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stranded || dylan o'brien (part one)

word count: 1954

warnings: death

prompt: none (prologue)

author’s note: this took forever to post and i am so sorry! i know it’s really short, but the next part will be a lot more interesting i promise! i hope you like this

tags: @ sharenaloveyoux


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#92 - For isle-of-flightless-josh & vanswritings

Filling the prompts “can you write Single dad Van? Taking his 5, 6 years old daughter on tour with him? And maybe him taking her to meet the reader for the first time?” from @isle-of-flightless-josh and “Can you write about Van as a dad ?” from @vanswritings

Note: ONE FOR MY GIRLSSSS! I really like this one so if you do too, pls let me know! 

You walked around the corner of the hallway and stopped in your tracks. There was a child standing in the middle of the room, looking around confused. She was in teeny tiny jeans, and her t-shirt had little cats and love hearts printed on it. Her brown hair was a mess and she was barefoot. She looked up at you with big blue eyes. You could see she was upset but wasn’t at the crying stage just yet.

“Hey, honey. Are you okay?” you asked, crouching down but not stepping closer to her. She closed the space herself, walking the few metres to stand right in front of you. She had freckles across her nose.

“I can’t find Daddy,” she told you. Her little face was contorted into the saddest expression you’d ever seen. She was holding her hands together, twisting her fingers in anxiety.

“Okay. We can find him. Can’t have gone far,” you said. She nodded. “Do you know Daddy’s name?”

“Daddy,” she replied. It was cute, but you didn’t laugh at her.

“What do other grown-ups call him?” you tried again.


A convenient coincidence. You hadn’t met him yet, but you knew Van. You were on your way to a meeting to lay out the plan for their tour. Their usual tour manager, Mike, wasn’t available. You were handed Catfish and the Bottlemen, and the opportunity to prove you could run a really fucking successful string of shows.

"I know exactly where he is. Let’s go,” you told her standing up. She held up both hands, and you realised she wanted to be picked up. You complied and sat her on your hip. She cuddled into you. The kid was clearly used to strangers and you didn’t know if that was good or bad. “What’s your name, honey?”


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Crush: A Dylan Klebold imagine

The cold Colorado air hit your face as you got out of your car. You zipped up your coat and slung your bag over your shoulder, ready to face this school day. As you walked in the doors the sound of everyone’s conversations came over the music playing in your headphones, so you took them as you walked to your class.

When you got to your class you sat down in your usual seat next to your friend Dylan. Well, he was more like an acquaintance; or were you friends? You didn’t know.

“Hey, how are you?” Dylan said, offering a small smile as he tapped his pencil on his desk.
“Uh, I’m pretty good, I guess. I’d much rather be in bed though.”
Dylan laughed softly and you smiled at him. You continued with small talk until the teacher told you two that you were being rude and disruptive. You looked at each other and chuckled quietly. The girl in the seat in front of you shot you a dirty look and you gave one back. You didn’t care what people thought, you liked Dylan he always seemed to make you laugh.

You didn’t see Dylan for the rest of the day until lunch, but he didn’t see you. You sat at a table behind his, with a group of your friends. You didn’t know you were the topic of discussion over at his table.

“You know that girl (Y/N)?” Dylan said to his table of friends.
“What about her?” Eric said as he scanned the commons looking for you.
“Nothing… she’s just really cool. And I mean have you SEEN her?”
“Looks like Dylan has a little crush,huh?” Brooks said as he shoved his sandwich in his mouth. Dylan rested his chin on his hand.
“ I don’t man, she’s too good for a guy like me. I mean she’s great.”
“You don’t know that, Dude, just go for it.” Eric said as he picked at the skin on his hands.
“Alright, tomorrow. I’ll ask her when she gets to class.” Dylan said smiling; imagining all the ways he’d ask you on a date.

Three's a crowd. Part 1.

You ran your fingers through your hair and glanced up at the clock again. Ten more minutes to crawl through and you’d be homebound. you couldn’t wait to get out of this hell-hole. Dylan sighed on your right and you turned your head slightly to look at him. The final bell snapped you out of a small daze you’d fallen into. Dylan cleared his throat. You’d been staring at him the whole time. “Y/n, we still on for Eric’s?” You tossed your books into your bag, blushing, and replied, “Yeah, of course.” Dylan smiled. “I gotta stop by the sound room,” he hands you his keys. “I’ll meet you at the car.”

After stopping at your locker, you notice you will have to push through a crowd of white hats to get out to the senior parking lot. “Great,” you mumbled to yourself. You jumped as a hand placed itself on your shoulder. “Y/n, where’s Dylan?”
“He’s got shit to do quick. Said to meet him at his car.” The jocks are getting closer. “Let’s fucking go.” You grabbed Eric’s arm, put your head down, and made your way to the parking lot. Someone shoulder checked you causing you to stumble a bit. Another coughed “faggots” under their breath. Eric tried to stop, but you tightened your grip on his upper arm and he kept his mouth shut. He knew better than to start shit when you were around.

When you reached Dylan’s car, you couldn’t help yourself. You paced and kicked up small waves of dust and gravel. Throwing your bag on the ground, you knelt and searched for your cigarettes. You couldn’t find them. “Y/n, hey. Calm down. It’s okay,” Eric tells you. “Just… here.” He hands you one of his. “Smoke this and get your shit together.” He lights it for you. Breathing it out you say, “Dude, I’m trying. I just can’t fucking stand those cocks. They’re arrogant.” “Don’t worry about it. They’ll get what’s coming to them.” “Yeah, sure. Karma and shit,” you say very sarcastically. You look over at Eric and he smiles at you, it’s almost sinister. You observe Dylan gliding out of the school, looking just as pissed as you, if not more. You knew why. The jocks said things to him too. You toss him his keys and climb in the passenger seat. He exchanges a few words with Eric and hops in the BMW, slamming the door behind him. He sighs and starts the car. “They say shit to you too?” You ask even though you knew the answer. He didn’t speak but gave you a quick nod of confirmation. You pull his cigarettes from the center console and lit one, taking a small puff before handing it to him. You watched his hands. There was something so beautiful about his long fingers. A part of you wondered what they would feel like caressing your body. Running across your face, dancing down to your hips. You imagine how carefully they would trace your flaws, how smooth they would feel on the inside of your thighs slowly making their way… You let out a sound that was a sultry mix of a moan and a sigh. His voice breaking the tension brought you back to reality. You hadn’t even realized you had closed your eyes. “You good over there? What are you thinking about?” he questioned. “Oh my god, nothing,” you huffed. You could feel your entire face turn red and quickly turned to glance out the window so he wouldn’t notice. When you got to Eric’s, you made the decision that you would tell Dylan how you felt tonight. You didn’t think you could hold it in any longer, especially after what happened in the car. Eric’s parents wouldn’t be home for the weekend, so you guys had the house to yourselves. You found Eric in the kitchen already pouring drinks. “Smirnoff for the lady,” he said handing you a drink. “And Vodka for the Vodka,” he smirked as he handed Dylan his cup. “So what’s on the schedule for tonight besides getting shitfaced?” You giggled. “It’s your turn to pick, y/n. Just no girly shit.” Eric laughed. “I can’t promise you that,” you smiled, stealing a glance at Dylan, “but we can start with a movie and I don’t care which one.”

anonymous asked:

All though she seems like one of those friends or ppl you could only take in small doses, she seems like a really nice person. She's one of those general friends who actually cares about both Cole & Dylan and has been there for both of them through a lot of bad shit. Plus she gets a gold star in my book for ignoring and having to put up with that ginger gremlin. She seems to really value her friendship with the twins. And I'm sure she's heard nothing but good things about Lili from both C & D.

Oh agreed…..I can’t believe anyone would think there would be anything there besides her being a good friend to Cole

Stable Pt.1 *Dylan O’Brien AU*

Originally posted by petrichordrizzle

Pairing: Dylan x OC

Rating: NSFW

Warning: Smut, smut. Smut, smut


*A/N: New fic again because my brain loves popping out new ideas lmao, I hope you guys like it!!! Let me know what you think (:*

If there was one thing I knew about Dylan it was that he only cared for two people. Himself and me, we had been best friends since we could walk. The older we got, the closer we got. And the older I got, my feelings for him grew tremendously. But Dylan wasn’t like that, he didn’t get attached to anyone. He considers me the only stable thing in his life and 18 years later I know nothing about why my best friend was the way he was. Whenever he got bad news, or saw something he didn’t like he would lock himself in his room until he felt like coming out. But when he was feeling okay, he was the most amazing person ever. He’s sweet, he makes fun of the movies I want to watch but he watches them anyway. He never fails to make me feel wanted and well vice versa. But Dylan had needs, needs I knew I couldn’t help with because it would be painfully awkward after. So week after week I watched a new girl walk into his house. Week after week my heart broke more and week after week I acted like I was okay. This week was no exception. I watched from my window as another brunette stumbled up his front steps and into his house. I sighed closing my curtains, I needed to get some sleep before I stress myself out even more.

I laid on my bed and starting counting sheep, because as funny as it sounds it calms my anxiety. I don’t know when or how I fell asleep but I woke up to someone banging on my door. I groaned and rolled over to see that it was fucking 7 in the morning. Who in their right mind wake up at 7 on a Saturday. A crazy person, that’s who. I rolled out of bed and threw on some sweats before making my way downstairs. I flung open the door prepared to scream at whoever was there until I saw a Dylan. A very angry looking Dylan.

“Dyl, what are you doing here its 7am” I yawned and opened the door more so he could step in.

“She’s back…” What? He woke me up to tell me some girl was back. I cherish my sleep more than his one-time women.

“Who is she exactly. I know of many “she’s” in your life” He was pacing back and forth of my doorway, with his hands balled into fists.

“The dumb bitch I call my mother” If he was a cartoon, steam would be coming out of his ears

I was about to say something smart until I realized what he said. I remember his mom, one day she just up and disappeared. With no explanation, what so ever. Or at least that’s what Dylan told me, and seeing how mad he was now I’m guessing there’s more to his story.

“Wait what? How do you know? The day hasn’t even started” I leaded him up to my room because I really didn’t want my mom coming down to find a fuming Dylan. She would ask to many questions and it would piss him off.

I walked into the room and he closed the door, well more like slammed it shut so hard I thought the hinges would fall off but that isn’t the point.

“Okay Kat, I wake up at fucking 6am to someone ringing my doorbell viciously. I really thought it was that dumb chick from last night. Maybe she forgot something.”

My heart sank when he mentioned her but I made sure not to let it show.

“So I walk downstairs and literally fling the door open and there she is!! My fucking mom” He was livid he actually punched my wall. Not enough to break through. But I’ve never seen him like this.

“She was all like “Hey Dyl, how are you” 7 fucking years later and that’s all I get?”

I gulped and watched as he literally trashed my room, I didn’t want to stop him because he needed to let this out. All these feelings of anger and betrayal were finally coming out. He couldn’t hold it in anymore, He snapped.

“She’s getting married. I never told you why she left, did I? Well let me tell you. She was fucking the guy that fixes her car. She was fucking her stupid mechanic. She ruined my dad, she made him into the drunk piece of shit he is, while she’s living it up with a fucking mechanic”

He sat on my bed, running his fingers through his hair and tugging at it out of frustration. His eyes had actual tears in them and I was panicking inside. I don’t know how to handle this, so I did what I do best. I sat next to him and listened as he ranted.

“She was supposed to be there for me, but she wasn’t. And now she wants me to go to her wedding. She’s marrying the guy that ruined us” His voice was hoarse and his eyes were red. But he never once looked at me.

I felt tears forming in my own eyes as he spoke, I wish I knew this, I wish he told me this earlier, because I could have helped him. He was holding all of this in since we were 11 and it took him 7 years to snap. The selfish part of me was glad. Glad that I was the first person he came to. Somehow I managed to make myself speak.

“You don’t have to go to the wedding Dylan. You don’t have to go” His eyes snapped over in my direction.

“I’d be the bad guy; she won’t have the perfect wedding she fucking wants.” He eyes stayed locked on mine and suddenly my brain lost all of the word it knew.

“I don’t want to go, I erased her from my life. What gives her the right to come back? Even before dad caught her. All the two of them did was fight. He loved her though. He loved her a lot. I guess he thought that she’d put up with him forever. Until he caught her sucking off someone 5 years younger than him.”

My heart broke even more if that was possible and the tears that were in my eyes finally spilled over. I went to wipe them away but Dylan beat me to it. His thumbs gently smoothed the tears off of my cheeks.

“Don’t go to her wedding. Not if it’s going to cause you so much pain.” My voice came out in a small whisper and I was suddenly aware of how close we were. I don’t know when we moved our faces closer but I could feel my heart pounding.

“You won’t think lowly of me?” He whispered, his lips ghosting over mine. My breath hitched in my throat and I shook my head.

“I could never think lowly of you” My lips grazed against his and that’s all it took for him to press his lips against mine.

The kiss started off slow and sweet but he quickly picked up the pace. Our lips moved feverishly against each other’s and his hands moved from cupping my face to my hips. He squeezed them and pulled me onto his lap so that I was straddling him. Eventually I had to pull back to breath and he took that as an invitation to attach his lips onto my neck. I tilted my head back to give him more access and moaned at the feeling of his lips on my skin. It was everything I’ve ever dreamed of, and then it hit me. This was Dylan, he doesn’t know what he’s doing. He’s sad and angry and he needs an escape. This doesn’t mean anything to him.

“Dylan…” I whispered breathlessly. “Dyl we need to stop.” I wish that had come out as authoritative as I wanted it to but instead it came out as a breathless moan.

His lips moved down my neck, to my shoulder and back up. “Dylan…. I don’t want you to regret this” I moaned and his grip on my waist tightened as pulled me against him more.

“Kat…. I need you” He ground his hips up into mine and I felt the growing erection. If my panties weren’t already ruined. They were now.

“But Dyl- “I moaned as he did it again.

“Please Katalina, I promise it won’t change anything between us. I really need this. Really need you” I sighed and nodded. Giving into him. I hope I don’t live to regret this.

That was the only conformation he needed. Swiftly he pulled my top over my head and kissed from my collar-bone down to the valley of my breast. I mentally thanked myself for not wearing bras to sleep. He palmed one and his mouth latched onto the other one.

His tongue ran over my nipple, biting, sucking and pulling at the hardened nub. Loud moans left my lips and my fingers latched onto his hair. My back arched and he pulled me against him again, trying to close any gaps that were between us.

“Dylan” I moaned out, the feeling in the pit of my stomach growing more and more by the second.

He slowly laid me onto my bed, hovering over me. His eyes were dark with lust, and his lips curved into a soft smile. He placed a sweet kiss onto my lips and made his way down. Kissing every inch of skin, he could, until he reached the waistband of my sweats. His fingers hooked on them and swiftly pulled them off. Leaving me in my Batman underwear. I covered my face in embarrassment. I wasn’t expecting this to happen. He chuckled and snapped the elastic against my skin.

“Cute” He left kisses along my hipbones and down the inside of my thighs. Completely avoiding where I needed him most.

“Dylaaaaan” I whined, gripping his hair and pushing his face where I wanted it. A low groan came from him and he used two fingers to push my panties aside.

“You’re fucking soaked for me. Aren’t you baby” I moaned and nodded in response. He licked straight up my slit and my hips bucked up almost immediately.

“You taste so fucking good, holy shit” I moaned and he wrapped his lips around my clit. Holy fuck I was in heaven oh my lord. I really fucking hoped my mother was gone because if not she was the real MVP for not bursting in here.

“Fuck, Fuck, Fuck Dylan. Holy Shit” His tongue worked like magic and he made is better by slipping two fingers into me. He growled against me, sending vibrations to all the right places and I almost fell apart, He pumped his fingers faster and bit down softly on my clit. I was almost there, so fucking close. And he stops.

“What the fuck Dyl!!” He chuckled and stood up pulling his shirt over his head and throwing it across the room. His pants and boxers soon followed.

“Want you to cum around me, princess. I bet you’d look so hot with my cock filling you up” I nodded and whined.

“You’d like that? Want my cock deep inside you?” I nodded again. “Fuck yes Dylan, Please”

He smirked lining his dick up with my entrance before slamming into me. I threw my hand over my mouth to cover the scream that was threatening to leave. He was fucking huge. My mouth parted and my eyes shut as he thrusted into me. His movements slowed down and I opened my eyes to question why but he was already looking at me. His eyes fixated on my face, then he said something that wouldn’t have surprised me any other time. But it did now.

“You’re the only stable thing in my life Kat. Please don’t leave me” His voice was soft and I Nodded reaching up to stroke his face.

“I won’t Dylan, I promise” His thrusts continued at the slow and steady pace and I can tell he’s struggling to keep it that way. He probably isn’t used to slow.

“You’re so beautiful, I don’t deserve you” I shook my head and moaned as he thrusted deeper. Somehow managing to keep his pace the same.

His hand slid down to my thigh and he hitched it up onto his waist. The new position making him able to reach places he couldn’t before. He picked up his pace again and I moaned loud, feeling myself edging closer and closer to my high.

A few thrusts later and I’m like putty in his hand. Moaning his name over and over like a mantra as I rode out my high. My nails clawed at his back and I felt his thrusts get sloppier. Not long after he pulls out and comes onto my stomach.

“Oh Fuck yes” He groaned, picking up his shirt and wiping me off. He flopped down next to me and pulled me close.

“That was amazing” He murmured. I nodded, feeling courage wash over me.

“Dylan…. I love you” I mumbled looking up at him. His muscles tensed and he looked down at me. His muscles relaxed again and he chuckled.

“Very Funny Kat” Okay. ouch?

“Dylan I’m serious, I’ve been in love with you for a while now” He obviously didn’t like the sound of that because he shot up from my bed and grabbed his sweats from somewhere on the ground.

“Dylan… It’s not that bad” He scoffed and looked at me.

“Not that bad? It’s more than bad. I don’t love you” He looked so angry, as if me loving him was the worst thing ever. “This wasn’t supposed to happen. You can’t love me!”

I was full on crying, because he said some of the sweetest things to me and now he’s acting like this.

“I should’ve known this was going to happen. That what just happened was a mistake okay. Just forget we ever did it” I hated how weak I looked, I knew he didn’t love me so why the fuck did I say anything. Then again he didn’t have to be such a dick.

“You’re so mean…” I whispered, I swear I saw a flash of hurt cross his face. But it was gone just as fast as it came.

“I can’t believe I’ve never noticed how much of an asshole you are!!! Get the fuck out of my house and stay away from me!!” Once again he looked as if he regretted what he said, but the feeling didn’t last long.

“You don’t fucking have to tell me twice” He walked out of my bedroom, my house, my life? And I was left questioning everything I ever believed about him.

Part 2???


ok so 

1. colton is so cute what a babe

2. ian’s head knocked my hair out of place so i actually really didn’t like this photo but then when i got the photo signed he said “wow look at you you’re gorgeous” and so i love it now lmao


4. surprise surprise another ian photo wow who would have guessed i’m surprised ian doesn’t look pissed in this cos i asked for a piggyback and he was like “oh no sweetie i can’t i’m sorry” and i jokingly said “well jr did say you were old” and he started laughing and went “i’m SO old”

5. i’m lucky sprayberry is not frowning in this cos he is a lil mark sheppard in his photos i stg


Why STEREK is my OTP...

1. Stiles is the only one Loyal enough with a heart big enough to get Derek to trust in love again

2. Derek would die to protect Stiles and vice versa

3. They challenge each other

4. They bring out the best and worst in each other

5. They would never be bored with each other

6. Their chemistry could create an A-bomb

7. Their eye sex, it’s always happening

8. Their Sid and Diego

9. Stiles is the only one to show caring and kindness to Derek

10. Tyler H. and Dylan ships them

11. Dylan thinks Tyler H. is hot and Tyler H. is infatuated with Dylan

12. Stiles and Derek get each other when no one else does

13. Derek spent the entirety of S3B talking about Stiles, looking for Stiles, worrying about Stiles, trying to figure out how to Save Stiles

14. Derek’s “find a happy place” is Stiles

15. Stiles is Derek’s new anchor

Bonus: Their eye sex… it’s so constant and obvious it deserved a second mention…