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What if MC was out with their BFF and the RFA member they're dating/V, and MC+BFF just start switching between 4 languages smoothly while talking to each other lol? (P/S: I wish to not mention which specific languages to be more inclusive of others)

Jesus, 4? I have to say MC is amazing. I can’t even do two, my Chinese is terrible HAHAHA. For this prompt, I will fix Korean as one of the 4 languages no matter what.

~ Ion


  • Zen is accompanying you and your best friend. He wants to see where you guys are going after all
  • You three end up going to a cinema to watch a movie
  • After the movie, you and your best friend just start to comment about the movie so rapidly
  • At first, it is only in Korean, asking each other how the movie is
  • All of a sudden, you guys are talking so rapidly that he cannot understand what you two are talking about
  • Wait are you two even talking in Korean?
  • Wait no that is English
  • Oh wait nope that’s Dutch now
  • Zen just. Gives up trying to understand the topic you two have by speech, but instead, he starts observing your actions
  • You two are pretty dramatic, honestly. But it does help in helping him understand, with how your friend is aggressively clutching at her heart, her face contorting in pain
  • Meanwhile, you’re crossing your arms, shaking your head. You then proceed to open your arms, pointing at your friend, albeit rather angry.
  • You two obviously have different opinions about the movie…
  • Before you state one point in Korean again, “but the moment when the couple hugged!” – your friend just squeals in joy and leaps up to jump at you, freaking out about the scene
  • You start smiling and fangirling with her as well
  • … Zen is just left confused, but he likes seeing you like this. It’s new to him, but he finds it interesting that he’s able to see your interactions between you and friend, and how he can understand it still.


  • Yoosung goes with you because you wanted him to meet your best friend.
  • (That and he is interested when you say your best friend plays LoLoL too, but hey he loves you the most)
  • And your friend is actually willing to go to an internet cafe to play LoLoL!
  • So he’s really excited at first
  • Everyone is communicating well during the games, but things get… Weird during team fights.
  • During team fights, you two will suddenly talk in another different language
  • He doesn’t even know what language you two are talking in, dear god
  • It sounds different now
  • The number of clicking increases, ultimates going down
  • Yoosung has to think about what you two are thinking and try to back the two of you up while you two keep talking in another language, oh they have changed for the third time
  • Oh dear. Everyone died.
  • “Ahhhh, it’s late! Our ultimates went too early!”
  • “… I kinda wish Yoosung could have rolecalled… Oh wait.”
  • Yoosung is slightly peeved, but he understands that it is the first time he has joined you two in playing LoLoL
  • From now on when you two play with him, you two have to make sure you two still interact in Korean
  • If you two forget, Yoosung will remind the two of you, but other than that it’s just a minor inconvenience. You three still stomp on the others like nobody’s business!


  • Hey, it’s a time to meet up! Why not?
  • You three are in a cafe, just drinking coffee and nomming at cute cakes
  • It has been some time you have not meet up with your best friend, so you start a conversation focusing on her
  • Jaehee is enjoying her coffee, listening to you two having your conversation
  • But for some reason, she doesn’t really get some of the words anymore
  • It sounds familiar, but it really doesn’t at the same time?
  • It then clicked – your friend just referred you with a “-chan”, that has to be Japanese.
  • She still slightly understand the language, just some words she exactly can’t pinpoint
  • But then it went to something different again, but she could still identify some words
  • Chinese? She thinks it’s Chinese?
  • Argh, this is mildly frustrating for her now, because of how serious the two of them look
  • She needs to know, okay? What if the something serious involves something about you?
  • Why are they talking something like English now? What does amissio, amoveo or canis mean?
  • After translating, she realises that your friend has lost her dog because it went missing and that you’re telling them to move on
  • Or trying to, they’re now crying, but they look thankful
  • She froze slightly, but you are now cheering them on with a smile
  • She may not understand the language, but she sees your care and love for your friend. And she respects it.


  • Jumin just wanted to go with you. He wants to know who you’re hanging out with. That’s it at first.
  • Your friend is very happy when you two meet and goes to kiss your cheeks twice. Jumin immediately assumes that you two are from Italy or Spain.
  • You three had a good conversation with one another, it’s pretty formal and all
  • All of a sudden your friend started speaking in Italian
  • By this time, he’s already ready. He has a phone translator to translate what you two are speaking
  • “Hey, you’re fine and all right?”
  • “Yeah, I am. Why?”
  • Your friend immediately switched to another language. Now it’s in German.
  • “I just. Feel that you two are pretty formal. You usually are not this uptight, you know. Everything’s.. Fine, right?”
  • “Yes, really! Jumin’s nice and all. He seems cold and stuff but he’s really such an amazing person deep down.”
  • Another language swap. French this time.
  • “… I hope that’s true? But if there’s anything wrong, I’ll hunt him down, okay?”
  • “Sí, amigo. Don’t worry, I trust him, I will not get cheated again, and he has shown me love in his own way.”
  • In all honesty, he’s thankful that he sort of translated to listen to the conversation, but he feels sorry that he ended up snooping on what you two are saying
  • Should he, though? Nah, not really. It’s a good reason after all.
  • But he is really thankful for you saying that. 


  • You two go to meet up with your friend and Seven already have some idea how your friend is
  • You three are just walking to your next destination when a conversation just randomly sparks up
  • At first, it’s in Korean. It’s just a conversation about the weather with you and your friend, so Seven is not really listening really closely to it
  • But you replied in Filipino, “Well. It’s cold here during winters, of course. It’s not as sunny like in Philippines…”
  • Your friend laughs immediately, replying in Malay, “Do you miss Philippines?”
  • “Yeah, I do.” Did you just reply in Arabic???
  • “But I can bring you to the space station and go to Philippines after that!” Seven replies in joy right after in Arabic
  • Everyone clicks well right after and your friend really likes Seven being your boyfriend too (10/10 Boyfriend is approved)


  • You just don’t feel good having him in the house alone. Although he keeps saying he can take care of himself, you still bring him along to meet your best friend
  • And hey, you get to introduce each other after all!
  • While you three are eating your meal, everything is fine and all
  • You suddenly spoke in another language though and your friend continued with it
  • You two keep changing languages – That is something V is pretty sure of
  • But he can’t see the hand motions, it’s too quick and blurry for him to understand what you two mean
  • So he decides to just listen to the tone and pitch of the speech
  • It’s really calming, actually. The chat is so nice with each other
  • There’s some nostalgia in both of your voices, like as if you have not talked to each other for such a long time
  • V feels kinda sad, tbh. It’s a really relaxing chat, although he only can listen to it. 
When he’s mad for no reason

Harry :

“I HATE THIS! I HATE EVERYTHING!!” yelled the curly haired boy. You heard him slamming doors, kicking walls, throwing things. Things like this happens pretty often since his tour and his job schedule are doubled. “Okay, what’s going on now?” you asked while opening the door of your bedroom. He was sitting on the bed, hands covering his face. “No, its not important.” he said while opening his arms gesturing you to come sit and cuddle beside him. “Haz, let’s go somewhere.” “Where?” “Anywhere. Away from this crap.” You said kissing him on the cheek. Then you two would just go out, and follow where the wind will take you, and that makes him calmer, happier.

Niall :

Your grumpy boyfriend just came in to your flat, stumping his shoes like a little boy when you realized that he’s back from his interview. “Hey Niall! I’m not cooking tonight, let’s go out.” He looked at you with his eyebrows narrowed. You knew that he was mad, but you can’t help it. He looks adorable. You sat on the couch next to him and look him in the eyes “What’s up?” “Nothing!” “Ni, stop doing that to me! if you don’t tell me what’s going on, how am I going to help you?” you asked rubbing him on the back. He rest his head against your shoulder and you two stayed in silence for a couple of minutes. “Umm.. Princess?” he said cracking up the silence between the two of you. “Yes?” “About dinner…” “Haha, where do you want to go?” “Well you know…” “Okay.. Go get your Nando’s card and I’ll go get our coats.” “Yeay! Let’s go!” he said running up the stairs to go get his card, leaving you sitting on the couch with a smile on your face. Your boyfriend can be childish sometimes, and you find it cute.

Liam :

You always know when Liam’s mad for no reason. He’ll get all cute and grumpy. You were going to meet him today, after his photo-shoot. You got a text from him to meet him at a local cafe. When you came, you saw your boyfriend at the corner table. “Hey Li.” “Yeah, hey.” he said without any expression. “What’s going on with my baby today?” “I’M NOT YOUR FUCKING BABY! JUST SHUT UP!” Yeah, he’s mad. At first you were going to cry, but you knew that he didn’t mean it, he’s always like this when he’s sad or when he misses his mom. “Okay, I’m sorry. If you’re not my baby then would you please act like you used to?” “No, it’s my fault. I should’ve just..” “No Li. It’s okay.” You said looking him in to his eyes. “I love you y/n. Thank you for understanding.” “Aww.. I love you too.. Now how about we go watch a movie?” “Sounds good to me.” he smirk. Then he kissed you on the nose and hold your hand, walking out of the cafe, not taking his eyes of you.

Louis :

You came with him on tour cuz he asked you to. He’s been down lately, and he needs your support. Right now, they’re doing m&g’ with the fans and you are waiting for them in the tour bus, listening to their new album. A few hours later, they came in and you saw your boyfriend coming to you. You looked deep in his eyes and knew that he was not okay. “Hey Boo. How’s the m&g?” “Good.” “You okay?” “Yeah.” he said sitting right next to you. “AHHHH! WTF!” “What?” “DID YOU CHANGED MY PHONE’S PASSWORD?” “No, you misspelled it, see? You typed the wrong letters.” “I KNEW THAT!” he said looking down to his phone. “Boo…” “WHAT?” “Come here…” you said gesturing your hand, so he rest his head on your lap. “You okay?” “Not really y/n. Everything’s a mess in my head right now.” “It’s gonna be okay.” “I know, that’s why you’re here.” he said looking up to you, then you kissed him on his forehead and spent the rest of the day just sitting there talking to your not so grumpy boyfriend.

Zayn :

You woke up from your nap and knew that there was something wrong. Zayn’s not there. You peeked in the living room and saw him painting on the walls, violently. He always paints his wall softly, and carefully, and now, it seems like he’s attacking the wall. You hugged him from the back and stopped him from what he was doing. “Babe, let’s go back to bed…” “NO Y/N!” “Pleaaaassseee?” “I said no.” “Pretty pleaseeee?” you said pouting and kissing his neck. He nodded in defeat and hold your hand, followed you back to your bedroom. And you two would just cuddle and watch a movie, and talk about anything that came through your mind. And he forgets about what he’s being mad about, cuz now he have his girl by his side.