I’ve been having this blog for 4 years, but I’ve never had the chance to show some love to my favourite blogs until this day!

So, in no particular order, here are some of the blogs I always visit after a bad day, since I am sure that the content i’ll find there will be pleasing enough to make my day :)

@ahrtaemis @astrologv @bbcwatsn @sehtyle @goghes @minyiard @sughr @nitrations @mczarts @eyponine @frerin @tsarist @nehmesis @nebulaers @monetfan @monetflora @luthienne @transkiddo @vangch @vangokiddo @pastels-and-pain @yellowgalaxyprince @iondon @rleiia @qinetix @noirceures @kafkablues @kalonaire @eowyns @kazeri @histhory @eo-nni @athcns @doriimer @daisvbuchanan @daisieskid

OK seriously how do characters in Young Justice focus well enough to transmit only relevant thoughts over telepathy like if you mentally linked me with other people in the first three seconds everyone would be overwhelmed with bad pop songs and incoherent despair.