roles besides that, and humans work alongside them in the bank

I have a question for you. Why was it easier to create entirely new goblin canon than distance them from Jewishness ? I mean, I don’t know about you, but even if goblins are upstanding citizens who save puppies and help old ladies cross the street on the daily, always do the dishes after every meal, and never misgender their friends, the word ‘goblin’ is not something commonly thought of as beautiful or heroic. It’s a GOBLIN. So if this were me I’d move in a “goblins are not Jews” direction instead of trying to turn them into ugly little heroes. (This is advice specifically for gentiles, by the way. I know several Jewish fans who like to try to reclaim, for example, Tolkien dwarves. It can be very validating–from within. And for people who aren’t me. :P )

Ways to distance goblins from Jewishness and anti-semitic tropes in general:

  • First of all, fix the noses. We as a society decided that having your nose turn down at the end makes someone monstrous and unhuman. Can we not? That’s just silly. So give the goblins either all kinds of noses including snub noses and pointy noses and uninteresting noses, or give them something totally inhuman like a Pinocchio nose.
  • If they follow polytheism in any way that’ll help drive them away from Jewishness. A goblin pantheon, etc.
  • Having human Jews in the story is the best way to make it clear your goblins aren’t Jews, IMO. Especially if they have the same “meh” reaction to them that the gentile human characters do.

I mean, trying to make them independently cool is not a bad goal, I’m just saying that it doesn’t necessarily make them seem less Jewish because let’s face it, tiny and ugly is one of the negative tropes about us even when we’re awesome and I just plain don’t want to feel ugly when I wake up in the morning!

>> will rather have human jewish characters.


By the way, if this seems like way too much work – if you leave goblins out of your fanfic entirely the fact that JKR uses them won’t make your fanfic antisemitic. Does that make sense? Like, yes, the source material is problematic, but it’s also okay to completely ignore the goblins entirely within the scope of your fic. Unless you really need them there for plot reasons.

>>  Since he is such a central character, I feel less like I can completely disregard canon or make him unrecognizable. I also don’t feel like just changing his physical appearance would help at all? Doing that might only reinforce the idea that there’s something ‘wrong’ with his features. So far the only thing I could come up with is not to portray features like his hooked nose or oily hair in a negative way or as a sign of bad personality traits. I’m honestly at a loss though. 

The Snape answer is easier.

Don’t talk about those particular physical features. Does anyone reading HP fanfic not already know what Severus Snape looks like? There really isn’t a reason to mention his nose in a fanfic.

If you also show him being his usual douchecanoe self to Jewish students in addition to all the gentile MC’s, that would be cool–and another thing you could do is have him deliberately go out of his way to be a douche to a Jewish student in an antisemitic way like, if a muggle from a more observant background is ooked out about having to touch pig parts for a spell he could make fun of her and she could defend herself or one of the others could reassure her she’s okay and he’s just an ass to everyone. I mean that would make it super obvious he’s not us. But you don’t really have to do that.


BTS reaction: you being mean to yourself

Anon requested:  Hello beautiful❤️ Could you do an bts reaction to you being very mean to yourself. Like you always say to yourself that you are ugly, fat and not worth living when they are not there. But one day you just said it too yourself in the mirror not realizing that your boyfriend where in the room. I would really appreciate if you did it because this is actually from my own experience. Then youuuuuu❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🐖

Trigger warinings: selfhate, (eating disorder), (selfharm), (suicide)


„Why aren’t you pretty?“, you’d ask yourself, looking at the selca you took a while ago.

„ … Excuse me, but I am ?“, Jin said astonished by your question.

You looked at him confused before you realized what just happened.

„OMG ! Jin, no, I didn’t mean you ! I was talking about myself !“

You heard him letting out a sigh, before watching him walk towards the couch, sitting down next to you.

„Dear, you really need to learn how to say no. Just no. No to meaningless shit in your life. No to the bullshit people say about you. Make it clear where you stand and what you tolerate,“ he explained his advice for you.

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„You are not worth living“, was the thought you voiced.

„Baby… Why do you think that ?“ , he questioned, not sure what kind of answer to expect.

„You see, I-“, you began but stopped when you turned around and saw his hurt expression.

„Wait, no, Yoongi, I didn’t mean you ! I meant myself. Just look at me !“, you explained, tears forming in your eyes.

The man dropped everything he was doing a moment ago, only to talk this out with you.

„What makes you think that way ?“

He took his time to listen to you and your real thoughts about yourself and the problems and feelings that you kept deep within you, thinking for weeks about how to deal with the problem and make you think different about yourself.

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„Why are you like this ?“, so asked youself, disgusted by the view of yourself in the mirror.

Hoseok was about to respond, asking you what you meant when he saw you pulling your hair violently.

„No ! Stop Y/N ! Don’t do this to yourself !“, he ran towards you and held your wrists in order to stop you.

„I don’t deserve to live !“, you weakly whispered, your eyes already glistering from the tears that were forming.

He hugged you and patted your back gently, trying to calm you down. All he could do is be there for you and give you his advice. He wasn’t sure if he and his words were of any help, but he tried his best.

„Don’t try to be special. Being special creates unreasonable expectations, and unreasonable expectations create this feeling of not being good enough.“

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You just woke up and were about to start you morning routine.

„You’re uglier than usual“, you announced as you looked at your puffy face, while reaching for your toothbrush. You could see Namjoon’s change in his expression in the corner of your eye. He stopped shaving his face since you were now looking at each other.

„Just once I want to have glowy, clear skin, shiny hair and a beautiful body. Just once I want to be pretty instead of ugly“, you let out in a sigh, looking back at the mirror. He felt hurt when he thought you were talking about him, but even more when you were actually talking about yourself.

„Y/N, listen. There is no measurement for beauty. Stop saying things like ‘uglier than usual.’ There’s no ‘usual’ or 'average’ beauty. One is beautful if they’re themselves, so stop trying to change yourself and bring yourself down. Start being yourself and love yourself, especially your body. Be thankful, it does a lot of things without your influence and you knowing, like breathing at night and stuff. Be nice to your body, you only have one“, he’d convince you, giving you a bear hug.

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„If you would just _______, you’d be so much prettier“, you told youself while looking at the photo of Jimin and you, you took ages ago.

It was a statement that left him speechless, unable to think straight and not knowing how to react.

„… Eh ?“, was the only thing he was able to say, but enough to convey the feeling of disappointment he felt that moment.

You turned around, seeing Jimin with tears threatening to leave his eyes.

„Jimin, Baby, I was talking about myself ! Not about you ! I didn’t mean you !“, you convinced him, your eyes getting as watery as him.

His heart hurt, watching you thinking you needed to be 'prettier’ and hearing you say that you yourself.

It was the first time he ever heard you say something like this, but it was enough to trigger him. Remembering the days he would starve and drown himself in different kind of workouts thinking it would make him 'prettier’, he knew it was his job to make you understand that this is not the road you should be following. There are other, healthier options to become happy.

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„This isn’t working. You really need to try harder“, you announced when you saw your chubby tummy in the mirror.

„Baby, I’m already trying really hard. It’s not that easy“, Taehyung explained with an slightly angered undertone.

You felt your heart sting when you finally realized that your selfhate was not only affecting you, but  him too.

„I’m the one that needs to try harder. I know it’s not easy, because I’ve been trying so hard all this time and nothing changed“, you confessed, the fatigue clearly present in your voice.

Taehyung understood how much you were suffering because of this.

„Love, you need to forgive other people and you need to fogive yourself. The less you recognize and accept the parts of yourself that you don’t like, the less you will forgive yourself and become happy“, he convinced you.

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„You definitly need to lose that fat“, you commanded as you watched you thighs jiggling with each step you took.

„I thought those were muscles ?“, Jungkook asked doubtful while flexing his arm.

„Well, you have muscles. I have those really fat highs. I don’t see a difference between them and chocolate pudding. I hate them, they’re so ugly“, he explained, getting more quiet with each sentence.

Jungkook didn’t know what to say. Well he did, but he didn’t know if it was the right thing. Loving every inch of your body and normally not hesitate to voice it, seeing that after all this time you still haven’t grown comfortable with your own body made him question if he was even of any help at all this whole time. He kept thinking about the right thing to say and how to say it, not wanting you to feel even worse or offend you in any way.

„You know, we can go to the  gym together and start with a small work out and wotk our way up, figuring out what works best for you“, he suggested, offering his help.

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Requests are open ! <3

When Their S/O Talks Bad About Themselves (Requested)

~Kim Namjoon~

Namjoon adored the fact that you were shorter than average. It just made you easier to cuddle and rest his chin in your head. When you saw the girls with long legs and even longer torsos, you self-esteem dropped drastically.

You’d always thought Namjoon would look better with a tall supermodel on his arm. As did the ARMY “fans”. Most were supportive of your relationship by there was always a few bad eggs.

“Namjoon, do you wish I was taller?” You were trying to stand on your tippy-toes to give him a kiss. Namjoon frowned and leaned down so his forehead was against yours.

“Why do you say stuff like that?”

“I’m ugly, because I can’t be like those tall idols, I see you stare at them Namjoon.” Namjoon shook his head and easily scooped you in his arm, hands cupping your butt.

“If you were tall I couldn’t do this.”

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~Kim Seokjin~

You were rather thin for a girl of your height and weight. When Jin would hug you, his arms could almost overlap themselves twice. Men wanted a girl with curves and a little meat on their bones. At least that’s what you thought.

You envied the way Jin would happen to turn in the direction of a big butt or a nice set of tits. You just wanted to wrap your arms around yourself and disappear.

Jin saw you trying to consume more food than usual one night. Practically gorging yourself to the point of vomiting.

“I’m trying to gain a little more weight. Nobody likes a girl who is twig Jin. Don’t worry about it.” Jin reached over the table and grabbed your hand.

“Y/n you are beautiful just the way you are. If you lost five pounds or gained five pounds you would still be just as gorgeous.”

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~Min Yoongi|~

You hated the dark brown dots that marked your cheeks and jaw. Not to mention nearly your entire body. When people looked at you, you thought they only saw the ugly dots that drew away attention to places you thought were better on your body.

Yoongi had a habit of trying to connect the dots with your freckles. Trying to kiss each one recently. He loved them, he wished you did too.

Yoongi found you in the bathroom one evening trying to hide them with high class foundation, good enough to hide tattoos. You were layering it on your face and you looked ridiculous. Starting to cry, Yoongi wrapped his arm around you and began to wipe the makeup off with a rag.

“I’m trying to cover them up Yoongi, I just want to be pretty for you.” Yoongi shook his head in disappointment and removed the rest of the foundation.

“See? This is the pretty girl I’m looking for.”

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~Jung Hoseok~

Your hair was short. Way shorter than was considered cute. It curled at the base of your neck. Women with long hair were more feminine, that had never been You however. You looked better with short hair and it was so much easier to maintain.

However, seeing other women with long, thick hair made you envious. You also thought Hobi would appreciate you more with long locks.

He saw you on your computer, looking at hair extensions. You were biting your nails at your desk, trying to find a shade to match your locks. Hobi kneeled by your side and ran his fingers through your soft strands.

“I’m in love with your hair Y/n. It’s beautiful and unique, just like you.”

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~Park Jimin~

You had thick thighs. There was no reason to hide it. They curved out from your hips and thinned down around you calfs. It made you entirely self conscious about wearing shorts or dresses.

Even on hot summer days, you refused to show your legs. Stretch marks and cellulite were a girls worst enemy.

Jimin found you trying on a pair of blue jean shorts one evening. You tried to pull the fabric further down your legs to try and conceal your thighs by nothing would work.

“You are not wearing those out.” Jimin announced from the door way. You started to cry, thinking he’d be embarrassed like you assumed. “I can’t have everyone seeing , my love, so sexy.”

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~Kim Taehyung~

You didn’t have perfectly smooth skin. You suffered from breakouts often. No matter how many skincare products you used. Those annoying bumps always popped up.

It was the day before you had an important interview with Tae. You had made sure to drink lots of water and get rest. Before you went to bed that night, you began to cry while looking at yourself in the small hand mirror.

Taehyung had just came out of the shower. Still dripping wet with only a towel around his waist, he pulled you in his arms.

“Look baby, I have pimples too.” He pointed to the red bump on his chin and smiled. “If it were up to me. I’d have you go without makeup all the time.”

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~Jeon Jungkook~

You’d never had small arms. It was just the way you were built. You always had a little meat under your arms and you’d never really cared about them. Until you became an idol.

That’s when the mean comments started rolling in. Telling you to lift weights and “lose weight, you pig”. It was a low blow. Jungkook had never mentioned anything about them, but in the back of your mind you had a feeling he was always staring at them.

“Y/n. Why are wearing a sweatshirt? It’s 85 degrees outside.” You felt the sadness sitting in. You’d never talked to Jungkook about how you felt. You didn’t say anything, just slowly stripped out of the sweatshirt.

“My arms are ugly Jungkook. I don’t want anybody seeing them!” You nearly yelled, tears marking your cheeks.

“Oh Y/n.” Jungkook cupped the back of your head and pressed a kiss to your head. “You are perfect. Don’t let those people get under your skin.”

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•All of you are beautiful. No matter how you see yourself or anything that you find “wrong” with your body•

taekook fanfic rec #1

PLEASE feel free to recommend me any of your favorite BTS fanfics (any ship), because I will read them. Also, please let me know if you liked any of the stories I recommend!

IMPORTANT: All of the fics I rec will be on a scale of 8 to 10. (8- really good, happy I read it.  9- amazing, I loved it! 10- perfect, one of my favorites. [*]= top fave)

I hope you love the stories as much as I do! As always, happy reading~

1. Dating For Dummies

Summary: in which twitter is evil, jeon jeongguk is a bit tsundere, park jimin is satan and kim taehyung may or may not have a boyfriend.

Side Couples: Yoonmin, Namjin

Length: 12k words. Oneshot.

No warnings.

AU: Non-idol

Review: THIS WAS CUTE. And funny. And omg. It was a cute read, but the characterization was a little…off? You get over it pretty quick. I enjoyed it!

My Rating: 8.5/10

2. King of the Library, Knight of His Trade

Summary: Moral of the story? Don’t fuck with Jeon Jungkook or else you’ll end up ruining your perfect attendance to chase his coattails. 

Side couples: Suga x Jin (that’s a new one for me lol)

Length: 47.4k – 20 chapters (on Asian fanfic) (no chaps on ao3)


AU: College

Review: OH. MY. GOD. IF YOU HAVE NOT READ THIS PLEASE STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND READ. IT. RIGHT. NOW. Okay. Okay. I’m calm. This is probably my all-time fave Taekook fic or at least in the top 3. I stayed up till 3am to finish this amazing piece of perfection.

My Rating: 10/10

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Headcanons for Rich. c:


-Hates loud noises. (Fireworks, Storms, Alarms , etc.)
-Wears contacts because his Squip told him it’s uncool to have glasses.
-Has a really ugly laugh. But like, it’s so ugly it’s cute. Is it a cat dying or is the car stalling? Neither, it’s Rich losing it.
-Also moves a lot when he laughs. A bunch of clapping and stomping and wiggling. 
-Sometimes his laughs don’t even make noises and they’re just composed of snorts, inhales, and wheezes.
-Asthmatic boy.
-Gets a big thicc after loosing his Squip. No motivation to work out, more tum.
-His Squip tried to get him to try out for a sport’s team to impress Jake for a one way ticket to Cool Kid’s club. Rich is a clumsy fuck and tripped half the time he was trying out.
-Squip never made him try out for another sport again.
-Is v self conscious of himself post Squip and usually picks at his scars when he’s uncomfy. He’s getting better though!
-Scared of dogs, getting better with cats, will die for any lizard. 
-Is a sucker for men with red hoodies and has a bit of a crush on both Jake and Michael (Who wouldnt though??).
-In freshman year he admired the fuck out of Jeremy and Michael’s friendship and wanted something like that for himself but was too scared to ever go for it.
-Really good at hide and seek.
-Don’t loan him a jacket or sweatshirt unless you don’t want that sucker back. He’s small and they are always too big but they smell like his friends and are very comforting. 
-Probably dyed his leghair and armpit hair once. Let him experiment.
-Knows how to tap dance pretty damn well.
-Asked Jake to pull his finger once at school and shit himself.
-He’s very touchy. A physical boy. If you let him lay on you for long though he will fall asleep, beware.
-He’s a cuddler. Koala boy.
-He can’t handle fires after Halloween, and he can barely handle the holiday.
-He can’t handle candles well either. Stoves make him kinda nervous. He will not touch a lighter or a match.
-He doesn’t really like sex. The Squip made him do a lot of shit he didn’t want to do though.
-He might be loud and usually energetic but will panic at big crowds and much rather stick with the relatively small one he has thnx.
-He wore a skirt and makeup once for a dare and now gets the girls to help him by more cute shit and gets Jake to do his makeup when he’s feeling #pretty
-Sucks at video games but will die to play any! 
-He moves a lot while playing them. He will move with the game and is very verbal during them. 

i find it so fascinating and interesting and telling that it’s the moments of tragedy and heartbreak where you see how much tony and steve really loved each other. bc trust and intimacy, caring so deeply for each other, risking their own lives to save the other person  ––  that’s just second nature. it’s instinct. it’ll always be a part of who they are and their relationship with each other, it’s not something that needs to be Telegraphed and pointed at to be real and profound and life-changing. 

they both know that the moment they met, the moment when steve opened his eyes and saw the avengers, when tony’s voice was the first one he heard after decades of the ice, that their lives would never be the same. there are Direct Quotes to illustrate that but tbh even if those didn’t exist they know.

because this is a friendship that’s been building on over a decade. ten years of fighting beside each other, inspiring each other to be better men, better heroes, better leaders, seeing each other at the best and the lowest. this friendship is one of the most long-lasting & significant friendships for both of them. the avengers liken them to mom and dad because this is literally the closest analogy there is in terms of the sheer closeness, understanding and compatibility that exists between them. when it’s been that long, everything becomes implicit, unspoken, it just is. you don’t need the constant affirmation – even though stevetony do that too – of the love and loyalty between you. 

so, it’s really only when they hit those Dark Times that it manifests in all this terrible conflict and anger and ugliness. people are constantly trying to characterise modern stevetony (e.g. 2007 – present) as ‘steve and tony are always at each other’s throats’ but like Again, As I Always Do, i want to point to the revolutionary concept that the only reason they can hurt this much and hurt each other this much is because of how much they loved each other in the first place. their love and hate at different periods throughout their wars or conflicts or civil wars aren’t mutually exclusive, the anger / betrayal / grief / heartbreak bleed into each other. 

these moments of conflict wouldn’t have as much impact as they do if they happened all the time. and they don’t. steve and tony have lead multiple teams, saved the world, endured one or both of them being brainwashed, and remained steadfast in who they are to each other throughout. marvel pits them against each other because of how significant their relationship is and the fact that tearing them apart means they can generate a universe-wide event, a film franchise, multiple spin-offs and essentially lasting (albeit unacknowledged) consequences for the rest of their comic universe.

tony spends a year in mourning, hallucinating steve and throwing himself into suicidal self-destructive missions during his tenure as director of shield after steve dies. when steve rejects any of his attempts to compromise and make peace during cw1, he literally prepares to die and let steve kill him. when steve thinks the illuminati has betrayed him and committed the most unforgivable act of erasing his memory, he only goes after tony. it’s tony he’s furious at, it’s tony he’s single-handledy hunting down, and it’s tony he wants to pay the most for what he’s done.

tldr, tbh, altho depressing and utterly typical of marvel to do so, i find it v. true to life and realistic that it’s only in moments of point-of-no-return tragedy that we get the big moments and confessions and ‘i loved him’. the tragedy of stevetony is that these two men do love each other, and they both know it on an instinctual, intuitive level. everything about the way they interact and trust and hurt each other is indicative of that love. they never expect there to be a moment where that love won’t be there in the subtext, they never Expect that there’s going to be a ‘this is my last chance to tell him’ kind of moment. (bc usually, lbr, it’s some kind of world-ending crisis where they’re in the middle of a war on opposing sides.) their tragedy is that they’ve spent so long loving and being in love w/ each other where the timing has never been right, or they keep convincing themselves they’re content with the status quo, or the other person isn’t in the right place or headspace to hear it, that they just never get their Moment.

so their moments end up being morgue-side confessions, hugs and speeches where one person all but tells the other person they can’t live w/o them, and y’know, the ultimate act of no homo where the only universe they’d ever be together is if they can become a heteronormative straight™ couple.