no one else is like that

Although most of you lost yours, we made some wonderful new memories together, didn’t we?

Thank you for the memories RuneFa! 

Happy 10th anniversary~

Once upon a time there was an Elephant named Ruby. He was the meanest elephant in the whole neighborhood. Like trip you on purpose even though we’re not even friends mean. No one else in the neighborhood liked him, except Janet. Janet felt like there was more to Ruby’s meanness. She thought it was because he was insecure about something. Something big. Something she was going to find out. One day while Ruby wasn’t home Janet snuck into his house. For some reason she thought this would be a great idea. Why she thought breaking and entering would crack the mystery of Ruby is beyond me. But she did and she searched everywhere. She wasn’t sure what she was looking for, but she kept looking. Then she finally found a latch on the floor under a rug that opens a secret compartment. This was definitely not what she was expecting. A diary or journal maybe. But no, she found Ruby’s secret lair. She thought to herself “who tf has a secret lair?”. She shrugged, popped the latch, and went further exploring. Then she saw it. Something she couldn’t unsee. Something so vile and embarrassing that she couldn’t believe Ruby had it is his possession. Framed and illuminated by a single light bulb flickering from the ceiling was AN EMBARRASING SNAPSHOT OF SPONGEBOB AT THE CHRISTMAS PARTY! The end

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I’m taking another one and….. these are all valid translations that I’ve seen used in scanlations etc what is the deal here cmon

Update: this quiz includes the games i will Fail it

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is it bad to like dirkjake? like i know it was was kinda abusive, but i ship it from the standpoint of "hey they didn't really work out, but if they just talked things out it could have been ok" i just dont want to be the person with abusive ships.

I don’t agree with those people who say you can’t ship dirkjake unless you’re xyz because 1) it forces people to reveal information about themselves they might not want to for the judgement of others 2) there are many people who were abusers or abused who do not yet realize they were abusive/abused who can identity and learn from this ship 3) I don’t find it productive. 

What I find productive is the ability to have discussions about the problematic aspects of a ship that analyzes and informs. To me, it’s doesn’t matter whether or not you ship it, but how much you understand about what is abuse. Does the narrative acknowledge the harm Dirk did? Or if your purposefully making a story about abuse, do you avoid romanticizing it in a way that make it seem okay? Or, if it’s an AU where supposedly abuse isn’t involved, does it actually avoid abusive actions? There are tons of abusive things many people romanticize without realizing (i.e. 50 shades of NOPE). Understanding this can lead to more awareness that is not limited to just dirkjake, which is my real goal.

So for this reason, I find people who yell at others to stop shipping something unproductive, even though I do understand and feel the deep pain this anger stems from too. At the same time, it needs to be said that those who hide behind blinds of “it’s just a headcanon” are no better. If you need to lie to yourself to ship something, find a different ship.

So no, it’s not bad to like it, just don’t try to kid yourself into thinking it’s all peaches and cream.

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and the fucking guilt mixed w/ fear when you made a mistake like broke some glass and it feels like you disappointed everyone you know and you try to hide it bc you don't want them to shout at you or punish you and then you get anxious they will notice and life in fear for the next months all because of the one fucking thing you did wrong. fucking psychoterror or whatever thats called

that is one of the W O R S T.

it gets to the point where i feel guilty for attempting to take care of myself and do activities i find enjoyable because all i can imagine is me somehow being punished for not being constantly productive for someone else and when i’m at my worst i feel like i cannot do anything at all and just let my health rot which then causes me to not be able to effectively do anything for anyone let alone myself.

protip: don’t make your kids ever feel like this because it takes years and years of hard work to begin to make it go away and for things to feel ok again.

for @wivesosluke and @malumshighlight domestic!5sos blurb night 

“Hey babe!” Luke shouted from the kitchen, waving his hand over the abundance of steam overflowing from the silver pot, when he heard the door open then close again and the quiet patter of your feet across the hardwood floor. Without seeing your face or hearing your voice he knew it was you, but that might have just been that no one else would entering his home at this hour.

“Hey!” You shouted from the hallway, the vision of your husband in the kitchen entering your sight with a couple more steps. You shrugged your jacket off your shoulder, dropping it on the couch along with your purse. You walked into the kitchen, coming up behind Luke as he stirred a wooden spoon through the pot on the stove in front of him. Your arms snaked around his waist and squeezed gently, a grin forming on his face as you kissed his shoulder. 

“How was work?” Luke asked. 

“It was fine, happy to be home now. How was your day?” You slid your arms back around him so you could lean against the counter next to him while you watch his eyes concentrating hard on the concoction is was stirring, tiny beads of sweat decorated the outline of his nose from the exposure of the hot steam. 

“It was good! I found a new recipe for baby back ribs that sounded really good so i’ve been marinating it for hours. I was just about to put them on the grill.” He smiled, very pleased and excited about his cooking for the night. You loved when he got like this: his eyes would light up, his cheek blush faintly and the dimple in his cheek would begin to appear. You loved seeing your husband love what he did all day. It made you love him even more. 

“Ew, dad we’re having ribs?” Your eldest daughter scoffed as she emerged into the kitchen, her phone in hand and her hand on her hip. 

“What’s wrong with ribs?” Luke asked her, his eyes shooting up to meet his 12-year-old’s disapproving ones. 

“A poor, helpless animal had to die just to be stuck in a bag for hours then thrown onto a flame. There’s much more humane ways to eat food.” She explained

Luke sighed, chuckling softly. “Are you a vegetarian again?” He asked slightly impatient, having had to deal with this same question about 5 times in the past year. He loved his daughters enthusiasm and passion, but he also would have loved a bit more warning. 

“Duh.” She replied as she went back to tapping away at her phone. 

Luke turned his head to you, pouting his lips ever so gently. “Will you eat my ribs? I worked very hard on them.” 

You laughed, bringing your hand up to the top of his ear to softly brush out the tiny wisps of blonde hair. 

“Of course honey.” You smiled, leaning forward to plant a kiss on his lips. When you pulled away, Luke was smiling like a cheesy kid who was just told he could have sweets before dinner. 

“Thanks sweetheart.” 

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Sam said, and I quote : "I think if me and Caitriona were together we wouldn't say. Why would you? In this industry we give away so much of ourselves anyway" So you have it folks. Nothing else matters. He could have said if he was with someone he wouldn't say but he said "Caitriona." Sure, he said it because many were wondering about his r/ship status with her but he could have been generic about it and said "if I was with anyone...I wouldn't say." He had Cait on his brain. Always. And Forever.

YEP. They’ve also both had endless opportunities, like that one, to say they were with other people but neither of them have ever said that. They’ve only ever referenced each other, if that. Sam is either single or possibly dating Cait while Cait is not single but won’t say who she’s dating. HMMM. 

the hayloft

Shortly after midnight, Reggie knew he wasn’t going to be sleeping easily. He abandoned bed, pulled on a pair of jeans and kicked on some shoes and headed out for a walk. The one thing he liked about home more than, well, home, was the quiet, clear nights. But a quick walk turned into a long walk, turned into something else. And suddenly, he needed not to be alone, so he texted his little sister. He’d ended up in the hayloft, a favourite hangout of his when he was younger. She’d know where he’d be up there, at least, so he wasn’t worried about that. He just hadn’t wanted to wake up anyone else because he was having a bad night.

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Say, Cherry... Do you know how Blue found the juju in the first place? 'Cause I sure don't. Sounds like a great story to tell!

“AW MAAAAN This is a pretty good story!! Sugarberry told me all about it!!! So like, get this, apparently this bigger than average lollipop appeared out of thin air!! SO, he said that the urge to lick it was IRRESISTIBLE!! Literally, he couldn’t stop himself!! And Bada bing Bada BOOM!!! He’s became the happiest skeleton ever!!! There was also this one human that came from else where and-” He continues to ramble on, talking about this one pink haired human who visits from time to time.

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Hi! I'm looking for a doc where Phil goes to a super fancy school and his dad is like the head administrator or something similar so Phil got a really big room and a maid. His other maid had to leave so Dan was hired. Phil hated him at first and Dan got them in trouble at one point do all of Phil's friends hated him too? Phil felt bad and started to be nice to Dan again. I don't remember anything else after that. Could you help?

Imagine Living Like A King Someday - Phil is a boarding school student, and he has pretty much everything. His dad owns the school, he’s pretty popular, has the best room, gets all the best treatment – he’s the King. Dan is a cleaner/phil’s personal maid there, and he isn’t as lucky. Some students are assholes to Dan, including Phil at first.

- Sam

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Hi there! So my main character, a secret agent, is an abnormally intelligent girl. She's the best her agency has ever seen, and just in general crazy observant/analytical. I'm writing the story in first person...but as I would not consider myself as intellectually strong as she, how should I write for her without sounding like she is all knowing/not leaving any mystery for the reader? She definitely has obstacles and challenges throughout the story, but still. Thank you so much!

The first thought that came to mind was to read a Sherlock book. Sherlock is known for being that kind of crazy analytically intelligent but he still has to work to solve some mysteries. Don’t just read the book, really study how the author makes Sherlock work as a character. If nothing else try watch one of the many film/TV incarnations.

I also found an article written by the screenwriter of The Imitation Game, Graham Moore, called How to Write About Characters Who Are Smarter Than You. It’s definitely worth the read but to summarize the point, you have to treat the character’s intelligence the same way you treat a mystery. All the pieces of the puzzle have to be out and available to the reader but it’s only put together into a solution by the character. This way the audience feels like they had the same data to use, the same fair shot, nothing thrown in just for the hell of it, but the character was the only one smart enough to make sense of it. Your character is analytical so she would be able to see the same thing that everyone else sees but make the connection to other pieces of information. She isn’t all knowing, she knows the same thing we all do, she’s just better at figuring out what it means, even if it takes a little more research or evidence to put it together.

Cardcaptor Sakura: Black Cat Sakura 

The other picture I’ve known of for years & also sourced from the 20th Anniversary art book, this time Sakura-chan is black kitty. This also happens to be one of my favorite costumes of her from the series. In fact, I even own a doll with this costume. None else can make super cute and stylish cat girls like CLAMP does, am I right or am I right? Right. Another one for “Cat Month” and the opposite of White Cat Sakura.

If re-posting please credit to “flowermiko” at Tumblr or Twitter. DO NOT UPLOAD TO ZEROCHAN. Thank you and enjoy!

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hey i hope im not overstepping my bounds or anything but I just wanted to say that i grew up in a family like that, where the punishments were severe for little infractions, and I know how hard it is and the fear you must live in and I'm really sorry that you have to go through it

it is really stressful and has fucked up my perception of what is actually a harmful mistake vs a normal human flaw.

especially when i have to deal with situations of being treated really fucking awfully and seeing no one else getting similar “punishment” for doing things that are objectively worse or things that i’d get ripped apart for.

which explains why, at a young age, i developed this inferiority complex where if i’m not perfectly accommodating, even to people who directly harm me, i’m somehow living fetid waste that deserves whatever happens next.

i’ve gotten over most of my inferiority issues but then this happens yet again within the same family and i feel the same old panic set in over things as mundane as a dirty fork amidst a couple dozen clean dishes i just washed by hand. because they’ve gotten so used to expecting me to be a perfect tool and i’ve never had a way to actually distance myself.

this panel… haunts me

Rememeber when c*ssie clare would try to lowkey throw shade at the writers of the show and write little snippy comments about how she had nothing to do with the show (i think she did that because she thought that show was gonna flop and didn’t wanna be held responsible or get hate if it did) and now Mcg is sitting on a throne of support and they show couldn’t be better and its 100x better than the books and now she pretends like the show doesn’t exist why is she so problematic and angry who did her wrong