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a post abt the new ghostbusters:
my 9yr old brother is highly obsessive, in that he finds one thing at a time to completely dedicate himself to and watch youtube videos for and use his allowance to buy toys for. this usually comes in phases, and they can circle around if new content comes out after he has found something else to latch onto.
he was super into ghostbusters back in february when he got a pack for lego dimensions (he was in an upswing obsession with that lol) and learned a whole lot about the movies and whatnot. when he heard a new movie was coming out, he was ecstatic, and quickly went back to wanting all of the new lego sets and even him building his own ecto-1 from the legos we had due to him not having enough money for the set. he has also made all 8 ghostbusters, jeanine, and kevin.
we saw it this past saturday, and he loved it. he even said he liked it more than the original (even though it was a lot scarier to him)
two things are important about what he said next.
1) he said “i’m happy there weren’t any weird kissing scenes like with dana and peter in the first one. i was kinda thinking they were going to make kevin kiss someone and i’m happy they didn’t.”
wow surprise, even young children don’t want unnecessary romance plots.
2) “why did so many say it was bad? on youtube so many people were saying this would suck.”
my mother and i looked at one another and i shrugged and was blunt with him, because he’s a smart boy, and he doesn’t have a malicious bone in his body. i explained what sexism was and how it was all sexist men who were angry at it because there weren’t any men ghostbusters.
to which aiden says “wait? no men? there’s already four. there weren’t any girl ghostbusters before, that’s why they made new ones, right?”

tldr: if a 9 year old boy is satisfied with his representation from the 80s and can thoroughly enjoy a movie because it was funny and there weren’t any kissing scenes, then the new gb opponents are honestly some nextlevel immature, because now we can’t even compare them to 12yr olds.

‘They say you can often find the Inquisitor in the gardens. They say he visits at least once a day. They say if you look closely and the sun’s in the right spot, you can see tears falling down his face.

They say this war has left no one untouched.

They say the Inquisitor is a hero, Andraste’s Herald, the one who will save us all. He is good and wise and clever. He is strong and untouchable.

They say this war has left no one untouched.

As he stands in the shadow of the monument built to remember those lost at Haven, the Inquisitor looks small. Though his face is cast in shadow, the Inquisitor looks sad. Most people give him a wide berth when he visits the monument.

They say he visits to remember why he fights. They say he’s there to honor all those who gave their lives that night. They say he does it for show.

The Inquisitor reaches out, running his fingers over the same spot he does every time he visits the monument. Tears twinkle in the orange light of the setting sun as they fall silently down his face. If you listen closely, you can hear him whispering.

They say it’s a prayer. They say it’s an apology. They say it’s a thank you.

I joined him one evening, wanting to know exactly why he visits every day.

I watched the Inquisitor reach out, running his fingers over a particular name carved into the stone. He whispered something I couldn’t understand, tears falling as they did each day. I asked him what he said, but the Inquisitor shook his head, wiping the tears away. “My brother knows.”

I looked at the name the Inquisitor had touched. 'Lukas Trevelyan’. The Inquisitor’s brother had given his life to protect a group of refugees at Haven…

They say this war has left no one untouched.
The Inquisitor has more than enough scars.’

–a note found in an open journal in the Skyhold gardens, regarding an encounter with Inquisitor Nicos Trevelyan

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marriedtoyoongi  asked:

Why would anyone hate you for asking us to send u requests oh my god ur the best????? Okay so taegi! Jealousy? A lol angsty but ofc happy ending! And with HAPPY ending I mean there has to be a make out session yes. And like forrealz jealousy like something like flirting with someone else? (ofc not really flirting but misunderstanding maybe) :) if I didn't misunderstand that post tho omf also me! I wanna be a friend 😂😂

OMYGOD! Believe it or not, (Well, you’d have to believe coz I’m actually fucking posting it) I finished writing your request! WTF?! I need to sleep! LOL Anyway, I hope you like this (unbeta-ed, partially edited mess. I’ll clean it up, I promise)

Note: Posted on AO3! HERE I don’t think it’s awesome enough to repost… but anyway… just please… don’t. THANKS! :)

Title: Stay

Word count: 3,852

Relationship: TaeGi, TaeJae

Characters: Yoongi, Taehyung, Minjae, Jimin (mentioned), Namjoon (mentioned), Hoseok (mentioned)

Rating: M - Mature content based on loads of swearing, violence (barely), make out scene that even nuns can read LOL, drinking

Summary: People handle jealousy differently but there is only one way to get past it and make each other stay.

“I think… I think Yoongi’s cheating on me.” Taehyung slurred, as he took one more shot. He seriously lost count after a few minutes, hours? Shit, he realized, he couldn’t even remember how long it has been since they entered this fucking bar.

“Yoongi? Cheating on you? With what? I mean who? How? Dude’s too fucking in love with you to even consider that shit. I mean look at you, fuck! Who wouldn’t be?” Minjae answered, barely even having the energy to lift his head from the table to respond.

“This things… things… Just you… you just know…” Taehyung raised his voice in an attempt to prove his point, cause he knew he had a point. He blinked a few times as his vision got blurry. He tried to rub his eyes and he felt the back of his hand get damp. Fuck? Was he actually crying?

Minjae lifted his head from the table when he realized that Taehyung was sobbing. His whole body was shaking as he hugged his legs closer to himself. Minjae immediately moved to sit beside his friend, bringing him into a tight embrace, rubbing Taehyung’s back as his breath started hitching.

“I can’t…. He just… He won’t…” Tae started, failing to form any complete sentences as he tried to catch his breath. Why won’t the tears stop? Tae wondered, as his body continued to shake harder under Minjae’s touch.

“SHhh…shhh…shhh” Minjae whispered into Tae’s ear as he tried to calm him down.

Taehyung felt his friend’s breath near his ear, sending tingly feelings up his spine. How long has it been since Yoongi held him like this? How long has it been since he felt secured and taken cared of?

Minjae used his thumb to wipe Tae’s tear and gently held his chin to lift Tae’s head up.

“Look at me. Look at me, Kim Taehyung.” Minjae said as he held Tae’s face in both his hands. “Anyone would be lucky to have you. And if Yoongi doesn’t realize this then he is being a stupid asshole, okay?”

Their faces were now inches away from each other and Taehyung can feel Minjae staring at his lips.

“No, he’s just…” Taehyung answered as he shook his head, backing off a few more inches for safety. He was breathing more evenly now, the close encounter sobbering him up a bit. “I barely see him. He has been staying in his studio for hours on end and I know for a fact that he isn’t alone.”

“He isn’t? Who is he with? You’re not jealous of Namjoon are you?”

“No! Fuck! Not Namjoon. That dude’s as straight as a plank.” Taehyung protested, pouring himself another shot of their neglected vodka, spilling some of the alcohol in the process.

“Nope, not Namjoon. Jimin.” Taehyung mumbled as he knocked back his head to take another shot.

“Ji who?”

“Ji… MIIIIINNNNN~~~” Taehyung dragged out, his eyes barely open. “Tiny ball of sunshine from the fucking Shire. Fluffy as fuck! Always beaming and happy with a fucking smile plastered on his fucking face! Fucking hobbit.”

Taehyung ended dramatically as he paused to pour himself another shot.

“Tae, Yoongi isn’t exactly tall either.” Minjae offered.

“Fucking… pay attention, Minjae! We aren’t talking about Yoongi! We… are talking… about Jimin.” Tae retorted, his hand waving his empty shot glass in the air.

“Yes. Jimin. okay.” Minjae conceded.

“Jimin” Tae repeated.

Minjae raised both his hands to show surrender, “Okay, Jimin.”

“Why the fuck do you keep saying his name!? You fucking him too? Shit! You all gang banging the dude?” Taehyung said loudly, making Minjae’s eyes open in surprise.

“Fuck. NO! Just… you were. Nevermind. Continue. So Ji…”

Taehyung glared at Minjae, daring him to finish what he was saying.

“Shit. Just calm the fuck down, Tae. Not saying his name. Noted. So this…  DUDE… has been hanging with Yoongi in his studio… to record? I suppose?” Minjae asked, his hand slowly moving towards the now nearly empty vodka bottle. He really needed another drink to process the whole thing, but seeing as Taehyung looked so determined to be plastered he knew one of them had to get sober.

“And I quote, ‘he has the voice of an angel’, end quote” Taehyung said sarcastically, as he made too many finger quotes.

“Who said? Yoongi?”

“No, fucking Hoseok. Who probably wants to fuck the hobbit too. Good news for you, you might just get your first orgy, dude.” Tipping the bottle he was now holding towards Minjae.

“How the fuck am I part of this? Anyway, have you even considered the possibility that he might just really be using his lips to sing and not to blow your boyfriend?”

“Just sing? Just? Have you seen my boyfriend?” Taehyung asked with pure shock in his voice.

“Pale skin, brooding eyes, I don’t give a shit aura? Yeah, I’ve heard of his work.” Minjae drawled as he took a sip of water. “Of course I know Yoongi, Tae.”

“Well… then you know he is fucking sex on legs.” Taehyung answered in a matter of factly tone, knocking back another shot as he felt like he made his point.

“Not my type.” Minjae murmured but Taehyung wasn’t paying attention.

“It’s just… it’s been weeks since we last had… well… sex. And I know Yoongi.” Tae said calmly. “We used to do it on a daily. But now? Now, he gets home, he falls asleep immediately, too tired to even respond to my questions about his day. He gets up, bathes, takes his coat, and leaves.”

Minjae just sat in silence, feeling that Taehyung wasn’t done with his story.

“One morning,” Tae started again, as he poured more alcohol in his shot glass. “I asked him to check the jean designs I made for this class. He told me he’d look at them after his bath. But then his phone rings and I heard him taking the call. He entered the other room and started whispering. I mean, why be sneaky and shit, right? So I tried to listen from the outside. And just… fuck… He sounded so sweet on the phone, praising and calming down whoever was on the other end of the call.” Taehyung paused as he looked at the shot he was about to take.

“He didn’t even bother to say goodbye. He just took his jacket and left while he was on the phone.” Taehyung felt his tears welling up again as he downed the shot he has been holding. “It was like I wasn’t even there. He just walked right past me.” He bit his lips in an attempt to stop the tears from falling but they fell anyway

“He has been so secretive and distant.” Silent tears were now rolling down his cheeks. “And I just miss him so much.” Taehyung almost whispers as he rests his head on Minjae’s shoulders.

“Shhh…. Tae… It’s going to be alright… shhhh.” Minjae said as he stroked Tae’s hair.

Tae looked up at him, the distance being too close for Minjae’s comfort. “I don’t want to lose him.” His drunk friend whispers as he looked at him straight in the eyes.

“I can’t lose him.” Taehyung mumbles as his head drops back on Minjae’s shoulders. “I can’t”

“You won’t lose him, Tae.” Minjae answered half-heartedly, knowing full well that he can’t make any promises for Yoongi. But he wasn’t around and Tae needed this right now.

Minutes passed as Minjae waited in silence as he felt Taehyung’s breathing even out.

Minjae somehow managed to pay their bill, hail themselves a cab, drag both their drunk asses to the elevator, and eventually throw Tae on the bed he shared with Yoongi. Funnily enough, the most difficult part was getting Tae to find his key to get them inside.

Once inside, Minjae thought it would be good for Tae if he washed him up and gave him a fresh pair of clothes.

“Good for you, dude. But bad, bad, idea for tipsy me.” Minjae said to himself. He knew the temptation would be too much and he wasn’t the type to take advantage of a vulnerable guy, no matter how in love he was with said vulnerable guy.

In the end, Minjae decided to just cover his friend with a blanket, making sure he was tucked in comfortably.

“Stay.” The voice came out so soft that Minjae thought he had just imagined it. He looked back at his friend, whose arms were out stretched, trying to reach out to him.

“Stay.” Taehyung repeated needily and it was too much for Minjae to ignore.

He slowly walked back to the bed where Taehyung was and held the hand reaching out to him. Minjae knew this was a bad idea but this was just too much for him to fight. Yoongi was being a stupid prick and Taehyung needed someone. Minjae thought that maybe tonight, just for tonight he could be that someone.

He moved to lie down on the bed, facing Taehyung whose arm was now draped across his waist.

“Yoongi.” Taehyung mumbled in his sleep and Minjae closed his eyes, trying to imagine his friend saying his name instead. He moved to try and lie comfortably but he felt Taehyung’s hold tighten when he did.

“Stay.” Tae whispered again as Minjae watched a tear roll down his sleeping friend’s face.

He wanted to wipe away the tears with his hand but they were trapped under Taehyung’s embrace at the moment, so Minjae did the only thing he felt he could do. He moved in closer and kissed the wet mark that the tear left.

“Yoongi.” He heard his friend whisper again as he felt a warm hand slowly cup his cheek, pulling him closer and Minjae could do nothing else but brace himself for the impact.

Taehyung’s hand was now on his nape, pushing him to deepen the kiss. The push was gentle but something more forceful was making Minjae move forward. Taehyung parted his lips, allowing Minjae to kiss his lower lip. He has always tried to imagine how wonderful this would feel but nothing has prepared him for this beautiful reality. Taehyung tasted like alcohol with a slight hint of his strawberry lip balm, and in spite of himself, Minjae wanted to taste it more. He slowly slid his tongue between Taehyung’s parted lips, licking every warm surface it touched upon its entry.

His freed hand was now placed on the other’s hip, pulling him closer. He had to stifle a moan as Taehyung started grinding slowly but the friction elicited a deep moan from Taehyung instead.  

“Fuck.” Minjae whispered breathily as he gasped for air, before diving back in. Taehyung’s hands maneuvered his head, enabling Minjae to explore more of Taehyung’s mouth, tongues touching and playing with each other.

This all felt too much and at the same time not enough for Minjae. He slowly moved his hands to feel Taehyung’s warm skin above his waistband, fingers slowly dipping lower as he felt himself getting harder against Tae’s thighs.

“Tae!” Minjae heard the familiar low, gravelly voice before he heard the door slamming against the wall.

Minjae scrambled to get away from Taehyung’s grasp and get as far away from him as possible.Heavy footsteps approached the bed.

“Mother Fucker!” Minjae felt the impact he did not see coming. His cheek throbbed and his neck creaked as the first blow hit him. He stumbled backward, losing his footing, barely sobered up brain not fully registering what just happened. Before he could even stand he felt another blow as a foot hit his hip. Pain shot up from his hip to his whole body.

“Get out!” the voice boomed. “Get the fuck out!”

Minjae crawled-jumped-ran faster than he ever had his entire life. Not having the time to look back at the mess he made and at the friend he probably will never see again.

Taehyung woke up to a door slamming on the wall and all he could see was a raged Yoongi. Eyes blown up in anger as he made a fist and stormed towards him.

“Mother Fucker!” He heard Yoongi’s deep voice and he was frozen on the spot.

He barely registered Minjae scrambling to get out of his bed when in a split second, Minjae was on the floor. He saw Yoongi reeling back to kick Minjae but he was too stunned to stop it from happening. He heard Yoongi’s boots come in contact with Minjae’s hip and looked to see Minjae wincing in pain. He was about to get up and stop Yoongi from further hurting his friend but Yoongi just suddenly stopped moving. He was just looking at the floor, fist still closed tight but he didn’t move to attack.

“Get out!” Yoongi yelled. “Get the fuck out!”

And Taehyung can only watch as his friend picked himself up and ran for the door.

He was just staring dumbly at Yoongi as he heard the front door close.

“Explain, Tae.” Yoongi’s tone was flat, waiting for Taehyung to say something. Impatience got the better of him and he yelled out before he could stop himself, “Explain! TAE!”

“I… I… was drunk.” Tae stuttered as he sat up clinging onto his blanket.

Yoongi started pacing a few steps after hearing Tae’s response but he stopped again right by the foot of the bed. “Holy shit! FU… You were drunk?! Is that the best you can do Tae?!” Yoongi’s hand gripping the roots of his own hair.

“I walk into OUR ROOM!! See you fucking YOUR FRIEND!! And all you can say is that you were… DRUNK?!” Yoongi’s eyes were now fully blown out in anger. His jaw line jutting out as he gritted his teeth.

“I wasn’t fucking Minjae!! I’m not the one who has been fucking around here!!” Taehyung weakly yelled in response as he knelt on the bed.

“Excuuuuse me? What are you trying to say, Tae?! Spit it the fuck out! Coz I swear to fucking God, I have no patience left right now!” Yoongi answered back, hands still in a fist on his side.

“You!” Tae managed to yell back, standing up to get out of bed. “You, Mr. Bigshot Producer! Where have you been getting some? Huh?” feeling a bit braver as he towered over his angry boyfriend. His anger now building as he watched Yoongi stare at him in a confused rage.

“Where? Huh?” Tae nudged Yoongi’s chest with his palm, pushing the latter a step backward. “Coz God knows you haven’t been around here long enough to talk, let alone fuck! Your little singing hoe got you tired every fucking night. We don’t even talk for you to know what I have been up to lately! Tell me, Yoongi! Is that bitch’s throat better than mine? Or is his fat ass tighter?”

“Fucking who? Jimin?” Yoongi rolled his eyes as he tested if Tae had more to say.

“Yes. Jimin, the ass you keep for yourself inside your studio.”

“You have no fucking idea what you’re talking about, Tae.” Yoongi said as he walked out of the room to enter their kitchen.

Taehyung followed Yoongi to the kitchen and saw the other man opening a can of beer from their fridge.

“Enlighten me then, asshole! Don’t walk out on me during a fucking fight!” Taehyung yelled.

“I needed a drink.” Yoongi answered, gulping down the beer before he continued. “I wasn’t exactly expecting to see my boyfriend making out with his jerk friend the moment I entered MY bedroom.”

“Shhi… I thought he was you, okay?!”

“You thought?!” Yoongi chuckled sarcastically. “You… thought he was me. BRILLIANT! Did you at any point try to at least open your fucking eyes while you were making out?” Yoongi spat out angrily.

Taehyung just stared back at Yoongi, not able to give an answer to the question.

“Didn’t think so.” Yoongi concluded as he took another gulp of his beer.

“I was drunk, okay?” Tae yelled out again. “Only one head of mine was functioning and unfortunately it wasn’t the one that could think.” He ended his statement almost in a mumble.

“From the looks of it, your mouth was working pretty well though.” Yoongi bit back.

“Fuck! Fine! I was wrong! I’m sorry! But it was an accident! Not like your premeditated sneaky escapades with that tiny squeaky singer!” Taehyung shouted, walking out of the kitchen to sit at their sofa.

Yoongi was quick to follow him, beer still in hand as he stood in front of Tae.

“Look, who’s walking out now.” Yoongi teased. “Was that it? Were you jealous of Jimin?”

Taehyung wanted to snap back, to push his anger further but he saw that Yoongi was dead ass smirking at him now. Sitting down was a wrong move, Taehyung thought, he knew that the moment he stopped standing over Yoongi he’d feel smaller again.

“Yes,” he replied meekly. “But it’s not unfounded!” He added weakly.

“It’s not?” Yoongi titled his head and raised his eyebrows, smirk still on his face. “Tell me then.” He said as he sat down beside his boyfriend.

“It’s just… you’re never around anymore. I have no idea what you’re doing most of the time. You pick up his calls so quickly when you’re home but lately you haven’t even been answering mine.” Taehyung hated that he sounded like a whining a child. He could hear himself and it made him feel more pathetic. To make matters worse, he felt the tell tale stinging that precluded his tears again. Fuck.

Yoongi was now looking at him with gentle eyes and he could feel the other’s hand resting on his thigh. Taehyung needed to stay focused to tell Yoongi everything, so he decided to look at his hands as he fiddled with them on his lap.

He could feel his tears start rolling and his breath was hitching once more as he continued, “You never stay around even on the weekends. It was like you were at his every beck and call. You come home not smelling like yourself. I cook you dinner and you just tell me you ate out with him. I got an A+ for my last deign line, did you know? Of course you didn’t cause you never even bother to ask anymore.”

Taehyung decided to stop cause his voice was now breaking and it wasn’t helping his case at all.

“Are you done?” Yoongi asked, taking Taehyung’s hand in his and watched Taehyung just sniffle without a response.

“Please look at me, babe.” Yoongi begged and Taehyung looked at him, rubbing his eyes a bit to prevent more tears from falling.

“Okay, first of all, I’m sorry for not explaining the whole situation to you before it blew up like this. We’ve been together for more than two years now, babe. I don’t know, I was too secure that I thought you already knew how much I love you and that you’d understand without me having to explain. I’m sorry. I need to communicate things better.”

Taehyung nodded slowly, breathing still uneven as he waited for Yoongi to continue.

“And Jimin? Jimin is a trainee at the company. He is scheduled to debut soon but the whole situation is dependent on the song I’m making for him. The kid has been through a lot and I feel for him. The company has been nagging me about our progress but I want to make sure that all his hard work will pay off. Company keeps calling him, he keeps calling me. Kid’s stressed out of his mind worrying about this. I should have told you all about this sooner. I’m sorry if you felt neglected, babe.” Yoongi held Taehyung’s cheek in his hand as his thumb wiped away the last tears that dropped.

“And lastly.” Yoongi took Taehyung’s hand and held it to his cheek. Taehyung felt his boyfriend’s warmth and it helped in slowly ebbing away all the anxieties he felt over the past few days. Yoongi then started kissing Tae’s hand and Tae closed his eyes to relish the feeling. He missed this. He missed all of this.

“Lastly?” Tae asked.

“Lastly. I love you. I love you, Tae. I love all of you.” Yoongi placed his hand on Tae’s neck as he made their foreheads touch.

Tae giggled softly as he felt a tingly warmth at the pit of his stomach, his body reacting to the touch he has been longing for.

Yoongi guided Tae towards his lips to a chaste kiss, bringing their foreheads together once more as they smiled at each other.

“I love you, Kim Taehyung.” Yoongi whispered as he brought his lips towards Tae’s eyes.

“I love your dopey looking eyes that disappear when you smile.” Taehyung closed his eyes and felt Yoongi’s lips on them.

“I love your nose and how you scrunch them when you’re focused on anything.” Yoongi then moved to kiss Tae’s nose.

“I love your neck and how sensitive you get when I kiss it.” His nose trailing Taehyung’s jawline as he slowly moved his lips to leave an open mouthed kiss on Tae’s neck. Yoongi could feel his boyfriend’s adam’s apple bob to swallow as he licked him from his jaw to his collar bone.

“I love your boxy grin and your sinful lips that somehow always taste like strawberries.” Yoongi cupped Taehyung’s face in his hands and licked the latter’s lips to force them to open. He bit on Taehyung’s lower lip playfully as he moved his hand to firmly hold his boyfriend’s neck, moving him in sync with him so he could explore parts of his mouth he wanted to taste.

Yoongi’s lips again worked their way back to Taehyung’s neck. Biting gently on his jaw line before marking them the way he knew his boyfriend wanted.

Taehyung moaned from the familiar feeling of pleasure and decided he needed more. He swung his legs over his boyfriend to straddle him, setting himself against the other man’s hardness. He puts his arms around Yoongi’s neck forcing the latter to look up at him.

For a brief moment he just stared at his boyfriend. His porcelain pale skin contrasting against his black hair, his eyes that were blown with anger earlier were now hooded and lusting, his lips beautifully swollen from their kissing. He is beautiful, Taehyung thought, and he is mine.

As if reading his thought Yoongi suddenly spoke, “You are amazing, Kim Taehyung. And I’d be the dumbest asshole in the planet if I let someone as talented, sweet, and caring as you get away from me.” He said as he smiled his gummy smile. “Repeat after me, Tae. I am yours.”

“I am yours.” Taehyung repeated.

“And you are mine.”

“And you are mine.”

Taehyung lowered his head to kiss Yoongi and held on to him in a tight embrace, Yoongi’s arms around his waist holding him in place.


“Yes, love?”


“As long as you want me.” Yoongi answered back, as he kissed Taehyung a little more needily.

Taehyung felt warmth all around him as their night wore on. His senses were flooded with everything Yoongi and he wanted to bask in it for as long as he can. He didn’t know how long what they had would last, but for now he was sure. Here is where he wanted to stay.

Valentine’s Day – Jung Hoseok

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader

Genre: angst/ slight smut

Word Count: 694

Summary: You didn’t expect to come home on Valentine’s Day and have Hoseok fucking someone else, ultimately leaving you broken inside

This is way shorter than my other ones but yeah …ALSO asdfghjkl this hurt to write because I DO NOT think of Hoseok to ever cheat on someone, he’d be like the best damn boyfriend but I’m sorry ya’ll I had to do this *preparing to be slaughtered by Hobi stans*

lol this also barely has any connection to ‘blood, sweat & tears’ whoops (again)

Jungkook’s the final one in this small series thing! His will probably be posted in the next two days (hopefully)

Other members: Jin / Taehyung / Jimin Yoongi / Namjoon / Jungkook

Jung Hoseok. Everything about that man – your man – was so perfect. Everything from his radiating smile, to his cute, high pitched laugh, to his toned chest and his lean yet muscular biceps, all the way down to his hips that would leave you breathless as his body slapped against yours, moans leaving your mouth as pleasure soared through your body – man, he was amazing, perfect and he was all yours.

And today was Valentine’s Day. You were ready to get home and make dinner as you both laughed and hugged with playful kisses here and there, then to cuddle afterwards while ‘I love you’s were said between the two of you. You’d never been one for Valentine’s Day before you met Hoseok – something about guys and girls running around desperately trying to get their crush to notice them or for them to ask them out, but end up getting rejected and crying to their friends.

You seriously hated Valentine’s Day. Until your very first one with Hoseok four years ago, you weren’t dating, merely just friends but no doubt you two both had feelings for each other, but neither of you knew that. Hoseok knew how much you disliked the day, so he tried to make it special so you wouldn’t forget. Back then you just thought it was a random fuckboy trying to mess with you, but the idea of someone going through all the work to leave you post it notes all over your books, your locker and your desk, undoubtedly bought a smile upon your face.

Two years later you found out it was Hoseok who went through all the trouble to do that for you.

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You keep using that word, I don’t think it means what you think it means.

I looked it up and the definition says “without instrumental accompaniment”, is that not what these are? 

aw yeaaaah guess who finished her essay well ahead of time?

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Hi! :) If you had to pick, which actor's performance do you enjoy the most in season 4?

hi lol. hmm, this is a hard question to answer but since you ask so nicely i would go with lindsey morgan - which has nothing to do with raven being my favorite character, but more with the fact that the material she gets to work with this season is truly propelling her acting skills to a whole new dimension.

all the different emotions she gets to express (the character development yall!!!), that she isn’t stuck in one setting anymore but is able to move around (in more ways than one), her chemistry with the other actors? it’s all very overwhelming.

i’m just enjoying the hell out of every second. like, ravens story line is really Something Else this season and lindsey manages to bring it to life in her own way that i truly appreciate and never get tired of. so, kudos to her tbh.


I was tagged by the stunning @die-schwarze-witwe to post a selfie!! Since I am a little late, have two! Feat. Calpernia who decided to sneak up on me when I was trying to take a selfie that wasn’t just showing off the colors of my hair like the first one. Lol. I tag @avatar-allymation, @enjoltush, @remustheravenclaw, @sumomomochi (if y'all want to!) And anyone else who wants to join in!

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Out of pure curiosity (this isn't supposed to be pressuring or anything! ^_^) Are you planning to write any more fics? (My trash self is going to stick around either way cx) I was just wondering cx


I’m excruciatingly slow and procrastinate like no one else (@syugatae has first-hand experience with this;;) and if you could see the amount of WIPs in my google drive rn you would be astounded as to why I can’t seem to follow through and finish something riP (I know I most certainly baffle myself)

the story that I most currently hope to post next is a Jungkook/reader/Taehyung fic! but thanks for saying you’d support me regardless hun :’> I’ll dedicate it to you LOL

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Yo Vampirates was the shit! Read it foreverrr ago! I’ve only read the first 4 (haven’t gotten my hands on the rest yet) but I totally push it on anyone I can lol. I don’t remember much anymore but Lorcan has been one of my fave book characters since I saw him ahhh


The first four books are awesome, but some of the shit that goes down in the last few…my god…was not expecting any of it. It gets real dark real quick. I genuinely have yet to find a book/series that’s surprised me as much as this one did. If you ever get the chance to read the rest, grab it with both hands.

There’s this one creepy ad I absolutely hate and has scarred me forever to the point where I will never forget it which I’m sure majority of Canadians growing up in the 90s and early 2000s remembers called the “house hippo” commercial that would play like 8 times a day on our TVs and the message of the ad was “Don’t believe everything you see on TV” but they made the fake part too realistic without thinking of what kids might think because every freaking kid in Canada thought mini house hippos were real so they had to take the commercial down and I’m happy because no other Canadian kid today will have to go through what we went through getting brainwashed by this ad about hippos and peanut butter and chips and house cats

Long week part 2 (Alec)

Read part one first or else this will make no sense lol •

Requested by: @annabella-applewhite23 /// long week part two (it was a long request and I didn’t want to type the whole thing lol.

“He has to stay even longer? Are you kidding me?” Alec said, trying to keep himself from yelling but failing. “Yes Alec he does. Why are you yelling at me like it’s my fault? I didn’t ask for this!” You yelled back frustrated at how he was blaming it on you. “Whatever, I have to go talk to Lydia” Alec said storming off. Lydia. The name made you sick. You hated that girl with a burning passion. After all, she was your boyfriends fiancée. You were supposed to be Alec’s fiancée. Not her. The fact that she was stealing him from you made you burn with anger. Alec said it was just a thing to try to help the lightwood name, and he was going to call off the engagement somehow, but the wedding was coming fast, and he hadn’t done anything about it. He said he didn’t love her, he didn’t even like her, but he hadn’t been acting like that. All these thoughts of Alec being with another woman, and no longer caring for you got to your head. You felt the tears well up behind your eyes and ran up to your room. You were not one to cry in front of others. You ran up the stairs, not looking at anyone as you already felt the tears streaming down your face. Once you got in, you slammed the door shut. You sat on the end of your bed and let it all out. You cried and cried. You were loosing him, the man you loved, and were supposed to marry. You cried until the tears stopped coming. Then you just sat there, staring blankly at the wall for a good 10 minutes. Once you popped back into real time, you got up and walked into your bathroom. Your cheeks were tear stained, so you grabbed a cloth and wiped them clean. You fixed your makeup before hearing a knock on the door. You opened it up to see Tyler standing in front of you. “Hey Y/N, I was wanting to..are you okay?” He asked once he got a good look at you. Your eyes must have been red still. “Yeah, I was just rubbing my eyes” you lied with a smile. “Oh, okay” he said. “Can we talk?” He asked. “Sure” you answered moving out of the way so he could walk in. “I’ve been giving it a lot of thought, and I think that we work great together, and that we could get places” he says with a smile before dropping to one knee and opening a velvet box containing a diamond ring. “Y/N Y/L/N, will you marry me?” He asked. You were completely shocked. “Uh, Tyler, I…” You muttered. “I promise you I will be a better husband and love you so much more than that shitty lightwood boyfriend of yours.” He said sounding slightly annoyed at the mention of Alec. “What? How’d you know we were..” You said before he cut you off. “Together? I’m not deaf. I can hear the conversations between you two when your only feet away from me. And not to mention how he throws daggers at me with his eyes whenever he sees me. Y/N he treats you like crap. He’s engaged to another woman for gods sake. Marry me Y/N” he says. Thoughts raced through your head before you finally spoke up. “I will” you said putting on a smile. His grin grew wide as he got up and pulled you in for a hug. When he pulled away he took the ring out and slipped it on your finger. “I’m going to go downstairs now, unless there’s anything you want to talk about at the moment” he said. “No, I’m okay” you smiled. “Okay, I’ll let it all soak in” he said with a chuckle walking out and shutting your door. You were engaged to Tyler Blackthorn. Alec was engaged to Lydia Branwell. What went wrong. You sat on your bed and glanced at the tv, playing with your new ring whenever it got boring. You knew the tv was just a distraction to keep you from thinking too much. After several hours you decided to walk downstairs. The moment you did you heard yelling coming from the training room. “You proposed to her?” Screamed a voice you knew was Alec. “She’ll be better off with me than she would’ve ever been with you!” You heard Tyler scream back. Within that same second you heard pounding. You ran towards the training room and busted through the doors to see Alec on top of Tyler, pounding into his face. “Alec get off of him!” You yelled knowing he started the fight. You ran over to them and kicked Alec off, then dropped down next to Tyler looking at the bruises forming on his cheekbone. “And you said yes?” And yelled looking at you. “It’s supposed to be you and me Y/N!” He yelled as you got Tyler up. “We were supposed to be the ones to get married and grow old together, but your answer is yes when this moron proposes to you?” He yelled. “Maybe you should’ve thought about that before you proposed to Lydia” you said coldly before walking out of the room with Tyler leaving Alec behind. You knew those words hurt him, but you didn’t care. You helped Tyler to the infirmary and got him fixed up before going back up to your room. Izzy tried to come up to comfort you, but you refused to open your door. After a while you heard a knock. “Y/N” came a deep voice you knew to be Alec’s. “Please, please just let me in, I really need to talk to you” he spoke. “Leave” you said not getting up. You heard him sigh before you heard your lock click, then the door open. Alec walked in and put his stele back into his pocket. “Opening rune” he said shyly. “You have no right to just barge in here!” You said. “I know, I just really need to talk to you” he said walking closer to you. You sighed. “Make it quick lightwood” you said as he sat next to you on your bed. “Why did you say yes?” He asked. “Because Alec. He’s a nice guy, and while your over here proposing to Lydia and ignoring me, your girlfriend, he’s been there to comfort me.” You said with a sigh. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t know you felt like that.” He said taking your hands in his. “I’ll call off the engagement with Lydia right now, as long as you call it off with Tyler” he said. “Where did this sudden action come from” you said trying to hold back a smile. “I just can’t picture anyone else making you happy. It breaks my heart” he said. “I don’t want to be with anyone else” you said feeling tears well up again. “I’m calling it off with Lydia right when I get out of this room” he said pulling you into a hug. “I’ll end things with Tyler” you smiled. He kissed your forehead as you snuggled into his chest. “I love having you in my arms, I couldn’t picture anyone else” Alec says. “One more question by the way” he says pulling away from you. Got got off the bed and got down on one knee. “I don’t have a ring at the moment, and once I do I’ll do this again, but will you, Y/N Y/L/N, marry me, Alec Lightwood?” He asked. Your hands covered your dropped jaw, and you smiled. “Yes, yes yes yes!” You said as he got up and you jumped into his arms. He lifted your chin up so he could kiss you, and what a loving kiss it was. “I love you, so, so much Y/N” he said against your lips. “I love you too Alec” you said against his. Right when you got out of that room he cut things off with Lydia shamelessly, and you did he same with Tyler. He gave you a ring, and the two of your announced your engagement. Everybody was beyond happy, with the exception of Tyler and Lydia of course. “I knew you guys would pull through some how” Izzy said laughing as Alec pulled you in for a kiss in front of everyone.

Okay so it wasn’t exactly like the request, but it happened how it happened so… 🙅🏽 enjoy :)