no one cares about you lindsey

  • Me: Guys look at this photo of Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks during the Dance tour, they're so in love.
  • Friend: We don't know who those people are.
  • Me: Let me play you a song. A sexy soothing rock song.
  • Friend: Sarah no we're styudying to instrumentals.
  • Me: Come on it's Fleetwood Mac.
  • Friend: I don't want to have to tell you this but no one here cares about Fleetwood Mac but you.
  • Me: Alright I won't play So Afriad I'll play the 2005 live Rhiannon, it's only like seven minutes long.
  • Friend: Sarah no.
  • Me: Scale of one to ten rate how hot this guy is.
  • Friend: Who is this? What is this photoset...? No, he's like a three, he looks skeezy.
  • Me: Are you kidding this is 1978 Lindsey Buckingham he's easily a nine.
  • Friend: Why are you like this.

waltzinginblue  asked:

It's so frustrating to hear a multi-millionaire like Stevie complain that people aren't buying her songs (I don't even think it's true, given that the Mac's back catalogue still sells a lot every year, especially Rumours - it was even one of the biggest selling vinyl albums last year). But I think you're right, there's something more to it. During SYW Lindsey insisted she write some more new songs for the record. Maybe she's afraid of that? Especially since Christine seems to be on a roll.

Yes why does she care that much about sales, I honestly don’t understand? And why should it affect her songwriting? To me, everything points towards her having some sort of writer’s block, maybe she’s afraid she can’t write good songs anymore, maybe she can’t find inspiration but there is something going on.

bellarke shippers are sending hate to lindsey for calling the ship boring and if this doesn’t prove to you how much they hate women of color and how racist they are then idk what will 

they call themselves “progressive” for “caring” about bellamy (”caring” as in fetishizing him) and they pretend that they care about us POC of colors because they ship one (1) interracial ship (that isn’t canon, that has unhealthy and very very racist writing elements, that involves the brutalization & villainization of the brown man at the behest of the white savior princess), they’ll reblog posts about clexa shippers white feminism (which is also a problem in and of itself) but we all know that their hatred of clexa has more to do with homophobia/lesbophobia than with a genuine concern about racism and whitewashing. to be sure the bellarke shippers who aren’t white do care about racism coming from clexa shippers (who can be just as racist as bellarke shippers, let’s be real), but they’re too busy calling every clexa shipper a “white lesbian” (using lesbian as a pejorative term will never not be lesbophobic, and throwing “white” in front of it won’t change that!) to evaluate the racism & fetishization & racialized misogyny within their own garbage heap of a fandom 

both bob and lindsey have criticized bellarke, both of them prefer braven, braven actually has canon romantic/sexual tension (and they actually had sex), so you’d think that the supposed “uwu progressive uwu i love you poc of colors” bellarkes would at least deign to care about lindsey or raven or braven but they don’t and this just proves it

and now lindsey is being harassed off twitter and i’m beyond livid because she works really hard and she loves raven so much and she has never deserved any of this shit - the misogyny & racism from jroth, from the narrative, and from the fandom. 

You all are so laughable! The hypocrisy is too damn high in this fandom.

Where were you when ricky was being bullied by jason? weren’t you kissing jason’s ass and telling ricky to shut the fuck up and be professional. And then you stopped fucking with jason and get mad at him when lexa was killed. Can you explain to me what happened with the cast last season! Adina, ricky, bob, lindsey….. weren’t they all your target l remember them being totally fed up and sick of your shit .The bellarkes have been trying to do things the right way and l hope it’ll stay that way . @the2bellarkes fuckers saying things like kill yourself to lindsey better sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up.Some people need to go out more often and get a fucking life. I miss season one when things were cool .when all linctavia shippers cared about was lincoln surviving and not getting killed in the season finale.When the bellarke fandom was happy with the brave princess line, when flarkes were shipping their ship in their corner.I don’t care  whose side you’re on , just ship your ship in peace in your damn lane and use anti tags if you wanna say something negative about others ships.Stop spreading hate.


Okay, so the question was “If there was no Lexa, which girl would Clarke have a crush on, Raven or Octavia?”

Of cooourse the majority of us wanted her to speak about Princess Mechanic but her answer was Octavia, because of her friendship with Marie.

She said that she really adores Marie and is extremely proud of how much she grew in the latest years and how the only difference between her and O is that Marie rides a motorcycle (so yeah, she confirmed Marie is modern au Octavia as we all knew 8D)

Then she was like
“Oh, but I love Lindsey so much too…
THIS IS REALLY HARD! It’s like asking “which one of your kids do you like best?”


But yeah, guys, she talked about Marie with so much feeling and care in her voice, I think it’s safe to say Eliza is a mom friend <3

  • Woman's Hour on BBC R4, 2013
  • Stevie Nicks

Your relationship with Lindsey Buckingham is the one that the fans care about. There is a period, I think, during every live show that you hold hands with him, and you’re together onstage.

A year and a half ago in like 2011, November, Lindsey and I sat down at my house and I had a talk with him. I told him everything that I’d really wanted to say since 1968. And I said to him, you know, ‘Do you remember who we were? Do you remember how cute were? And how sweet we were and how funny we were? And how compassionate we were?’ I said, ‘Lindsey, we need to go back there. We need to be those people again. And if we can’t be those people again, we cannot walk onstage again.’

And what did he say?

He was very quiet. He listened. He didn’t yell at me. And that was in November. A year later, at the end of the year, I went up to his house and we recorded four songs and we had a great time. And we laughed and we told my assistant all the crazy stories about the beginning, and I thought, you know what, he heard me. So on this tour we have been very aware of our old relationship and we talk about it onstage and we laugh onstage. I have this one story that I tell that’s like nine minutes long, explaining a lost song that we recorded on those four days, and I’ve said to Lindsey several times ‘I know it’s a long story’ and he looked at me and he said ‘No, Stevie, it’s charming’. And I’m like do I know you? There’s a different certain love that’s going on onstage that has not been there in thirty years.

You have also had a brief relationship with Mick Fleetwood as well. My understanding is that he actually left for one of your best friends.

He did.

And your sadness is not that you lost Mick but that you lost the friend.

Kind of. I was betrayed in a way. But isn’t it funny cos all those years later Mick and I are best friends. I mean, I go to Maui and hang out with Mick and his family. If we weren’t in the rock’n’roll business, we would be those families that go on vacation together on a Disney cruise or something crazy like that. Mick and I are friends in a way that Lindsey and I could never be friends. We’re just best friends. Our relationship didn’t last a long time, Mick’s and mine. It was a year. And Lindsey’s and my relationship lasted from when we first met in 1968 and I joined his band up until now. Mick and I will be best friends when we’re ninety. But Lindsey’s and my relationship is different.

More complicated.

Much more complicated, yeah.

And that, of course, is the mythology of Fleetwood Mac.


It’s what the audience wants, isn’t it?


They don’t really want you to have an uncomplicated relationship.

No, there’s never going to be an uncomplicated relationship so they can be happy in the knowledge that our relationship will always have that little moment of romance. And I said that to him. I said ‘You know, when we walk on the stage, Lindsey, we are a power couple. You have a wife and three kids. There’s nothing going on between you and me except that there will always be something going on between you and me. Until the day we die. Seventeen and sixteen. We’ve been together that long. There’s not many people that we have known as long as we’ve known each other.’

thorns/orlando drinking game

  • take a shot every time they mention lindsey horan bypassed college
  • take a shot every time they mention the morgan trade (i mean skip this one if you care about your health)
  • take a shot when they mention that amandine henry is coming to portland & how she won the silver boot at the WWC
  • take a shot every time they talk about how mal pugh almost played for portland
Am I the only one...

who actually enjoyed the last episode of the 100?

I mean beside octavia beating up Bell and Ontari raping Murphy (my poor little child) this episode was one of the good ones!!!

When Jasper drove against that gate and almost into Clarke I WAS SCREAMING for her to get into that FUCKING CAR!!!!!!!!! And Jasper saying “I don’t care what you want” to Clarke was freaking pleasing in some way, tbh. 

And lets talk about LINDSEY MORGAN!!!!! She was amazing as ALIE in Ravens body!!!! And amazing in general in this episode. 

I hope that 03x11 is the bottle episode, that they all be able to talk at some point but I’d say they’re going to spend most of the time trying to get that fucking chip out of Ravens head.

I fucking hate JAHA AND ALIE