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Cry Baby stages
  • Cry Baby stage: Learning to accept yourself
  • Dollhouse stage: Learning to not judge a book by its cover
  • Sippy Cup stage: Sequel to dollhouse stage
  • Carousel stage: Falling in love for the first time
  • Alphabet Boy stage: Letting them go
  • Soap stage: Meeting someone new
  • Training Wheels stage: Letting yourself fall in love
  • Tag, You're It stage: the bad moments in your life
  • Milk and Cookies stage: Fighting for yourself, standing up for yourself.
  • Pacify Her stage: Going through a period where you care about no one, but yourself
  • Mrs. Potato Head stage: Not being able to love yourself
  • Mad Hatter stage: Loving yourself for who you are
  • Play Date stage: Giving yourself to someone who doesn't care, even though you care a lot.
  • Cake stage: Not letting them ruin you
  • Teddy Bear stage: Realizing that everything that is good, will eventually go bad

holding hands is literally the best thing in the world and it’s great because holding hands can express completely different emotions and stuff like it can be casual and friendly , soothing and calming, or romantic and intimate a nd yee hhhh  and i feel like holding hands is really underappreciated !!!!!
holding hands is lovely !!!!
i love holding hands ahh (*´ ▽`人).。o♡