no one did character development like ds9

spockvarietyhour  asked:

What unresolved plot threads would you like to see revisited and how might you wrap them up?

MOSTLY ones where they kill off characters? On voyager I would have loved to see Seska or Suder again past the first two seasons - work through their respective issues instead of just shrugging off all the development they + other characters had? I don’t have any specific ideas, just… lingering bitterness, which is just the best

and on ds9 I have a bunch that aren’t unresolved but just like. OOH BOY I HATE THAT, CHANGE IT: Every other thing they did with Ziyal. The …specific angle of her relationship with Garak grosses me the heck out.  They both have complex relationships with Cardassia and a terrifically awkward forced romantic subplot didn’t feel like the right way to examine that? I would have loved to see her and Jake become pals, too.

I’m forever bitter over Winn Adami getting vaporized at the end, too. She’s definitely still a TERRIBLE person by the end of the series, but I loved the glimmers of insight into her character we got when she had her crisis of faith, and that chat she had with Kira where it seemed like she was JUST on the brink of making a positive change, but being unwilling to relinquish her power? “I want to do good but mmm actually that requires more strength of character than I’m willing to develop” is my favorite thing, and I LOVE KAI WINN, OKAY