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Getting a glimpse of what Fifth Harmony looks and sounds like as a four piece on stage last night was very promising. The harmonies, the solo distribution, and the arrangements were already so much better and it was only their first real performance...

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How do ambulances get through insane amounts of traffic? Like, Los Angeles/New York/Houston-Texas-at-rush-hour-gridlock-on-IH-10-with-shoulder-lanes-full-of-debris traffic? Especially with patients in critical condition who maybe weren't in critical enough condition to justify a helicopter ride. Do ambulances ever have to go off-road or hop curbs if the shoulders are too messy to drive on?

The short answer is, we get stuck in traffic like everybody else. Medics and EMTs will do our best to get around traffic, but if it’s gridlocked, it’s gridlocked. Nobody can move over because there’s no space to move over.

Also, there’s a phenomenon that will repeatedly happen where 99% of the people pull to the right and one idiot pulls over to the left, completely blocking our way, and then get very confused when we keep hitting the air horn telling them to just move forward. It’s extremely frustrating. I actually asked for a reassignment away from my city center in part because driving lights and sirens in bumper-to-bumper traffic was making me tense and agitated all the time. (I then transferred to a high-crime, low-income area and my patients’ acuity stresses me out, so it’s a trade-off…)

Generally speaking, when traffic is that bad I personally try to stick to large streets (where there might be more room), and especially to two-way streets without a physical divider, because I can zig and zag across the double yellow to make use of road space.

There’s actually an interesting mindset shift. Before EMS, I thought of a double yellow as a wall. Now I simply see it as paint on the road, a suggestion that I am not bound to (if I need to get somewhere while at work). Similarly, we can go the wrong way down a one-way street if we need to.

Highways can sometimes be better than surface streets, because if there is a shoulder, we can abuse it; even if it’s a half-lane shoulder on the left side of the road, we can generally get people in the left lane to squeeze closer to cars in the middle lane and give us enough room to invent a lane on the far left. But that’s not always possible, especially on elevated highways that were built on the cheap with limited (or no) shoulders.

As for surface street driving, sidewalks may seem like a good idea, but they’re usually rife with obstacles like telephone poles, lampposts, street trees, or pedestrians. Street signs that a car would slip right under might smack an ambulance as it goes past; the same with awnings and overhangs.

So typically we simply do what we have to do, put our heads down, push as much as we can, accept what we cannot change. The medic attending the patient will do what they can for them, and often times for critically ill people we try to get a second unit (so that two medics can take care of the patient while an EMT from a separate crew drives the vehicle).

One thing to understand about critical patients dying en route to hospitals: most of them were going to die anyway, no matter what we did. We’ll do what we can for them, but in the end many were beyond saving to begin with, no matter how quickly they got to a hospital.And it can be extremely frustrating to have someone crash on you, even if you know they’re going t

I hope this helps your storytelling!

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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we resell burritos and they expire on Saturdays so every Friday we throw out or eat old ones & the new shipment arrives on Mondays. Very rarely, we will miss one that expired and someone will grab it to buy. If that happens we give them a new one for free and ask if they'd also like the old one for free (as theyre typically fine past the sell-by dates). But sometimes this is not enough for them and they insist on complaining to the boss. I don't get it. what else do you want. mistakes happen...

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What's the issue with NISA? I'm unaware.

They have a shitty habit of forcing memes and jokes that aren’t present into their scripts.

They have on more than one occasion totally 180′d a character’s personality through shit localization.

They lowball for their english dubs and hire rando youtubers and general incompetents

Multiple games they’ve localized have had game-crashing bugs that were not present in any version of the game other than the one they touched.

They don’t proof read their scripts so they’re generally riddled with typos and punctuation and grammar errors

And that’s not even getting into the weirdness with their Danganronpa work, I don’t follow that series so someone else can cover that.

Oh man, the things artists have to deal with.

Common issue #1, those who value and price art as much as a bulk-buy piece of gum.

Common issue #2, those who think the skill of creating art is just to serve others, and values the skill no different than breathing.

Common issue #3, those who think stealing one’s works is perfectly legal. Or assumes it’s not stealing at all.

Common issue #4, those who think their own emotions are worth anything more, compared to the emotions of others. Or believes it’s any excuse to break any rules/laws.

Common issue #5, the artists that let those above get away with it, and therefore allowing those behaviors in the community to grow. “I’m fine with it, it doesn’t effect anyone else”, is pretty much the issue summed up.

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You’re good at irritating Jungkook, but he’s just as good at revenge

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Wow okay, never in a million years did I ever believe that I would reach 600 followers! I am grateful to each and every one of you who have helped me reach this milestone! Honestly, I love you all so much!

Instead of the usual name every follower here who I admire etc, I am going to make this a giveaway instead! I never really done one of these before so I hope that this will be okay orz
ANYWAY let’s get to business, shall we??


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  • 1st: A customized theme using this theme including a background, and some icons and a mobile header to match the theme.
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Good luck, and again thank you for the following! I hope to see you all soon!

"I only want to be your friend...."

When I met him at a friend’s place, I was very attracted to him. We struck up a conversation, and he really seemed interested in me. My birthday was coming up, and he took me out for a nice dinner and a movie. We had a couple more get-togethers and he called me a lot. He told me he found me very attractive. But then…we went out one night and were sitting at an outdoor table at a coffee shop and suddenly he started talking about someone else he was seeing, had been dating all along. I looked at him. “But….aren’t we dating?” I asked. “I thought…you took me out for my birthday and all that….you said you were attracted to me, and I’m attracted to you…”

He looked at me with shock, and I realized that he hadn’t thought of our evenings together as dates, just friendly get-togethers. He touched my hand. “I only want to be your friend…” he said. I couldn’t say anything, I was so embarrassed and depressed. I was angry at him for leading me on and angry with myself for assuming too much and I started to cry. I grabbed my stuff, sobbed out an apology, and ran.

I had to see him the next night at a party, where I snapped something bitterly to another friend in front of him about people who led other people on. People wondered what was going on.

There were more back-and-forths….he told others that he had freaked out when I told him I was attracted to him, and claimed he’d never told me he was attracted to me, but I know damn well he said it. The person he’d been dating (who he later broke up with) told me he sent very mixed signals and that I wasn’t to blame, but I still kicked myself for getting too much into it. A long time later he apologized for leading me on, that he didn’t mean to, and I believe him.

Our paths cross once in a while; I barely recognize him these days. He’s with someone else, married for years. We just nod at each other uncomfortably, if we acknowledge each other at all. It was a brief thing; I remember it less for him and more for just hating myself for being so overeager and not seeing the signs. The feelings I had that night, sitting that that outdoor table while people walking by, tears rolling from my eyes while he looked at me with pity, will always haunt me.

if you get nothing else out of the Q&A that appeared today, just notice the genuine love and enthusiasm these men regard the original stories. 

The Garridebs scene alone proves that there’s something more going on underneath the surface; they wouldn’t butcher the one moment in canon where Sherlock formally addresses his love and affection for John without the intention to later fix it


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Theo Raeken x Reader 

Request :  Hey! If it’s not too much trouble, could I request a jealous/protective Theo? Maybe like the reader likes Theo but thinks he likes someone else/deserves better, so they back off and eventually try to move on with someone else (despite still loving Theo) and he gets really jealous? Thank you so much 😊❤ ((sorry if that’s too specific))

Warnings : cursing , violence , blood , Jealous!Theo 

     Look at him the bad boy of the high school , the one who haves all the girls at his foots , with his over confident attitude and all the charm . He’s flirting with one of the cheerleaders , he’s totally into her so how could you have a chance at him when he didn’t even knew that you existed , or maybe he knew but just when he needed someone to do his homework at chemistry , this was Theo Raeken , your crush or maybe the one that you fell in love with . He was always in the circle of the attention when you was always hiding , staying at distance from the other students so how would he notice you when you never went to sit with others , when you didn’t knew how it felt to be the center of someones attention . You opened you locker and took a step back making one of the popular girls to stumble over you .

     “ Watch where you’re going !” She said trying to regain her stance . She was hideous , with her blond dyed hair , the lips covered in a lot of pink lipstick , her disagreeable make up , and her fake boobs almost bursting out from the blouse that was looking like another layer of skin on her body . She was looking in a mirror trying to apply more make up when she stumbled over me .

     “ Maybe you should stop looking into a mirror and try to make yourself look like a clown and look where you’re going !” I said and all the people in the hallways cheered , she wasn’t really their favorite . She took a breath in making her boobs pop out even more then she turned around defeated and went on her way .

     All the others in the hallway gave me a high-five as they were somehow happier now that someone humiliated the bitch . Your eyes scanned the hallways and got stuck into Theos eyes who was watching you but soon he went back to talk to the girl with long legs and perfect body who stood next to him .

     You sighed defeated , you’ll never have him so you should just move on and stop caring about him , stop loving him but you never imagined that it will be so hard to move on , to give up on all your feeling and to leave all that Theo Raeken meant behind . Theo anyways worthed someone better so it was a good choice to let him live his life without you in it .

     Will was holding your hand as you stood at the same table with him and his friends , you was bored , Will and his friends were talking only about football and it was driving you crazy , you felt someones eyes on the back of your neck and tore your gaze from the book in your hands to search the person whom was looking at you . And then it hit you Theo was shooting galres full of hate and disgust at your boyfriend but when his gaze meet your his eyes softened , only to be covered in anger again when Will leaned in and kissed your neck . Theo slammed his bag on the ground next to Scotts table and sat down just glaring at you and at your new boyfriend and talking when someone asked him something .

     “ She doesn’t even likes him ! Why the hell is she with him ? Her heartbeat never goes wild when he’s around , not even her chemo-signals don’t show that she likes that stupid pup but she’s with him !” Theo almost yelled as he sat at the table next to Scott and the others .

     “ What are you talking about ?” Lydia asked before she followed Theos gaze , she saw you looking at him and it was clear to her what was going on. “ Theo why don’t you try to talk with her , maybe she likes you to.” Lydia suggested but Theo frowned , he was to angry to listen to someone .

     Will pinned you against a tree his lips pressed to your neck as he had an excessively tight grip on your hips . He bit on your skin making you yelp as it hurt a lot .

     “ Will stop !” you softly whispered but he didn’t done it , instead his eyes glowed an amber color and his canines elongated and you knew that he was a werewolf , he growled at you but before he could sink his canines in you he stopped , his eyes widening and losing their color a drop of blood falling from his mouth , then he lost his grip on you and fell on the ground to reveal Theo whom was sitting in Wills back , claws out and covered i blood , he moved his head to the side then he opened his eyes looking at you .

     “ Mine .” he said pinning you against the tree and kissing you lips softly . “ You are only mine .” he whispered before he kissed you again .

Writing/drawing/story telling idea

A story making game idea for both.artist and writers? BC it’s currently 4am here… ((of all time to get strange and.weird ideas))

Someone (either artist or writer) starts a story but with a cliff hanger.
Then they post it for someone else to continue, who would respond with a cliff hanger ending as well.

The goal is to make the game as long as possible

Ofcourse, the fandom will be just one. They can use other fandom characters as well as an extra or smth even OCs but the main fandom’s characters must still be the main focus.

The reply type can be in any format. Novella style, doujinshi style, webcomic style, rp style (with those icons and stuff), light novel style, or anything at all! It can even be a mix of a doujin and novella! You’re free to experiment!

Also, anyone can join!starting artists / writers , old or young, anyone!

Just keep up the goal to make the story go on for as long as you can!


There’s this one relationship (not as in ‘dated’ but as in.. idk what) that was important to me for six years, that basically no one knows about. I think four? people know of it, and i’d hazard maybe one of them every had an idea of its importance to me.

It’s a very strange feeling. Like, four-ish years later I still have weird complicated feelings about this relationship, and I’m still very sad that it ended without closure, and there’s no one else who has any kind of context for those feelings. I’m not sure even if I explained it to someone else they’d get it. Either take it too seriously or not seriously enough.

I kinda want Lance’s family to be the kind of family where no ones both straight and cis and they joke about it constantly

Like you know those friendship groups and siblings that do that?  I just really want that Lance to come from a family like that and once he starts considering the team family he just starts doing that again

Like he’ll introduce Hunk as his Straight Friend, and Hunk’s used to it because he knows Lance’s family but everyone else is so confused

Or he’ll be like ‘I miss my sister, i didn’t even get tell her Bye Bi’

Or Hunk and Shay are together and being cutesy and Pidge teases them about PDA and Lance’s follow up is like ‘straight people’ in a jokngly scournful voice

And i just really want the team to be so confused by all this because they could’ve sworn Lance was straight????  Eventually someone confronts him and Lance is like ‘huh, i didnt even realize. also i’m bi man, did you guys not know?’

No one else

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Raphael Santiago x Reader

Request :  Hey 😊 Could you do a reader x Raphael where the reader lets another vampire drink some of her blood to help him heal after being seriously hurt and Raphael gets super jealous? Thank you!!

Warnings : blood , Jealous!Raphael 

     “ Come on it’s okay I know you won’t hurt me .” you said to the vampire laying on the sofa as he was really pale and he lost a lot of blood as he was hurt by a seelie blade . You put your wrist on his lips and he showed his fangs before burying them in your soft flesh , he was to hurt to survive if he didn’t got some blood soon and since nobody was here you knew that you was his only hope so you let him drink from your blood , his fangs releasing a little bit of venom in your body making you forget about the pain and to concentrate at his eyes . He pulled apart after a few gulps as his body already got stronger and he didn’t needed blood anymore . 

     “ Thank you .” he kissed your forehead before going out to mind his own business .

     How dare she let another vampire drink her blood , she doesn’t know that if she’s mine no one else is allowed to drink from her , it’s our rules , our law , the only important rule that the vampires have and she still steps on it . Raphael thought as he saw you letting the vampire to drink from your blood ,he was jealous and angry , you wasn’t supposed to let some one else to touch you , to drink from you , to see your true face , you was his , only his and he was going to make sure that you stood that way . He let you recover from the bite before he came to see you .

     “ So did something that I should know about happen today ?” Raphael asked as he just entered in the room that he shared with you and saw you looking at yourself in the mirror .

    “ No nothing at all .” you divulged and walked to him , you wanted to kiss him but he pulled apart , looking very angry and holding something in his eyes that you couldn’t put the point on .

     “ What happened ?” you asked hurt by his rejection , it wasn’t usual for Raphael to refuse your kiss , either to pull apart from you and he really seemed off today thing that got you worried . You wanted to know what’s going on with the man \ vampire in which you put all your trust .

     “ I saw you .” he mumbled under his breath and you heard him but you didn’t knew what he was talking about . It was confusing to see him acting like this around you .

     “ What ?” your confused voice broke the silence , Raphael looked at you an angry look on his face .

     “ I saw you when you let that vampire to drink from you .” Raphael confessed ad you looked at him even more confused , what the hell was wrong with that .

     “ And what’s wrong with that Raphael ? I haven’t done nothing wrong .” you yelled looking at him as you couldn’t control your anger . Raphael twisted his head head as he was really angry and didn’t wanted to take out his rage on you . 

     “ What’s wrong ? You broke our law , you’re mine , you aren’t supposed to let someone else drink from you ,” he informed pulling you closer to him “ I’m the only one who’s allowed to taste your blood and to get in your head , no one else (Y/N) but you just let that vamp to drink from you when you knew very well that you’re only mine . I don’t want someone else so close to you , I don’t want someone to touch you in that way , I don’t want someone else to sink his fangs on your body , I don’t want someone else to drink from you . You are mine . Mine and no one elses .” Raphael affirmed in a strange tone which made you feel amused . A giggle left your lips and Raphael looked at you a strange grin on his face .

     “ This is serious (Y/N) ! Or do you think that our relationship is a joke ?” Raphael asked but it sounded more like a demand . You giggled even harder .

     “ Sorry but it’s to funny to see you jealous ! I wouldn’t have done that if it wasn’t a critic situation . He was hurt by a seelie blade ad you know how hard that wounds heal . He lost a lot of blood till he arrived him and I couldn’t just stay and watch him die again .” you confessed approaching Raphael “ I’m only your Raphael , always and forever .” You put a hand on Raphaels cheek and brought him closer to you . “ I’ll always be just yours .” You whispered against his lips before you kissed his lips . Raphael wrapped his arms around your middle pressing your bodies together . You titled your head to the side and let Raphael to sink his fangs in the skin of your neck . He smelled your skin before sinking the canines into you and drinking slowly as you gave into the feeling adoring the protective way in which he held you against his body .

I was thinking about Amethyst while eating hashbrowns and something came to me. On multiple occasions Amethyst is shown to known as much about the war and Homeworld as Steven sometimes, obviously knowing a little more but still kept in the dark. Its fair that Rose, Garnet, and Pearl wouldn’t really want to tell her these things, given that they’re touchy subjects and not entirely relevant now that everything appears to be over. But Amethyst DOES show that she gets upset when she learns about these things (she gets upset when told shes defective and also a little upset know one told her about Bismuth). But for some reason that isn’t really acknowledged? There is never a moment where she confronts Garnet and Pearl to see what else they’re hiding from her. Its possible Amethyst is different from Steven in that sense, upset but not focused on the fact shes in the dark but rather the information she learns in the first place.
Anyway I think its interesting that Steven and Amethyst are often kept in the dark about the war and Homeworld but go about this differently.

About Sean and Michelle

Something’s been bugging me a little since the latest episode of Endless Summer. I know there are people that ship Sean and Michelle together- which is totally cool; I love that the fandom is so diverse 😏.
Sean has a great personality and Michelle sort of grows on you the more you get to know her - but I can’t support a pairing when one person cheats on the other.
Cheating is never okay. If you’re frustrated with your partner - you voice your opinion, you take a break or you find someone else because you aren’t happy. But what you shouldn’t do is cheat on them. You committed into a monogamous relationship. And cheating means you’ve given up on that and you’re too absorb about how you feel to keep thinking about the other person.

As usual, this is strictly just my opinion 😔. It’s the liberal in me 😒.

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Any tips & resources for how to focus on the "right" thing? My friend says that even with medication he will find ways to avoid doing work.

Yeah, self-discipline is still a thing we have to work to develop. It’s a skill that we don’t learn when other people do because our brains don’t learn it. Which means that there aren’t really any tricks beyond just sitting down and doing it. (Which really sucks.)

One thing I do suggest that does occasionally work is to just start with one tiny step, like writing your name on the page or reading one sentence or answering one question. Often that gets you started and you just keep going. If that doesn’t work, you just do one little thing, take a five-minute ACTIVE break, then come back and do one little thing. Repeat until done or it’s time to do something else, like sleep or eat.


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Maybe it's good this shitshow is happening right now. There's about 6-7 months to get over it, move on and people might still be able to enjoy the show when it comes back on. Maybe. If anyone is still around that is.

Pretend that planet Earth is the Outlander Fandom. Those fans who have paid attention to the Sam Cait Chemistry Mystery occupy the Island of Molokai. Shippers run one small B&B on the island.

How much do the folks of Molokai impact life for everyone else on planet Earth? I’ll tell ya. So little that it was deemed a great location to exile lepers.

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I love seeing ur post with Keith being on his period, because I'm questioning my gender and very seldomly get my period anymore due to an eating disorder I've had just over four years, and seeing healthy trans characters just? Means a lot? Like I hated my period until I stopped getting it and realized how unhealthy I was. I'm here for the happy, healthy trans characters

i’m so glad that it meant something positive for you!! i really hope you are able to recover, just take it one day at a time. questioning your gender is a big, scary concept to face, but try not to fret too much about it. just try to take care of yourself and everything else will come in time, okay?

when you feel bad just think about keith grabbin some space advil and punching bad galra robots JUST GETTIN SHIT DONE!! do your best, i have confidence in you!