it’s been a while since i’ve drawn :(

Do you ever get just get really tired all of the sudden? Like I just got home from the mall and every time we’d stop walking I’d just lean against the nearest thing and set my eyes on something and start to fall asleep. I’m still sleepy.

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Asian female here, I told my white boyfriend about your tumblr and he thinks it is very offensive, I have to agree with him, because he in no way fetishizes me, his last three girlfriends were asian, but that's because he was studying abroad in china for a few years, he has never once called me his oriental princess or anything like that.


I’m no one’s priority. People find their phones more interesting than me. When I talk to them, they’re either scrolling through their mobiles, or texting, and if someone else comes along, they just turn away from me, and start talking to them instead. Am I really that boring and annoying?
—  sigh