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I was watching that CP interview where she says she doesn't watch march madness and her face during that part is the face of a woman who's had to tell her girlfriend multiple times that she will not create a bracket nor will she watch even one game no not one

HAHAHAHAHAHA or her girlfriend’s best friend

“Allie I don’t care if Shay O'harry and Kass won’t be my friends if I don’t have a bracket. They’re dogs, I have treats, and you are a grown woman who i thought was above using puppies for blackmail!”

there’s a place called larkburger. i think it’s only in colorado, but anyway, my boyfriend works there. it’s like high quality organic, gluten free, etc.

and they have truffle parmesan fries - they’re skinny skinny fries with parsley and parmesan on them and they’re fried in organic truffle oil and i hadn’t ever had them until the other day because the whole time we’ve been together i haven’t ever been there when i’m not sick or when i was, it wasn’t convenient to eat or whatever but i was nervous because i don’t like mushrooms and have never had truffle oil and oH MY LORD IN HEAVEN THEY ARE AMAZING IT’S A FLAVORGASM IN YOUR MOUTH AND I’M IN A GP FLARE AND ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT ARE THOSE FRIES AND TWO OF MY BEST FRIENDS WENT TO EAT THERE TODAY AND UNNNNGGGGGGGG I JUST WANT TRUFFLE FRIES. 

this has been story time with shay. 
oh, and here’s a picture of the fries:

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update: (kinda)
looks like i’ll be having surgery to remove kidney stones and infection from my kidneys that are keeping my UTI, kidney and bladder infections worsening. it’s now been 15 months.
another specialist in Denver at the university hospital.
praying it all gets taken care of…

also i just opened $14,679.57 worth of medical bills due by oct 1st.

friendly reminder there is a paypal link on my page,

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what do you think about shay? i'm tired of ppl saying that she has no talent and that she's selfish and arrogant, i mean idk you but for me she seems like a really sweet girl and she really cares for her fans and i do like how she acts. but there's some ppl that need to get their shit together

I fucking adore Shay. 

I think because she’s so beautiful, she gets a reputation that’s arrogant and vain and selfish and that’s shitty. I used to hate Megan Fox and Blake Lively because they seemed overrated, bad actresses, self-involved, blah blah blah. But you know. A big part of that was heteronormativity and internalized misogyny. I can’t say it’s the same for everyone else but I’d bet there’s a bit of internalized misogyny in there. 

I think she started off kind of not a great actress but what I’ve loved about PLL is being able to see her really learn and get better. Is she at the calibre of Troian? No, I don’t think so. But in time? Who knows. 

Shay is a drop dead gorgeous woman who has been an advocate for many charities, she likes to travel the world and meet locals and befriend locals and learn more about their life. She doesn’t bring Hollywood to the places she goes, she leaves that at home, and she uses her trips to educate herself as well as see a beautiful new place. She loves to connect with fans as much as she can. And she’s just a girl from Canada who is chasing her fucking dreams.

When I think of people who inspire me, Shay is one of them, because she cares so much about people. She cares about peoples stories and their pasts and presents. She cares about peoples dreams. She cares about inspiring others to chase their dreams. 

So personally, I think the haters can fuck right off. It’s completely fine to dislike someone - we all have people we maybe don’t like or don’t see the appeal. But to use misogynistic reasons for disliking that person is shitty. Tbh, tearing anybody down for doing what they want to be doing is shitty. 

Closed Starter for @warriorveined

Shay had been back in Polis for a couple of days when the Commander arrived at the head of an army and leading many people wearing naught but bandages.  She recognized some of them as people she’d taken in her haze of red, so she knew that the Mountain must have fallen.  Finally.  Now it could no longer cast it’s shadow over their people and they may finally know peace.  If only it had happened years sooner, but Shay wasn’t one to pine after the what ifs and the possibilities.  

She was just thankful she didn’t have to grieve the loss of two people she cared for, just one.  So as Lexa had passed, Shay had watched her closely for sign of injury, and was relieved to not see a single one.  It allowed her to withdraw from the jubilant crowd and make her way back toward the forge that was still in a state of disarray.  But at least she’d gotten the coals evenly hot once more, which was always a harder chore than it should be.  

So she’d put her head down and gotten back to work making repairs to the building and cleaning up the dust and rust gathering on her tools as the chimney on the previously abandoned building gave off smoke for the first time in little over a year.  Sighing quietly to herself, she heard the sound of someone at the entryway of the forge as she stood with her back to it, working on using a sanding block to smooth the rust away from the top of her anvil and flatten the upper edge.  

“The forge isn’t open,” she called out over her shoulder, not bothering to turn and look, “I should be in a few days.  You can come back then.”