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do you ever feel embarrassed or anxious about posting your work? i'm just starting out as far as illustration goes and I want to put myself out there but i'm also aware that i'm a beginner and not that good yet & i don't want people to laugh at me :/ lol

a aah I do. all the time, even now, seconds after posting something. the cycle mostly goes like this:

- finish artwork
- looks neat! ready to upload!
- no wait there are 1994783 mistakes
- correct
- OK now time to upload
- upload looks great now so fab
- 15 sec after “shit why did I even post this haha no one cares and I just found another 2883 mistakes”
- BUT!!! I keep telling myself that to be honest it’s ME who shouldn’t care about how many notes it gets, it even depends on the time you upload, whether there’s a big hype of the fandom right now etc. No one will laugh at you (if they do they’re huge asses and most probably can’t do better).
But /you/ are trying to get better, and it already takes a lot of courage to even just put yourself and your art out there. So that deserves respect, and isn’t smth to laugh about (again, if someone does, let me whoop their ass)!
My art wasn’t really great (in my point of view) either when I first started uploading here. And I barely got notes. But I just continued bc I drew for myself and it’s fun! so just go!! for! itttt!!!! 👊💥💥💥

      ✂  (  out of fabric   ) .  I meant to address this yesterday but never got around to it, so here goes: From here on out, I’m going to be   MUCH MORE CAREFUL   about who I choose to follow   &&   interact with after some recent events. Personally, I don’t appreciate being lied to, cheated, used as nothing more than a follower count number   &&   standing up for someone while having a falling out with another friend for the sake of said person. My anxiety has seriously shot up because of this whole debacle, so from now own, I’m mostly going to be keeping my interactions between my friends   &&   those who I at least know aren’t some backstabbing, catfishing lowlife. I will be updating my rules later when I get home from work, so there is that to look out for. 

               Good day, everyone. Thank you for taking the time to read this if you did.

Different Worlds

Ricky horror x reader


You and Ricky sat on the couch, his warm, tatted arms wrapped around your sniffling frame. You give a sneeze, your tissue barely able there in time, and whimper unhappily.

You had the worst cold imaginable.

You’d had it for a few days now, this roaring head cold that nothing was helping.

You especially hated the fact you were sick the one week he was on break from touring with the band. It seemed almost cruel for the first time in weeks that you got to see each other without a crowded tour bus or screaming fans, you were sick and you could barely be around each other.

Well, you shouldn’t be around each other.

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jimmy junior being the result of a one night stand and jimmy pesto senior suddenly having this baby to take care of is so important to me

like he takes full custody and suddenly he’s babyproofing his bachelor pad because shit the kid was just bor and i didn’t know he existed but i guESS HE LIVES HERE NOW WHOOPS

“shit i probably can’t have booze lying around. i have a ton of open sockets wtf do i do about that… what do babies eat??? milk??? candy??? do my windows even lock??? i don’t think they do shIT”

and this baby cries a lot and doesn’t eat right (lisps can effect swallowing) and poor jimmy is at the end of his rope like why won’t this child eat anything without spitting it back up???

and doesn’t his neighbor across the way have a kid about his age??? how does he do it??? and he gets some baby help from the belchers and he never really says it but he’s really grateful 

finally things get into a kind of routine and jimmy gets a bit more confident and feels aright because like his son is doing okay everything will be fine he’s a toddler now he has a weird interest in dancing and a lisp but he’s happy and healthy so all is good

then there’s a knock on the door and that cute blonde from about a year back has twins in her arms and jimmy sr just kind screams internally

okay so. you have two guys

one of them is a little older, 25ish, but his real age is a little bit of a mess. just like his life is, to be honest. he made a lot of bad decisions and he’s learning how to deal with the consequences, and some days it’s easier than others, but he’s trying. he’s working on it.

you see, he’s a werewolf, and his ex girlfriend was a werewolf hunter, and she burned his house and family down to get revenge on him. that leaves scars on people, no matter what

and because of that he sort of got off tracks and did a lot of bad things that weren’t meant to be bad things, but then ended up bad anyway. it’s not easy. but step by step he’s trying to better again

then there is the other guy

he’s seventeen, a high school student, and his life hasn’t been easy either. you know, high school in itself is already pretty hard, especially if you’re one of the outcasts, one of the not popular kids. when all you want is to keep your grades up and play lacrosse, when there’s only one parent to raise you, the other one being gone. it’s hard to deal with that alone, and on top of everything he got sucked into the world of werewolves without wanting to be there. it all happened accidentally, on a dark night where he and his best friend were looking for a dead body

at that moment it seemed cool, interesting. now it’s not anymore. now both he and said friend rolled into a world they didn’t wanna be part of, and they’re stuck there 

at first, he didn’t like the older guy. he said so a few times – which was understandable, because the other guy was sort of a dick to him. wasn’t very kind. growled a lot. threatened him a few times. so yeah, to say he wasn’t very happy being around him is an understatement

but the things is, people change. situations change. and after being forced to work together a few times, they start to understand each other

they’ve both grown up a lot. the youger guy doesn’t see the older one as a bad guy anymore, nor is the older still threatening the younger. he sees him as the person he is: a strong, loyal, caring person who wants to help people in any way he can. someone who’s fiercly protective. and he admires that in him, decides he wants to help him as well. offers him advice and his own loyalty

the dislike they may have had in the beginning has changed into some kind of fondness, into caring about each other. they’re not angry anymore, instead have put their past aside to work towards something better, to work towards being better together

maybe towards being together, in the future, because they fit together so well and care about each other a lot. they trust each other, in a “i’m here for you no matter what” kind of way. they understand each other. imagine what could happen if they grow even closer, when they open up completely to one another, when like turns into like like and even more 

and if you agree on all that, then


you like scerek

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You're really lucky to have so many people caring for you;;; I'm kinda jelly haha;; Btw the corset can be found cheaper / more worth it on ebay?

I’ll admit I am really lucky.  But hey maybe that’s not all luck there. Some hard work too? I’ve been submitting art for around 7 years now that I think about it. Way back in deviantart where my following first started….

I am lucky by the fact that people still care to see how I do. Still want more out of me, even though I figure people would get tired of my stuff…. Oh mygod.