no one escapes cidhna mine

Minor Skyrim Spoilers

Guard: You’re never going to see the sun again, you hear me? No one escapes Cidhna Mine. No one.

Me: No one? No one escapes?

Guard: Yes. That’s what I said.

Me: So, if I were to, say, break open this cell door that leads to this tunnel that leads through the old ruins of Markarth and into the city, then I wasn’t imprisoned in Cidhna Mine, right?

Guard: Err…

Me: Because you said no one escapes Cidhna Mine, so the fact that I just escaped means that couldn’t possibly have been Cidhna Mine, right?

Guard: Um-

Me: Because no one escapes Cidhna Mine, right?

Guard: ALRIGHT ALRIGHT FINE no lollygaggin’.