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prompt idea: veronica,betty, & kevin are at Pop's when a guy on a motorcycle pulls up & Betty excuses herself and she leaves with him. ( they don't know jughead joined the serpents or got a motorcycle ) so they think betty is seening someone else & so they tell Archie. archie/gang goes over to the trailer & tells him right when betty walks out & explains everything???...!!!!

“So when do we want to have our spa day?” Betty asked, taking a small sip from her vanilla milkshake. She was sitting in her normal booth across from Veronica and Kevin, planning their next spa day sleepover. They usually have one about once every two weeks at Betty’s house.

“How about this weekend? Like Friday to Saturday?” Kevin asked, looking between the two best friends.

“I’m down. I can go and get some new face masks and nail polish!” Veronica said, popping one of her French fries into her mouth.

“Ok, cool. How about you Betty?” Kevin asked, turning his head in the blondes direction. But she was gathering her garbage and pulling her wallet into the back of her jeans.

“Yeah sounds good. Text me later. I just remembered that I have to go, my mom’s waiting for me.” Betty said, standing up from the booth. She handed some cash to Pop and headed out of the diner, the jingle of the bell coming from the door as it opened.

Kevin took Betty’s spot so he was now across from Veronica.

“What was that about?” Kevin asked, stealing some of Veronica’s French fries while sipping on some of the milkshake that Betty left behind.

“I think that’s what it’s about.” Veronica said, pointing to a man on a black motorcycle with a Southside Serpent leather jacket on his back, black ripped jeans on his legs and dark heavy combat boots on his feet. Veronica and Kevin couldn’t find out who it was because the man had a full black motorcycle helmet on. The guy was handing Betty what looked like a pink leather jacket and a matching black motorcycle helmet. Betty pulled on the leather jacket, and grabbed her hair elastic out of her hair, letting the soft blonde curls cascade over her shoulders.  She wrapped her legs around the motorcycle and pulled on the helmet over her head, wrapping her arms around the mysterious boy.

The motorcycle zoomed off and as soon as it was out of sight Veronica and Kevin turned their heads and met each other’s eyes.

“What. Just. Happened.” Kevin said, mouth wide open.

“I have no idea. All I know is that we need to find Archie and Jughead to warn them that Betty is getting cozy with some Southside scum.” Veronica said, instantly standing up from the booth and heading to pay Pop.

“Kevin are you coming?” Veronica said, already half way out of the door. Kevin stood up, still in shock from what he saw and followed Veronica out the door. They made their way to her silver Mercedes and drove to the Andrews and the Coopers road. Veronica went and  knocked on the Andrews door and Kevin went and knocked on the Coopers door.

“Hi Mr Andrews, is Archie here?” Veronica asked, smiling at the older Andrews man.

“Yeah, he’s upstairs. I’ll get him and send him to the car.” Fred said, going to the bottom of the stairs and yelling for his son. Veronica gave him a smile and walked back into the car, getting in the front seat.

On the other side of the road, Kevin knocked on the Coopers door and smiled when Alice Cooper opened the door, even though he was completely terrified of her.

“Hi Ms Cooper, is Betty home?” Kevin said, twiddling his hands behind his back.

“Oh no, I think she was hanging out with Veronica. If you need it I can text her!” Alice said, starting to pull out her phone.

“Oh no it’s ok, I can do it. I was just wondering if she had the book that I needed. But it’s ok, I’ll text her later about it. Thank you!” Kevin said, waving goodbye before the Cooper mom could ask anymore questions. He walked down the walkway from their house and waited until the front door was closed before getting into the back of Veronica’s car.

By the time he was leaning forward, to talk to Veronica, Archie was already sitting in the front seat.

“So, what’s going on?” Archie said, looking between his two friends.

“One second. Betty isn’t there. We have to go to the trailer park to warn Jughead. Go!” Kevin said, then turning to Archie to tell him what’s going on. “Me, Betty and V were sitting in Pop’s planning out our next spa day sleepover and she suddenly had to leave, saying her mom needed her. Well, we watched her and saw her put on a pink leather jacket, take out her ponytail, and put on a motorcycle helmet. She got on a motorcycle with a random guy and drove off.”

“Who was the guy?” Archie said, eyebrows furrowed.

“We told you, I have no idea! He was wearing all black, a Southside Serpent jacket and a full black motorcycle helmet.” Veronica said, keeping her eyes on the road.

“He was wearing a Southside Serpent jacket?” Archie said, gripping the leather seat so hard his knuckles were turning white.

“Yep.” Kevin said as Veronica pulled up in front of the trailer, turning off the car and opening up the door.

“Let’s go warn Jughead.” Veronica said walking up the metal stairs to the rickety door. She was about to knock with her perfectly manicured hand, but before her knuckles could connect with the door, it swung open and a bubbly blonde stood in the doorway.

“Betty? What are you doing here? We saw you go off with that guy on his motorcycle!” Kevin said from behind Veronica.

“Oh crap. You guys weren’t supposed to see that.” Betty said, sighing. She looked down at her feet before turning her head. “Babe! We have company! Come on in guys.”

The four teens went inside the old trailer, three of them going to sit on the couch. Betty went into the kitchen to grab some snacks and came back out with some chips and lemonade. As soon as she sat down the snacks, the other guy came out.

“Really? Who’s here Bets?” Jughead said, walking out of the bedroom. His hands were gripping the lapels of his leather jacket and as soon as he saw his friends he ripped the leather off of his back and threw it across the room, but unluckily it landed on the counted on the front, with the Southside Serpent logo very prominent. All the three teenagers mouths dropped, Archie instantly standing up.

“You? You joined them?” Archie said, dragging his fingers over the embroidery on the jacket.

“Um, kinda?” Jughead said, looking for Betty for moral support. She shrugged her shoulders.

“Why don’t we all sit down, and we can explain the whole situation.” Betty said, looking between their three shocked friends. They didn’t say anything, and instead went and sat down on the old couch, letting Jughead and Betty sit on the other one.

“Oh wait, were missing someone!” Betty said turning to Jughead with a smile on her face. “Hot Dog!” She yelled, giggling when the big ball of white fluff bounded into the living room, jumping on the couch and seating himself between Betty and Jughead.

“So,” Jughead started, grabbing Betty’s hand for support, “after the Jubilee, Betty and I came back here. Then, there was a knock on the door and some of the serpents came and offered me a jacket. I took it but didn’t officially say that I was going to be apart of it. I also told them that if I did join there was no way I was getting a tattoo. So, after a while of thinking, I decided I would join.” He said. Archie was about to but in but Jughead beat him too it. “I only joined for the protection, and so I could hear things about what is going on with my dad. I’m not doing anything illegal.”

“Ok.” Veronica said after a few minutes of silence.

“So, you’re ok with this?” Betty asked, gripping onto Jughead’s hand.

“Well if you are Betty, then I am. You know more about what’s best for him then I do.”

“Me too.” Kevin said, looking between the two happy teenagers. “Just one question, how did you get the pooch and the motorcycle?”

“Oh, Viper dropped off Hot Dog when he gave me the jacket the first time. And after I said yes, but said no to the tattoo, they gave me the motorcycle.” Jughead said, smiling.

“Arch?” Betty said, looking at her long term best friend. He was still looking at his hands, probably taking in all the information that they had just told him.


“Okay?” Jughead asked, petting Hot Dogs fur and holding Betty’s hand.

“Yeah. Ok. As long as your not doing anything illegal.”

“Thanks so much.” Betty said, smiling at the redhead.

“I hate the decision, but it’s your own life that you decided to ruin, not mine. As long as your safe I don’t care what you do.” Archie said, walking out of the trailer.

“You are safe right?” Veronica asked. When Jughead nodded she gave them both a smile and walked out of the trailer, following her boyfriend.

“I’ll leave you two to your… business.” Kevin said, making Betty and Jughead giggle and chuckle as he walked out of the trailer. They both flopped down on the couch, Hot Dog moving from his previous spot to now lying on both their laps.

“He’ll get over it” Jughead said, running his fingers through his hair.

“Of course he will. As long as you don’t do anything illegal and don’t die.” Betty said, giggling.

“I wasn’t planning on it.”

Walls (some possible triggers)

Quick Info - Mary leaves the boys. Reader tries to help.
Word Count - 2883
Warnings - Angst, fluff, language because it’s me…Dean is angry, lashes out. says things that may be triggers for some.

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Walls (Possible Triggers below cuts)

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Cavity Search [JongTae, PG-13]

“Hold on – shit – hold on,” he breathes, trying to wedge himself away from Taemin’s hands and the way they wind into his hair, looking for control. “I’ve got food on the stove.”

“Hyung, I don’t really care about the soup right now,” Taemin answers. “Let it burn.”

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Ex flirts with you (4/4)

Requested: please please please please do one where your ex flirts with you and tries to fuck you etc. and one of the boys catches him and they get into a fight over you ilyyyyyyyy x

Rate: PG-13 


I was at a house party tonight that my boyfriend was throwing. His parents and sister were out of town so it was perfect. I wasn’t a real big girly girl i wore ripped skinny jeans and one of cal’s green day shirt that was ripped and had holes in it that he left at my house once. I’ve claimed property of it since. My hair was dyed a light purple thanks to his friend Mikey who was an expert to dying hair. I had a few tattoos and my nose pierced. I think that’s what Calum loved i was wild plus we loved all the same things. 

I had a drink in my hand and was just aimlessly walking around saying hello to the few people i knew at this party. Then something caught me from the corner of my eye. him. He sat with his back against the wall and a beer inn his hand. His eyes were burning into me i could tell. He got up and shoved his way effortlessly to me. “Hello Y/N” he whispered in your ear, you could smell the alcohol burning his breath from here 

“Hello Denver” i said in disgust 

Denver. Biggest Partier in the suburbs of Sydney, all the connections to the alcohol and drugs didn’t matter if he was invited to the party or not he showed up there was no stopping him. And he happened to be my ex-boyfriend.

He had me sit down with him and he got me a drink, i definitely did not miss the craziness of this boy and he seems to haven’t have stopped. We made small talk but i tried to stay as quiet as i could not trying to be rude though. Searching the house for Calum or the boys to save me from his twat. 

Denver rested a hand on my inner thigh and i could tell this wasn’t going well because i was a bit drunk. he leaned over and whispered in my ear “lets go upstairs” he bit my earlope and grabbed my hand.

“No i’m good” i protested but he didn’t listened and ragged me to the stairs pushing past the people. 

“Where do you think your taking her?” a deep husky similar voice said. I looked back to he Calum standing with his arms crossing over his chest, the boys right behind him. 

Denver laughed and kept pulling at me, that’s when they moved to us and Ashton got me out of his grip and put a protective arm around me while Luke Calum and Michael beat the shit out of Denver. Calum got down and whispered something into Denver’s ear while Denver held his stomach in pain. 

Calum then stalked over to me and said “are you okay?” putting his hands on my waist. I just nodded and hugged him.

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