no one cares mur

I think…that might be it for awhile.

But damn, did I put a dent in my Gemini bingo!

Planned Outfits remaining: (Not counting variants on existing outfits, like alive/dead.)

- Canon Dreamer Sollux/Mituna?
- Beetuna
- Beforus Sollux

Outfits not pictured: Rebel Sollux

But? In all honesty? I’ve lost a bit of drive for the Geminis. I love them a lot, but I’d rather be John or even Dave. I may just call it quits after Beforus Sollux, since I’m happy enough with how much I’ve done. They’re not as impressive, but I have more feelings to pour into them. With that, I’m satisfied. 

(All photos are owned by their respective photographers! I just collaged these pictures of me together.) 

Hi everybody! This is my potential Otakon lineup! I may also bring Beforus Sollux and potentially another John cosplay, but I’m not sure when I’ll want to gray up, haha. Gosh I wish I could make an AKB0048 cosplay in time for this con, but I guess I have to wait for later. 

Thursday - Young Eren Jaeger (Attack on Titan)

Friday - Gloyd Orangeboar (Wreck-it-Ralph) and John Egbert in his Jacket (Homestuck)

Saturday - Kurama (Yu Yu Hakusho) and Dyna Mink in Eros and Apollo Outfit (The Studio Killers)

Sunday - Possibly WWII Canada (Hetalia)

I really don’t have any SUPER solid plans, so a lot of this is up in the air, but I’m super pumped for Otakon! Can’t wait to see everyone there!