no one cares but i care lalala~

Self care 08/06/17
My skin has been breaking out recently and it has been getting me down a bit.
I don’t know what reminded me of them but I suddenly remembered I had some face masks stashed away in one of my boxes…so this afternoon I have applied my first face mask in what feels like years! I am currently sitting in that awkward stage where it has half dried and I cant quite move my face and bits are beginning to peel off haha. It stung so badly when I put it on but its now feeling quite cooling/relaxing.
Self care is okay, actually, no, it is an essential part of LIFE.
It is okay to take care of yourselves, it feels very alien because we have not put ourselves first for quite a long time, however the only way we can make it feel a little less strange is to keep practicing! THIS IS OKAY!

EXO Reaction when they go to visit a member’s newborn baby

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*Starts to play with the kid* “Who’s there! Chan is!!”


*Heart melts* “Baby baby look at me.. smile for your favorite uncle”


“Oh he is handsome… I’m going to teach him a lot of things, we’ll be great friends!” *Thinking of the future..*


My baby panda… you’ll stay with this little kid from now on. You have to promise me that you’ll take care of the baby okay?”


*Becomes the adorable sweet uncle we all want* “Jongin is here!! It’s story time!”


“Where’s the baby!? Here’s the baby!!” *Plays with him for hours without getting tired*


*Talks to the baby as if he could understand* “Listen to your uncle’s words… stay away from alcohol… women and dorky Chanyeol! They are dangerous.. yes..”


“I brought your daughter a deer so she remembers me when I’m not visiting her!”


*Teaches the baby how to live life* “There are no worries~ We all should be happy~ lalala”


*Really nervous* “C-can I hold h-her? But… how do you… I’m not sure.. I’ve never.. okay…”


Hello baby… I’m your uncle the unicorn Lay… I’ll take care of you little one..” *sweet af*


“Well I’m her godfather! Of course I’ll bring her presents! I’m going to take care of this child for the rest of my life!”

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