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You have all made this the best birthday ever!!!

It was a very great day! We celebrated a long year of growth together, and though we still have our share of struggles, we manage to work through them together and pull through in the end! Each accomplishment brings us closer to the peepers we want to be, and each adventure is a story with precious lessons. We want to tell you all our stories in their most genuine form, and we have many big plans to do just that for everyone, young and old. <3

Before we wrap our day up, and before we take off our birthday hats to continue to spread our peeps, we all just have one thing to say to all of you. Something that has been evident in our adventures.

There are great people everywhere. 

The world may seem to be in a very scary place. We don’t do anything to remind anyone of that here.This may very well be the first time we’ve ever mentioned this, mostly because it goes without saying. 

We’ve run into people in our travels that have showed the most kindest of hearts. Letting us peep up to them, sit with them, share stories, and in return they share something that is so pure and of this world. It connects each and everyone of us, and reminds us that all we have to do to connect with one another, is open up and be true. 

Being you is the best thing you can ever do.

Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes! The Potatoes are super happy to celebrate their first birthday with you all, and we can’t wait to share another year of continued love with you all!

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I'm pretty sad rn got any really cute fluffy fics? (You guys once again are awesome 💙)

im sorry to hear that you dont feel great :(( ily <3333333 - Karri

fluff tag

Sweet Tooth by AmbitiousSkychild (1/1 | 7,276 | General)

Lance has to go to the dentist for a root canal and knows they’re gonna give him the happy gas. He’s got a secret, and a general knowledge on what usually happens to secrets when happy gas is involved, so his one request is that no one tells Keith.

Of course, Hunk tells Keith.

tattoo me like one of your french girls by ireallyshipthat (1/1 | 1,717 | Teen And Up)

“I can’t tattoo my name on your ass while you’re drunk, come back tomorrow if you still want it,” Keith frowns.

And attempts to ignore Pidge and Hunk cracking up in the background.

//mentioned shallura

Clingy by PaladinAzul (1/1 | 1,592 | General)

Urban Dictionary;

Clingy: When an adorable lovable person constantly touches you to show that they’re compassionate & care about you.

Voltron Whump Week day idek what it is: Insomnia

Note: I am fully aware this is a piece of garbage I just wanted to participate in whump week ok

Keith didn’t know what time it was, he only knew that it was way too early for anyone in their right mind to be awake. So why was he? He could hear Lance’s snoring through the paper thin wall to his left. Perhaps privacy was an unknown concept to Coran’s great great grandfather or whoever the heck made this castle.

While loud and obnoxious, Lance’s snores were never the reason Keith couldn’t sleep. Nightmares kept him up sometimes, though he would never admit it, but tonight he felt fine. He’d slept peacefully up until now, but something had woken him up. Something had woken him up at some ungodly hour and he couldn’t seem to figure out what it was or why.

Keith stared up at the ceiling. He let the stagnant, sleepy part of his brain wander, vaguely clasping onto the thought of whether Zarkon ever had to sleep. Then he heard it.

A dull thud. A muffled yelp. Scrabbling. Panting. Not from Lance’s room. Shiro, Keith thought. He blanched. 

Keith leapt from his bed, throwing the sheets back and bolting for the door. Something was wrong with Shiro. There could be an intruder in the castle, he could be hurt, he could be captured, he could be dead. Keith thought of his bayard, still sitting in his room. No time to go back for it.

He slammed a palm into the button that opened Shiro’s door, shoving himself inside before it had time to open completely.

“Shiro,” he called. The black paladin’s bed was vacant, sheets tossed aside and draping into the floor. “Shiro?” the room was almost pitch black, shrouded in a fuzzy darkness with barely a ripple of light. Keith fought to see, to ward off an enemy, but…there was nothing.

“Shiro?” he asked, softly this time. “Shiro, are you in here?” No answer.

His eyes were beginning to adjust to the dim surroundings, settling on a lump, a person, huddled in the corner.

“Shiro,” Keith repeated gently, “Shiro, hey, what’s going on?”

Shiro was sitting on the floor, lightly rocking against the wall. His knees were pulled tight to his chest, breaths coming in short, uneven gasps.

Keith knelt down. He tentatively placed a hand on Shiro’s knee.

“No!” Shiro screamed. He jerked free, scrambling away, stumbling on his hands and knees. He locked eyes with Keith, and both stared, horrified. Shiro’s eyes were covered in a thick, watery glaze, wide and wild and searching frantically for something that wasn’t there. 

“Shiro, calm down. Look at me, you’re okay. You’re okay, Shiro!” Keith raised his voice as Shiro started to panic all over again.

“You need to stop,” Keith growled. Shiro was flailing, trying desperately to get away from God only knew what. Keith grabbed Shiro’s arm. “Stop, before you hurt yourself. Shi-”

Keith staggered back as a glowing hand came rushing towards him. His feet got tangled in the bedsheets on the floor, and he tripped, his entire body crashing down. He grunted as his head connected painfully with the floor.

“Shiro, it’s me. It’s Keith,” he groaned, blinking away the brightly coloured spots that danced across his vision.


“Yeah, it’s me, it’s Keith. You’re in the castle, you’re safe.”

“But…th-the galra…”

“Did you have a nightmare?”

“Maybe…yeah, I-I think so.”

Keith pushed himself up off the floor, rubbing the back of his head. Shiro’s eyes widened. “I hurt you.”

“I’m fine,” Keith said quickly, brushing the dust from his clothes.

“I hurt you.” Shiro curled in on himself, tears welling in his eyes. “I hurt you,” he sobbed.

“It was an accident, I’m fine,” Keith assured, but Shiro wasn’t having it.

“Get away,” he said when Keith reached out to him, “you shouldn’t be around me. It’s not safe.”

“You’re not going to hurt me, Shiro. I know you. I know you won’t hurt me. Why don’t you get up off the floor, we’ll take a walk, help you calm down. Does that sound okay?”

Shiro nodded. “Okay,” he whispered.

Keith gently took his arm and helped him up. Shiro was shaking like a leaf, and Keith feared he might fall over at any second, but he kept his hands off Shiro so as not to set him off again as they walked into the hall.

During the day, the castle seemed big. During the night, it was vast. A dark, barren wasteland of towering walls and long hallways. It was still home, but it was lifeless, silent, devoid of any sign of life. It was like walking into a school gymnasium with the lights turned off, Keith thought, surprised he even remembered what that was like.

Shiro was still shaking, the occasional shudder running through his body. He walked in line with Keith in short steps, arms wrapped protectively around himself. Keith pretended not to notice the way he kept looking behind him, as if something was about to jump out of the shadows and grab him.

“Why don’t we take a rest?” Keith suggested. Shiro jumped at the sound of his voice, but his features softened when he looked down into Keith’s worried eyes. He nodded.

Keith guided him onto one of the couches in the common area, and he kept a hand on Shiro’s shoulder. Truthfully, he had no idea what the hell was going on. This was Shiro. Shiro, the fearless leader, the voice of reason, calm, collected, and level-headed. But there he was, sitting in front of Keith, shoulders sagging, biting his nails in an effort to stop any noise coming out of his mouth. A whine slipped through.

“It’s okay,” Keith whispered.

Shiro shook his head. Keith became fixated on the way the shadows under his eyes tilted as his head moved. “You don’t under…understand,” he said, voice hoarse and close to breaking. 

“What don’t I understand? Tell me.”

“I’m supposed to be the head of Voltron.”

“You are the head of Voltron.”

“Sure, whatever,” Shiro sighed, “I’m the head. I’m supposed to be in control. I can’t afford to…to freak out like this. Not when you guys are all depending on me. And how on earth am I supposed to expect you to follow my lead after you’ve seen me like this? I’m just tired, I guess. I can’t sleep, not properly. The rest of you have outgrown nightmares, but apparently I haven’t.”

Keith was silent for a long time. He mulled over what he’d just heard. For Shiro to admit any of that was a big deal. And to Keith of all people, who couldn’t comfort a potato, much less the one very human being he cared about the most. He didn’t want to mess this up.

“No,” Keith said finally.


“No, we haven’t all outgrown nightmares.”


“Hunk’s admitted he’s had nightmares over this whole ‘fighting an empire thing’. I hear Lance wake up in the middle of the night all the time, and sometimes I’ll knock on the wall, just to make sure he’s okay.”

“What about…” Shiro began hesitantly. 

“Yeah,” Keith said, sensing what was coming. “Yeah, I have bad dreams too sometimes.” He wasn’t going to go into detail. Shiro didn’t need to know that he wasn’t afraid of the galra, only the fact that he was one of them. All Shiro needed to know right now was that he wasn’t alone.

Keith frowned. A sheepish grin had spread across Shiro’s face. “Why are you smiling?”

“Oh, I, uh…sorry. I just…I thought I was the only one. It feels good to know I’m not.”

Keith wanted to say that it only made sense for Shiro to have trouble sleeping, that being imprisoned by the most brutal creatures in the universe was a perfectly valid reason to feel a little messed up. But he didn’t. Instead he said, “You should get some sleep.”

“I told you, I can’t.”

“Yes you can. Right here. I’ll stay with you. I won’t let anything happen to you. I promise.”

Shiro mumbled something that Keith couldn’t catch, but the next thing he knew, a very sleepy black paladin was stretching across his lap, stifling a yawn. Keith laid a hand across his back and shut his own eyes.

“Goodnight, Shiro.”

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I'm craving mashed potatoes, so I guess that's my prompt. Bellarke and all the delinquents plus mashed potatoes. GL. Also, cus I'm amused I wanna see if you can guess who this is, I like to mimic Georgia speak a lot. K bye good luck and I look forward to reading this.

I accept your challenge of Bellarke and the delinquents + mashed potatoes and I raise you one Bellamy! taking care of Clarke

With Kane and Abby away in Polis, it was assumed as usual that Clarke and Bellamy would take the positions as temporary leaders. It was their responsibility to be aware of everyone who left and came into camp and to handle any conflicts that arose within Arkadian grounds. Clarke ran the infirmary with the help of her mother’s good friend, Jackson, and Bellamy was the boss of the weapons as per his request.

They were also responsible for feeding the people. Clarke thought back to one of their first nights on Earth, when Bellamy dragged back to camp a wild cat to feed the hundred. The cat had tried attacking them upon stumbling across a half dead Jasper strung up in the trees. In fact it probably would have killed Bellamy had Wells not shot it down when he did. But even so the boy marched back into camp, tall and proud, like he was a god sent to save his people.

Now, Clarke couldn’t help but stand back and admire him as he scooped mashed potato into bowls for his people, who stood in a line stretching well beyond the corner.

“Who’s hungry?” he barked.

He winked as he walked past her and Clarke felt her stomach flip. It had been doing that a lot lately.

“Are you guys still pretending that you’re just friends?” Raven asked from beside her.

“They were never just friends,” Monty pitched in.

“I don’t know what we are anymore,” she shook her head and continued peeling her potatoes.

They were right about one thing, Clarke and Bellamy had been different since she got back from the City of Light. She supposed they’d been different since she returned from Polis but now it was even more obvious. And as scared as she was, she couldn’t hide it anymore.

“We’re just…taking things slow,” she added receiving a laugh from both of them.

“How much slower can you get?” Monty asked, “he’s already in love with you.”

At that the potato slipped out of Clarkes hand and her knife nipped her skin instead. She gasped in shock and held the wound closed with her other hand.

“What the hell Clarke,” Bellamy’s voice startled her as he re-entered the kitchen and sped over to her. He swiftly grabbed a nearby towel and wrapped it around her hand. “I leave you for one minute and come back to find you bleeding all over the counter.”

“The potato slipped,” she explained knowing full well what it was that made her lose her grip.

He held her hand in his, applying pressure to the wound. They stood like that for a while as he tried to stop the bleeding but all she could concentrate on was the closeness of their bodies.

“You okay?” he asked.

“I’m good,” she nodded.

Was she? What if it was true and he was in love with her? What if she was in love with him too? She couldn’t handle losing another friend, and she surely couldn’t handle losing another lover.

Her heart began to race as the thoughts rushed through her mind. And then… 

Bellamy shot her a smile and it all went away. 

“I think you’ll live.” 

And she did and then he ate mashed potatoes off her body

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What causes undereye dark circles and how can I prevent them, because mine seem to be getting worse day by day, thanks!!

causes of under eye dark circles

there are a few main causes that affect lots of people, and other causes that affect only certain people:

  1. Fatigue/lack of sleep: this is the main one that affects most people.
  2. Sun exposure/damage: your under eyes are very sensitive and are easily affected by increase melanin production when you’re out in the sun. 
  3. Genetics: sometimes, dark circles are something hereditary that run in your family. 
  4. Ageing: the skin around your eyelids is called periorbital skin is very thin, averaging about 0.5mm, and as you age, this gets thinner, losing collagen and elasticity. This means the dark veins under your skin can show through a lot more. 
  5. Rubbing your eyes excessively: aggravates both puffiness and dark circles. 
  6. Puffy eye bags: having bags under your eyes can make shadows harsher under your eyes, making it seem like your dark circles are worse than they are. 
  7. Periorbital hyperpigmentation: individuals with darker skin are affected by this condition in which more melanin is produced in the under eye area. This is a condition you need to get diagnosed and unfortunately is a little hard to get rid of. 

a few ways to reduce under eye dark circles

  1. Sleep more! sleeping more will make your overall skin health better, because it prevents you from becoming more pale and appearing more hollowed out, which can exaggerate eye bags/dark circles. 
  2. Classic cold spoons: or any sort of cold compression set up will work. This will help reduce the dilated blood vessels under your eyes, making pigmentation appear a lot less.  
  3. Sun protection: if your sunscreen isn’t SPF 50+ or more, then why are you even wearing it? 
  4. Rose water: put your rosewater in the fridge, soak cotton make up pads in the cold rose water, and place them on your eyes until the rose water isn’t cold anymore.
  5. Almond oil: apply this under your eyes at night and wash it off in the morning. Be careful with this one, because it is slightly comedogenic. 
  6. Raw potato: shred some potato and extract the juice, then soak a cotton pad in the juice, apply under your eyes for 10-15 minutes, then rinse with cold water. 
  7. Use an under eye cream: some of them may seem very pricy because your’e not getting a lot of product, but you only need very little. Put a tiny drop on your ring finger, and gently dab it into the under eye area. Use only your ring finger because this will cause you to use very little pressure. My favourite under eye creams are: 

I hope this helps!

- Aly 🌬💕


As the Labour coup intensifies, Liz and Yvette discuss the best way to get Jeremy to stand down.

Cry Baby stages
  • Cry Baby stage: Learning to accept yourself
  • Dollhouse stage: Learning to not judge a book by its cover
  • Sippy Cup stage: Sequel to dollhouse stage
  • Carousel stage: Falling in love for the first time
  • Alphabet Boy stage: Letting them go
  • Soap stage: Meeting someone new
  • Training Wheels stage: Letting yourself fall in love
  • Tag, You're It stage: the bad moments in your life
  • Milk and Cookies stage: Fighting for yourself, standing up for yourself.
  • Pacify Her stage: Going through a period where you care about no one, but yourself
  • Mrs. Potato Head stage: Not being able to love yourself
  • Mad Hatter stage: Loving yourself for who you are
  • Play Date stage: Giving yourself to someone who doesn't care, even though you care a lot.
  • Cake stage: Not letting them ruin you
  • Teddy Bear stage: Realizing that everything that is good, will eventually go bad

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No one cares about potatoes bobin

i guess everybody is aloof

(you see in punjabi a potato is called aloo so the pun works if u can understand this concept)

Potato Cakes

My mum gave me this recipe to use with left over mash potatoes. 

What you need:

  • One frying pan
  • One spatula
  • Stove Top
  • Left over mash
  • Oil ( I use olive oil since its better than veggie oil)
  • Salt, Pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, flour

Step one

Take your frying pan, add about ¼ cup of oil. Depending on how deep the pan is you might need a little more. Put this on medium heat.

Step Two

While your pan is heating up mix your mash with salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, and flour. When your mixing you want to make sure you have enough flour so the mash will stick together. Once your done mixing, make little patties out of the mash.

Step Three

Place one potato patty in the oil at a time. (Be careful since oil like to splash up) Cook on one side for about 3 minutes or until golden brown. Then flip and cook for the same amount of time.

Step Four

Enough those potato cakes you wonderful person! 

I’m sure you can add different spices, veggies, or meat for your own taste. Also if you don’t have a lot of flour you can always use an egg to help bind the mash together. 

Ok I’ve decided to write a part 2 to my smut fic because @littlegreenplasticsoldier asked and after she called me a literary potato, her opinion is the only one I care about. 

I used Morrissey’s writing for some inspiration.

I wake up, feel penis hard again. Dean was thrusting against your back. You start to sweat. So wet. Roll over to look at his bulbous salutation. Wow so big. Look, precum. Then say put it in my otherwise central zone. He do. It was wet because I’m horny. He lasts a long time. Thank god I didn’t queef. You both come. I say wow. 

Gosh guys I’m so nervous to hear what you all think! *runs and hides in corner*