no one could ever replace you darling


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Summary: You are more than ready to get married to your pointy haired dwarf.

Pairings: Reader x Nori

Word Count: 1,099

Warnings: None

Requested by: Anon; #38: “If I did anything right in my life, it was falling in love with you.”

A/N: Oh look another marriage fic lmfao. I was stoked to write this, tbh. In this setting amralime can be used between family members too.

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Voila! I enjoyed writing this one too - even if I did get far too into it (again). Not sure how I feel about the ending. Possibly too abrupt? It could be rectified with a part 2 I suppose but you guys will let me know what you think about it. Anyway, this request was made by @priincessolivia, who I would also recommend Autumn Thorn to. Shamelessly self-promoting there but oh well. ;) Enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt: Could you please write an imagine where ever since Bucky left HYDRA, (y/n) replaced him as the puppet for the organization. Everyone wants to kill her, she is a crazed sociopathic murderer, but Bucky knows what she feels like and wants to help save her. Maybe they fight and Bucky wins and takes her back to the Avengers? I would really appreciate anything :)

“Nowhere Else” (Part 1)

“Three people in the last week alone. We can’t let this go on.” Steve growled. The rest of the Avengers nodded in agreement. The only person who made no motion was Bucky Barnes. He wasn’t an official member of the team but at Steve’s command, he’d been allowed to observe and advise. Tony also vocalised his disgust as Steve continued.

“She’s a sociopathic-”
“Psychopathic, cold-blooded-”
“Merciless, and calculated killer.” He concluded.

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anybody want another snippet of Obi-Wan and his new padawan? here it is:

“I can’t even begin to rationalize why you chose her. She’s slow and timid and definitely not suited to the life you live. She won’t last a minute on a battlefield, and you can’t focus on protecting her. You should have left her for an archivist or let her go to the corps. She would be safer there and wouldn’t be in over her head. You can’t go out on campaigns preoccupied with her safety and expect to win any ground back. She’s only going to hinder you and then we’ll be on the losing side of the war. Isn’t she overemotional? I saw her crying once after a sparring match. How can you think that’s the Jedi way? I thought you were on the Council? Aren’t you supposed to set an example for everyone else? Getting the hopes up of initiates not destined to be Knights is cruel.”

They never get to finish because Obi-Wan has them flat on their back, pinned to the floor.

"If you ever speak of my padawan like that again, I will personally have you removed from the Jedi Order. We may be in a war but we have never tolerated such blatant disregard for humanity and kindness. She’s twice the Jedi you claim to be and I’m proud to call her my apprentice.”

He leaves them there and stalks off, barely restraining his anger. He wants to scream. Nothing has ever made him this angry before, not even Bruck Chun’s taunts. They insulted everything he loves about his padawan and used it to try and discredit her. But she is more than her outward appearance and saber scores. Just because he is considered one of the best swordsman in the Order doesn’t mean his padawan must be as well.

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  • "I wish I never met you."
  • "Don't let me know if it hurts."
  • "I know I've kept you waiting."
  • "I know I made you mad."
  • "I know that this location is not where our story ends."
  • "You'll always be my home away from home."
  • "And that's all that matters, isn't it?"
  • "Let me wear that scarlet letter."
  • "Let's be bad."
  • "I'll just have to forget the hurt that came before."
  • "It's all for the taking."
  • "I'll just have to forget the hurt that came before."
  • "Yes, there have been nights I'll long to relive."
  • "Make me feel like the main attraction."
  • "Are you ready to make someone new?"
  • "Book the nearest Bridal suite."
  • "I see the questions burning in your eyes or is it just reflections."
  • "No one here to disapprove."
  • "I can't have the love of one man."
  • "I'm what you've been needing."
  • "Do you have to leave me alone here?"
  • "Nothing bad could ever happen to you here!"
  • "I still have something beautiful to give."
  • "We'll prosper if we parlay"
  • "No time for sadness and sorrow"
  • "It's our little secret, just us two."
  • "For you darling I'll hang the moon."
  • "The ending is coming up soon."
  • "I pray that you don't forget me."
  • "If you love someone you never let them stay."
  • "I'm caught in the rush that hides this pain."
  • "I pretend I know how to replace you."