no one cares lili

But what if James and Lily lived?
  • Imagine if James and Lily lived…
  • And Harry is still friends with Ron, so of course he still goes to the Burrow all the time.
  • And Molly still loves him, and he’s still basically family.
  • But also:
  • The Potter family and the Weasley family having dinners together.
  • They usually take place at the Burrow b/c there’s more room.
  • The dining room is packed full of people, and some spill into the living room and the kitchen.
  • The Grangers and Remus and Sirius show up as well.
  • Everything is warm and cozy, and it smells so good.
  • The air is full of the scent of spices and butter, and you can hear laughter and sizzling from the kitchen as Lily and Molly prepare dinner.
  • (Even though Lily is awful at cooking).
  • James is in the living room marveling at the twins’ newest invention (and giving them tips when Lily isn’t looking).
  • Sirius is super impressed, and asks James why they never thought of what the twins’ have 
  • (”Merlin, James. Why didn’t we start a joke shop?” “Because you were too busy being punk and snogging werewolves.” “Touche.”).
  • Harry and Ron are laughing and playing wizard’s chess or something.
  • When Lily pops out of the kitchen to ask them to be a little quieter, Arthur asks her questions about muggle inventions.
  • (Recently, he’s been very invested in popcorn).
  • When dinner is finally ready, everyone crowds to the tables .
  • There’s barely any room, and people keep hitting each other with their arms, but no one cares b/c everyone is laughing and smiling.
  • Dinner is a mix of just about everything, in a mixture of mismatched bowls and plates.
  • (Some of it is burnt b/c Lily made it, but no one seems to care).
  • The dinner table is loud and full of conversation.
  • Percy is talking to Lily about a book that he’s recently read, and she’s suggesting others that he might enjoy.
  • Hermione adds a few of her personal favorites, and they get into a very deep discussion about their favorite books.
  • Sirius complains to Remus about the “book club at the table,” and Remus smacks him.
  • Molly is scolding the twins for trying to sneak pepper and other strange objects into the food.
  • James, Ginny, Harry, and Ron are having a very heated discussion about Quidditch.
  • “I can’t believe my son is a Seeker! And you, Ron! A Keeper? Merlin, Ginny, you’re the only sensible one here.”
  • Ginny laughing as he winks at her.
  • James challenging everyone to an after-dinner Quidditch match.
  • Lily smiling from across the table b/c her husband is such a dork and she loves him so much.
  • Everyone rushes through dessert b/c the impromptu Quidditch matches are the best things about these dinners.
  • Everyone working together to clean up as well. 
  • Lily and Remus are on washing duty and Fred and George dry. Ron and Ginny put the dishes away, and Harry and Hermione clear the table. James and Sirius serenade the group with a “cleaning song”, and Molly smiles as she makes the adults tea/coffee.
  • Then everyone rushes outside to play Quidditch.
  • Team One consists of James, Hermione, Sirius, Percy, and Ron.
  • Team Two consists of Lily, Harry, Ginny, Fred, and George.
  • Hermione and Percy are both awful, and Lily isn’t much better.
  • Regardless, it turns into a fierce competition between Lily and James for their team to win.
  • They both stop at nothing to win: often shouting, cheating, and trying to shove the other off their broom.
  • Sirius is cursing every few minutes and Lily is shouting vile insults back at him.
  • James and Ginny are constantly fighting for possession of the Quaffle, (James calls Harry a traitor when he cheers for Ginny).
  • Molly is cheering for all of her children and ignoring the teams and Arthur is shouting at Ginny to beat her brothers.
  • The Grangers cheer for Hermione even though they don’t understand what’s going on.
  • Remus makes fun of James and Sirius from the sidelines (and is nearly hit by the bludger Sirius sends in his direction).
  • Rules are forgotten about a third of the way through, and suddenly there are mini teams and cross-team alliances. 
  • Ron declares that he’s a spy and switches teams, and James tries to intercept everything that Lily does with a kiss.
  • The twins keep announcing that they’ve scored extra points (even though they’re both beaters).
  • The game ends when everyone is red-faced with laughter and smiles are plastered across their faces.
  • (Team one has a score of 87 and a half, whereas Team two has 76 points and a gold star)
  • James kisses his wife and quietly whispers, “we won.”
  • Lily kisses him back with a careful “in your dreams, Potter.”
  • Ron wraps his arm around Hermione b/c it’s actually gotten quite cold out.
  • Remus leans into Sirius, his hands wrapped around a mug of lukewarm tea.
  • Ginny and Harry breathlessly high-five, and then end up kissing a few seconds later.
  • Molly smiles and pecks her husband on the cheek.
  • Percy smiles softly, and the twins tell everyone to get a room.
  • Everyone laughs, their breaths clouding in the nighttime air.
  • The stars are shining, and the moon is bright (though not full), and everyone is happy.
  • And everything is as it should be.

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I noticed Rogue petting a frog in one of the pictures, so does Papalogia allow animals in the house??

He doesn’t

However he changed his mind after being forced to adopt five flying cats

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hi may i request seventeen as flowers (and why//only if you want to!!) thank you for your time!!

S.Coups: Freesia. On top of meaning trust, freesias also symbolize selflessness and obligation. As Seventeen’s leader, Seungcheol is the one the members each put their trust in to help guide them in times of need. He does all he can to protect his friends, and wouldn’t hesitate to sacrifice himself for their sake, a selfless trait we all know he possesses.

Jeonghan: Iris. Irises hold the meaning of captivating others with beauty, which is something that Jeonghan can undoubtedly do. Not only is he able to captivate people with his outer beauty, but with his inner beauty as well. He may not play fair at times, but we all know he’s truly kind and caring at heart.

Joshua: Lily of the Valley. Jisoo is one of the kindest members who would no doubt do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do. Known to symbolize purity and kindness, these are two qualities he indeed possesses. He’s the most soft-spoken member and he’s always putting the happiness of his best friends first; it’s only right to say that the lily of the valley is the perfect match.

Jun: Black Eyed Susan. Fun, flirty, charming, and humble; this flower just screams Junhui. He may be quiet and awkward sometimes, but on stage, he’s full of confidence and charisma, all while remaining humble. He lets his playful and flirty personality go when he’s given the chance, and this is something we’re all no doubt always looking forward to seeing, much like the black eyed susan, a flower anticipated by many in the spring.

Hoshi: Bachelor Button. Hoshi is always full of energy and confidence on the stage, so it’s no doubt that this flower is the right one for him as bachelor buttons mean just that. They also meaning hope in fulfilling your dreams, and by leading the other members with his creative and energetic choreography, he hopes that they can all continue to grow together and share many more memories in the future.

Wonwoo: Hydrangea. People tend to think that Wonwoo is heartless and cold due to his appearance, much like the negative meanings of the hydrangea. However, a person shouldn’t be labeled as something just because of their physical features. Wonwoo is thankful that Seventeen saw past his scary appearance, and instead took the time to get to know him. Just like the meaning of this flower, he’s grateful for being understood by them all.

Woozi: Apple Blossom. These flowers hold the meaning of promise, as well as long life and success. As Seventeen’s song writer/producer, Jihoon only hopes that the group stays together for a long time and become greatly acknowledged in the music industry. He promises to work hard for each comeback so that it would bring them success and happiness in the years to come.

DK: Sunflower. Seokmin is always smiling and beaming with cheerfulness, capable of making anyone laugh with his funny and carefree personality. He’s as bright as the sun, so it would only make sense to pair him off with the flower that symbolizes happiness.

Mingyu: Amaryllis. This flower means “worth beyond beauty”. Mingyu may be Seventeen’s visual, but that’s not all he is. He’s a hard-worker, a talented rapper, a good cook, a great friend. He’s an important member of the group who works just as hard, and his beauty is just a bonus on top of his funny and caring personality.

The8: Lavender. This flower holds the meaning of silence and devotion. Minghao is one of the quieter members of Seventeen, but his devotion runs strong. He’s constantly doing his best to improve, and he puts his all in whatever he does. Lavenders also hold the promise of a new adventure, and having come from China, it’s hard to adapt to a new environment, but this experience has helped Minghao form strong friendships and gain confidence in himself.

Seungkwan: Delphinium. Seungkwan is someone who lets people know when they mean a lot to him, never letting them forget it. Delphiniums are a symbol of an open heart, and he’s someone who doesn’t like to hide his true feelings. These flowers are also given to someone when their hard work has been recognized, and Seungkwan has been recognized for his amazing singing ability and his variety skills.

Vernon: Lisianthus. The lisianthus symbolizes calmness and warmth, two things Hansol can provide to the other members in times of need. His personality can be seen as a contrast to the louder, more hyper members, but he offers balance at the very most.

Dino: Daisy. These flowers represent youth and simplicity, and carries not a single negative meaning. There’s a certain child-like wonder to Chan, as he’s always bubbling with happiness and appreciates the simplest of things. He’s someone who tries to make the best of any situation he’s in, always staying positive and looking for ways to make it fun and memorable for everyone.

thank you for your request!!

marauders headcanon: sirius called lily a different flower everytime he spoke to her and at first it annoyed her but it eventually really grew on her and it turned into Their Thing and sirius kept having to get more and more creative so he got really into flowers and in a Perfect World he opened up a flower shop and called it Dog and Doe flowers and when james first heard it he said “should i be worried about the name” and sirius and lily both said yes

The King’s Princess

Narry Version || Female POV

“Daddy, can we get ice cream on our way home?” The soft voice of Niall’s almost five-year-old daughter was quiet but completely audible to his trained ear. He glances over at her, trying to not smile at her eyes doing the best puppy dog pout.

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Soo-won does care for Yona/Hak and Lili is the only one able to read his true feelings!

I used to not like Lili x Soo-won ship at all. And I never really found Lili interesting. But today I’ve came to acknowledge something really important that made me realize how amazing Lili is. Lili is the one of very few people (if not the only one) that actually is able to read Soo-won’s emotions when it comes to Yona/Hak. We all know how emotionless he pretends to be, but Lili always knows how to read his non-verbal communication regarding Yona/Hak and that amazes me. 

In this scene, Lili realizes something is wrong even though he tries to hide it.

he tells her “nothing” but she keeps looking at his expression. She knows something is going on. In this scene, Soo-won just received the letter of Ogi asking him to meet Yona/Hak. 

Soo-won casually telling her about Hak with such an expression that she in the next scene asks him about Yona/Hak, even though Soo-won didn´t say Hak’s name. She was able once again to read his emotions.

going back to ch.126, this page is the most meaningful page to me. Through his expressions, Lili was able to read his feelings even though he said nothing. And the most beautiful heart breaking thing in this page is Soo-won’s flashback of Yona when he gave her the hairpin. He is somber, hiding his face from Lili while she pours out everything he has hidden inside him. That affects him so much that he actually forces her to stop. And then he runs away. (Actually, I’ve noticed everytime he is trying to hide his feelings, he turns his back and hides his face). So yeah, he does care for Yona and Hak, regardless of his shitty decisions.

Sympathy Part Two (END) - Young Severus Snape x Reader

Originally posted by writhes

Pairing: Young Severus Snape x Slytherin Reader

Word Count: 1.5k

Warning: Bullying, Time skip, Frustrating Jily couple

A/N: This Gif above is totally great LOL Thanks to whoever made it :) While writing, it reminded me of the Friendzoned series, which I wrote Severus as [Y/N]’s bestie, so pardon me if it’s a bit similar.

[Y/N] = Your Name

[Y/E/C] = Your Eye Color

Part One

“Sev!” You called after the black haired boy. He didn’t turn towards you, but he waited for you to catch up. You sent him a silent thanks by a small hum as you slowed your pace.

It’s been two years since you shared a rather awkward friendship with none other than Severus Snape, known to some vile others as the name Snivellus.  Ever since he comforted - Well, at least cheered you up that horrible day, you two have been unseperatable friends. But what you two shared and made you bond harder was loneliness.

“[Y/N], we talked about being seen outside together.” Severus snapped, but his expression softened when he saw your frown.

“And I told you that I don’t care about Potter. He’s being a git to get attention.”

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fetchalgernon (In response to your post about Harry’s wasted potions legacy)


And Harry James Potter, son of potions legacy James Potter and potions prodigy Lily Evans, gets to school and he realizes that his potions professor… is shite. (I’m american and i’ll say shite if i want to.)

Harry spends most of first year owling his parents with potions questions, and they’re like, yeahhh this is bogus, and why is he using this textbook?? Why isn’t he using this other textbook, which is loads better and actually tells you why you’re doing what you’re doing?? (Don’t tell me that the wizarding world doesn’t have a textbook conspiracies it SO DOES.) So harry takes studious notes, and maybe after Christmas he comes to school with the other two-way mirror, because in a universe where James and Lily are alive to answer their son’s homework questions, you’d better believe they’d want to answer them in a timely fashion.  (Sirius probably shuddered when James told him that the mirrors were being used for homework, but it’s to spite Snape so at least it’s better than nothing, and anyway Sirius takes full advantage to hijack the homework-conversations to chat with his godson and his friend Ron, who is also involved in the potions tutoring sessions, so there’s that.)  And when kids pick up on this, because if Hermione Granger is giving somebody the stink eye for not following the rules but getting it right anyway then something must be up, so they’re like, harry how do you do this? harry why is this wrong?

So Harry starts up a semi-underground potions tutoring ring because Snape is a bigot who can’t teach.  And Hermione eventually softens because yeah, this other textbook is loads better, really she should have purchased it ages ago, and maybe she and Lily become pen pals because Harry’s mom is sort of amazing, and who wouldn’t adore Hermione, and they totally bond over #justmugglethings, and it’s great.

Aaaand I got off topic, but basically: kids taking control of their education when their teachers are terrible, and they can’t get in trouble for it because they’re just trying to learn?

Bonus: Snape really, really wants to give Harry detention or something, but McGonagall shuts him down every time because honestly, Severus, Mr. Potter and his parents are not the problem here.

The King’s Princess

Female POV || Narry Version

“Daddy, can we get ice cream on our way home?” The soft voice of Niall’s almost five-year-old daughter was quiet but completely audible to his trained ear. He glances over at her, trying to not smile at her eyes doing the best puppy dog pout.

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Jily Breakdown
  • Lily having a breakdown because there’s a transfiguration exam the next day and she can’t fucking figure out how to do anything and if you fails and goes back home petunia will never leave her alone.
  • Lily throwing her textbook against the wall of her heads door and storming out into the heads bathroom, locking the door, and curling up in the corner. 
  • James, who was drooling on the floor of his dorm after falling asleep studying, was woken up by a large thump. 
  • Him sitting up slowly as he heard the door to the bathroom slam shut and waiting.
  • Thinking that he is just imagining the noise and laying back down until he hears soft sobs coming from the bathroom. 
  • Jumping up and moving towards the door because it’s Lily and the fact that Lily is sobbing breaks his heart.
  • Finding the door locked and knocking on it, hoping to get Lily’s attention. 
  • “Lils… Lils what’ wrong. You need to let me in. Please, let me in.”
  • “Fuck off Potter.”
  • James hand curling into a fist, not because she swore at him but he can hear the pain in her voice and he can’t protect the one person he cares about most. 
  • “Lily. I will kick this door down.”
  • “I don’t need your pity Potter.” 
  • James letting out a low sigh before slamming his shoulder into the door. The wood creaking with each blow until it blows open to reveal the heads bathroom. 
  • Lily sitting in the corner, cheeks stained with tears, eyes wide as saucers. She’s wearing an old ratty sweater and pajama shorts. She looks like a lost child and James’s heart breaks. 
  • “James. I’m pa-pa-pathetic. Go back to bed. Please.” 
  • James taking slow steps towards Lily as if he was approaching a wounded animal. 
  • “I’m not going to leave the woman I have loved for 6 years sobbing on the bathroom floor.” 
  • James kneeling in front of Lily and whipping her tears with a calloused thumb. 
  • “What’s wrong Lils? Tell me what’s wrong?”
  • Lily doesn’t what to tell James what’s wrong. But suddenly the words are spilling out of her mouth and all her fears leave her body, filling the bathroom. How she’s going to fail her exam. How everyone at home thinks she is a freak and so she has nowhere to go when she fails out of Hogwarts. 
  • James laughing softly when she has finished. 
  • “You won’t fail out of Hogwarts.”
  • “Yes, I will-” 
  • “And even if you do…” James cut Lily off, “You can always come home with me.” 
  • Lily taking a shaky breath before looking James in the eyes. And she knows that everything is going to be okay. And James isn’t teasing her. And she isn’t scared anymore. And all of a sudden she’s grabbing James by the collar of his t-shirt and meeting his lips with hers. 
  • James being shell shocked and lifting his hands in the air because he doesn’t want to break her but he can’t think straight. 
  • But she’s kissing her with such passion, and her hands are wrapped in his hair, so he brings his hands to her hips. 

so i recently discovered something in the tutorial level on splatoon 2

so here i have this cone under the balloon. if u guys didn’t know, these cones move around ragdoll style after you shoot them once.

but what happens if i make it hit the balloon?


cones are op in this game pls nerf lol

Scorose at their finest

Did someone say… Rose and Scorpius? (They really wanted to make a selfie for you, but they couldn’t get anywhere past that. They’re just nerds like that).

As for my stuff, there’s plenty in the deep depths of my laptop and there’s this big thingy I’m working on, but it won’t be published anywhere (just yet)

Buuut HERE YOU GO! Those are my fav Scorose stories:


1. Getting It Right and Conclusion To Getting It Right by Moonprincess92

These two are just pure craziness, and I’m in love with it. It’s drama, it’s Shakespeare, it’s kissing, it’s yelling, it’s Rosie and Scorpius! They’re most likely the best Scorose stories I’ve read. JUST READ THEM.

2. My Best Mate Is Extremely Attractive and My Best Mate Gives Mixed Sygnals by whenthewallscomecrashingdown.

They’re. Just. So. Damn. CUTE.

3. Ten Things I Hate Most by InsomniacChocoholic

It’s cute, and funny, and UH WILL THEY JUST KISS ALREADY??! Also, a shipper-Lily, which is my favourite Lily.

4. Caring Is Creepy by Josephinee

This one is different. Rose is written really differently. And it’s not as light. But, it’s awesome.

5. Never Again by TedandVic4ever

This one, it’s post-Hogwarts and it’s really amazing. There’s just one thing I don’t like about it: it’s unfinished. And long since updated.

6. The Diaries of Scorpius Malfoy by HP.que.nette 

This one, I really liked it a lot, and it was starting to be an amazing thing but then I discovered it was last updated over two years before. Ha. I guess it’s still really read-worthy, tho.

7. How To Marry A Malfoy by georginacastleorpington

Cute, cute and cute.


1. Breakfast by nikkiRa

Rose and Scorpius have an unspoken agreement, that they’re not rivals during breakfasts, early in the morning, when they share a table. Cute.

2. Little Things We Notice by Pinkjimmychoos

Really really good stuff :)

3. Constellations by doineedapenname

Ha! This one’s not exactly a one-shot and not exactly Scorose-centered, but trust me, it’s really funny! I was laughing really hard at Ron’s reactions to… well, I won’t spoil it for you.

4. The Hospital Bed Monologue by GraeLiars

Funny aaand nice.

And probably more but I can’t remember now. Those are the best ones, though, as for me. I’m very critical when it comes to fics, so I read only those that I consider worth it.


for alin-is who requested it.

after messing around opentoonz for the past couple hours here a quick something that you should know !!

ok so you finished your first frame and you want to draw a second frame that looks just about the same as the first frame but you are wondering how in the world are you going to do it without adjusting the first frame

well, take a look at the righthand corner which is labeled “levels” (if it’s not there then go to windows>levels strip and it should pop up.)

to duplicate a drawing, just right click the drawing you want to copy and click “duplicate drawing”

now to put it into the timeline, you gotta drag the duplicated drawing onto the frame you wanna put it (in this case, the second frame) and since the duplicated drawing is considered a separate drawing from the first, you’ll be able to edit the drawing!

i hope you understood this small tutorial and if there is anything else that you guys need to know, ask me and i’ll try my best to answer!


Bleach London is the place to go if you’re looking for some profissionally done rainbow hair. Dyeing in crazy colors is a hard job that needs to be done with care otherwise you might even miss parts of your dear locks. And that’s something I know about.
I had the lovely @AlishaDobson taking care of me and little did I know… she takes good care of celebrities like Jessie J and Lily Allen (one of my personal favorite singer EVER). With the wonderful shades from their own hair dye line, she created a two toned hair with orange and pink, creating the very trendy blorange effect. Its been a personal favorite of mine for quite a while and I loved it.

✨Bleach London✌🏻✨💕💦
SB2 Topshop, Oxford st.

Se você estiver procurando por um cabelo colorido feito de maneira profissional, Bleach London é o lugar em Londres. Pintar o cabelo de cores malucas é um trabalho complicado que requer cuidado, ou você pode acabar perdendo pedaços do seu precioso cabelo, algo que eu já senti na pele.
A fofa da @AlishaDobson cuidou me mim e mal sabia eu que ela também cuida de celebridades como Jessie J e Lily Allen (uma das minhas cantoras FAVORITAS de todos os tempos). Com as cores lindinhas da linha de tintas da própria Bleach, ela criou um cabelo com dois tons: rosa e laranja, fazendo o efeito super tendência do momento “blorange”. Tem sido meu estilo favorito já faz um bom tempo e eu adorei o resultado.


He always made a fool of himself whenever Lily was around,” said Sirius, shrugging. “He couldn’t stop himself showing off whenever he got near her.”