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Today I am forcing myself to be in the moment, to not even consider that there is a tomorrow. After work I am hiking to the river to stack stones & probably do some tai chi with the elements. Then I’ll head home to skate & cover my patio in chalk before going downtown alone to dance to an alluring Cancer’s Grateful Dead cover band.

Faerie Bath Recipe/Spell

Add the following to your bathwater in however small/large portions you wish:
2 parts rose petals and/or hips
2 parts lavender
2 parts hibiscus
1 part dandelion
pinch of sea salt
4 parts Moon water (i used about 1/4cup because it’s all i had left)

To take this from simple relaxing bath to a spell to call upon the Fae and/or realign your energies through them, simply light two or three candles (a white and then whatever other colors you feel relate to what you need at the moment), and a handful of the stones you are closest to or you feel can help (I used rose quartz, howlite, petalite, botswana agate, fluorite, and amethyst just to name a few).

Extra: I added a bit of lavender epsom salt and a Rose Queen bath bomb I had laying around to my bath tonight because I felt like pampering myself; feel free to add your favorites as well to make this bath work for you even better!

One piece chapter 814

One piece fandom for weeks/months/years/decades - ‘sanji is a prince and the son of a celestial dragon/world noble/tenryuubito/gorosei!!!!!’


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A-Age: 24

B-Birthplace: Fort Hood, Texas

C-Current Time: 8:29 Eastern Time

D-Drink you last had: Root Beer

E-Easiest person to talk to: Em, Elise, Monday, Meg, Mel, Trent

F-Favorite song: So many. Uuuuh, at the moment? Monsters by The Pierces

G-Grossest memory: hmmmm… probs when that seagull shat on me at Crabs We Got ‘Em in Florida last year

H-Horror Yes or Horror No: Depends

I-In Love: Yes ^-^

J-Jealous of people: Typically, no

Where TF is K?

L-Love at first site or should I walk by again: walk by, sit down, have conversations?

M-Middle Name: Malachi

N-Number of siblings: One biological brother, two older step brothers i’ve never met, and two younger step-brothers i don’t particularly care for

O-One Wish: Stable work

P-Person you called last: My dad

Q-Question you are always asked: “How do you pronounce that?” in relation to my name, for some reason “Jae” is hard??

R-Reason to smile: Friends

S-Song you sang last: “Our Truth” by Lacuna Coil

T-Time you woke up: Around ten this morning

U-Underwear color: Black

V-Vacation destination: I like the beach

W-Worst habit: phone apps/games 

X-X Rays: I’ve have chest x-rays done after a car wreck, knee x-rays when i was in middle school, and i guess dental stuff counts too

Y-Your favorite food: Chicken

Z-Zodiac sign: Aquarius

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