no one even sees these things

I fucking love Sean Chiplock

No seriously. He is amazing. I can’t even express how much I admire him and it’s usually easy for me to put these kinds of things into words.

I’m guessing this will be one of those “I need to get this off my chest so expect a long as heck text, thank you” kind of posts. I do not even know yet, I’ll just write and see how it goes. Writing is fun, yo.

Okay so. Sonicmega. Cool dude. Would recommend checking out.

I found him through his “Papyrus Makes a Mixtape” audio in 2015. Shit, I already have a writer’s block. Please brain, work with me. It’s an absolutely hilarious and great lyrical adaption of Bonetrousle, Papyrus’ Theme from Undertale. He wrote the lyrics and voiced both Papyrus and Sans. “Papyrus Makes a Mixtape” was one of the first fanworks of Undertale I ever came across so whenever someone mentions it, I get instant flashbacks to the first days of Undertale. It was one of those songs my sister and I sang the good old days. (And boy, were we into it. We’d even make the facial expressions. Just imagine us listening to it in our car’s speaker and screaming. It’s an accurate image.)

I followed him on tumblr so, occasionally, I’d see his posts but that was it. Basically all I knew about sonicmega. He stuck to me as the voice of Papyrus and Sans in “Papyrus Makes a Mixtape” and “What’s Boning On”, another great masterpiece, if I say so myself.

And then, I happened to purchase a Nintendo Switch in late March of 2017. Money well spent, woop woop! Starting Breath of the Wild was a whole new chapter to me. I had never gone near a Zelda game before that. Breath of the Wild is what got me into the Zelda franchise in general. I don’t know why I had not gotten into Zelda before, being a huge Nintendo fan. Nevertheless, I did and I’m so happy.

Breath of the Wild also got me to realise that I’m a fucking furry ohmygod. I was absolutely not prepared when I walked into Rito Village. I started doing the Main Quest to find Teba. In order to find him, you need to find his wife in the village and for some reason I spent 20 minutes trying to find Saki, aNYWAY. Suddenly Link started doing the “Oh shit, I remember something!” stuff while looking at the village’s landing and that’s how it all started, basically.

I think it was evening. I was lazing out on my couch and watching a freaking gorgeous bird landing in front of Link.

‘Impressive, I know.’

It was at that moment I knew.
Revali was a huge jerk.

But there was something so soothing and charming about his voice and his attitude. I honestly got upset when the cutscene was over. My heart needed more, okay.

So like, I still had that ‘I don’t know what just happened and what the heck that bird was talking about but for some reason I love him’ kind of feeling while making my way to the Flight Range.

And guys, guys, guys.

Teba spoke.

HIS VOICE I CAN’T EVEN- It’s funny because Revali is all I want in my life right now. I’d sacrifice anything for him to be real, it’s crazy. But back then, I was all about Teba. I decided to go to sleep and continue the quest the next day because it was late but I remember fangirling about it all night to my sister, who had not played Breath of the Wild yet. ‘Dude, listen. Today I went to this very cool bird town thing. The setting is all I ever wanted in a village, the soundtrack is my funeral music and there’s this really freaking cool bird warrior with this absolute amazing voice, I want him to sing me goodnight every night, you don’t understand!’

That’s not all of it, however. The first Divine Beast quest I ever started doing was in Gerudo Town, for the Divine Beast Vah Naboris. The thing is, I could not beat Thunderblight Ganon. So I left and headed somewhere else. That somewhere else was Rito Village. I was absolutely terrified to go to Vah Medoh because I was expecting Thunderblight Ganon to come out of no where. I don’t know, I was imagining it to come out and say ‘You thought I forgot about you? Now DIE!’

I’m flying with Teba in the sky, with lasers shooting at us, this epic music that just spoke ‘You can’t fail, bro.’ and the whole scene is so perfect. And when it was time to land on Medoh and Teba got hurt, I screamed‘Listen, Teba, my man, we can talk about this? You can like, wait in the corner. Don’t be like Riju, stay with me man.’

And so, Teba leaves. Link does his Sheikah Slate magic and I hear this voice that I can’t shake the feeling I’ve heard before.

‘Well now, I’ve seen this face before…’

‘… Do I know you from somewhere?’

As I mentioned before, I had not beaten Thunderblight Ganon at that point. I did not know who the voice speaking to me inside Vah Naboris was. I thought of Urbosa as “That spy girl who reminds me of Wyldstyle from the LEGO Movie”. I had no idea that the people speaking to you in the Divine Beasts were seen in flashbacks.

To me, Revali was “sir sassy beast, who is probably a black haired tall Hylian dude”. Beating Windblight Ganon with him cheering me was something I needed, if that makes sense. The way ‘I can’t believe I’m actually saying this… But you must avenge me, Link!’ was performed gave me the chills. It meant so much knowing that someone had finally faith in me while I fought that thing.

‘Well I’ll be plucked… You defeated him, eh?’

He lands in the exact same way he had in his cutscene. ‘WAIT HOLD ON, IT WAS JERKISH RITO ALL ALONG!?’ I literally died at that moment. I don’t know how to explain my excitement other than saying I died. Which is not a bad thing considering Revali is a spirit and if I become one I’ll be able to be with him, right, right, right

After Revali gave me his gale and I started realising what the heckling heck was happening, I was in tears. It was the first time I cried in the game. I sound dramatic but it’s true. I felt this ‘Oh god. Husband birb gave me his power. I must not fail him. Wait what, husband? Where did this come from?’. The music. THE MUSIC. ICANSPEAKABOUTHISTHEMEFORHOURSANDHOURSAND-

Technical Difficulties. Please stand by…

The quest in Rito Village is by far my favourite. I loved the characters, the sceneries, the scenario and the overall atmosphere. ‘Love’ is a perfect way to describe my feelings towards this place. I always feel so welcome there.

Then there’s this… Not so welcome place. Not welcome at the outside, at least. Going through the lost woods, feeling lost, alone, scared, only to be greeted in a forest decorated in green by some tiny creatures and… A tree. I looked at it and thought ‘Is this my father? Why do I feel so safe around him? Why is he so perfect for a tree?’

A month and a half later, I believe, I finished Breath of the Wild. I decided to see what the fanbase was about. By freaking instict I type “Revali” in tumblr’s search bar. I had found my home. Literally.

I don’t remember how exactly this happened but I started listening to some audios popping up. ‘Oh man, sonicmega has such a good Ravioli voice!’ I was so happy to see that a creator I was already familiar with had produced something related to my new obsession.

Oh little did I know.

Realising he was the official voice for Revali, Teba and Deku tree made me throw my phone down and scream. I could not process it all. I was so feeling so ??? but so !!! at the same time, it was weird.

As I said, I had never really gotten to know Sean as a person and view his overall work. Currently, I have notifications to his tumblr turned on for his tumblr and I’m afraid I freak him out whenever I like posts three seconds after they are posted, oops. And I may or may not have downloaded all of the Revali and Teba voicelines he was making at some point. I’m not crazy, I’m just filling up my fangirl needs.

Sean is so talented? He can do a huge variety of voices and he has such potential. Listening to his performance in literally everything is such a pleasure. I have never been unsatisfied with his work. 

But honestly? What’s being talented if you are not “a person”? To me, being a good person is what matters the most. While yes, being talented is an amazing trait, being good, generous and kind is way more important.

This is why I like and admire Sean so much. Because not only he has gifted us with his voice acting skills but with being real as well. For connecting with his fanbase. For showing us what it’s like - not to voice a character - but to be a person voicing a character.

It’s important to remember that behind all the content we see, there is a person. A living, breathing person. Nowdays, I think it’s very rare to find someone who is so genuine and passionate about not only their work but their fans as well. Someone who treats their fanbase as allies and does not see themselves superior of them all.

Yesterday, a video by @ojedi popped up at my YouTube feed. She was explaining what had happened in her stream of fighting Calamity Ganon in Breath of the Wild. Basically, Sean was there, watching her beat it. He even recorded an audio in his Revali voice, congratulating her for defeating Ganon and also paid for her E3 ticket. I rushed over to watch the ending of the stream. I was smiling like an idiot throughout the whole thing. And even cried but details. I could feel Haley’s happiness. I just discovered her channel but I am so godamn happy for her. The fact that Sean took the time to do all of this, it warms my heart. Not everyone does this. The kindess this person spreads is something I admire so much.

My dad found an old mp3 somewhere and gave it to me. I already have an mp3 so I decided to use that one to listen to podcasts before going to sleep. The first podcast I listened to, a few days ago, was “ZI Podcast Ep. 055 - Talking with Sean Chiplock”. I am planning on listening to some more I have found.

To begin with, listening to podcasts before sleeping is a great experience and I recommend it a lot. It helps you relax and concentrate, making you both listen to something you enjoy and falling asleep easier. I quite enjoyed the podcast. No, wait. I loved it. As I mentioned more than once already, to me, being real, being a person is more important than talent. Listening to how Sean got into voice acting and how he managed to achieve his dreams is a truly beautiful story and very inspirational.

Sean Chiplock is my role model. I want to be like him when I grow up. I want to be able to interact with my fanbase and give as much as I can. I want to be there, I want to be real.

I don’t know what else to say other than thank you @sonicmega. Thank you for being such a wonderful person. For inspiring us to do things and for making us see some situations in ways we had not thought of. I hope you know you are a huge source of inspiration to so many people and that we’ll continue to support you until the end and even more than that.

Personally, I was going through a very strange stage of my life. As if a new chapter was opened in which you were big help and inspiration in. Thank you for everything you have done. This summer, I learned so many things about voice acting. I also saw how someone can choose how they act towards anyone else, regardless of how well known they are. You interacting with your fanbase, for example. Treating fans as people and not something else. (I already believed this kind of interaction was possible. But seeing it in action is something absolutely fascinating for me.) All those mean a lot. They mean more than I can say.

Thank you, Sean. For everything.

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You know what I notice. Fans always comment "Camren" on Lauren's stuff. I barely see that in Camila's comments, even when the ship was at its height. Why do you think that is???

Because Lauren has always been the one adressing Camren while Camila stayed completely silent on that subject. Also I think a lot of idiots just like to take a piss at Lauren because they know that they can get a reaction out of her. Her rants always make things worse…

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so the patience yields focus right honestly it has me wondering if he kept it close to his heart cuz of shiro ya know but at the same time im like just how terrible was keith's ability to focus? was he impatient to the point where it was debilitating? did his galra side make it even worse? idk keith's pretty steady so im just kinda like??? why do i do this to myself

I think his galra side pretty much is the reason he has trouble focusing to be honest (and the same is true for when he singularly focuses on one thing and it kind of blocks out everything else). I would have much rather preferred this to be a part of Keith’s personality and mental health rather than just “a galra thing,” but I mean. Anyway, we see that even zombie Zarkon is still struggling with his concentration as well, and both he and Keith kind of rely on someone (Zarkon and Haggar respectively) to teach them coping mechanisms and advise them:

Joaquim mentioned that “He’s got this emotional side to him.” And Lauren explained that, “It’s kind of exasperated by the fact that Shiro’s gone. He’s having a hard time dealing with it, he doesn’t really know how to feel. And I think he kinda just goes back to that inner part of himself where it’s just—he can’t control his emotions. And that comes from the galra side.” So yeah, I think Keith’s attachment to Shiro and his difficulty maintaining enough control over his emotions to focus is definitely a galra thing. 

Keith can certainly be very level-headed and logical when he gives himself the headspace to be. But also, if he lets his emotions get the better of him, his passion and instinct really take over–hurt the people he cares about and he’s bound to lash out, make rash decisions. His love, rage, and regret can compromise his decisions. We see this time and again when Shiro is in danger and he goes charging in without thinking. He’s also kind of like Zarkon in that once they’re both fixated on a goal it’s hard to shake them from it. Zarkon prioritizes the lion’s capture above all else, and Keith still wants to go chasing after Lotor even when his teammates are really struggling and the whole mission’s falling apart. 

As for Keith’s past though, Joaquim also said, “I mean, he’s experienced loss in his life, in his childhood. And Shiro is, I think more so than the other characters is his pillar, is like his big bro. So he felt that loss.” So I definitely think the fact that Keith was forced to experience such a traumatic past and had no one to help him deal with it also made the raw emotion of his galra side even more overwhelming. 

I also think, had Keith been raised by the galra, he’d be aware that these intense emotions of his were normal and would likely have been told how to deal with them. I believe being left on earth made him feel rather alienated and also denied him vital outlets and coping mechanisms. Shiro was the first one–the only one–to really understand Keith and try and help him. “Keith latches onto Shiro at times because Shiro’s sort of the only thing that can really calm him down and keep him in check.” Shiro loved him but he never tried to change him or rejected him. He just helped ease Keith’s pain and taught him how to regain control again. He’s the only one capable of quelling the fire in him.

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Am I the only one who wishes that Amy Rose was playable in Sonic Mania? Her unique gameplay style was easily the most memorable and fun things about the otherwise forgettable Sonic Advance and I would have loved to see it return in literally any other game.

yeah honestly i would’ve liked to see them incorporate amy somehow. hell, even if she was just a sonic reskin i’d take it

however i will never forgive you for calling sonic advance forgettable

Naruto Gaiden Episode 3

So here is what I don’t get, if not having Sasuke around and Sakura hiding stuff from Sarada already made Sarada develop a sharingan in her early childhood, why did Sakura still kept hiding the truth it was clearly not working and keeping the truth from Sarada only made things worse as we see the result of that in gaiden.

and it’s clear the truth about Sasuke past is not really confidential information as Shizune says Sarada would of found out about it eventually, but Sakura decided to keep hiding the truth even when it made things worse not better. people don’t mind anymore about Sasuke’s past there is no reason to keep it a secret and Sarada would of understood and perhaps the whole gaiden drama could of been avoided.

I completely agree with Sakura she is a failure as a mother but it still nothing as bad compared to Sasuke parenting skills. 

Sasuke was the one that decided not to tell Sarada about the details of his mission, it wasn’t Naruto’s choice or any of the other kages (by the why the heck did they change the entire flashback scene of the kage summit?)

Even when  Naruto actually warns Sasuke how this will hurt Sarada and that he should at least only tell her the truth.

ha ha funny because it was not knowing that created even worse unnecessary anxiety, frankly Sasuke is no better than Itachi and Itachi left some terrible emotional scars on Sasuke, what’s even worse is that Sasuke should know better, because when edo Itachi talked to Sasuke he said that he should of told him the truth, he regretted keeping Sasuke in the dark and Sasuke just ends up repeating Itachi’s mistakes, another OOC moment for Sasuke.

This makes no sense Naruto already knew the enemy can control weapons but he was just standing there getting stabbed, this really is the most dumb he ever been. worst Hokage ever. not that Sasuke was fighting that smart either but at least Sasuke had the excuse of not knowing the opponent’s abilities (by the way Naruto also knew about the teleport ability I guess it slipped his mind sigh).

I found it quite amazing how Sakura just appeared out of nowhere to punch Shin (a guy who has eyes all over) I guess she is now as good as Shisui with the body flicker jutsu as no one saw her until she punched the shit out shin,

Let’s see the loving reunion of husband and wife 

See how happy Sasuke is to see his wife lol

and how worried he was she got sucked into a portal to an unknown dimension with an enemy which Sasuke doesn’t know much about..

Sasuke got stabbed multiple times and there is blood on his clothes, (I won’t even bother with Naruto being so chill with a sword impaled in his stomach)

and suddenly Sasuke is seen like it never happened maybe his clothes self clean and repair themselves or maybe he used izanagi.(Naruto still got the sword stuck, guess he likes having Sasuke’s sword inside of him lol)


I found it interesting how Sakura just walks past Sasuke it makes them look like strangers to one another,  (this scene kind of remind me back in Shippuden a scene that Sakura and Karin passed each other by in the street I believe it was in episode 122)

There's always a way ~ A Markiplier and Jacksepticeye Ego Fanfic

Requested by the stunning @sheridandwyer here’s some noice action with our favourite emo edgelord, with some…ahem…unorthodox methods of persuasion in play 😄 Just for some brief context, this is going to have the viewpoint that Anti and Jack share a body, but Dark will have his own in order to make things simpler and this can be perceived as either platonic or romantic Danti👌Here we go!

Dark was frustrated. It had been weeks, months even, since he’d been able to see Anti. He’d had to endure existing amongst his pathetic excuse for an original, who was incessently calm despite his threats and promises of making him suffer soon. Which he would end up doing…ideally. There was one issue, if Jack suffered then so did Anti.

Courtesy of Jack’s pathetic little fanbase and they’re influence, Anti was stuck inhabiting Jack’s headspace and it consequently took him a lot of energy to break free and have a glimmer of control. It was a horrid way to live, and it made Dark seeth and bubble with endless rage. So he decided that enough was enough, today was the day he’d make Jack release Anti into his mind. Anti deserved control more than anyone that Dark knew, and he was more than willing to assist.

Today was perfect, he and Jack were the only people in the house. It was with the knowledge that it would remain that way for a while, that Dark sauntered into the living area where Jack was flipping through the TV channels. Jack paid him no mind even when Dark joined him on the couch, but he sighed through his nose when he shut off the TV with a light finger snap. Jack went to stand…but Dark’s smoky tendrils, his aura, forced him to stay put.

‘Did ya want somethin’? Cuz I have things to do-’

Jack’s relaxed state diminished as he gasped suddenly, touching his throat as his voice was cut off. Dark smiled and sighed gently as Jack turned to him with wide eyes and an anticipatory expression.

‘Ahh much better. I’ll get straight to the point, so as not to waste any of your precious time.’

Dark sneered as Jack gritted his teeth, Dark leant towards him with eyes solid black and a voice so sharp that it could probably cut through someone’s soul.

‘I want Anti.’

Jack grunted and clenched his fists with a grimace, he wasn’t exactly surprised. It was all Dark ever focused on, and it was exhausting Jack even more than usual as he kept maintaining his mental block against the glitched demon. Even now…he felt him stirring.

‘I am tired of being the only one like me in this place, your pathetic human mind couldn’t possibly comprehend what it’s like for me. Just…release him to me, for a time. You will not regret it.’

Dark’s toned voice resonated between Jack’s ears, but this wasn’t the first time Dark had asked. He flicked his wrist and Jack shuddered at the return of his voice, he turned to Dark, his own voice plagued with exasperation.

‘No. My answer is always going to be the same. You know there’s nothing you can do to change my mind, I am not giving Anti to you.’

Jack tried to project determination, but he cursed himself as his voice wavered at times. Dark snarled, Jack gulped gently at his demeanour as his physical shell cracked and shook around him; his rage evident. Dark composed himself, a smile in place once again.

‘So resolute…it seems I shall have to change my approach.’

The irishman furrowed his brows and went to open his mouth, but all of a sudden Dark had grasped his wrists and crawled on top of him. A strong tendril wrenched his hands above his head and Jack shook with fear as Dark leant over him. His eyes gleamed with joy at his position of control, he settled atop Jack’s thighs with smug satisfaction. Jack was terrified…was this it? Had he finally pushed it too far?

‘H-hey now Dark uh, let’s n-not rush into anything okay?’

Dark almost shook with satisfaction at the pitiful fear he instilled in Jack, he rolled his eyes with a sneer as he rested his hands on the trapped man’s tummy.

‘Don’t worry your pretty little head too much…as much as it pains me, I can’t hurt you.’

Jack nibbled on his lip nervously, a shudder passing through him when Dark’s hands rested on him. He felt fractionally more at ease, but it only begged the question of what Dark WAS going to do. Said man smiled genially as he let his eyes trail over Jack’s form.

‘However, I do have other…techniques at my disposal.’

Dark tilted his head gently, he knew full well that what he was going to try was…unorthodox. He wasn’t even certain if it would work, as well as the fact that it was almost insanely childish. But he didn’t have any other options. Jack shivered as Dark’s fingertips started to trail gently over his tummy, he found himself repressing a light grin. No way, this couldn’t be happening…right?

Dark smirked heavily. Bingo.

‘Oh Jack…a little sensitive are we?’

Jack felt his blood run cold as the realisation hit him…he was screwed. The corners of his lips twitched and curled as a smile broke free, Dark started scratching over the belly before him; he had hope now.


Dark raised an eyebrow as he grinned widely.

'Oh dear, it seems you are. Not only that…but there’s no way for you to stop me!’

Dark suddenly squeezed and probed at his tummy thus making Jack yelp and descend into rapid giggling, he tried to squirm away but it was no use.

'Nahahahaha stahahahahappihit!’

Dark only snickered as he moved to pinch and rub his ribcage, Jack’s laughter deepened as he squeezed his eyes shut.

'You don’t need to put yourself through this, you know what I want.’

Jack shook his head rapidly as Dark fingers rested under his arms, he looked up at Dark who was staring at him expectantly; but Jack was still determined.

'Ihihi’m nahat givihing hihim to yohou.’

Dark snarled at his annoying defiance, he glared as he rekindled his smirk.

'Very well, I can be patient. We do have all day after all.’

Jack gulped heavily as Dark fluttered his fingers in his hollows, his thin t-shirt offering no protection from the torturously light sensations.


Jack exclaimed through his snorts and cackles as Dark traced endless little shapes and patterns, he relished in the reactions he drew from Jack; he was actually starting to enjoy this.

'If I were you…I wouldn’t be so rude.’

Jack screeched as Dark scribbled under his arms harshly, he could feel tears pricking at the corners of his eyes but he was still desperate to hold on.


He thrashed and wailed amidst his laughter as Dark smirked down at him teasingly, his words were making the ordeal ten times worse.

'It must be maddening, having to endure me exploiting ALL of your ticklish spots. What I ask is very simple…comply and it can all be over.’


Jack cursed himself as Dark’s words flooded his mind, they were something cool and focused in the sea of rapid thoughts coursing through him. Would it be so bad…to let him out? Jack shook his head and gritted his teeth as Dark’s movements slowed.


Dark inquired patiently, Jack grimaced as he spoke his next words. Knowing where they’d get him, but he couldn’t give up. Not yet anyway. Jack mustered up a determined grin, making Dark snarl.

'Bihite me yohou emo ahasshole!’

Dark shut his eyes as he inhaled slowly, it was taking everything. EVERYTHING he had not to rip Jack’s throat out and clench his trachea in his cold fist…but he refrained, for Anti. He opened his eyes and growled low from his throat.

'I am going to make you regret that.’

There was no build up, no teasing anticipation. Dark just reached under Jack’s shirt and latched both hands onto his right side, he thought to himself how truly careless Jack was to let slip such…vital information. The latter screamed. The sensation was so powerful it almost was painful, but not quite.


Jack bucked violently as Dark relentlessly scratched and dug into the sensitive flesh, Dark was ecstatic as he spoke clearly through his victim’s hysteria.

'So ticklish, and so helpless. You’re all alone Jack, just give up and save yourself.

Jack was flushed and panting as tears streamed down his cheeks, his lungs were burning and his body was tiring from his struggles and strains. Dark’s words invading him once again.


Jack despaired, he knew he couldn’t hold out any longer. Especially when Dark leant into him, he whispered delicately…and Jack was lost.

'Give him to me.’

Dark eyes shone with triumph as Jack wailed loudly, his face stretched into an almost insane grin as he yelled out.


Dark immediatly stopped as Jack’s body spasmed beneath him, he grinned as a thin wound appeared on his neck and his skin dimmed to a beautiful pale green colour. There was a loud gasp from beneath him as eyelids fluttered open, black orbs wide and staring.


Dark asked slowly, the eyes blinked before dimming into one green iris and one turquoise. The pupils dilated immediatly as his lips stretched into a mad grin.


Dark yelped before descending into a stream of chuckles as Anti leapt up and tackled him in a tight hug. He reciprocated as Anti’s crackly giggle filled his ears…god had he missed that sound.

'You got me out!’

Anti withdrew and knelt on the couch, Dark let himself stay lying down as he donned a gentle, smug grin.

'I suppose I did, it was a minor feat really…’

He smirked and chuckled when Anti shoved his shoulder, the exciteable man stuck his tongue out before grinning widely again.

'Oh poor Darkipoo…you must be ever so exhausted.’

Anti spoke sarcastically, making Dark laugh loudly again. Dark narrowed his eyes as he flicked them to the TV remote, he grabbed it and threw it to Anti who reached out and caught it with stunning reflexes. They both grinned.


Dark smiled genuinly.


Anti giggled and clapped his hands before flopping and draping himself over Dark, the latter sighed as Anti flipped through the channels of the (now functioning) TV. Dark didn’t know how long they’d have, but he relaxed knowing that he’d always have a certain way…to bring Anti back to him.

done done and DONE! really enjoyed writing this so yall tell me what ya think and have a lovely day/night 😘 mmk luv yous xx

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The one thing I was disappointed with BOTW was not enough Revali. Will we see a lot more Revali in the DLC coming out later this year? Maybe him being playable?

Please stop asking voice actors questions about unreleased content and expecting them to be able to give you an answer even if they knew (which I don’t).

I have literally watched colleagues lose jobs over a “Maybe.” without any real commitment in the response. You will (ideally) only ever know what the rest of the public knows without literally breaking security laws to obtain the info illegally.

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Going off the Ben and Ed stuff, being Chase's (or any of the other egos, i just have a soft spot for Chase) S/O and Rob doing the course to get you back to him. Running through the obstacles and loosing a few limbs along the way, but he had to get to you. All you could see and hear was the audience laughing and cheering as you sunk into the ground, crying out for Robbie and Chase. Rob skidding to a stop above you and Chase's sobs and screams of your name.

Awww that’s even sadder! But also so good. 

Because, if we sorta slide away from the Ben and Ed thing, but keep the GameMaker. He at first offered Chase the position to do the course, but Rob stepped up because he was the only one likely to survive being dismembered or being beaten. While Chase would have collapsed from blood loss even if he was sliced up with shallow cuts or being beaten by giant hammers. 

Chase doesn’t want to put Robbie at risk, but he knows that his friend would be the better bet. 

Ya’ll, I’m a slut for Kirishima at all times. I have a mighty need for Kirishima and Tokoyami interactions though, so here are some HC.

  • Kirishima is 100% impressed by Dark Shadow. Like that has to be the coolest fucking thing.
  • He probably lowkey fanboys everytime dark shadow is around, but he restrains himself because everyone else is so chill about this.
  • One day he can’t take it, he has to ask Tokoyami about it. Tokoyami even lets Kiri see Dark Shadow up close
  • Tokoyami is explaining it great detail about what it is like having a demon in him but Kiri is just so entranced by this fierce creature
  • Dark Shadow is like puffed up cause he is showing off and Kirishima, with no fear, reaches out and scratches under Dark Shadows beak.
  • Tokoyami immediately freaks out like “Kirishima what do you think you are doing??”
  • Kiri baby just chuckles because Dark Shadow is eating up this attention. He looks Tokoyami in the eyes and says “he’s a pretty birdie.”
  • Tokoyami loses it, smacks Kiri’s hand away, stammers out “Dark Shadow is a DEMON, he is not a pretty birdie.” and walks off in a huff.
  • After that Dark Shadow will randomly appear when Kiri is around, hoping for pets and compliments.

Bonus: Kirishima gets hurt to the point of being in the hospital so Tokoyami visits after everyone else and lets Kiri pet and talk to Dark Shadow until he has to leave.


“Look, if we can come up with something else as a comfort toy, I’m all for it.”
“But she’s so attached to the thing already.”
“I don’t see the harm in it, really. It’s just a bear.”
“It’s too…”
“Colorful? She doesn’t know the difference. I never understood the whole ‘raw’ thing anyway. Even you! You use colors in your paintings.”
“They sell better, I was taught that way. They’re more colorful families than raw ones. People enjoy color in their homes.”
“I didn’t realize you cared about other berries.”
“I was taught to care about money.”
“Ah, that makes more sense.”

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sorry for the nsfw request. ok then what about what pet names does them female partner use with zoro law and mihawk and vice versa? sorry again n_nU

Nu nu don’t worry that’s okay ~


  • Whatever petname you use on him he’ll always get flustered
  • It’s just so weird. He’s used to be called by his name, or “pirate hunter”, or insults (thanks Sanji)
  • So he’s very un-used to them and sometime won’t even notice you’re talking to him just because of the pet name
  • If he don’t hear his name, he won’t pay attention. Because that’s not necessarily an important thing
  • But when you use them in a discussion he feel like it’s something serious (like when your mom say your whOLE NAME)
  • He’s not very into giving you pet names. He feel very awkward about it
  • If he say one, it’s very softly. Don’t ask him to repeat because he won’t
  • But I see him well being able to call you “honey”


  • He don’t mind when you give him pet names, he feel nice about it
  • But it’s another thing in public
  • He’ll act like he didn’t heard you and will avoid you
  • He’ll look like he’s upset at you, but it’s because his heart is beatting really super fast
  • He just oajicao^jmdnaejlzioai’ruà&ofa (no words strong enough)
  • He already give nicknames to people (Usopp : Long nose-ya) so you probably have one too
  • But it’s not as sweet as a pet name
  • He feel quite weird about calling you with a sweet and loving name
  • When he does give you a pet name -which is rare- it’s “love”


  • He sort of don’t mind them
  • But… He’s really strong, and feared, and calm… and he suddenly have a soft cute little name. He will never get used to it
  • “fear me I’m am the darkness, I am -
  • “- a soft little birb”
  • “DANG IT Y/N”
  • He’s not really fond of calling people with pet names. Like, he only agree to remember their name if they can be interesting…
  • But from time to time, when he’s in a good mood and the sun is aligned to others planets he’ll call you with them
  • Something among the lines of “love” “darling”

In case y’all were interested in suffering, headcanon that the pic of Gabe used for the magazine cover was a candid that Jack took. As Overwatch started falling apart, and data was leaked that was one of the pictures that got leaked and it blew up all over the media. Imagine Gabe coming back from a months long mission, exhausted and angry that he keeps making sacrifices for Overwatch and Jack only to see his face plastered on every news channel and article he can find. All of a sudden Blackwatch are villains, even though Gabe knows they’re the ones who have been making the real sacrifices to keep people safe. Jack doesn’t do a thing to clear it up, he doesn’t try and defend Blackwatch and when Gabe confronts him about it Jack tells him that it’s his Ops, it’s on him. Gabe starts trying to trace back the first thing that led to the media firestorm against Blackwatch and finds the picture of him looking over his shoulder. He knows there’s only one person who had ever seen or had access to that photo. That’s the tipping point that leads to the Swiss Incident. 

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AyaHina: How do you think they first met? What were their opinions on each other then?

I mean technically we’ve been given their first meeting already, but I do like thinking of more hcs based on this. 

I’d like to think Ayato’s annoyance didn’t just vanish like that. I mean, she brings up his sister and we all know that’s a sore topic for him. She can’t kill, she can’t fight, she has a really strong kagune but she doesn’t know how to use it. But I think deep down, their first meeting was already more positive for him because the first thing she did when she saw him was to laugh and smile. Ayato’s been in a negative environment for so long and Aogiri is a place where no one really cares about him but then there’s this girl who’s first instinct is to smile and look so happy to see him, even though she probably already know what kind of a person he is. 

Also, this scene happens in Ayato’s flashback, which means we’re looking at it through his lenses– just look at the lighting behind her. It’s like he just discovered a new ray of light in his life. When Hinami looks up at him with a smile, she sets herself differently from everyone else that probably fears or detests him. He changed a lot from their meeting to now. It’s like Hinami being around him made him remember what it’s like to be loved and be treated with kindness. Hinami’s been through shit with humans, just like he had, but she never lost a single ounce of her own kindness and she can’t even bring herself to hurt those who hurt her. It’s probably this realization that leads him to slowly start regaining his own kindness her had buried in him and get over his fear of openly caring about others. 

We’ve never really seen Hinami’s perspectives from when they were younger but I think she’ll get used to him really easily. In a way, Ayato’s a lot like both Touka and Kaneki– he looks like Touka and he’s violent and ruthless like Shironeki. They’re the people Hinami cares the most about after her parents were killed because they protected her and took care of her, which Ayato does as well when they’re in Aogiri. I’m sure he’s harsh with her but I think Hinami sees through all that tsundere bullshit he always pulls. Touka’s never harsh with Hinami but Hinami’s seen her with Kaneki and I bet when Ayato snaps at her or anything, she probably knows what’s going on. 

In the novel Hinami comments on how Ayato used to be a lot harsher and how he’s quite cold but she knows he cares for her. She stresses over him and she wants to help him out and stop being a burden to him, just like she wanted when she was with Touka and Kaneki, which is why I really think he’s as important to her as they are. So he can be all asshole and rude with her but she’ll probably just see through it from day one.

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I guess I'm the unpopular opinion'er here but I love a slow burn for romance. i looove the pace you're going at and not to mention your edits are BEAUTIFUL. I'm always in awe when I see a new post for you and frequently check for new ones. 💕

Unpopular opinion, haha!

I wanted a slower pace one; because I have done the fast pace in the past and two; I wanted to take my time so there was more pay off when things like the confession, and first kiss happen. It is even slower with these posts that have “no story progression” which I am just learning everyone really dislikes. Which is news to me! I think I will kick up the pace a little bit but not too much. I am surely not going back to the quickness of Wedlia. I am just going to do what feels right to me.

Honestly thank you so much, I am really happy you like my edits! Wish I posted more often honestly. 

i keep seeing ppl categories rosa diaz as a slytherin but i think she is very much a gryffindor (this is coming from a slytherin who selfishly would love rosa in my house) but as a slytherin you’re ‘resourceful’ idk but rosa usually distroys/threatens things/people in anger before she takes the time to become truly resourceful. you’re ‘cunning’ rosa is direct not so much cunning. 'ambition’ idk she doesn’t even write things down cause she’d rather forget things like a cool person. 'Determination’ yeah, that one I’ll give her. she’s determined to hold a grudge or determined to punch a bitch! “Self-Preservation” meh it’s not like she throws anyone under a bus to save herself. she’s kinda neutral on this one. 'cleverness’ nah, she runs on emotion. she’s not one to cleverly make a comeback or make a well derived plan. (btw gina fills all these traits, she’s a slytherin)

but for gryffindor: 'Bravery’ hell yeah! she’s literally the tact team leader. ready to bust a door down or bound up a wall without fear of getting shot or falling. 'Nerve’ rosa is practically all nerve when it comes to being prepared for dangerous situations. 'Chivalry’ not so strong on this one. Jake’s got her beat in this category. 'Courage’ yup! even when she’s scared of expressing emotions, as soon as someone calls her on it (because it’s weakness) she deals with her fear head on. 'Daring’ she literally told the captain that him and his husband need to bone.

in conclusion, i believe that rosa is a gryffindor.

7 Minutes in heaven - Harald

AU Mini Series - prologue

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“Ooh look who we have here.” Your friends cheer and you already assume the worst before you even see your professor walking around the corner. 
Your university was quite relaxed and it was not that uncommon to have students and professors living together in one of the fraternity houses. 
“You can’t be serious!” You hiss just before both of you are grabbed and stuffed into one of the rather large storage rooms. 
Here it was. The most embarrassing thing that had happened in your student life so far. You had a class with the man first thing in the morning, for fucks sake. 
“I’m very sorry, professor Finehair.” You mumble, looking down on your feet to avoid even more awkwardness. 
The fact that he honoured his name by looking fine as hell did not help and he really didn’t need to see you blushing like a twelve-year-old schoolgirl. 
He starts laughing, a quiet chuckle leaving his lips, “Oh don’t worry, I’m used to it by now. You know…I wish I had read your paper already. At least we’d have something to discuss for the next 7 minutes this way.” 
It’s your turn to laugh now and you take a quick look at him, testing the waters, “I’m sure we’ll figure something else out to pass the time.” 
No. Big mistake. He was still hot and licking his lips now, which made you realise how stupidly suggestive your last sentence was without even intending it. 
“I’m sure we will…” 
He steps a bit closer to you, hand coming up to brush against your cheek. Your way too shocked to even attempt to move away, not that you wanted to. 
You don’t move away at his touch, so he brings his hand behind your neck to pull you closer. Your body melts against his chest, his warmth and breath on your skin making you dizzy. 
When his lips finally brush yours, you moan against his mouth. Your hands wander to his beautiful long hair, experimentally tugging at it. He groans, his grip tightening while his kisses get more passionate. He drags your bottom lip through his teeth, hands squeezing every body part they can reach. 
He pulls back, just before the door opens, giving you a little smirk and wink, “See you tomorrow.” 
He looked practically unfazed by any of this as he exited the room, while you looked like you had just gotten back from a drunken night out in the club.

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As you said, there are so many things wrong in the new episode. What irked me most was the kage summit omission ( it signifies the seriousness of the problem) and Sasuke leaving without confronting either Sakura or Sasuke. He is not a man to leave his child and wife without even a proper goodbye! Though I liked the moments bw Sakura & Sarada after she punches shin, for SP it's like one step forward and five steps backwards.

I’ve decided to see anything produced by SP (and possibly by Ikemoto) as nothing more than bad fanfiction.

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do you really think sm is going to make a chinese, japanese, other country groups? because the way i see it is that sm is pretty content on just 127 and dream ( not even U sadly)

I mean there was political issues for a while but now that they’re clearing up, I think the units will pick up. Plus the fact we have 2 units established is good. If the next unit isn’t NCT U or a new unit then I’ll be confused but for now let’s wait and see because SM marketed something bigger than he’s currently done and one thing SM is the best at, is marketing and group concepts💕🌹

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writing a a/b/o thing and i need some info on how 'abuse' would happen. i know its dark, but i just wanted your opinion. if you wanted to reply. short summery: omega was dating an alpha, hes preggers, alpha thinks he owns the omega cause of this, omegas friends come into the picture.

Hello hello! Best of luck on your writing!!

  • Is the omega Carrying the this Alpha’s child? Even so a Child doesn’t mean Ownership!
  • Alpha may dip into mental and emotional abusing the Omega. Verbal and physical. 
  • I can see the Alpha threatening to hurt the Omega if they ever leave, and taking away the child. 
  • Saying that they own the Omega, that this child makes things even more permanent. 
  • Forcing the Omega to stay home, never leaving the house without them. 
  • Thus the Omega builds up a fear of  doing things on their own.
  • Guilt tripping the Omega into never ending the dating/courting. Saying things like “no one would want used goods” or “only someone like you would date someone like me” things like that.