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I feel like all you want is attention. You were way to open about having a relapse of anorexia. And dont say you didnt want attention about because 1st, you wouldnt have said anything and 2nd, you could have ignored the asks about it. It disgusts me to be honest. You make it seem as if you are proud to have it. Its offensive to all anorexics and ones recovering from it.

Lol well first off, I just don’t fucking care if people know, I’m not that kind of person to keep things anyway for people often, I already know this shit can seriously damage me in the future but I have the right to talk about it and take the situation lightly if I want, it’s my life anyway
And frankly, idgaf about what you think or feel, this is my blog after all, annnndddd the point of it is to get attention smh

Declutter Your Life

I’ve resolved that every Wednesday, I will write a masterpost about self care and living clean and happy lifestyles. Mainly because my blog is devoted to that too, besides being a studyblr, but I hardly ever post original content about it, so hereeee we go. :)

Plan first

  • Make a list of areas you want to tackle
  • Or items you want to go through
  • Set how long you’ll clean
  • And a little reward for yourself when you’ve reached that goal
  • Envision what you want your space to look like at the end
  • Set aside three baskets or areas: one for things to keep, one for things to trash, and one for things to donate/sell


There are just some ideas of things to get rid of or pare down. Feel free to add your own. :)


  • unnecessary pillows on your bed or extra blankets
  • monsters under your bed
  • chargers, wires, etc. that go to devices you don’t have anymore or that are broken
  • old devices, phones, ipods
  • books you felt kinda eh about while reading them
  • copies of books or CDs
  • old notebooks
  • sticky notes that have lost their stickiness
  • broken pencils
  • markers that have dried up
  • any art supply you don’t use
  • scrap paper that’s gotten too small
  • scrap yarn that’s gotten too small
  • old art projects
  • unfinished art projects
  • papers
  • candles w/o any smell
  • Scentsy-type stuff w/o any smell


  • clothes that don’t fit
  • all of those clothes you save for your “ugly days”
  • shoes that hurt that you don’t even like the looks of
  • underwear with holes (or blood stains - ya feel me, girls?)
  • socks without a matching pair
  • socks with holes
  • bras that are even looking tired
  • copies of clothes, like multiple white t-shirts
  • jewelry you don’t wear
  • childish jewelry
  • broken jewelry


  • hygiene products past their expiration date
  • faded towels
  • bottles with only a few drops of product left
  • worn out toothbrushes
  • hairbands that have lost their elasticity
  • congealed nail polish
  • makeup you regret buying

Digital Life

Social Media

  • Unfollow people, be merciless, make your social media a place of positivity
  • unfriend toxic people (see the next section)
  • go through your own posts and delete anything you regret posting
  • take social media breaks


  • upload all of your photos to Google photos or flickr or photobucket or onedrive or whatever, or even a CD, then delete them from your memory
  • also back up important documents or just things you want to keep to something else and delete them on your computer
  • go through and sort everything into files
  • delete any programs you don’t use


  • clean out your pictures, upload them to cloud or whatever
  • delete all of the apps you don’t use or need
  • go through your contacts and delete the people you don’t want to contact anymore
  • delete old text message conversations
  • give yourself a new background too, something clean and simple


  • Get rid of those people who are toxic in your life, mute notifications from them, unfollow them on social media (you can unfollow someone one facebook without unfriending them), don’t answer them often
  • make an effort to interact with people face-to-face rather than through text or the internet
  • decide who you want to actively invest your energy in


  • make a study schedule
  • prioritize your schedule – study the hardest subjects the most
  • remember that grades are important
  • also remember that grades aren’t everything 
  • (pls don’t fire me from being a studyblr)
  • if you can’t get everything you need to do done in 24 hours without sacrificing 8 hours of sleep and a bit of time for yourself, then you’re doing too much

Best tip to stay decluttered: Learn to say no.

What I crave the most out of love, affection, physicality, what I crave the most is really to be understood.
When I talk to someone I want them to care. I want to see in their eyes that they want to hear what I have to say. That my voice matters.
My whole life my voice has been quieted. I have so much to say but the words don’t come out anymore. I’m used to having to be quiet. I’m used to no one wanting to listen, because the truth is everyone only cares about themselves and their selfish need to be the center of attention.
—  v.m
Hello Queers of Tumblr!

My name is Rami, my pronouns are he/him/his, and I’m a student at the University of Chicago. I’m currently working on a study for a sociology class about the way young members of the lgbt+ community across the globe have used tumblr not only as a social media, but also as a space to support and care for one another.

I remember how much this website was able to support me as I was coming out and trying to figure out my gender/sexual identity: Having support from everyone on this site literally changed my life. 

If you feel like the same is true for you, Please reach out! Reblog this post, send me a direct message, share this around: the more people who are aware of/can contribute to my research the better!

Important note: I will not reveal any information about you, your blog name, your location - I promise that this whole experience will keep you totally anonymous and safe. 

My blog: my user’s at that special age when a fan has only one thing one her mind

Tumblr People™: exclusively healthy relationships that revolve around purity and that are Top Safe™, rejection of anything that we personally feel uncomfortable with without minding the fact that forcing our personal experiences or beliefs on other people because they disagree with us is not only immature, but also creates a toxic enviroment in which we make others feel bad for exploring something that they normally wouldn’t in real life, not caring about the fact that culture and society have a huge impact on the way different subjects are viewed?

Me: uh oh

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You poor child. You have yet to realize that people with your kinds of opinions truly don't belong in this world. I'm sure that the other students at your "religious school" dislike you just as much as you do them. They're really too good for someone like you. I will agree with your statement that non-religious students shouldn't go to your school though. Or any students for that matter. They might run into you.

this ask is so wild like…. someone genuinely sat down and typed out every word of this with a straight face… completely serious… genuinely believing in what they said… a real live human being took at least ten minutes out of their day to craft this ask… look at the grammar and punctuation! they took this seriously!! they probably had someone proof-read this ask like… the amount of work put into this is staggering.

i read this ask to my roommate and she got PISSED and wrote a very scathing reply (which i accidentally deleted but rest assured, it was properly disparaging) but like ?? i’m honestly too bemused to be mad. it’s so… incredible how ridiculous anon is without realizing that they’re being ridiculous? this ask is almost cartoonish in its hate, that’s how childish it is. ‘Here’s a very formal sounding sentence. Also, I hate you. Here’s another sentence I ripped straight from the 20th century. Burn in hell.’ 

this is a very long response to an unimportant ask but i’m just trying to wrap my mind around what’s right in front of me. like… imagine getting this pressed about someone expressing a personal opinion on their personal blog? imagine caring this much over a stranger. i have to wonder, is anon hate-following me? or did they happen upon my blog this past weekend and now linger, enthralled by the useless drama of it all? one thing’s for certain: they’ve wasted time out of their life refreshing my blog, waiting for a reply or an update of some kind. can you imagine living a life like that? one where you rely on the attention of someone you claim to hate for validation.

tldr: lmao… wild.

‘’Oi, Scraps, I don’ need ya help!’’

‘’Be quiet, now please Mr. Fawkes. Let me help you with your wounds.’’

‘’…Whaddya want then? money? ‘cuz I ain’t got any on me, mate.’’

“What I want? I want you to take a better care of yourself, Jamison. Stop being so reckless, please. You almost lost your head, today…’’

‘Blaagh, who cares, anyway! To ‘em ‘m jus’ a trash and that I deserve it!’’

‘’I do. Care.’’

We could call these two….LIGHTBOMB. Yes?

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Why did you decide to stop talking about M? I don't care about her either, but she's obviously still part of Sam's life

One and only time I’ll answer this. I have zero interest in her. Actually below zero. I’m not her fan. I don’t care about anything to do with her life or her in general. Her connection to Sam means nothing to me because he’s never actually said who she is to him. She’s been forced upon this fandom and I’m choosing to finally close the door on that chapter and have no mention of her on my blog ever again. I know my followers will appreciate it and frankly it’s about damn time. I’ve tried in the past to do this but then some new shitstorm erupts and everyone is back to talking about her again, including myself. I’m breaking the cycle for my own sake and for everyone else’s. My opinion about her relationship with Sam being fake to cover up something else won’t change, no matter how many times people tell me I’m delusional and stupid so I’m done giving her and this ridiculous narrative any attention. 

Some hiking trips, crazy days outside, daily life, school, festivals, trips and more
This is how a kanken looks, mine doesn’t look like those aesthetics blogs
Even that I don’t like those fading parts, I still love it and use it, yes I spend a lot of money on it, but it’s been one of the best inversion in my life, I don’t want to have it just there, I want to use it and continue exploring the world, probably I’m not taking good care of it, and I should do it, but I love to be rude and crazy having fun and not working about a how my backpack looks.

Sorry my intention is not to be offensive, but I still don’t know how you can have a perfectly kanken, mine looks like trash next to all of you.

SHOW ME YOUR BEAT UP KANKEN i want to see more like mine, if you want tag me as #yurisbeatupkanken and i totally woulg reblog your post.

(pls forgive me, i’m not a photo editor. i just wanted ot7)

Hey, everyone! I recently hit 100 followers! I’ve had this blog since January and even though I had a rough start and I wanted to leave a few times, I’m very glad I pushed through. I wanted to save a follow forever for another milestone and just do a drabble game for this one but there are so many amazing blogs a wanted to thank. I really appreciate every single one of you guys. This blog has been a safe haven for me, and I can’t imagine how my life would be without it. I’ve felt much more loved on this blog in the short time I’ve had it than on my previous blog, which I had for 2 and half years before I left. Even though this blog may be considered ‘small’ to some people (not that it matters to me), I still feel as if I genuinely matter to all of you, and I can’t thank you enough. I will never be able to fully express my gratitude. I really do care about all of you. All the users that show up under my followers are my friends, and I care about each one of you so much. Thank you all so much for all that you’ve done for me. I’m beyond grateful.

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Hey there guys, this is Kae. 

Let me make it clear before you read on that this post is not McHanzo related so to speak, but it is fandom related. I just got back online after a three day long mental breakdown, and I want to talk about some things. It’s gonna be a long one.

The most important thing I want to talk about is this fandom. Before Friday, when I had the first breakdown of many last weekend due to real life stuff, there was a lot going on here and building up here. Nothing out of the ordinary for me and Lynn– some people treated us badly, we responded, and suddenly there was a witch-hunt in the tag for us. Happens all the time, no big deal, usually.

But it is a big deal to me right now. Why is that not out of the ordinary for me and Lynn? Why are we used to people treating us this way, acting as if every word we speak has to be scrutinised, or as if we need to act in a way that suits everyone, or not act at all?

I want the people who think this way of us to read these words carefully: We Are Not A Service. 

We are not an official blog. We represent no one but ourselves, and we never claimed otherwise. We are just two human beings running a blog and trying to have a good time with a community who shares our interest.

Yet every time we try to do something, spanning as far back as when we brought in the Artist and Author directory or the Spotify playlist, we see hate in the tag here, or on twitter, or sent to us anonymously, because we’ve apparently done something wrong. 

Now, sometimes, when we know the source, we know what the real issue is. But if all we see is people insulting myself and Lynn as people because of the way we’ve said something or worded something, or because we acted in a way somebody didn’t like and word travels from person to person that we’re suddenly horrible, we can’t possibly know how to respond.

I had a talk with someone today who had some things about myself and Lynn miscommunicated to them by other people, who probably heard from someone else, etc, etc. When I heard what their grievances were with us and I helped clear up where they were wrong and where they were right, I feel like it was a good conversation. This person learned something about who we really are as people, and I got some constructive criticism rather than mindless hate. 

The things to be learned from that conversation are, first of all, that you can always approach me and Lynn if you have some constructive criticism. Don’t assume that someone else has and that we’ve just ignored them. I can tell you that 100% of the time thus far, we need input, because nobody just comes straight up and tells us, “Hey, I think you could do this better this way,” or something. 

Secondly, do not believe everything you hear about us. This person today heard a weird rumour that people who ship certain other ships (such as McReyes, in this case) were not going to be allowed in our McHanzo Zine. I don’t even know where that rumour came from– I ship McReyes myself, why would I do that? If you’ve heard something and you’re worried, just ask us. 

The third, learned not only by that conversation, but by my entire experience running this blog, is to try to remember that me and Lynn are just people. We have feelings, we’re not all-knowing, we’re not perfect. We do not always know if there’s a problem unless you tell us. We get things wrong sometimes and we are 100% capable of owning that and improving. Please, please don’t assume that we do not care. We see all tagged hate both here and on Twitter because we check the tags for content. It hurts when it’s personal. 

I am just getting pretty tired, my friends, which is why I’m making this post. These last few days, when I tried to come online to escape what’s happening in my life right now, all I came back to was hate, drama, and more hate, and a lot of it very personally directed at us as people. I was this close to quitting this blog, dropping the Zine, deleting Discord, etc. But then I remembered that I used to have so much fun doing this, I really did. It isn’t fun right now, and I mean that when I say it. But it can be again sometime. 

I know some of what I’m feeling has something to do with the fact that my mental health is literally in the drain right now because of things in my life, but the fact that I care about this blog has not helped, because that makes it hurt even more when the personal attacks come in.

But yeah, in summary– yes, we fuck up. No, we are not always aware of it, because we are human beings and no one is perfect. People rarely bring it to our attention when we do, and instead they complain and tag hate, which spreads, and creates an impression of us as people that others begin to think is true. This can be solved by just talking to us. 

I really mean it. Just talk to us, cause I promise you we are listening.

hello my beautiful friends. i’ve made it to 500 FOLLOWERS, and i’m honestly so in shock rn. when i joined tumblr, i truly didn’t think that even one person would follow my blog but look at it now!! i’ve wanted to do a follow forever for a really long time because i’ve met so many new people since i first started my account and i couldn’t be happier to be apart of the tom holland fandom. i’ve been in many fandoms before, but i’ve never met such compassionate, understanding, and open minded people as i have in this one. so even if we never talk, or if we do every day, i just want you all to know how much i care about each and every one of you. thank you for your constant love and support :)

now first, i wanna give a shoutout to a few mutuals that i hold very close to my heart.

@hufflepuffholland: one of the first tom blogs i ever followed, and she continues to be my favorite blog on tumblr. charissa, you’re one of the most down to earth people that i’ve ever had the pleasure of talking to and you care so much about the wellbeing of your followers and it warms my heart. you are truly my tumblr inspiration.

@parkerpter: JENNA. ONE OF MY BEST FRIENDS. you are such a BEAUT and idk what i did to deserve you in my life?? pls let me know?? your theme is my everything and ah i just love you so much. thanks for lighting up my life every day :’)

@babyparker (who i actually stole this whole idea from whoops): such a pure and kind soul. absolutely adorable and so very lovely. she’s always ready to listen and is the true embodiment of a sweetheart. mary, your entire account is my Aesthetic™ from your moodboards, to your writing, to your theme. teach me how to be you pls; you’re such an icon. much love, darling xx

@webslinqer: hanna you always calm me down and i love hearing everything about your life. you have given me such good advice and your acc is GOALS. 

@petersspidey: mads, my true love. girl where have you been all my life? you are literally my SOUL TWIN. i’m so glad that we started talking. you are one of the FUNNIEST people i’ve ever met and i always enjoy talking to you. not to mention that your writing is stellar (even though you refuse to admit it but okay i guess tHAT’S FINE).

@spideyparkerfilms: bug, thank you SO much for being the mvp. i’ll always appreciate the little blurbs and videos of cute dogs that you send me to make me feel better. you’re such a positive and bubbly person and you deserve all the followers in the world. I LOVE YOU. 

@pctcr: MY FIRST FRIEND ON TUMBLR. omg this girl gets me so well and we just automatically clicked and i think she’s such a nice person to talk to (even though i have been so flakey lately because of schoolwork pls forgive me ily)

@spiderling–parker: ik we don’t talk much any more, but you were one of my first friends on tumblr and it was so nice writing that headcannon with you and freaking out over all things peter parker hehe. i’m so proud of all your writing and how far you’ve come bb !! keep killing it xo

next, i wanna say a BIG thank you to everyone in the chat by peter parker!! such an awesome and welcoming group that has basically been there since day ONE. i’m so lucky to be a part of it and i honestly don’t know what i would do without each and every one of you. thanks for being the best pals a gal could ask for.

@hawkiye, @homecomign, @ohpeteparker, @miraculous-katsukii, @lgbtspiderman@parkerpretty, @officialpeterbparker, @peterspiders, @lucidsdream, @spidermanmcu, @samsationalwilson, @heyheyitsmk, @spidermans, @userspidey, @justiceleages, @hollandd

AND LASTLY, SOME OTHER INCREDIBLE BLOGS!! i have so many good things to say about each and every one of these blogs so if you’re ever down and need a confidence booster, please message me and i will shower you with compliments until the end of time.

@tbholland, @spiderparkerboy, @prkrptr, @tomhstories, @parkrpetey, @tomshollandss, @mc-universe, @tomsh0lland, @tom-holla, @venusparker, @homecunnings, @cmonpeter, @parker-holland, @nycspidey, @ultraspideysense, @hllands, @auntmaye, @peeterparrker, @nedandpeter, @punderoos, @peterparkereds, @penlsparker, @spxdxrmxn, @queensspiderboy, @infinityywar, @tmholland, @charmingparker, @peterplanet, @hollandtrash, @sunnystark, @peterparkerxs, @peterandchurros, @ayyholland, @cuteparkers, @hollandaised, @softspidey

fyi, if i didn’t mention your url in this list, i still love you with all my heart. it’s so hard to keep track of all my mutuals and fave accounts bECAUSE THERE’S SO MANY OF THEM! anyways this is long enough as it is so i’m signing off! 

hiatus (or deleting)

i don’t really know how to start this post tbh. i’ve been on this site for about 5 or 6 years and it’s been a big part of my life, has educated me about a lot of issues and made me the open-minded tolerant person i am today, but it’s also one of the reasons why my life is so messed up now, along with video games, the good old dépréssión™ and a shit ton of other mental fuckery.

i’m honestly so, so, so close to ending my life and i can’t go on like this. i don’t have anyone i can vent to or anyone who cares about my problems and i need to build myself a supportive environment (in real life!) where people don’t just want me to be upbeat and fun until i show my symptoms. i can’t do that if i stay in bed all day blogging, playing or chatting online. all my time is spent in front of a screen, be it pc, laptop, tv or phone and i have to stop this, i have a serious problem and i know i’m addicted to games and internet.

 i literally don’t go outside at all, unless i absolutely have to, i don’t do chores, i barely manage to keep up with hygiene and i’m not really “living” all due to my depression and the fact that i cope by escaping real life by stimulating my brain all day, nonstop. in order to lead a healthy life i have to completely distance myself from social media/internet/video games and start reading, exercising, going out, meeting people and drawing again. i know it’ll be hard, but it’s better than wanting to die.

i’ll also start working as an apprentice soon since i’m applying for several jobs right now, so pls send all the good vibes and prayers because i’m really late.. i might come online and post updates from time to time, but i’m afraid that’s gonna be it.. if i can’t stay away from tumblr, i’ll have to delete my blog. i can’t afford to keep getting sucked into this hell like i did after 7 months of therapy in a mental hospital last year.

lastly, i want to thank everyone who’s been with me since the start, and my friends who i either met along the way or just recently. thank you for making my tumblr experience the best it could be.

I always laugh that teen wolf was so desperately trying to rush stdia and make it seem like stiles doesn’t care about Malia that they didn’t give malia and stiles a reunion scene even though one of the last things stiles did in season 5 was risk his life ( completely alone may I add ) to save malia 🤔 so apparently in the time hop stiles suddenly didn’t care about Malia that much ….

BTS Reaction: You being younger then them.


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Jin would be a little shocked and unsure about it at first, but once you convinced him that nothing will change and that everything will be ok he will start warming up to you more and start being more protective.


Originally posted by jeonbase

Suga really wouldn't care, like the moment you told him that you were younger his reaction would literally be the *gif* he would tell you how he only loves you for you and not for your age.


Originally posted by jaayhope

Like Suga, he wouldn't care about your age either. He would find you very cute and adorable calling you his “baby, he would like the fact that you’re younger than him.

Rap Monster:

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To him, age is nothing but a number he would start this long conversation telling you how “it doesn’t matter to him” and how “he will love you no matter what”


Originally posted by morekpopmore

He would find you 100 times cuter like he would tease you about it and say how you must call him “Oppa”. He would call you names like cutie, princess, baby, and he would find you extremely adorable.


Originally posted by beautyshitful

He really wouldn't talk about it, he would just shrug it off and continue on in life not really caring about it, you’re still his girlfriend no matter what.


Originally posted by jkguks

I think he would be fine with it, he wouldn’t care if you were older or younger, if you told him that you were 2 years younger he wouldn’t mind it. All he knows is that you’re his girlfriend and he loves and cares for you very much.

This one was a bit short but I hope you all still like it and thank you guys so much for 176 followers. I am so so happy that you guys took the time to come and follow my blog haha. 

P.S. that’s my favorite jungkook and Jimin gif like they are soo damn cute and fluffy.

anonymous asked:

What are your thoughts on that Sebastian Stan instagram drama?

I’ve debated on answering this because over the past few weeks I’ve, personally, done well at keeping this blog drama free. The exception of me having meltdowns over being jobless- but again, it’s not drama, it’s just personal. 

I feel like if I said I didn’t care everyone would take that wrong but it’s 100% how I feel on it. 

I’m going to start by saying, I did psychology for two years. (so my answer for this is going to be different to how other blogs have answered) Everyone in your life, around you and yourself, is problematic! That’s 100% the truth. No one in life is perfect or completely drama free, everyone has flaws.
The beautiful thing about being human is that we all collectively make mistakes, as a species, we make the most mistakes in life. Wanna know what’s also so advanced about the human race? We also are the most forgiving. 

Now, everyone is thinking, “But forgiveness means forgetting?” No, it doesn’t, that’s where most people go wrong with their forgiveness. Forgiving someone is recognising they’ve done something bad, hurtful and wrong but also acknowledging that they can and want to better themselves and not hold the past mistakes against them, but not forget but allowing them and yourself to better yourselves from this mistake they’ve made by not letting it hold you back. You can forgive someone but also not want them in your life. I’ve had many people do me wrong, I’ve forgiven them but also separated myself from them.

I’ll come back to that. I want to talk about mistakes. Everyone in life has made mistakes has said or done stuff that’s problematic, that’s not an assumption that’s a fact. Growing up, as a society, we’ve all said some f*cked up shit because we think it’s “okay” at the time but later in years have realised, “Oh wait, that was actually problematic of me to say, I’m glad I don’t say dumb shit anymore and have made the correct choices in life to not carry on being that person.” It happens, my 2009 self is so troubled on mental health that I said some awful things, till I realised, ‘wait it can happen to anyone. 

That being said, the difference between me, you and Sebastian Stan, is that his problematic mistakes are blasted for the whole entire world to see and judge. All his mistakes are Googleable and forever remembered through social medias. Whereas our mistakes aren’t. We just have ours as memories, we cringe and forget our past mistakes and move on, better ourselves by bettering our minds in the process. Sebastian can’t-do that because he’s constantly critiqued on his life and mistakes, his will be viewable for years to come, and remembered. They’ll be brought up through the course of his life because that’s the price he pays for sharing his life. 

The severity of the mistakes between us and Sebastian’s mistakes could be different, but what I am saying is that; we have the privilege to sometimes forget how problematic we are by judging someone who is an internet influencer/ famous when they do something problematic. 

That being said, what he done was problematic. It was crude and in terrible taste, and also the wrong timing. But, I know people who have done this too, who have made light of a situation with a joke and think it’ll be fine but actually it’s in poor taste because of the severity of the situation.
Does that make them terrible people? No, it just makes them stupid. Can they learn from this? Of course, as humans, we learn from mistakes better than success; as messed up as that is, it’s true. 

Also, Sebastian Stan is painted as this perfect person to many of his fans. I see people on Tumblr, all the time, say he’s the perfect man. He can’t-do no wrong. Essentially, to a lot of you, he’s a God. So, when stuff like this happens, it hits you hard. Because how can someone so sweet, so handsome, so *fluffy* say/ do something like this? Well, it’s because he’s human. That’s the simplest answer. He’s human. He says stupid things on the daily - I assume-, he makes mistakes and messes up, and above all, he’s still learning. As humans we learn every day, our minds are constantly absorbing knowledge and guess what, Sebastian Stan is a problematic human just like everyone else. 

Once, everyone learns, that everybody is a 3D spectrum of grey areas, the better life will be. No one is either or, everyone has the capacity and ability to mess up, badly. No one in life is perfect, show me the perfect human and you’ll be showing me a human who has been forgiven for their past mistakes already. Everyone, within themselves, has the right to mess up and make mistakes; you aren’t allowed to take away their learning and growing process. 

This leads me back to forgiveness. Do I think Sebastian deserves to be forgiven? I, personally, think he does. He didn’t mean what he did to be vicious or mean, he was just ignorant to the subject matter- which happens sometimes- but it isn’t up for me to decide if everyone forgives him. Forgiveness is dealt by those who were hurt by what happened, so it’s up to those people. What I don’t think is acceptable is the death threats/ horrible comments he’s getting. You can be mad at someone, you can not forgive them just yet (or ever) but don’t resort to being a bully and spreading hate. - Rosalie🌹

Forgiveness is not always easy. At times, it feels more painful than the wound we suffered, to forgive the one that inflicted it. And yet, there is no peace without forgiveness. - Marianne Williamson

This is gonna be deleted in an hour, so I decided to answer it anyway

High hopes for carry on pt. 2 and what I hope it will bring

•penny children because penny as a parent is one of my greatest weaknesses
•an answer for Baz’s state of mortality
•more smooching
•is agatha all good bc this blog is pro agatha
•new characters omg
•studious baz™
•a talking dragon
•a ghost
•the boyz dealing with their mental health in a healthy way
•casual mention of taking meds PLEASE
•aCK you don’t understand how badly I want them to properly deal with their mental health it’s all I care about
•tbh I don’t want their marriage to be canon is that bad
•I just can’t imagine them “settling down”
•I hope they just live their life for a while
•snarky baz (he better not leave us)
•si finds out the Mage was his father and he’s cries in Baz’s arms
•more Mordeila plz
•a recipe in the back for sour cherry scones
•I just hope there’s magic but how will she do that??? Idk that’s why she’s published and I’m not
ADD ON ADD ON ADD ON I want to know your thoughts