Someone asked me on Pinterest if creepypasta was real (I’m 🌸Sakura Queen🌸), on a post about the poor sweetie who was stabbed my two moronic idiots who thought it was real. I explained it wasn’t while a Ticci Toby roleplay account tried to argue with me. I got told I was causing trouble. ITS ASSHOLES LIKE THESE THAT MADE ME LEAVE THE FANDOM I GOT FAMOUS IN, ITS ASSHOLES LIKE THESE THAT MADE US LOOK BAD. ITS ASSHOLES LIKE THESE THAT MADE TOBYS CREATOR SAY TOBY WAS A MISTAKE.

OK seriously how do characters in Young Justice focus well enough to transmit only relevant thoughts over telepathy like if you mentally linked me with other people in the first three seconds everyone would be overwhelmed with bad pop songs and incoherent despair.