no one can truly understand my rage

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Hi B! I'm writing this meta-ish thing about Tobio, so I'm doing a bunch of research on him--canon and fan opinion. You know the part in the first episode/chapter where Tobio asks (more like yells) Hinata what he's been doing for the past three years? Could I have your opinion on that part? Like, his intents in doing it? I have my own opinions about it, but I would like to read someone else's opinions too. Thanks!

A thing Kageyama has always been incredibly good at is recognizing a truly strong player when he sees one, and here he’s incredibly impressed by Hinata’s abilities. I think what’s making him rage is the thought that Hinata is wasting his potential. He can’t understand how a person with his amount of raw talent could end up in his last year of junior hight lacking the basics of volleyball. We know why, but Kageyama doesn’t. 

Of the Kageyama we see here there are only hints left in the Kageyama we know now, but still, the core remained the same. It’s a Kageyama that’s incredibly hard on himself, wanting perfection and nothing else. And he demands the exact same thing from everyone else. 

“You’ve got it all. How could you have wasted a potential like that?” 


So while everybody else is off getting the green ottoman because they leveled up their Jedi like sensible people. I was off on a quest to get one of my clone sons because I can’t leave Fives alone! I mean, he and Chirrut have become bosom buddies while Baze gets his $%^ together but only another Brother can truly understand what it was like. So I finally got Rex for Fives and SOON ECHO WILL JOIN THE SQUAD. #SQUADGOALS #IAMTOOOLDFORTHISJOKE

I was also working on getting Phasma who showed up two days ago, I think? Anyway, I got Her Shininess and I’m slowly working her up to being useful, especially since it would be nice to have some assists going on on the Dark Side. 

But then… THEN…. The game blessed me again! 

So a long while back, I got Ahsoka from the random Bronzium card drop. I squealed with excitement and possibly embarrassed myself but I didn’t care because AHSOKA! I had been talking about her a great deal and since our phones (and the NSA and probably Palpatine) are listening to us I joked with @writegowrite that the game heard me and gave me Ahsoka so that I would keep playing. 

So jokingly, we started crooning to the phone “General Kenooooobiiiii!”

And while I have not been gifted with His High Gingerness yet, I have been going on and on about Old Daka this week and LO AND BEHOLD!


So please excuse me. I need to go whisper “General Kenobiiiiii!” into my phone. Or “Wedge Antilleeeees!!!” 

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I know starving myself is anorexia, but it feels like controlling food is the only control I have and I don't know what to do

Hello friend,

This is a topic that lies very near and dear to my heart. I know how difficult of a struggle any form of mental illness can be, for its truly a raging inner battle. I am sending you as much love and support as I possibly can, for you deserve to overcome this entirely.

I understand when you say that it seems like it is the only way that you are able to take control of your life. And having control over your life is definitely comforting. However, you must learn to be able to surrender, for we cannot possibly have complete control over our life. If one tries so hard to keep everything a certain way in their life all the time, it will be far stressful.

Please friend, try to take a moment to reassure yourself of your stability. Be still, and find your inner peace. The universe will always and forever be there to support you. Try not to feel alone, for you never are. And try not to feel the need to take total control, for part of the beauty of life is just going with the natural current.

Also, please try to make moments to remind yourself of how special you are. You are such a gift to this universe, and deserve the utmost love and care from yourself. By depriving yourself of your own basic needs, you are neglecting who you are. So when you’re hungry, please feed yourself. Take care of yourself instead of tearing yourself down. By ignoring our body’s signals, we will be deprived of energy. When we are deprived of energy, we cannot live to our fullest potential. We cannot live in a state of genuine happiness. Please, try to take care of yourself. Remind yourself constantly how special you are, and how starving oneself is only hurting you, not nurturing.

Also because I’m not a professional, for your own health and wellbeing, please consider talking to someone face to face about the thoughts that you experience. Sometimes because they exist within ourselves, it is more difficult to overcome and heal from them. Any mental illness is not something to take likely, so please, take the time to ensure that you are taking care of yourself, both physically and mentally.

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I've already seen a post about how Mabel is selfish because she's not supportive of Dipper's dream. Didn't Dipper say that he wanted to make a ghost hunter's show? Wasn't he hesitant about leaving Mabel at first because he loves her and they need each other? Dipper and Mabel have been together their whole life, and if you honestly expect Mabel to be fine with him staying in Gravity Falls for the rest of his life because he has sacrificed so much, then this fandom = blind.

Let’s talk about Dipper’s dream for a second: Dipper’s “dream” is a hasty decision made in the adrenaline of a moment where his uncle nearly wound up dead. A decision Ford practically badgered him over by stroking his ego until Dipper finally said yes. Yes, he will live with the uncle he only met at MOST two weeks prior. An uncle he barely knows anything about, except the fact that he’s the “brilliant author of the journals”. 

Dipper’s dream is gonna blow up in his face when Ford shows his true colors. Oh wait, he’s already started to by informing Dipper that Mabel is “suffocating” him, basing this conclusion solely on his own relationship with Stan. In 40+ years, Ford’s mindset has gone from “Stan ruined my chance to go to my dream school” to “Stan has been holding me back my entire life.” Kinda REALLY screwed-up thinking, isn’t it? Ford is so focused on living vicariously through Dipper, projecting his own baggage onto Dipper, that he hasn’t ONCE stopped to consider that maybe–JUST MAYBE–Dipper and Mabel have a stronger healthier relationship than he and Stan do.

From episode one, and from multiple testimonies from Hirsch, it was established early on that Dipper and Mabel are BEST FRIENDS as well as twin brother and sister. That means they have probably the strongest bond that can ever exist between two people. They have shared everything, they’ve talked about everything, they’ve laughed and cried together, for almost 13 years. Imagine the person you share the strongest bond with, for that many years. Now imagine that person randomly coming up to you and saying they’ve decided to move on. No warning or anything. Not even the slightest inkling of a heads up. How would you feel? 

If you’re being honest with yourself, you know you would feel the same way Mabel did in that moment.

And don’t give me “Mabel’s probably got tons of friends back home”–go back and rewatch the end of Double Dipper and pay attention to her reaction when Candy and Grenda decide they want to stay with her. That is the reaction of a girl who is used to “friends” leaving her for someone better. That is a girl who has not experienced any lasting friendships.

She calls Dipper “the one person I could depend on.” To her, he may possibly be the ONLY person she can truly depend on–just as she is to him. How can people not understand how much these two need each other? Sure, they’re going to go their separate ways when they’re adults, but not now while they’re still kids. Not at this vulnerable transition in their lives.

They need each other now more than ever.

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What's your problem with hippies & so called 'new age' spirituality? Curious to know

My problem with most New Age spirituality and most self described hippies is the lack of awareness they seem to have. The “do whatever feels right” attitude is garbage without breaking down or even attempting to address racial, economic, social and cultural bias. “We are all one” is easy to say but how in the world can you really believe that when you make no attempt to truly understand someone’s perspective. Doing whatever feels right is also extremely dangerous if you’re say a sociopath who wishes enlightenment in order to rule over people with a raging ego, for they are enlightened and who is on their level?

I distrust any system that says shit like, “There’s nothing to it, all you have to do is breathe!” When there are motherfuckers and institutions that these MFers run that want to make breathing a fucking privilege. The “Inheritor or a dying world,” part of the Golden Dawn initiation is not metaphorical our world (not Earth, this will be here for a long time, us maybe not so long) is on it’s way out. Changing yourself and then the world around you isn’t as easy as accepting your enemies and turning the other cheek so they can fuck you. It’s not as easy as doing some yoga asanas calmly explained to you by a white woman in her mid-twenties while listening to Yoni 3 times a week. Being conscious of your placement in the Universe and on Earth is not the same as recycling or conserving water

I don’t trust a system that doesn’t make you work your ass off. I don’t trust a school of thought that doesn’t make you intensely critical of your own perspective and behaviors. I don’t trust an order without intense ordeals. I don’t trust those who espouse that “spirituality” (or whatever you’d like to call it) is easy and requires no sacrifice or change of actual behaviors.

In short, things aren’t groovy. It is our job to make this world better for Life, Light, Love and Liberty. Not just to make it easy for those with the privilege of thinking it already is.

My 2cents.