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in my fandom youth, livejournal was a big thing and there was a community called 31-days where the goal was to challenge oneself to write something short for each day of the month, and users would submit theme lists each month

because i’m me i was never able to do more than one or two every few months, if that… but because me is also pretentious, i also liked these better than standard one word prompts or kisses or w/e

for example, the list for August 2011:

1. the dying of a small god within you

2. these small yet significant orbits in the language of desire.

3. I hope for a passion that could shatter illusions.

4. regret, that other form of hope

5. emptiness, boredom, an indifferent sky

6. sleeping the sleep of stones

7. all my life I’ve been a stranger to myself

8. the celebrated strangeness of another

9. following the rise and fall of another land.

10. I put my mouth on yours

11. your breathing changed as you kissed me in your sleep

12. things need not have happened to be true

13. tales and dreams are the shadow-truths that will endure when mere facts are dust and ashes, and forgot.

14. and we lie: ‘I’ll never leave you.’

15. your heart is made of steel

16. these inconvenient fireworks

17. in front of me, a stranger talks.

18. I stir fire into the bones of the dead.

19. this place called absence

20. the heart’s memory

21. two solitudes come nearer, recognize and protect and comfort each other.

22. here is no I or you

23. when she was alone, she kissed leaves

24. the kind of touch that means something too simple to say

25. how nice–to feel nothing, and still get full credit for being alive.

26. we are nothing but a bit of dust and shadow

27. full dark, no stars

28. if you’re so dead, why are your eyes so bright?

29. in the discorruption of flesh

30. in the middle of winter I at last discovered that there was in me an invincible summer

31. floating away in every direction

original post with notes and sources found here:

if these inspire anyone then :)

“moist” is such an awful word. I think “moist” is pretty much the universal “THIS WORD SUCKS” word. 

And you know what else is a horrible word? “Panties.” Like, how can you hear the word panties and not picture some creepyass motherfucker drooling and whispering it under his breath. 
Even worse is when stores like Victoria’s Secret singularize the word “panties” and have ads that say “BUY ONE PANTY AND GET ANOTHER PANTY FOR HALF OFF” like no bitch how about a big fucking no

ugh moist. ugh panties. what a horrible language this is. 

when the levee breaks

by words_on_pages

And then there was Styles. They lived in the same cell but ironically, unlike everyone else, he never said shit to Louis, never so much as touched him. In fact, back in their cell he ignored Louis so completely it was like he didn’t even exist. But during meal time, yard- time, showering; green eyes always watched him.

Words: 4064, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

via AO3 works tagged ‘Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson’
  • Choir director:wear red for Pentecost
  • Me:I don't own anything red

lucariolover87 asked:

I really understand Amethyst when she says she "has a system". I can't stand people cleaning my room, cuz it may look like a disaster area to YOU, but I know where everything is & when you come in here moving my shit around, I can't find my stuff.

I can’t stand looking at super messy rooms, makes me antsy haha. I’d never muck around with people’s stuff though, I hate when people move my stuff (or honestly any stuff) because in my experience they never remember where they moved it and now its lost forever. If you’re not going to remember where you put something, don’t move the thing, because now no one else can find it

108 Word Ficlet (S1): Learning to Trust

Regina poured bourbon into a glass, brought it to her lips and set it down loudly untouched.  He could have died!

In her agitated state she thought of Henry trapped in the mine shaft, his oxygen depleting, and his surroundings cold and dank.

She saved him.  Emma Swan had saved him.  Fate was cruel and unkind.  This was supposed to be her happy ending, but she still felt something was missing.  She had Henry, what else did she need?

Trust and confidence in someone.  She trusted Emma, like no one before, to give her what she wanted.  She was confident Emma would save their son and she did.


When I first read the idea for the 108 word ficlets, I could not help but feel immense SWEN pride.  This was such a fabulous idea and what makes it even more so is that it will be acted upon and carried out.  I must have missed a post here and there because I don’t know what the significance is of the number 108.

Emma saving Henry from the mine is one of my favorite scenes from Season 1.  There was so much going on in that episode.  The change that was happening.  The trust and faith Regina had in Emma to save Henry.  The way they worked together.  Regina showing that when it came to her son, she could be reasonable; she agreed that fighting wasn’t going to solve anything and Regina and Emma came together and were on the same side.

And there was the scene with Regina’s forward movement as if she was going to kiss Emma that no one can explain, but was just so intense, it pretty much made everyone else in the background disappear for just a brief moment and there was only Regina and Emma.  Emma and Regina.

Just to clarify: I do not HATE Theon. I don’t particularly like him (this has been the case since season 1), but he certainly doesn’t deserve all the shit that’s happened to him. There aren’t many people that do deserve that. I hope he can be free of Ramsay, and I hope that Sansa is the one to kill Ramsay and free both herself and Theon and anyone else under the Bolton’s cruelty. That being said, yes I am pissed about Theon not helping Sansa. (AND YES I KNOW HE’S AN ABUSE VICTIM WITH REALLY BAD STOCKHOLM SYNDROME AND IS BROKEN AF AND IT MAKES ME REAL SAD AT TIMES BUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN I CAN’T BE UPSET ABOUT WHAT’S HAPPENED TO SANSA AND IT DOESN’T MEAN I CAN’T BE UPSET THAT HE DIDN’T HELP HER SINCE IT NOT ONLY WOULD HAVE HELPED HER BUT HIM AS WELL.) 


subordinxte ||

Bruce supposed he was lucky.

Which was funny, because absolutely no one else in the same situation would see it that way.  He’d been caught unawares, alone and at a moment where he had nowhere important to be.  He wouldn’t be missed, not immediately, and no innocent civilians would get involved.  That was lucky by his definition.

He also supposed he was lucky that the men with guns were ones he recognized from Two-Face’s gang.  He hadn’t done anything to piss Harvey off, not as Bruce Wayne at least, so more than likely these boys were on orders to keep him alive.

The man eyed the gun pointed at him warily, allowing just a tinge of fear to creep into his smile, “I wasn’t expecting an entourage.  I’m sure we can come to a peaceful agreement about whatever it is I did, fellas.”  

i’m lonely

all the time

i was surrounded by so many people today but i felt like i was being pushed into a corner and the one who was pushing me was me

i put myself in this corner of isolation

sometimes i like it 

my corner

i like it

but then i hit a wall

this isn’t poetry it isn’t something beautiful

i want to be in the crowd 

i want to feel wanted

but i know i’ll never get that

because if i’m not pushing myself into the corner someone else is


This is my version of Nuri, one of catastrophx‘s OC’s.

Sorry it isn’t that great, it’s either 12 or 1 [idek] 30 A.M, so I’m a little tired but still decided to draw her because practice, and Ive never drawn a character like this before.

Anyways, I hope you like it c:

[P.S. to everyone aside from catastrophx; Do not repost or use Nuri anywhere else unless you have BOTH my permission for the drawing and Becca’s permission, if the seldom chance occurs.]

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I like how you automatically assume people are jealous of you. There could be something else. You brag about everything, no one gives a shit that your on the pill or that your boyfriend has gone away for awhile, or that your mom won't let you drive her car. Get over yourself, you think you're so great but in all honesty you're just as normal and boring as the rest of us.

Oh hey, did you not notice that this is MY blog?? And I can post whatever the hell I want?? ALSO!! There is an unfollow button!! WOAH! NO WAY! Yes way. It’s there for anyone that doesn’t want to know anything about my personal life. There is absolutely no need to send hate.

Again I will repeat, this is MY blog, I (as well as thousands of others on here and other social media) will share whatever I want about my personal life.

Now bugger off. 😘😘

[No but tbh I feel so bad for azuraei because???
Kate has only shipped with me on her Sun before and Suns have it so easy with Blake because canon already did all the work of getting her used to him liking her
no one else has that, and no one whose first experience shipping with my blake was blacksun would ever have ANY REASON TO SUSPECT HOW DUMB AND IMPOSSIBLE BLAKE ACTUALLY IS]

3asfooora asked:

HEY <333

Haneen! alright I love your blog, like it gives of a chill, peaceful vibe. And you are always considering other peoples feelings, you care and always have  good words and duaas for people and the tip of your tongue and all tho you might be going through stuff, you try and cheer up everyone around. You’re like the sun in a gloomy day, brightening up everyone and making them feel good. And yo I need to come over some time bc omg you’re so good at baking!  MashAllah! You have a such a beautiful genuine heart wallai and i dont even understand why people send horrible message like tf why you out of all people not that any one else deserves that! You’re answers are funny! you have a great sense of humor lmaooo. I’m blessed to consider you as a friend tbh. MashAllah did i say how much i love your eyes,like they are srsly so beautiful mashAllah. Im going to cry bc i love you so much <33333  you are beautiful on the inside as well on the out side, May Allah always bless you <33


escapingsolitude asked:

What inspired you create Double Delight? She has a unique personality. Very creative!

[[Thank you very much! That’s very kind for you to say. ^_^]]

[[Double Delight was an OC that’s been sitting at the back burner in my mind for a long time. As a fan, I’ve always wanted a very cynical and obscene character in the MLP:FIM show. A flawed, complicated, angry, yet likable adult one that desperately seeks for adult like pleasures, and an answer to life they can live with. But can never be satisfied because they live in Equestira. To them they live in a overly bright, colorful, sanguine world in denial of it’s immaturity and instead of facing it’s many problems, it hides behind them with hyper inflated mush until someone else eventually fixes them.]]

[[In other words, Double Delight is PonyDuckman trapped living in a world Fluffly and Uranus fully created, and is slowly going crazy because of it.]]

[[Double Delight is also an partial extension of myself as well. I say partial, because she’s more akin to my ID, or impulsive aspects of my ego. She is, essentially speaking, my Blooregard Q. Kazoo.]]

[[Her personality, quirks, being a unicorn, her job as an artist, her family, and how she feels about the main characters were always there. The most trouble I had was actually her design and her name.]]

[[I’m not sure why, but for the life of me I couldn’t think of a color scheme I was satisfied with ((or that wasn’t already used by another OC)) and a name that I, as a pony could live with and both authentic with the names with the show. She was originally going to have a more art related name, but that was just another can of worms I couldn’t deal with.]]

[[Finally, during the time I was working on opening this blog. I was looking at the front page of my Facebook. Which had my favorite type of rose on it, a double delight. After thinking it over, I decided to use that very rose as a main source of inspiration for her appearance. After making a little Prototype, drawing an image based on the prototype, and color tweaking help from that pony maker made by the talented generalzoi. Double Maya Delight was born, and the rest is history.]]

[[Thank you again for the compliments and I hope this answers your question. I apologize if this ended up being a long post. ^^’]]

swagamemn0n replied to your post:also i love pete grosz and i’m so happy to see him…

i feel this on an intellectual critical level and also on a shipper trash when will dan and jonah interact again level

that too tbh. and i mean even overall it’s just like…. ugh… they aren’t interacting with anyone else and i understand the practical reasoning behind it but also it’s been two episodes where they only have conversations with each other and that’s so rare for this show, and it actually is highlighting their weaknesses as characters in a weird way? like, when they’re in scenes with other characters they’re better defined but dan/amy plots have always had this weird weakness of “they’re basically the same person except one of them is slightly meaner than the other” and that’s really coming out here, for some reason. the s3 stuff worked because they were actively trying to sabotage each other but as much as i love this dynamic in fic and will read/write all the “dan and amy team up to destroy america” there is, i am not really feeling it on the show itself.

clearly i’m overthinking but whoomp there it is

I got a cute hair cut the same day my life almost fell apart and I haven’t been in the mood to post a picture until now. I’ve grown in the past couple of days. Look forward and throw the negatives behind you. If life changes and you can’t fix it the way you want, adapt to it. Cherish the people remaining in your life. Love them like you’ve never loved them before and love yourself like no one else can.