no one cares yumi

leokumi kiragi tho

ok but imagine:

  • both his fathers now have fairly bad self esteem, and kiragi just tries SO HARD to make them both happy bc he loves them so much and they just don’t know how they were blessed with such a good kid, though they have t tell him that sometimes sadness just happens to them, they can’t help it
  • Leo doesn’t understand how his son didn’t inherit either of his father’s studiousness like how kiragi no you have to read these books they are so good and his stubbornness prevents him from changing his teaching style until he realizes why it isnt working. finally he can see kiragi’s genious manifests differently than his own, and he’s hella proud to see his son making progress
  • kiragi really really wants to try brynhildr only to find out he is just as bad with magic as takumi, giving the two something to bong over in a weird way (ie takumi “you’ll be so good with the fujin yumi no one will care about that dumb book!” “yeah lets go!!!”)
  • kiragi and forrest as bros. i mean dude