no one cares about me

I can’t wait til I’ve saved up enough money for a cat. I hate living alone. It’s too quiet, and my thoughts are too loud. I feel so isolated, I don’t even have any family to come home to at the end of the day. Just silence. And being an adult sucks because everyone’s too busy all the time to visit. So I go weeks without seeing anyone outside work sometimes. And now that I’ve moved, it will be very likely that there will be solid MONTHS without seeing anyone, just like the last time I lived alone.

Thank god for let’s players and longass livestreams. I just let them play as background noise so I can pretend I’m not completely alone.


why do ppl mock The Indie Girl Voice™ so much when The Pop Punk Guy Voice™ is one of the worst and most grating singing styles ever


3rd year koganegawa & some fellow 3rd year!first years

(worry not… the adidas hair will make a comeback…)


hey you, yeah, you. the one reading this. you know, if you’re reading this that means you’re alive and you know what that means? that means you’re awesome. you’re awesome bc you’re alive and breathing. no matter what you’re going through i’m always here to talk just message me. you don’t even have to follow me bc my messages are always open to everyone! but even if you are going through a tough time, i think it’s cool that you’re still here and if you’re thinking of ending it, don’t. please. suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. it’s gonna be okay soon, i promise. just stay alive and stay strong and you can do anything you put your mind to. i love you and i care. stay alive! i believe in you and i’m proud of you, you beautiful human being!


promise I’ll never let you down ❤

the fact that doyoung reached out to taeyong and held his hand to ground him when he was extremely nervous was beautiful but the fact that taeyong was supposed to go on stage to collect their award yet he took the time to hug doyoung for dear life, as if doyoung made him whole and gave him energy to deliver that speech just said a lot about their friendship. no scripts, no planned actions, just raw and pure instincts. actions will always be louder than words.

I’m so sick of begging people to talk to me or to hangout with me. I’m done. I rather be alone overthinking and crying then talking to or being with someone who I have to beg, over and over to see! I’m done trying, I’m not talking to anyone till they want to talk to me and I refuse to hangout with someone who doesn’t get excited to make plans with me or that shuts me down when I ask to talk to or to see them. I feel so hurt right now and I’m trying to just stop crying because I can’t take this pain anymore.

…would you like some toast and jam, george? your favourite is apricot.

after rogue one, after seeing all these people do everything in their power, sacrificing even themselves in order to give the rebellion a chance to defeat the empire…are there really any assholes who expect me to give a flying fuck about kyle ron?! are there really assholes who expect me to want him to get a redemption and worst of all get together with rey?!

fuck no!

and fuck that white boy!

  • marius: *starts singing during 'drink with me'*