no one can stop me

The signs as things I learned as a freshman

Aries: independence, independence, independence

Taurus: the best way to be social is to be nice but not get attached to anyone; that way you won’t get hearbroken

Gemini: headphones are great, especially if you have social anxiety

Cancer: it’s okay to cry. people cry

Leo: self care, self care, self care, self care

Virgo: sleeping in bus is actually really practical and will help you get through the day

Libra: everyone is just as confused as i am

Scorpio: boys are beautiful but not worth it

Sagttarius: getting rid of things that make you unhappy is the little happiness you need in life

Capricorn: you are kind of alone in this world and that is okay

Aquarius: preparing for school in advance will save you from so much stress

Pisces: even though you and your mom aren’t as close as you used to, she’s always there to support you and she loves you

Rin is Bi

  • Rin wasn’t raised knowing about the different sexual orientations
  • Not that it mattered to Father Shiro Fujimoto if Rin turned out gay or straight or anything else 
  • Father Shiro Fujimoto just never thought to tell Rin about the differences and Rin never asked 
  • Rin always just seemed to be about girls from the very beginning 
  • so he left it at that 
  • Now Shiro’s gone 
  • and Rin’s in a totally new world
  • a world that’s dangerous and scary 
  • but he finds solace in his friends
  • Shiemi and Bon most specifically 
  • Rin knew from the get go that he really liked Shiemi 
  • she was so sweet and smol and innocent 
  • and he got the chance to save her 
  • and it felt really good
  • and when Rin met Bon - well the guy didn’t like him so why would Rin think twice about that guy 
  • well… things are different now 
  • him and Bon have gotten through a lot together 
  • Rin’s recently began noticing that when Bon gets close to him his heart speeds up and his cheeks get hot 
  • he just thought something was wrong with him 
  • so one night while he was laying in his bed, Yukio was sitting at his desk grading papers and Rin began talking 
  • Yukio listened to the ‘symptoms’ as Rin called them and leaned back in his seat, looking at his older brother 
  • “Nii-san. I think you might have a thing for Suguro-kun.” 
  • it took Rin a loooong second to process what Yukio said 
  • “What do you mean ‘a thing’? 
  • “I mean I think you might have a crush on him.” 
  • Rin felt like his heart stopped 
  • and everything got really confusing 
  • “Yukio that’s stupid. Bon’s a guy and besides that… there’s someone else I like. A girl! I can’t like a guy and a girl!” 
  • “And why not?” 
  • “Cause they’re two totally different things!” 
  • “Explain.” 
  • “One is female! She is sweet and quiet and nice and so so so so soooo cute! And then the other is Bon! A…big guy. With muscles and facial hair and…cool piercings. And he’s really strong and smart and stuff…. Not that she isn’t strong and smart in her own way! I just…” 
  • Yukio waited for Rin to continue but Rin laid in silence, his mouth open as he stared at the ceiling thinking about Ryuuji 
  • “Think about what you just said - and then come back to me.” Yukio chuckled, turning off the desk light and heading to bed 
  • the next day Rin sat next to Shiemi but kept ‘sneaking’ glances over to Ryuuji 
  • Bon caught the glances everytime…
  • (maybe cause he was staring at Rin too) 
  • after class Rin went to Shima - who would probably be an expert on this kind of thing (in Rin’s mind at least) 
  • “Shima - what does it mean when someone likes a guy and also like a girl?” 
  • “What? That means they’re bi.” 
  • Rin.exe has stopped working 
  • “What..?” 
  • “Bi. Okumura. You know what that is right?” 
  • “Yeah, of course! …Not.” 
  • “Its just when someone likes both genders. I guess that’s how you could explain it..” 
  • “Can a guy be bi?”
  • “Yes, most definitely.” 
  • “And girls can be bi?” 
  • “Absolutely.” 
  • “Shima… I think I’m bi.” 
  • Shima stopped and looked at Rin for just two seconds - just to make sure he was being serious 
  • and when he saw how nervous Rin looked?
  • he put his arm around Rin’s shoulders and grinned at the young man 
  • “That’s good for you Okumura! I’m glad you figured that out!” 
  • “Its no big deal?”
  • “Not at all Okumura, not at all.” 

Got this commission done by Jack Lawrence at London MCM comic-con, and oh boy am I thrilled with this!!! Picked this up on the last day, which was my birthday and is the best thing ever, it’s perfect!!!!
Got to get it framed soon. Jack Lawrence is an amazing guy, really brilliant person to meet.
Be even better if this ship came true…. *shrugs with very little hope*