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The bet

Based on: this request by Anonymous (I really hope you like it, my dear!!!! Thank you so, so, sooo much for your patience!!!!) + this imagine from @imaginexhobbit.

Nonnie said “anything Frodo” so… Have fun LOL.

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You couldn’t stop laughing, you really couldn’t. How could you be serious when you were painting your best friend’s toenails?!

It was a lovely blue colour you had secretly stolen from your Mother: painting nails was the latest fashion among Hobbit ladies in the Shire and everybody had one or more of these little jars filled with powder of various colour that needed to be blended to obtain the right product to be applied on the nails. It was a lovely fashion, indeed, and that blue matched so well with Frodo’s eyes.

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In Defense of Frodo

We’ve seen a few Tumblr posts by people who don’t like Frodo as a character, which is fine, we respect all opinions. But then someone called him useless and said that Sam could’ve just done everything himself. What! We got super defensive of Frodo and ranted over coffee, so here are all the reasons we came up with that prove why Frodo is the opposite of useless: 

- no one else in the Fellowship could’ve taken the Ring to Mordor

- no one else would’ve agreed to do it for totally unselfish reasons

- he would’ve done it even on his own

- able to speak Elvish

- under hella pressure (the fate of the entire world) and handles it pretty well considering most people can’t even handle the fate of themselves

- had one job to do and did it and was not supposed to do anyone else’s job (you didn’t bring him along to fight/protect people/be a leader, that’s why you had the rest of the Fellowship)

- managed to not get corrupted by the MOST HORRIBLE EVIL-EXTRUDING OBJECT IN THE WORLD he carried that thing across Middle-earth and did not become its fish eating slave

- literally he’s the only reason any of the other hobbits were ever anywhere doing anything because they only came along to be with him (ESPECIALLY Sam)

- the Shire wasn’t saved for him and that’s the most heartbreaking thing ever

- he is a victim who endures and no one else could’ve endured what he did

- most hobbits don’t really care about the larger scope of Middle-earth beyond the Shire and he does from the beginning

- hella empathy for Gollum which is what saves the day in his moment of weakness


- movie version bonus:




Chapter One: Leah

Three things of note happened in the year I was sixteen: Wizard Winterdene came back to live at Winterdene Hall, my father took on Michael Kelly as an apprentice, and old Mother Whittle was hanged for witchcraft. I have hesitated over where to begin my history, but ultimately I think it best to deal with these events in the order in which they occurred, and hence make clear to you, Reader, the path which led to my downfall.

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