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blaxai3  asked:

I am bisexual. When straight women compliment eachother by acting overly gay for one another...obviously they mean no harm but it still feels so hurtful, I can't tell if my past is messing with me. Should I look at this differently and embrace it?

Hello friend! I can imagine that experiencing these moments can be very hurtful for you, and I’m very sorry. Things like this can be difficult because, like you said, they aren’t intentionally doing it to offend you, but none the less it still hurts to see it happening. Although, unfortunately we cannot control the actions of anyone else but ourselves, and so, with any external matter that we cannot change, we must try our best to live happily, regardless.

Again, I’m very sorry that you feel that way and you will always have the right to feel the way the you do. I know that it seems like a very inconsiderate act. Although try to remember they aren’t trying to intentionally hurt you, and are most often times just doing it to be silly. Focus on accepting yourself exactly for who you are, and you will be that same beautiful person regardless of what show others may put on around you.

I hope you have a good day friend. Best of luck, and take care!

therapist: so tell me about yourself

me: you need to know before any of this that i am extraordinarily self-aware and have been dealing with this on my own for more than a decade so probably won’t respond well to traditional therapy techniques as i’ve tried pretty much everything that you can find on the internet for a long enough time to build up a tolerance for it all so you might have to work harder

therapist: alright then i’m going to suggest something a little different, you might have heard of this one but maybe give it a shot… it’s called…. “mindfulness”

me: alright so we have 45 minutes still but i’m just gonna go ahead and leave now.

A few reasons to start Boku No Hero Academia, if you haven’t yet:

  • A cinnamon roll MC who’s all brains and only beginning the brawn part when the story begins
  • Wonderfully different characters that work well together
  • Said characters are also very wonderfully flawed
  • Said characters undergo some form of character development as the story progresses, but not at any point is it a 180 degree one or unrealistic to their pre-established characteristics
  • Logical explanations, limitations to everyone’s abilities and powers
  • Flawed, not-as-OP-as-you-would-think mentors
  • Actual consequences of actual actions taken - nope, not even your fave gets a free pass
  • Minimal fan-service. And where it does happen it’s usually with the character themselves depicted as being comfortable with it 
  • Main female character not subjected to fan-service
  • The one lecherous character is deliberately depicted as unappealing and a general loser, and even his redeeming moments include no form of lecherousness on his part 
  • No other character - especially the “cool” ones or general favourites - supports/indulges in lecherous behaviour 
  • What are minor characters?
  • Most parents are alive, well and supportive of their kids in their own way
  • Dick behaviour in “good” characters not justified with a sad, tragic past so much as their own decisions/characteristics leading them to behave in that manner
  • Amazing action in every arc so far
  • Power-ups that are earned with time and effort put into towards earning them
  • MC isn’t always the problem solving, enemy defeating star of every arc
  • Genuinely interesting, memorable villains whose presence actually leave consequences 
  • Wonderful writing in general tbh

Seriously, 12/10 recommend

You’ve showed me that dreams happen when you laugh. They say sometimes we miss the memories not the person but I can’t tell the difference between that. I get so high I forget your name. I get so low I can’t remember mine. And if I say hello will it sound like I love you one more time or like an apology. The sky is holding the tears for me. You’ve showed me that reality happens when you say goodbye. The scars still grow so deep I wonder if there is any skin left. The moon is holding the letters I haven’t send you yet. I keep rewinding the end leaving my heart with no beats and sometimes I go back to the beginning. You’ve showed me that love happens when you believe in it.
—  k.m

ok so since ive worked in a liquor store for close on 3 years now, I’ve developed this really specific habit of assigning fictional characters alcoholic headcanons.

like I can tell you what any characters drink of choice would be.

Most recently I’ve done it for star wars:

rey: would insist on buying clean skin vodka. The cheapest, bottom shelf, generic label, home brand, probably brewed in an alley behind the store, vodka. Because literally what is the difference between fifty dollar vodka and this one? It’s half the price, and it’s gonna do the job, guys! Come on! Then she proceeds to suffer through this glorified paint thinner and acts like its fantastic and isn’t burning her oesophagus as she decides to shot it to prove a point. Is a fun drunk. Is a disaster in the morning, filled with regrets, but the money she saved isn’t one of them.

Poe: He’s a beer guy, but craft beer. From a local micro-brewery that is also a bar that you’ve never heard of, but the place suddenly becomes cool in your eyes because poe dameron once said it was a ‘pretty good place’ and now everyone wants to go there. If he does spirits, he would do Jager bombs or Tequila, and would always shout a round or two for the group, plus the people he literally only just met that night, but who want to be his friends as well.

Finn: Trys really hard to enjoy beer. Especially the trendy beer that Poe drinks. But it’s awful, he hates it, it’s so bad, why does anyone want to drink malty yeast water, this is disgusting…but he usually makes a show of drinking it anyway. Secretly likes fruity berry flavoured cruisers and one time there was this margarita machine at a party he was at, and it was amazing.

Kylo Ren: Buys 5 litre boxes of wine. It doesn’t need to taste good, it needs to get him drunk. Has no scope to what his limits are, and gets white boy wasted in the messiest way. No one wants to party with him because he’s either gonna start a fight with someone or start crying or both, all while clutching the loose foil bag of wine in his arms. The party wild card. Also in the habit of sticking his fingers down his throat when he’s completely wasted and knows he needs to be sick. The pain makes him stronger.

Phasma: ten Jager bombs in a row, just try and fuckin take her in a drinking match, she will destroy you.

Hux: Pinot grigio. Embraces wine mom culture.


MOODBOARD GRYFFINDOR + SLYTHERIN friendship  (requested by: @runningfromthemaze​ ) these two houses have a history of butting heads, not because they are different, because they are so alike. slytherin and gryffindor duos get into some trouble, as they are both serious risk takers. however, if they get into any trouble with authority, they can almost always worm their way out of it using slytherin’s manipulation skills and gryffindor’s dramatic story-telling. so competitive. if one of them gets into a fight, they won’t hold them back, they’ll egg them on from the sidelines, and they know that the other can handle themselves. (words.) (got any requests?)

the thing that irritates me the most about bismuth’s arc is that rose bubbles her basically for eternity? how is bubbling someone in a place no one can access and not telling anyone about it any different from shattering the gem? rose might as well have killed bismuth, so i don’t understand why she’s preaching about how the gems shouldn’t shatter anyone when she locks up her friend for forever?

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Hey, i'm trying to be confident with myself but what's really throwing me off is my acne. I'm 16 years old and i know it's puberty but can you help? I get a new one almost everyday and have a lot of clogged pores and acne scars. i drink water, exfoliate and wash my face twice a day. Nothing seems to help. I get a lot on my nose and clogged pores on my forehead and chin. recently i've started getting some on my cheeks. Do you have any tips on getting rid of clogged pores and acne scaring?

Okay I feel you because I use to be you. I can’t really help you bc everyone’s skin is different but I’ll tell you what has worked for me:
• I realized my skin was not oily just dehydrated so no harsh cleansers and I washed my face less and with colder water
•you are what you eat. Get your daily vitamins and cut down on hot cheetos
• sun screen is gold
•black african soap is something thank the Lord for
• acv toner is good to balance ph of your skin
•which hazel rose water toner has cured me
•MOISTURIZE HOLY SHIT •exfoliate once a week
•topical spot treatments will never compare to diluted tea tree oil
• don’t exfoliate more than 3x a week
• 8 hours of sleep will transform you
• mild exercise won’t kill you
•clean your pillow case and wipe your phone
•tie your hair out of your face
•but seriously
•do a mask once a week
•vitamin c serum but never without sunscreen
•be open to new products but do your research and remember everyone’s skin is different
•your skin is an organ, please be kind to it


Do you see any difference between these two gifs, other than the colors and the pixels ? Well, one is made with Flipnote Studio on my Nintendo DSi, and the other one is made with TVPaint.

 I just wanted to post the same animation but with two different programs, to show you guys that an idea can be expressed and understandable through many mediums ! I could draw this in traditional too if I wanted. But why am I posting this ?

 A few days ago, I received a message from a professional animator, telling me that I was wasting my time animating on “that sh*tty program” and that I will “never find a job or earn money” if I continued working like this. It was brutal, and awfully judgemental, especially coming from someone who shares (or is supposed to, at least) the same passion for animation as me. 

 He also told me that he will never follow me or like any of my animations because of the program I use. So, well … I just replied that his behavior was beyond childish, and absolutely unprofessional. I said, “You don’t see the potential of the animations I share there with many people, I put all of my love on them, I work hard and I enjoy making them. Yeah I’m not gaining any money from that hard work, so what? Do you think everybody on the internet shares their work only for profit?”

 I took some time to think about it. It hurt me a little but then I remembered that so many of you follow me, give me great feedback, and heartwarming comments, even if I don’t draw on the BEST programs ever! I mean, just because someone draws on Paint Tool SAI instead of Photoshop, it doesn’t mean that their art sucks!  

 I learned a lot with Flipnote Studio and thats why I still use it to animate, and you can see that I can animate with many colors too (I wanted to show you later as a surprise but well, now you know) and I will be able to teach you things about TVPaint if you want now. Remember, my friends: an artist is someone who has the capacity to share emotions and messages through the art they are creating; no matter what medium or program you use for it, if it’s understandable you’re doing it right! 

 I hope this will help some of you who are working on less well-known programs and had some jerk telling them that it was bad. I’m glad to see that young animators, artists & people who are not creators at all saw the hard work in my animations, and pushed me up ! I love you all, and I will continue to work hard for you, to share my huge passion of animation with you and make you smile as always ! Merci tout le monde !

You know what I really like about this new clip? The fact that Isak did at least a little bit of research about mania/bipolar disorder on his own, but that probably none of what he looked up/found were personal accounts of living with bipolar disorder or living with someone with bipolar disorder. It was wikipedia articles and such. And that’s good, that helps you understand it somewhat, but there’s a vital difference between the medical, technical understanding of an illness and understanding the lived experience. And that’s what Magnus provided.

In a way, this entire season has also been about communication, and I love that. Anyone who has ever talked to me about any kind of relationship has probably heard me go on and on about how most problems can/could be solved by better communication between people. It’s one of the biggest challenges we face, as people, to communicate clearly, and kindly, and openly.

Isak struggles to tell his friends about his sexuality, and that causes trouble until he does.

Even tells Sonja about Isak almost immediately, and that gets rid of a problem (or would, if her half of the communication had worked as well as his, because she probably refused to accept it, as implied by the scene between her and Isak), BUT doesn’t tell Isak about it beforehand and makes Isak nervous with his disappearing act.

When Isak doesn’t know what’s going on with Even and Eskild tells him to play hard to get, Jonas tells him to be clear about what he wants - et voilà, result. (Sidenote: playing hard to get is stupid and should be booted as a concept.)

In the morning after kitchen scene, Isak brings up not one, but two issues he’s insecure about with regards to Even, and Even can disspell both of them. Cue happy pop songs and kissing and “mannen i mit liv”.

Isak tells his father and mother about Even, and that gives an impetus for an improvement in their relationship.

Isak and Sana have a discussion about religion/science and they both learn from it.

Even reaches out to Isak post episode in an attempt at communication, but isn’t very clear about it. Isak shuts it down, and they both stay miserable for three more days.

Isak tells his friends about what’s going on, Magnus provides much needed perspective.

I love how with Isak we’ve gotten a character who listens when people talk to him.

Even Sonja talking to Isak gives Isak at least some needed information. And I think part of why Sonja’s words hurt so much is that in that moment Isak didn’t have the emotional capacity to be wary of what she was saying. If she’d told him about Even’s mania just after their happy bubble of a weekend, I’m not convinced he wouldn’t have asked Even about it. But as it was he had no idea what was going on, he was scared, alone, cold, and there was this girl who’s known Even for four years, telling him things that, on the surface, connected with the dots of Isak’s experience/insecurities.

Not because Even hasn’t shown a tremendous amount of care for Isak, but because Isak has constantly been in a slight state of bewilderment about it. Like, he runs with it, everytime Even gives him the least bit of attention, but he’s quick to doubt the sincerity and longevity of it as well. Isak hardly ever initiates anything between them in the beginning, he always waits for Even to come to him. Because Even is this cool, older guy who knows cool music (mostly), and has interesting and dark thoughts about the state of the self, and Isak is just this kid trying to figure out life. Isak is constantly trying to prove to Even he’s worthy of being with him, and when Even tells him he’s broken up with Sonja (the first time), I’m pretty sure Isak’s “I’ve decided I’m better off without mentally ill people in my life” was at least in part said in order to reassure Even that he’s not getting into anything messy with Isak. That he hasn’t broken up with his gf of four years just to get in way over his head with Isak’s turbulent family. That he can have Isak without “the baggage”, and Isak can be chill and undramatic. Not because he’d completely cut his mother out of his life at that point. They didn’t have “no contact at all” even though that’s what he told Even. In a way, Isak’s trying to hide his mother’s mental illness from Even for much the same reason Even hides his from Isak - they’re both worried it’ll drive the other one away.

I just… I love this theme of how talking to each other is a good thing that we should do. And that when it’s not done well, it can go wrong.


Hi everyone! Thank you for checking this post out, I’m here to tell you that commissions are now open once more! I have 2 types of art options (????) that you can choose from. The only difference between A & B is that they differ in length. A is half body-ish, and B is headshot-ish! All of them have the same type of detail put into them.

Here is my email if you’d like to contact me for any questions or if you’d like to commission me:

Things to know:

  1. Be polite when commissioning.
  2. Be patient, the duration of certain commissions differ from one another.
  3. Be reminded that I am currently in school right now and it’s a very hectic semester.
  4. I will only do the art if you pay me first, if you aren’t comfortable with that then I am very sorry but I won’t make you anything.
  5. I do not do mechas/animals/furries/armor/nsfw/gore/violence/complicated backgrounds.
  6. I do ocs/canon characters/PICTURES OF YOUR BEAUTIFUL FACE/self inserts ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 
  7. I only use Paypal right now.
  8. I only do my style of art, not realistic, not piccaso styled, not van gogh style (although i’d love to lmao)
  9. Please fill out this form when sending a commission request to my email:

Name: (doesn’t have to be your real one just something you’d like me to call you)
Type: (A or B, like the one showed above)
Short description of character: (So that I have a bit of inspiration for ambience, etc.)
Reference pictures: (you can just attach them to the email if you’d like, also please pick images that you’re sure 100% I can put to good use)
Request of pose, expression, etc.: Do you want a specific ornament in your character’s hair??? A scarf??? Just let me know! (Of course, I’ll tell you when I can’t make a certain thing)
Paypal Email:

Aside from that, you can check out my blog with the tag /myart to see these images in full! Anyways, that’s all! Have a lovely day everyone!!

Seduce Me Diana Ezaeur character study

Just replayed Seduce Me recently, and I wanted to express some of my thoughts on Diana. In the second half of the game the succubus is presented as the villain of the arc if Mika chooses one of the boys as her love interest, but very much of the story is presented that way simply because it is Mika’s point of view and not Diana’s. Now, I adore the boys of Seduce Me, but I think it’s interesting that their actions can be seen in a completely different light if you shift focus for just a bit.

What we see of Diana in any of these five routes is very limited. What you know of her is based solely on what the boys tell you of her and her own actions toward Mika, which to be fair are very antagonistic right from the get go. It’s very easy to see her as the next big bad followed right after Malix but in reality it’s a much more complicated story.

Take into account this. Diana, or Ezaeur, was only a child when the marriage was arranged to Raestrao. She’s not even his age, actually only as old as Damien. In the flashback when it’s decided she’ll marry Raestrao who himself is very young, she can’t be very old. The Demon Lord is cruel, conquering territory after territory as he sees fit. The fact the parents of Diana even offered to negotiate with him seems to insult him and there’s a very heavy implication this is not something he ever bothers with often and considers just taking the land violently to teach them a lesson.

Ezaeur probably knows fully well the violence the Demon Lord is capable of, even when she’s young. This is a man infamous for his wars, how he takes multiple women for his wives and grants them no power, and even enjoys in raping others. He’s a nightmare in every sense of the word, but she’s offered up to him to join his family by marrying his oldest son. Lives are going to be saved if she makes this sacrifice, and her lands will become part of this empire and thrive instead of just being yet another place that gets crushed by it.

James is raised well, but in very cruel conditions. In his personal flashback you can see he has doubts about his place in the world. He doesn’t want his birthright, doesn’t like the direction his life is going, and seems genuinely fearful of the possibility Erik mentions to him that he’ll probably end up just like their father, a war monger and a tyrant if he doesn’t put a stop to it. He’s raised every day of his life to learn tactics, how to fight, how to kill, and probably other nameless horrid things his father believes will bring him strength. Mika notices it looks like it’s been days since he’s even slept and it’s implied heavily this is the norm for him.

It’s easy to imagine the same can be said for Ezaeur. Also a child of royalty, her place has been decided for her since she was a child. She’s going to be a bride and her father-in-law is certainly going to have expectations. The second it was decided she probably had to buckle down just as hard. She has to be perfect. The perfect beauty, the perfect amount of power and intelligence, able to compliment Raestrao well without being too much of a threat. Like James, every day of her life probably went into grooming her for this role.

But here’s the difference. James has to be perfect to please his father. Diana has to be perfect to keep her people alive. The amount of stress she has on her probably was horrid, especially knowing her rights probably weren’t going to be that good. There is no indication to her Raestrao is any different from his father. She’s probably never even met him, only knowing stories. His father who turned all his brides into spirits just for bickering. She knows she’s facing a future where there will probably be other women down the line, that she’ll have little to no actual say in what is going to happen about anything. Her title would be queen, but for all the good it did the queens before her, it might as well be harem girl.

Then one day, Raestro can no longer be found. He’s just gone along with all his brothers. All of a sudden everything Diana has worked for is up in smoke. She has no more hold on the throne or keeping anyone she knows alive, that is unless she can bring the boys back. Her only hope is finding Raestrao and pulling him back to the Abyssal Plains, or if she has to, one of his brothers as a replacement. It’s no wonder she’s so desperate, that she’s willing to do anything it takes to accomplish this.

And when she finds James, it’s almost heartbreaking really. James doesn’t want to go back. For once, he’s not pressured or being forced into a role. In the human world he can be whoever he wants, however he wants. He has his brothers, a nice home, and he has no intention of letting Diana ruin that for him. In the route where Mika picks James, Diana doesn’t flounce around the possibility of a throne and power like she does for the other boys. She’s pleading. She wants James to acknowledge her and his birthright, and what this means to her. He has to come back, and she’s trying to ease him into the idea using sweet words and the fact that she was promised to him, that she belongs to him and him to her, the tone she uses almost romantic despite the fact she probably has no feelings for him at all.

And James, as much as I like him, much as he’s a sweetie… is kind of an asshole here. Literally, like kind of a dick. He tells Diana she doesn’t have the capability to love, that he doesn’t want the throne especially if she comes with it. Really, it’s kind of harsh. Now, to be fair Diana has hardly been a sweet angel to his brothers or Mika but this is just kind of cruel. This woman who worked her entire life to be promised to him basically just get shut down for a 17 year old human girl who doesn’t understand the situation, and even if she does then doesn’t care. To James and Mika, this is just some power hungry hussy who wants to be a queen. There are no faces attached to their decision, no consequences. James even asks, “Am I not allowed to be selfish for once in my lifetime?” thinking about his own misery and imprisonment of being the favored son and heir.

To Diana though, no. He’s not allowed to be selfish, because she’s not. His actions will condemn her people, just like it would be if she were to refuse him. The problem? He says no, he walks away with no consequences besides banishment. Diana walks away with a destroyed home on her shoulders. Eventually though, she knows there’s no convincing him. He’s not willing to come, and dragging him back, as much as she’d love to just isn’t an option.

It gets even more cruel when Mika and James finally learn what their love cost Diana. It’s horrifying in all senses of the word. The Demon Lord is cruel to the extent of madness, killing her family to the point of even… uh, spoilers and trigger warnings here. This gets graphic.

Her mother is literally torn open, her unborn child, Diana’s own sister, taken out of her and nailed to a wall, and this is even before the rebellion is even started. Diana comes home after failing to collect the boys to this and there’s nothing she can do about it. They’re already dead and gone. When Mika is told the story of the little mermaid by Diana, she makes it clear her opinion. It doesn’t matter if the rest of the world burns as long as the mermaid and prince are happy. It’s a fairytale for a teenager who’s never experienced war or this kind of horror, who doesn’t live in a world where battles, blood and rape are the horrible norm. She’s lived a nice life and her pressures of having to inherit a company and a life of stress but infinite comfort don’t even compare. It’s probably laughably cruel to Diana the fate of her family and home was basically decided by two blissful ignorant and spoiled people who don’t know or even care about Diana’s plight. One can only imagine the kind of thoughts and feelings welling up inside of the succubus at the moment, probably along the lines of, “If he’d only listened. If he’d only come back with me.”

To be fair, by the time James learns of this, he does seem genuinely remorseful. Diana however, doesn’t care. To her, this happened years ago. There’s nothing to be done for it now. It would be easy to hate James, easy to blame him, but nothing at all would come from it. Even crying and standing in front of James and Mika as they look at her in horror, she’s just done and she wants them gone and out of her life and world. Even if James went, “My god, you’re right. Because of my decision, your whole family was murdered. I’ll go home right now and convince him to stop,” it would be far, far too late. What she’s lost can never be replaced. The years she’s worked for her family’s lives were wasted, and now all she has is the war, revenge, and the hope that this time her preparations will pay off. James is behind her, she’s done with him and what he did to her, and she cares little for how he sees her now or how he feels on the matter.

“It doesn’t matter what happens to the princess.” “It [the story of the mermaid, prince and princess] was one thing to be a fictional story; it was another to ruin someone’s life for selfishness.”

Well Mika, it did matter to the princess. It mattered to her more than you could have ever fathomed, and you didn’t even realize until you heard about what happened to her family that she was thinking the exact same thing about you.

Just goes to show a villain is often just a hero who’s story has not been told yet.

Big thanks to  @thebunnyofevil for giving us this wonderfully diverse and frankly tragic character. I adore her to bits, and I hope that after reading this that you do too. If you haven’t played Seduce Me and you’re interested, the first game is free to play, and the sequel is very cheap too.

Pack/Feral Omegaverse Starters/Prompts

Again, if any of you don’t like these or think I can change these and make them better, feel free to tell me! I want everyone to be happy with these. <3

  1. - Two different packs are making an alliance. Alpha pack leader has to meet and mate the other pack’s leader Omega child. 
  2. - Packs are at war. Alpha and Omega manage to encounter one another through the bloodshed, only to find out they are supposed to be against one another. 
  3. - Feral Alpha trying to attack their own pack, Omega comes and tries to get them to calm down. 
  4. - Feral Omega seeking protection and stumbling upon Alpha. 
  5. - “We are mating for the sakes are our packs.” 
  6. - “How am I suppose to trust you when you are from that pack?”
  7. - Pack A is falling apart at its seems, Omega seeks refuge in Pack B by startling an Alpha who is hunting for their pack. 
  8. - Omega belongs to a ruthless pack that causes another pack to fight them and win. Omega is taken by an Alpha and is asked to mate with them. 
  9. - Omega finds an Alpha injured along their pack’s territory line and sneaks them into their home to take care of them. 
  10. - “You shouldn’t be here, my pack will smell you.” 
  11. - Alphas fighting one each other in ranked battles for the heart of the pack leader’s Omega child. 
  12. - “Please, I need help.” 
  13. - Alpha/Omega are captured alive after their pack falls to the other Alpha/Omega’s pack. 
  14. - Omega courting the most desirable Alpha. 
  15. - “Focus on me Alpha/Omega, just listen to me and relax.” 
  16. - “They will not mate you off to that shitty pack. I’ll kill them before they could even try it.” 
  17. - Alpha/Omega of the same pack finding one another in a meadow. 
  18. - “It shouldn’t matter where I come from, you love me…don’t you?”
  19. - (TW: Slight non-con.) Feral Alpha tries to forcibly mate an Omega, Alpha rescues them before it happens. 
  20. - Alpha and Omega are runaways, they then decide to create a pack of runaways on their own. Falling for one another as they go along. 
  21. - Feral Alpha accidentally bond marks an Omega, they then has to search for them when they wake from there trace. 
  22. - Alpha and Omega are hunting for their pack, one of them gets hurt. 
  23. - Enemy pack kidnaps Omega, makes Alpha go feral and they rampage to find their Omega. 
  24. - Alpha and Omega having a secret relationship because they are ranked differently in their packed. 
  25. - “I don’t want to be another’s broodmare, I just want to be your mate.” 

I can’t think of anymore, but maybe I’ll make a part two of this. I hope you like these ones for now. <3 Sorry that this post is so short loves. 

“Ohhhhhh, no.”

Ted the Animator: “What? What’s wrong?”

Carl the Animator: “I can’t find any of the closeup cels of Velma’s mouth, and there’s no time to make new ones before the deadline.”

Ted the Animator: “…didn’t you tell me your kitten ripped those up? Like, two days ago?”

Carl the Animator: “…oh. Yeah.”

Ted the Animator: “Methinks this problem just maaaaybe could have been avoided via better planning.”

Carl the Animator: “My bad, my bad.”

Ted the Animator: “So, how’re you going to fix it?”

Carl the Animator: “Uh… well, why not just use Daphne’s mouth for a scene?”

Ted the Animator: “It’s totally different, though. Daphne has lipstick, and a different mouth shape.”

Carl the Animator: “Oh, come on, they’re nearly the same.”

Ted the Animator: “…beyond the fact that I don’t think Velma is really the ‘lipstick type,’ won’t it look weird and out-of-place? The viewers are all used to seeing her mouth look that one way for years.”

Carl the Animator: “Got a better idea that we can implement in the next 15 minutes?”

Ted the Animator: “…fine, go for it.”

Ted the Animator: “…yuuuup, that looks every bit as weird as I thought it would.”

Carl the Animator: “Hey, relax, it’s-”

Ted the Animator: “The executives are gonna get letters.”

Carl the Animator: “Shh, shh, shh, relax.”

Ted the Animator: “We’ll be in trouble, you know.”

Carl the Animator: “Calm down, calm down… say the mantra.”

Ted the Animator: “…”

Carl the Animator: “Say it.”

Ted the Animator: “’…the kids won’t notice.’”

Carl the Animator: “Good job.”

Ted the Animator: “The kids won’t notice.”

Carl the Animator: “Feel better?”

Ted the Animator: “Yeah, I guess. So, uh… what deadline was this for, anyway? Sending off footage for the final edit?”

Carl the Animator: “Huh? No, the pizza place closing at 7:30, duh.”

Ted the Animator: “…your work ethic is breathtaking, Carl.”

We Need To Talk About Ramona Blue:


First off, know that I am not going away. I am going to stand here and scream this from the rooftops as many times as I have to. Because I am tired of my voice and my story being drowned out. This book tells my story. If I get even one person to at least consider they might be wrong, if even one person buys this book because of me, then I’ve made a difference. 

I respect your opinion and based off of the original synopsis I completely understand why you felt that way - indeed I agree with you. I understand why the initial synopsis made you angry, really I do. The b.s. trope that lesbians (or any LGBT+ girl) can be ‘cured’ by finding the right boy is not just offensive and incorrect, but incredibly, incredibly harmful. And when it’s used as much as it is, it leads to people in the real world justifying their homophobic thoughts with - “I can f**k that girl, she’s secretly straight anyway. I can make her change her mind. She just needs the right guy.” Corrective rape is a very real danger and one that is directly impacted by words like those in that synopsis.

But this isn’t what the book is about. When the author, Julie Murphy @andimjulie, was informed of how offensive and harmful the synopsis/blurb was she started arranging to have it changed. Because here’s the thing: authors don’t get to write those. Some random person at the publishing house does. It’s that random person that made the harmful words and who misunderstood the book.

The new synopsis is up on this goodreads page now  . Please read it and maybe consider changing or removing your rating?

Because this book isn’t about 'lesbians can be cured.’ This book is about bisexual girls, girls just like me, who grow up not knowing that they are bi. Believing that because they like girls they must therefore be lesbians or because they like boys they must therefore be straight. I’m the latter; in this heteronormative world I spent years believing I was straight before I realised.

This book is for all the girls like me who think they fit into one box because they like someone and then one day, realise they have feelings for a different gender. It is about how confusing and scary and downright terrifying that is. It is about lying awake all night thinking “but does liking this boy mean i was straight all along?” “do i actually like him or is it because i’m supposed to?” it’s about worrying that you can’t change your identity because people already know you as a 'lesbian.’ Worrying that you’re just attention seeking or greedy or unable to make up your mind, that you’re on the fence and you need to choose.

This book is about the moment of relief when you finally find the name that suits you - bisexual. Or, perhaps when you decide that it’s okay to not know for sure right now. And how much weight is taken off you once you know who you are, and you have an identity.

I haven’t read the book yet but the new revised synopsis reflects that the book will actually be about those topics. You’re punishing the author for what someone else misunderstood and wrote as a harmful piece of promotion. Notice how different (and not harmful) the synopsis is now that it’s been written with the author’s suggestions instead of just by some dude? That to me suggests that the book itself, written entirely by her, will be much more like the new synopsis than the old one.

Oh, and you will also notice that I mentioned I haven’t read the book yet. So how then, you wonder, am I able to sit here and say that the book will be about all of the things above?

Because I am that girl. I went through all of those things. Mine was vice versa to Ramona - I believed that I had to be straight because I liked boys and if you like boys that’s all you can be right? Wrong. It was so, so hard for me to figure out who I am, where my place in this world is. It took me four years to get where I am (I’m 18 now). And I still haven’t finished this journey - my parents don’t know. I know, from reading this new synopsis, that that is what this book is about because I have lived it. I know because the author is bisexual, married to a man - she has lived it too.

Tumblr I just don’t get it. We cry and cry for more representation but when you have it you destroy it’s chances with negative reviews before it’s even begun. All because it’s the “wrong sort” of representation. You don’t want this bi girls story, my true story, because it shows that sometimes girls who like girls also like boys. Not always but sometimes. And sometimes we end up with those boys. 

Please, buy this book. Promote this book, please at least undo this low rating until you have read it. This book could have saved me so much heartache when I was fourteen. It could have let me know that I was not alone. It could have saved me six months of self-harm, an emotionally abusive relationship, bullying for being 'frigid.’

I didn’t have this book when I was facing all those things. But the next bi or pan girl could. We could save them.

Representation is important. Lesbian representation and positive, good representation at that, is important. But so is bi girl representation. And this book just happens to be one for the bi girls. This doesn’t have to be either or, bi girls existing doesn’t mean that lesbians do not. Please, let’s not harm each other’s chance at representation. Let’s support each other.

Please, at least let’s read this book before we give it a rating. Please help the next girl like me before she is hurt.

baby store gothic

  • why is this $32
  • smelling everything and then getting a headache. you can’t tell if this one lotion smelled any different than the other one you were holding. better sniff again and get another headache
  • this converts into that! and that! and this! and that! it’s also A NEW CAR!
  • “Lady Killer” onesies. everything for boys is centred around heterosexuality. get me out of here. where am i. where is the exit
  • do you want this in Regular or Pink?
  • everything is chevron print. you look down. you are suddenly wearing chevron print.
  • Boob Harnesses That Cost More Than Your Rent
  • finding something gender-neutral and almost starting to cry
  • this will last your baby 80 Y E A R S. They Will Grow Old With It
  • Owls Are Suddenly Feminine. Boys Like Turtles. Why This
  • buy your baby a chandelier
  • i don’t know what this product does but it’s cute so i’m buying 4
  • everything Has To Match
  • what the fuck is a receiving blanket? who cares. it’s $3
  • this plays music. that plays music. you, also, play music
  • nothing comes in red for some reason, unless it’s a Play Gym
  • N is suddenly a number. when did i get transported back to 8th grade algebra. i don’t know where i am. someone Please Help Me.
  • justifying paying $500 for a crib. you don’t end up using the crib.
  • crib bumpers aren’t safe. you see some Safe Crib Bumpers. you question what you read. you read the price tag. you stop questioning it and move along
  • Why Do Babies Need Socks
  • the box assumes you’re a straight, married, cis woman for no reason. a lot of products assume this. you wonder if buying it will be violating some Ancient Mother’s Code.
  • someone randomly comes up to you to judge you. you wonder if you initiated the conversation. it is not a conversation. they just want to stare as you pick something out. you leave. they catch up with you a few aisles later and repeat the same thing over and over again. they never say hello. who are they?
  • you keep hearing a large body of customers echoing somewhere. you are alone in each aisle.
  • a toy offers to teach your baby spanish. you live in a country where spanish is not a language you even need to learn. it still wants to teach them spanish
  • baby fork. baby spoon. no baby knife. why no baby knife?
  • Register The Baby
  • the clerk looks like she never wants children. you’re not sure she’s going to make it through the shift. you gently tell her “debit, please”