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#Bucky setting Steve's ringtone for him as Ice Ice Baby and Steve refusing to kiss him for being such a jackass#Bucky making his ringtone for Sam Surfin Bird and thinking it was the funniest shit every time Sam called him / THIS IS MODERN A R T

Noe, there are many reasons that I love you, but the fact that you appreciate my tags more than anyone else is definitely up there on the list ♥

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I'd love it if you could do a post about them finding out that MC is a professional dancer c: I've always been stumped by the "what do you do" questions when the only options are student and office worker... (and I'm in the middle of doing a bunch of auditions right now, and could use some encouragement ^^;) If you do this, thank you!!

(I’m really sorry but I’m going to be super lazy for this one and just slightly reword this because I think it would mostly be the same!)


  • he’s SO EXCITED
  • like holy shit he can’t wait to come and see you
  • when he comes and watches for the first time his heart stops
  • like it just…..stops
  • because you’re so beautiful
  • no one else exists but you
  • he finds it so cool and he begs you to teach him some moves!!
  • but he’s absolutely hopeless and so you end up just pissing about and having the best time ever


  • instant turn on
  • can’t quite believe it until he catches you practicing one day
  • he just stands there in the door watching as you leap around and man he is so in love
  • no wonder you have such a good body
  • you just look so free
  • he makes sure to take photos of you dancing because it’s one of the best things he’s ever seen
  • he’s a pretty good dancer too, so at some point you’ll probably try dancing together and it’ll be amazing
  • but the way you move just ends up stirring the beast something inside him
  • so you both end up on top of each other on the floor


  • she adores it
  • goes to every single one of your competitions and makes sure to watch as many of your practices as possible
  • she records them all on tv too so she can watch you whenever she wants
  • it calms her down when she’s stressed
  • she starts watching them more than she watches zen’s musicals
  • but she’d never admit it
  • and when you try and convince her to dance with you she absolutely refuses
  • so you give her a lapdance instead


  • this is a man who appreciates beauty
  • he already adores your beauty anyway, and to find out you’re a dancer is just incredible
  • when he sees you perform for the first time he forgets how to breathe
  • you come over to him afterwards and his face melts into a smile you’ve never seen before
  • he kisses you so passionately you can’t breathe properly for a few minutes
  • he would fund you as much as you allowed him to so that you could further your career
  • he loves seeing you so happy and beautiful and free


  • he can’t quite believe how he’s managed to get someone so amazing to date him??
  • like?? how??
  • he’s usually busy while you have a competition but he’ll make sure to be streaming it online as he works 
  • he usually ends up sinning instead of working
  • he’ll come and watch you practice as much as possible because holy fuck you are beautiful
  • the way you move your body just drives him c r a z y
  • DAMAGE 9999

Think of designing a game like drawing a blueprint for a bicycle. It seems easy, since your brain assures you you know exactly what a bicycle should look like. Well, it turns out your brain was glossing over a lot of missing parts. Instead of a working bike, you draw an unspeakable contraption that could only be used to castrate steampunkers. That might be fun and useful, but it’s not what you intended, and it’s almost impossible to market. So you keep erasing, redrawing, learning new things, and inventing new parts until it’s morphed into an awesome bike-like monstrosity that will change the way people shit their pants around bikes. By the way, while you were doing all that, everyone else just traced an old drawing of a bicycle on the way to the bike-making store. I don’t know why I’m wrestling with this metaphor when one image can illustrate what I’m trying to say.

In Calculords, my idea was to use math, the hated school subject, to send your armies into battle. At the time, there was no real way to know if that was fun or not, so I built a clutzy board game version to test it. This is called “paper prototyping,” and it’s like learning to kiss with a puppet – anyone with magic inside them can do it, but it only kind of works. So I spent hundreds of hours drawing space monsters on blank cards while an objectively more successful game designer spent 40 seconds drawing Hulk Hogan’s face on Flappy Bird and got his game approved by the App Store.

5 Things You Learn When Making A Modern Video Game

Okay but like, can we please have more Alex brotp moments with the Floor 19 inmates in the next book? Like, I’d really like some more Alex and Halfborn moments and I’d love to see Alex and T.J. moments and Alex and Mallory moments.

Just, Alex and Floor 19 brotp please

i think i love elephants so much because they look like fucking nothing else that is alive.
giraffe? tall horse
kangaroo? big ol bunny
but what the fuck looks like an elephant. name me one animal that looks like an elephant.

I’m about over my evangelical friends acting like they have to vote for Trump because if Hillary wins she’ll appoint Pro-choice Supreme Court judges and then everyone in the whole wide world will suddenly have a zillion more abortions. I am pro-life, but that is just not a realistic prospect. The people who decide to have an abortion are not going to care all that much who’s in office when they do that, and as it stands it’s much more a state issue than anything else. Voting for a lying charlatan on that one issue is ridiculous, especially since his previous behavior suggests that he is not trustworthy or consistent on the issue of life (or anything else for that matter).

Anyways long story short I don’t think everything namjoon says is sexual because he’s a really deep person, if you wanna message me about fucking peaches and cream rethink that because I’m tired of it AS I SAID IN RHE VERY FIRST POST also BELIEVE WHAT YOU WABT TO I NEVER SAID SNHONE HAD TO LISTEN TO ME TO BEHIB WITH BECAUSE I KNOW EVERYONE WANTS TO THINK IT MEANS WHATEVER

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“you’re hogging the blankets!” (moonlitheiress)

The spirit king grumbled for a moment, shooting his sister a dirty look. For half a second he pulled the blankets closer to him spitefully

After half a second, he sighed and relented to the younger demon. He pushed the blankets towards her with a huff. “….You’re lucky that I’m the nice brother.” he insisted, rolling his eyes. If it wasn’t so important to be thought of as better than his older brothers, he wouldn’t be so generous.

“The charismatic star of the Netflix hit Stranger Things earned raves for his portrayal of nerd-hero Dustin, who—like Matarazzo—speaks with a lisp, a condition rarely seen onscreen. (Matarazzo was born with a mild case of cleidocranial dysplasia, which stalled the development of his teeth.) But instead of shying away, he seized the opportunity to speak out. And he’s since become, as he puts it, the voice of a “one-in-a-million” condition, and an advocate for self-acceptance. “People tell me I’m like everybody else, but people who have [cleidocranial dysplasia] know they’re different,” he says. “I want them to know there’s no problem being different.” —Ashley Hoffman

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Heya~ May I ask for Xanxus, Squalo, Mukuro, Byakuran and Hibari falling for someone who acts tough but is actually trying to hide that they are really sweet and love cute stuff and romance? Headcanons are fine~


  • His jaw almost dropped when he saw your room full of soft pillows and posters of various movies and tv shows and more than one stuffed animal.  He was full on expecting a punching bag, maybe a shelf of liquor and tough shit.  
  • He was surprisingly okay with this though.  So long as you acted tough and scared everyone else off, he could deal with your soft, sweet side.  Though it was going to remain a secret.


  • He’s seen more confusing and contradicting things in his life than someone who acted tough but was actually a marshmallow.  Hell, Luss was the exact opposite, acting sweet and sparkly then killing someone with no remorse.  So it wasn’t like it was that hard to deal with.
  • Was slightly concerned when you saw his box animal and immediately wanted to pet it.  He struggled thinking if that was badass or adorable or crazy or some combo of all three.


  • Was kinda turned on with it.  He loves learning about the duality of people and to see you in a more vulnerable state that is truer to yourself, he was very okay with it.  It showed you trusted him.  But it also made him question why you would try to act tough.
  • It was always a fun little secret for him, seeing you act all tough but knowing how you really are, it was something he could covet.  Something he knew that no one else did.


  • He thought it was really cute.  He loved seeing you act all sweet around animals and people close to you.  It was a nice break from the mafia toughness. 
  • He teases you about it constantly though.  And will until his very last breath.  Expect his last words to be some for m of teasing about it.


  • He was fully prepared to call you a carnivore until he saw you cuddling with Rolls and Hibird.  You were too cute to be considered a Carnivore at that point.  Omnivore maybe.  
  • He was confused.  He couldn’t understand why you would act tough when you were really sweet.  He asked you several times but still didn’t understand the process.  To him, you could not be both tough and cute/sweet.  it was one or the other.  Boy did you open up his world.


The city looks beautiful from up here. The river sparkles as it flows under the bridges and light reflects off the millions of windows. In a city filled with this many people, his face has been seen by nearly every one of them on subway billboards, on tv programs, in magazines and movies. Still more know him all around the world. Not a single one knows you, though, except for him. He sits over this city like a prince in his kingdom and while you are anonymous to everyone else, to him you are no less than a queen. His eyes follow you through a crowd as he waits to meet you backstage. He offers a warm hand and coffee when you finish with your schedules for the day. He kneels at your side as he kisses up your body as darkness settles around your room. For now, you are just for him to adore.

- Admin J

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How would Cliff feel about questions about his injury, for book research? I've been thinking about restarting an old project. I completely understand if he says no, especially because he's not done with recovery yet. Lots of love!

You’d have to ask him directly. I’m going to be honest with you - sometimes he’s up for it, but most of the time he’s not. It’s not pleasant for him to discuss. It’s kinda like, “hey, wanna sit around discussing the worst day of your life along with the subsequent torture you’ve experienced for three years?” It’s not a fun time. 

That said, if he says no, I can probably answer your questions. I was his caregiver, I was there for everything. And it’s a lot easier for me to talk about, since I’m not the one who feels the physical pain.

SIDE NOTE: to everyone else reading this, this is not an invitation to bombard me with questions about Cliff’s back. I hate answering the same questions over and over again about his injury. This is a special circumstance because it’s for novel research. I respect any writer who is thoughtful enough to thoroughly research the topics they’re writing about, and I’m happy to help with that. But I’m not happy to appease your curiosity. Thank you for understanding. 

mm it seems like ive been hallucinating more often lately ?? ig ill have to bring it up w my psych

Just thought I’d post an honest selfie! So many pictures are edited with filters, good lighting and make up. Even this is flattering as my skin is awful! For some reason for the last 4 weeks my skin has been the worst its ever been, I’ve gained a ton of weight despite not eating more than normal, my hair just hasn’t been growing for months and I’ve had a horrible chest infection and just felt really bad about myself. But physical appearance really isn’t a big deal! I mentioned to my flat mates how much weight I’d gained and they said they hadn’t noticed, one of my flat mates always flirts with me even if I look like this (fresh out the shower wearing pyjamas which are way too tight on me). We are our biggest critics. Every day for years I’ve stood in front of the mirror in the morning to see if my thighs touch and felt happy if they don’t. No one else cares. At all. It’s just me. In these 4 weeks I’ve kissed 6 different guys on nights out and while male approval isn’t an aim this just goes to show that not everyone sees what you see. No matter how ugly I feel there are so many other important things to worry about. I’d rather be kind and friendly and caring than have a thigh gap and a flat stomach and I need to remember that.

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40, 27, Cassian

Sleep + Cassian 

Cassian can totally sleep literally anywhere. I think it’s a holdover from being an army commander and learning to sleep while training/out on campaign. You grab whatever you can whenever you can and you’re not fussy about the how, when, or where of it. Cassian is also totally the one that falls asleep first at parties and stuff. Everyone else will be chilling meanwhile Cassian is chilling and is snoozing happily in the corner. He always grumbles at the others for not waking him so he could join in again. But they know better. You do not wake Cassian for anything less than fire or war. And even then you take your chances. He’s not a happy bat at being woken before he was good and ready. 

Memory + Cassian 

I feel like Cassian is kind of…the most sentimental about memory of the group? If this was a modern AU Cass is definitely the one with the camera at every single event that they go to taking hundreds and hundreds of pictures and he has them all carefully arranged and organised so he can find them again later. He’s definitely the one that remembers things in canon ‘verse though. He has stories about everyone and about everything and he remembers all these little details and moments that no-one else does. That combined with the fact that he’s a good storyteller means that the others sometimes enjoy just kicking back and letting him talk over their family dinners because it’s invariably entertaining and he can almost always help bring the group together with a little bit of nostalgic bonding. 

send me a character and a number and I’ll write you a headcanon

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I'm reading on a Larrie blog now and they think they're being hit over the head that it's Louis house -how can they think like this? They were the ones that cared enough to look for the information. It always surprises me how self-involved they are and that they think everyone care as much as they do. No one else would think he had two houses, one private and one public and if we find out about it than it must be the public one because celebrities can always control what gets out

I mean there are Larries who thought Austin wore a Ronaldo shirt because of their brief obsession into fetishizing Ronaldo’s sex life. They thought a ten year old child was revolving his wardrobe and passion about football around their own sexual fetishes, seriously. 

They thought Danielle playing with Louis’s sisters new dogs was a way for management to insult and hurt them specifically, because the day before they’d spoken about how cute those dogs are. Imagine a management company doing that. Imagine Louis allowing that to happen. Imagine anyone on this planet giving a shit about Larrie’s being jealous over who touches someone’s pet dogs. Real grown people in the world trying to schedule this shit into their lives to rile the Larries.

They believe all of them live their lives as some type of hostage performance art piece directed for them to see.

Whenever we see a shot of Danielle which proves she’s connected to Louis’s home or to his family or to him, they claim it was done deliberately for them to see. Which seems pointless as what are they trying to prove? Who is caring about these things besides them? Why would anyone bother with this shit when they know Larries won’t care and that 10 people besides would have ever noticed anyway? But they think they’re that important that people have to schedule their lives around what the Larries will see today. 

The way Larries condition this unhealthy ego of themselves into the fandom is disturbing.


I just couldn’t jump straight back into another TV show, I needed to take a break. I’d had one job for five years and no time to do anything else. I just wanted to go home and see family and to ‘job’ again. I wanted to feel the nervousness of meeting and working with different people again and feeling what that was like.

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How does one stop comparing their writing to someone else's? I just read an amazing fic by someone and now I'm having doubts about my own because I know I'm not nearly as good as they are.

Well, there’s nothing wrong with comparison. Actually, I think comparison makes you a better writer. See something you like in another person’s writing? Poetic descriptions, witty dialogue, new vocab? File it away: you can experiment with it later. 

The problem about comparison only comes if you’re assigning judgment to it. 

“I can’t write descriptions like this person, why do I bother?” or “this person’s dialogue is way more in character than mine, why do I bother?”, etc. 

It’s important to always remember this one thing: even if someone is a better writer than you in every single circumstance, that doesn’t mean that no one will enjoy your writing, that it’s not good in its own right, and that you should be ashamed of it. It also doesn’t mean that they will always be a better writer than you, either. Writing is an exercise in constant personal improvement - you will get better with practice. 

Your writing has value, and it doesn’t lose value just because you’ve decided someone is a better writer than you. Remember that <3

Don’t stop comparing your writing. Stop judging that comparison and thinking it has anything to do with the value of your own work. 

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It seems to me that the warrior cats, their names are like a title more than anything else? I think warriors call their parents by their names like how a child in a school would still call their parent sir or miss in a professional setting because mom or dad is too personal? Squirrel and Leaf calling Firestar by his title is respect, even though they are his daughters and such.

You know, that’s actually a really good point. The warriors don’t even use nicknames (for the most part). It’s entirely possible that you’re right. 

Which, if that’s the case, one point for the Hunters. That’s an extremely fascinating idea for a world like this. 

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Hello! I'm sorry to send a random ask all of a sudden, but is My Candy Love running slowly for you, too? ;-; It's been reeeeally laggy ever since Episode 32 came out. It takes a good 20 to 30 seconds for a page to load. I'm not even able to click on the doors... or the Memo game? I'm very confused... I even tried clearing my cache. Is this a problem for anyone else as well? Thank you for your time. ^^;;

I think most are experiencing this problem as well. (It’s like that for me right now), I was waiting for the Event to come online this morning (4:00am my time). Since most normal people are asleep at this time, there was very few Candygirls on MCL and it was moving smoothly. The more people online (especially during an Event or new Episode) the more it lags. Its just the server can’t handle so many requests at one time. Wait until later when fewer people are on; or you just have to live with the lag. :/