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now all i want is sana telling isak about yousef and talking to him about her crush because she feels like she cant talk about it to the girls someone please write the fic!!!

oh man!! yes i can see this so clearly. isak probably has sana over to study all the time, and she hardly ever says no. they’re the kind of friends who can actually get studying done together, and that’s rare, and honestly, sometimes hanging out with isak and even is way less exhausting than hanging out with the girls. there are too many expectations there, and she’s constantly reminded that she’ll never be that carefree. she never thought she’d enjoy being the third wheel to a guy she used to dismiss as a fuckboy and her brother’s one weird white friend, but here she is, doing her homework on their floor because their only table had collapsed yet again. even claims that ikea instructions can be confusing as hell, but sana thinks they’re both just idiots.

(the next time she’s coming over, she’s just going to bring a screwdriver that actually fits, she swears they actually get a kick out of living in a barely functional home, because they think it’s romantic.)

isak and sana are both kind of mumbling to themselves, trying to work through a particularly hard problem before they compare answers, when even calls out from the kitchen that it’s dinnertime. isak casually asks sana to stay, and he’ll keep asking, even though she always goes home then. to his surprise, she actually says yes after letting out a sigh, and when he tilts his head, she says, “i can’t go home, my brother has friends over.”

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I love your fics with unfrozen Steve Rogers reacting to the pop culture about him through the years, so thought of you when I ran across Robyn Adele Anderson's "1940s Wartime Cover"-style version of Green Day's American Idiot on YouTube. Hope you might enjoy it.

I like it – I do tend to love swing covers – but at the same time I think the underlying rage is what made the original American Idiot so effective. Green Day wasn’t just disgusted, they were almost incoherently furious. She does replicate it somewhat in the attitude she strikes, which I love, but…I can’t see it on its own without comparing it to the original. 

I kinda wanted her to just like….start yelling and trash the whole set halfway through. 

I don’t often have strong feelings about music, and I honestly didn’t even realize I had strong feelings about this one until I watched ‘em both. Which is in itself kind of interesting. 

No.6 major fic rec list

Hello people:D

It seems 2 (two) human beings might be interested in a recommendation fic list. SO HERE IT IS  
Things to have in mind:  
.It was supposed to be short but I ended up mentioning 97 fics, sorry  
.I used 10 categories (highschool, college, modern setting, Kingdom / Fantasy Au / Magic, Miscellaneous Aus, Post-series, canon, reunion, Life Swap and Gender Bend)
. Links in bold are fics that are definitely a must. You MUST read them because of how good they are, I tried to highlight 2 or 3 in each category and rating, so you can go to those first  
.The rating of the fic is next to the name for easy choosing. Plus some small commentary I added on my favs.
.Have in mind that some of this are not finished and a pretty large amount might be abandoned, but read them anyway because they are still great  
.There’s a little list at the end with my favorite authors, I would recommend everyone to read ALL of their work, but some of those works might be in other categories.
. Feel free to reblog with your own contributions!! I definitely need more awesome fics to read :3

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Can you so a scenario where the S and M brothers lay their head down on their S/O lap and she smiles a bit and strokes their and tells them that they remind her of a little kid when they do that


Shu - Besides the fact that he’s practically purring at your touch… “Quiet lewd woman you started this.”

Reiji - It’s not often that you can get Reiji to relax and let his guard down around you like this are you sure you want to say that? “How rude, to demean me to child just for resting… I don’t want to have to punish you.”

Ayato - Ayato’s face would go red at your comment, he’d even pout a little. “Shut it Pancake, you belong to Your’s Truly and I’ll do as I please, no matter if you do see me as a child!”

Kanato - Kanato would be so quiet that it’d be disturbing if you said it, he almost looked like he was asleep. “Hey, just don’t mess up my hair…”

Laito - Laito is not really one to have his hair played with, it’s not that he hates it more so that he’s indifferent. “How about you play with something else, ehh Little Bitch? Maybe then you can’t compare me to a child.”

Subaru - His hair is so fluffy and soft, how can you now play with it? That is if he’d let you, he’s not one to lay in your lap so saying something like that would definitely set him off to leave. “Hey, idiot what are you doing?! Ahh, alright j-just don’t mess it up… And don’t say that.”


Ruki - Ruki’s weak glare at your words says it all while he was reading a book. “Don’t make me have to punish you livestock, I’m just getting to the good part of this novel.”

Kou - Kou does not like for his hair to be played with but he can tolerate it, just don’t compare him to a child. “Hey Masokitty it’s best to not underestimate a pretty face.”

Yuma - Yuma would grunt at your words but would not move, his weak threats were still a little unnerving. “Don’t test me Sow, now move a little to front.”

Azusa - Azusa does not care about your words, he was in heaven as soon as your fingers started to comb through his locks.

Creepypasta #362: Idiot's Guide To The End Of The World

1. If the world is ending, your first goal is to determine why. Zombies? Aliens? Nuclear war? Giant meteors? Flesh-eating nanobots? Understanding the threat early will improve your odds.

2. Ditch your friends and family next, preferably before they die in your arms. The Apocalypse is not the time to deal with emotional baggage.

3. Find a group of plucky survivors with a wide range of skills. But more importantly, none of them should be better looking than you. This way, the others will instinctively trust you and value your good genes. The only exception is if the group happens to include one beautiful person who is a true idiot. Beautiful idiots make excellent distractions when they die screaming, thus allowing everyone else to escape.

4. Cultivate your common sense. Authoritative leaders go crazy, super-intelligent nerds get smacked down by hubris, and heart-of-gold badasses get eaten while being stupidly heroic. Common sense will save your ass.

5. Befriend an animal. Their hisses and growls may come in handy. (But don’t get too attached. See tip #2.)

6. At the darkest moment, abandon your common sense to chase after the smallest, most wildly improbable hope you can find. You’ll only get one shot at this, so time it perfectly (or risk becoming the beautiful idiot).


The message goes on from there. It’s almost amusing, for spam. Looking up from your phone, however, you notice the people around you are all looking over each other’s shoulders and comparing screens.

Did they all get the same…?


Dozens of message alerts go off at once. You look down again.

Fun’s over. Get ready.

Credits to: IPostAtMidnight (story)

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How would TFP Soundwave, Bee, & Ratchet react to a s/o who flirts with them all the time (not overbearingly, tho), but as soon as they (the bots) flirt back, the s/o gets all flustered and blushy? A+ writing by the way, already a huge fan!!

I’m on mobile right now so hopefully the format doesn’t get all messed up when I write this :p I’m gonna go with human s/o on this one, hope I’m right!

TFP Soundwave
Whenever you flirt with Soundwave the most you ever expect is a glance in your direction. He’s a mech of few words and that’s ok with you. So when you casually make a tall,dark and handsome comment in passing and he turns around fully, he’s got your attention. You wait in anticipation for something to happen and what you get was no what you were expecting. A suggestive image pops up on his visor that leaves you in a flustering mess. Too bad you can’t see the smug look he’s got on his face.

TFP Bumblebee
Early on in the relationship flirting with bee is usually very innocent and can sometimes go over his head. A couple weeks into your relationship Bee approaches you holding what looks like a bunch of small wrinkled papers. He hands them too you looking like he’s about to burst in anticipation. As he towers over you you begin reading the typed out words on each page. Cheesy pick up lines and compliments mark each page. As you keep reading they get more and more intimate and your face starts to go bright red. As you finish the last page and try to hide your face Bee picks you up. You bury your head into the crook of his neck to hide your embarrassment and he can’t help but let out happy beeps. He knows he got this one right.

TFP Ratchet
Usually when your flirting at Ratchet it’s to get under his plates and make him bristle. He’ll normally huff or scowl in your direction and tell you he’s working. But you know it’s all good fun and he’s not actually irritated with you. On this particular day you decided to approach him at his station and compliment how pretty his optics were in a joking manner. When he scoffs and replies in a serious tone that your eyes are far more beautiful and can’t even compare to the stars your brain stalls. All you can do is stare at him with an open mouth and blush. When he realizes you aren’t moving or replying, he looks up. You being flustered causes him to become flustered and to any onlooker you both look like idiots.



On September 21, 2004, the landscape of the music world changed. I can’t oversell to you how big of a deal American Idiot was, almost immediately upon release, and how influential it has been since. It actually hasn’t sold as many copies of Dookie, at least not within the states (I’m unsure of international numbers). But, my god, its impact.

I was 15 years old when American Idiot was released. It felt like I went to bed one night, exhausted from the uncontrollable emotions roiling through me all the time, and the constant feeling of the world as I experienced it being about a foot to the right of where I was told it was supposed to be and twisted right around besides, and fighting with my parents again, and woke up the next morning with an hour-long opera explaining exactly how I felt and telling me I wasn’t alone. Almost everyone I knew felt pretty much exactly the same about it.

On September 22 I went to the record store downtown (when I was supposed to be crossing town to get to my mother’s house - there was another fight that night), the independent one run by a girl I’d gone to elementary school with’s father, the one that wasn’t full of people impossibly prettier and smarter and cooler than me, and I bought myself American Idiot. It was Jenette’s dad at the counter (he liked me because I - who had been bullied horribly all through grade school - had always been nice to his daughter, who had undergone the same treatment by our peers), and as he rung me in he said, “this is going to be huge. I can tell already. This is gonna be your guys’ “Fortunate Son”.”

I didn’t know much of anything about the Vietnam war yet, but I knew who Creedence Clearwater Revival were - one of my dads’ favourite bands - and I knew what protest music was - I was taught English and Social Studies by a conscientious objector who showed us Michael Moore videos instead of teaching us about the feudal system, and who assigned a final project based around Bob Dylan’s blistering expose of anti-black police prejudice, “Hurricane.”

“Hurricane” and “Fortunate Son” are both good songs to compare to American Idiot, actually. When we think of the height of protest music, it’s tempting to think of the sixties and flower children, that sort of emphasis on ‘peace, love and understanding’ and the sort of hazy bliss that can only come from the massive amounts of marijuana and LSD consumed by that generation - more “the answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind” than “kill all the fags that don’t agree.” But in “Hurricane” a white cop says to a white career criminal about an innocent black boxer they are trying to get the criminal to testify falsely against, “you’ll only be doing society a favour / that sonofabitch is brave and getting braver,” and the lyrics of “Fortunate Son” would fit right in as a b-side to, say, “Holiday.”

What I’m saying is that there is and was and always has been a subgenre of protest music that is angry, and bitter, and confrontational. But it never exploded into the mainstream before in the way it did with American Idiot. The hippies were already drifting apart, their dreams lost or soured the way Joan Didion described in Slouching Towards Bethlehem before those who remained political turned really angry. and although in the 70s the first wave of punk and The Clash in particular brought forward the same fury, they didn’t reach the same vast audience that American Idiot did.

I think this comes down to how, like I said, basically an entire generation saw themselves in this album. Billie Joe’s lyrics aren’t just political, they’re personal too, and they tell a story all too recognizable for many of us - suburban boredom and disenfranchisement, the search for some sort of meaning in a world that increasingly feels like it’s spiraling out of control, a mistrust of government and big business and even the things our parents are telling us with no real idea of how to change any of it, yet, and an overwhelming feeling of confusion and underepresentation and, yeah, anger. It’s the story that runs through the album, of young punks and love and loss that brings the whole thing home for a lot of people, taking the larger, aimless fury and making it recognizable again. That recognition built into a cultural juggernaut, affecting and being affected by everything from the shape of mainstream music to the Bush administration’s steadily declining approval throughout the mid-2000s.

In October 2004, Billie Joe Armstrong told Alternative Press, “everybody just sorta feels like they don’t know where their future is heading right now, ya know?” and reading it I thought, yeah, Billie Joe, I know. It was the first time I felt like someone was willing to admit that, instead of just pretending like everything would be fine if we just kept telling the same stories to each other and insisting they were true.

Musically, American Idiot’ s influence has been massive. It basically singlehandedly issued in the second wave of pop-punk, with bands like My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy and Good Charlotte breaking in its wake. It even revived the concept album (for better or worse), and its influence reached so far off the beaten punk path as to become a Broadway musical, of all things.

Welcome to day four. Today we’re all about American Idiot. 

- Jacqui // @sandovers

I really do think all the arguments about that idiotic Sakura vs Hinata debate (it isn’t up for debate, Hinata is nothing compared to people like Sakura and the sannin) ended up making people actually open up their eyes to Sakura and what she can do i.e. her powers, skills and capabilities. I think before this shit people actually thought for some strange reason that 2 Sakuras existed. One Sakura surpassed her master in the war or at least coming close/equaling her master while the 2nd Sakura existed only when she would be compared to Hinata, where she was equal or weaker for some reason. People were also afraid to admit that Sakura was stronger despite knowing that people like Tsunade or Jiraiya were clearly stronger than Hinata by far. 

There was also a general ignorance about Sakura and a inclination to let the loud, biased haters’ voices to prevail so Sakura would be seen as chunnin leveled still. No one, even the wiki, ever really paid attention to what Sakura could do. Outside of a few Sakura fans no one ever acknowledged her skills. She surpassed a sannin as a teenager with no clan buffs with only 3 years of training and became the best medic, physically stronger than Tsunade/Ai, reached the pinnacle of chakra control and became an expert at evasion and poisons (beyond Sasori, Chiyo, Shizune and even Tsunade). 

Now it’s different and people actually appreciate Sakura and understand that she IS sannin leveled in terms of her skills and powers and it isn’t weird to biased to admit this and to admit that Sakura is kage leveled, stronger than Tsunade, Kakashi etc. You can actually see people say stuff, even on sites like youtube, based on facts where they actually state that Sakura is strong, surpassed her master, could evade Sasori and Kaguya’s chakra arms. I never saw this until maybe last year. This stupid ‘Sakura is useless’; ‘Hinata > Sakura’ bullshit isn’t as bad as it was all these years. I think that in itself is great. 

Arty: “You were such a naughty kid compared to me… ha!”

Ares: “So I was sort of like you are now?”

Arty: “Hey! I’m not naughty… I’m mysterious yet mischievous, like the night.”

Ares: “And I was as vibrant as the sun! … But suns age, and responsibility comes.”

Arty: “… You’re a fool. No-one said you have to give up fun for responsibility! You can do both– just don’t mix ‘em!!”

Ares: “… Ah, my dear sister… I suppose you are right!”

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Could you do a Villain!Katsuki x Shy Reader?? Where the reader accidentally runs into him while he's committing a crime and he takes a liking to them because of their shyness?

Sure thing! I hope I could write it well enough and that you like it =)

- He pops up at all sort of times and places. If they’re out shopping, he’s suddenly coming around the corner to buy some milk or if they take a walk, they unexpectedly run into him. Every time Bakugou sees them, he grins and drops a few comments or sentences.

- Most of the time, he doesn’t really care if they have enough courage to talk back or start a conversation. Sometimes he just rants and blows some steam off by complaining about meddling heroes, clumsy friends and fucking idiots.

- Though should his comments or grumbling make them smile or chuckle, he secretly puffs up with a bit of pride. He knows how closed off shy people can be and getting a reaction out of them, a positive one to boot, is a success.

- The more he gets to know them and the closer they become, the more Bakugou starts to care. He starts to care if they participate in a conversation compared to when he just grumbled around or teased them. He starts to care when they look like they’re unhappy and he grits his teeth because he knows he sucks at being comforting and yet he wants to make shit better somehow.

- Bakugou doesn’t involve them in his villain business, ever. He’s also very careful about how much he tells them or where they meet, especially in the beginning and a while into their relationship as well. He doesn’t want them to turn on him or to get the police on his case. It takes a while until he trusts them enough to stop worrying if they might become the proverbial knife in his back.

- He only introduces them to his friends if he trusts is friends as well and he tells his companions in no uncertain terms, that they better don’t talk shit to his partner or mention any villain business.

- Bakugou doesn’t really take them out for dates, though if they want to go somewhere to eat, he doesn’t mind eating out occasionally. He also rather takes them to his favorite places, up on rooftops and off-limit locations. It’s his way of letting them into his life and bringing them to where he feels comfortable and at ease.

let's rant

so i’ve seen some anons messaging some accounts basically telling the fandom to stop hating on jake paul and we’re just salty that the twins didn’t win the tcas. and i’ve tried to keep my mouth shut about everything since the tcas but i can’t anymore. and it’s 1:20 am and i’m writing this. so here’s what i have to say…

YES! we’re are fucking mad about the tcas. but you know why? cause a deceiving, manipulative, homophobic, racist, lying, fake, abusive bitch won the awards along with his brother. Jake paul has no right to win any award ESPECIALLY as he makes millions a year just by being fake and a down right awful person. what the hell has jake done for his fans that is even comparable to what the twins have done for us? all he wants to do is flaunt his lambos, fuck girls, and brag about how much money he and his fucking idiotic team ten have. what does it show you about him when he has to lie about his assistant being abused so he can get views?? that he has no fucking care in the world about what you, the people who make him his millions a year want to see. jake paul is one hell of a shitty person and he does not deserve anything that he has been awarded in life. karmas a bitch😏

now, try and tell me that the twins weren’t deserving of the awards they were nominated for. i know the tcas are over but let’s just discuss how amazing these boys are. they have changed so many people’s lives. they themselves have experienced bullying, and they put their experience into good use by teaching us to love each other. they have made their goal in life to make us happy. they want to produce content they know we will love. they put us before themselves. they are caring, loving, kind, handsome, humble, and hard-working goofy little meatballs (lol) and also so much more. they have gone through hard times with us and they have also gotten some of us through our darkest times. they are special. they have impacted this world. they do deserve everything they have in life. because they have worked hard. these boys have already become something great. and we can only wait to see what their future holds.

i’m so sorry i’m so annoying but i had to say something.

Unabashed Book Snobbery: GoT's 10 Worst Adaptational Decisions

Spoilers only through GoT S4.

Anonymous said:
I recently discover your blog and I’m in love with it, I’m in full reading of all your posts! But at the risk of repeating something that someone you have already ask for you… I cannot resist the curiosity! Especially after your magnificent poll, cause I like how critical you are with Game of Thrones so… What would you say are the 10 worst decisions committed so far? Scenes, plots or characters. (btw, sorry, my english sucks)

Well, anon, at first when I saw this I smiled, jotted down a knee-jerk bulleted list, and sent it over to a friend of mine who also happens to be critical of the show. Then she and I began talking about it further, and suddenly it became a Google Doc with mini essays. The following is a collaboration between myself and the wonderfully talented Dornish enthusiast theculturalvacuum​.

To quickly preface, we are not the types of people who will criticize every minor change when a book is being adapted to the visual medium. Even with GoT, there are times we even kind of like changes. But the fact is, with this series, we have very good reasons for our book snobbery. Showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss (D&D) have, over time, demonstrated to us that they have a very limited understanding of the characterizations and themes at play in a series that is about so much more than twists and gasps. In the case of LOTR, it was clear that Peter Jackson, despite his changes, understood Tolkien’s vision. From our perspective, while D&D may know plot-wise where ASOIAF will end up, what they are giving us is a story that relies on overused tropes and trite interpretations, which ultimately misses “the point.”

So without further ado, the 10 worst adaptational changes, from least awful to most:

10. Masturbatory original dialogues:

Back when Season 1 was in production, D&D found themselves short in terms of run-time. It was a low-budget operation back then, so they added a lot of scenes of just two or three characters talking in one room as a way to pad their show. Originally, these scenes were thought of as the shining stars of the series (Varys vs. Littlefinger being almost like a spy vs. spy). Then they turned into…

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For the ask meme: “I need a friend..” for kurodai!

Daichi’s finger hovers over the phone screen without moving. He’s being ridiculous. He should call Suga. Or maybe Asahi. Hell, even calling one of his mothers would be a better option. But the contact he’s been staring at since he thrown himself at his bed wasn’t any of these. It was Kuroo’s. 

Stupidly, Daichi hits the call button and tries to ignore the rush of anxiety.

It’s not like it’s the first time he called Kuroo since they met back in high school. He’s called him a couple of times. Granted, all of these calls happened when they were both captains of their volleyball teams, but alas. Volleyball wasn’t the only thing they’d ever talk about. Kuroo was fun to talk to, so there is nothing wrong with calling him.

When Kuroo finally picks up, Daichi almost drops his phone.

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Lit by the Sun

(I posted this earlier but that was just a link to the AO3 version, so here this is in full for all you Tumblr people.)

She came to the castle when she was young, only eleven or twelve, and looking for work. With Paris drenched in sweat and death and plague, there had been no home there for her anymore; and the castle in the gardens, with the sun shining on it like it would never end, seemed to promise that there she could be safe. She was clever enough not to knock at the front door, and rounded to the back, holding her few possessions close to her. She knocked, and the door opened, and warm hands took her in.

Mrs. Potts made sure she had tea and toast before she could start, and by the time she ended the kind woman’s face was grave and sad.

“Many’s there that died before they could get out,” she said. “You were wise to come to us. Another slice? No? Well.”

Plumette’s eyes ranged around the room, taking in the friendly objects and the warmth and sunlight. It was so different here, compared to Paris; it was so alive.

“I’ll have to speak to Mr. Cogsworth,” continued Mrs. Potts, “but I shan’t be surprised if he lets you stay. In an upstairs position, too, I should think; that silly maid he has now has worn out all patience from here to kingdom come. She can go back to the village, and you can stay with us.”

Plumette did stay. That night she spread out in a feather bed—oh, it had been such a long time since she had had a bed like this!—and she felt a smile twitch at her face again, a new feeling after so long being quiet and still.

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HC request? Short/tall AU Fierrochase, the cuddles one? Plz and thank you. Love you're writing btw

*Looks anon straight in the eyes* I will protect u with my life.

U LITERALLY MADE MY DAY WITH UR SWEET COMMENTS THANK YOOOOOOUUUUUUU!!!!!!! (Okay Candy we get it u can’t handle compliments. Now get to the hc thing pls?)

Okay this is literally one of my fav things to do with ships bc I love the tol and smol.

  • Alex is the smol (fight me)
  • Alex is a smol little angel (but a devil at the same time)
  • Magnus is tol
  • Not rlly but compared to Alex he tol
  • Like the height difference is more than Baz and Simon
  • It’s like, almost five inches
  • “Four and a half, Maggie”
  • “Whatever.”
  • Magnus is constantly pointing it out
  • “Aww Alex did u fall short?” *snorts*
  • “Maggie I will chop off ur head right here and right now.”
  • “So we can be the same height?” *shakes her fist at the idiot and proceeds to take out her garrotte. Magnus starts running*
  • “Ye u better run, Chase.”
  • But secretly Alex likes being the smol bean
  • Cuz when they being fluffy with each other Magnus will put his chin on top of Alex’s head
  • And if she finds herself crying, Magnus hugs her rlly tight (Magnus is an amazing hugger. Like soooo good) and his chin will rest on her head 
  • But Magnus always falls asleep on Alex Magnus is a puppy. 
  • He will be annoying and crazy at times and then he falls asleep on u and is so cute and innocent and u don’t want to move him cuz he just looks so peaceful 
  • Magnus always falls asleep on Alex Alex secretly loves it 
  • She likes to braid Magnus’s hair (when it was long and when it gets long again (cuz it will)) 
  • And Magnus loves feeling her slender fingers twine in his hair 
  • And Alex has to stand on the tips of her toes when they kiss And sometimes Magus will pull her up to him and he makes her feet lift a few inches off the ground, which surprises her. 
  • But Alex loves being the smol bean, even though she tells u otherwise 
  • (and Magnus secretly wishes he was smol and cute like Alex) 
  • No I don’t!” (He does)

Sketchdump from June. Nicks’ hair was really hard for me for some reason.  You can see a smidgen of the ~dev process~ from the sketches. Nicks is the guy with long hair and the (comparatively) small kaiju.  Reina is the girl and Cole is mr. plain.

In this story, the Sea is Filled With Devils, and ‘Nicks’ is one who recently got his ass kicked by some humans (RIP in pieces idiots).  He needs to rest up before he can go back home- will he be a homewrecker (or worse) or an OK guy to the people helping him? ~*You decide*~

This was supposed to be a quick PWP for YaoiJam but nothing is ever simple when I’m backflipping away from the porn.  Like actually detailing the religion and other worldbuilding things and having two character deaths before anyone does anything sexual.

*I got about 17k words into it before I got back on track. This one is on hold until I finish the INoaMON script and rough assets.  No title yet, sorry.

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Ewwww you're black! You're so ugly Grayson would never go for you

Oh boy, here we go again.

First off, the correct terminology you’re looking for is brown not black and if we’re going into details, the shade is ‘dusky’ you colour blind moron.

Secondly, if it truly was such a crime being a complexion that was on the darker end of the spectrum, why do men of your seemingly superior white race, call us exotic, shamelessly leering at us, their eyes bulging out of their sockets?

Thirdly, I COULD NOT CARE LESS WHETHER GRAYSON WOULD GO FOR ME OR NOT. My life is not dependant on a boy who does not know I exist nor will it EVER be on any boy. Unlike you, I have more important goals to achieve, like making a name for myself, having a career, oh and HAVING AN IDENTITY that is not shadowed by anybody, especially not a boy. 

Fourthly, if your skin does crawl knowing I’m not white, then get off my feed and stop obsessing over everything I do. Beauty doesn’t come with instructions, specific requirements and labels, you ignorant dimwit. Every shade of the human race is breathtaking and no one colour is better than the other. And if it were so, there would never be so many poems, figures of speech and the like that compare the concept of beauty to darker shades of life. 

So, get your racist, uneducated, bratty white ass off my blog, stop obsessing over me and I sincerely hope for the love of God, when the time comes, you realise just how big of a fool you’re growing up to be.

Coincidences on the Playground

For AU August. @doctorroseprompts: Kid’s Teacher”

Fandom: Doctor Who

Pairing: Rose/Ten

Warnings: N/A

According to James Noble, the perks of being a primary school teacher include working with kids, and the downfalls are talking to parents… except this parent.


‘It couldn’t be,’ Doctor James Noble thought to himself as he stared at the woman approaching the school, ‘not after all these years.’

He shook his head: impossible. He was simply seeing things again. He moved his attention to another parent who was Very Concerned. He’d always wanted to be a teacher - he adored kids - but the chattering parents were absolutely not something he enjoyed.

“Mr Noble! Mr Noble!” a hyper voice called to him. “My Mummy’s here! You said to bring her over!”

James was about to reply, but he turned and saw the brown eyes he hadn’t seen in over six years.

Rose Tyler.

It was a whirlwind year. They met in the wake of her losing her job and she became his assistant when he went travelling to write a paper. She was a mere nineteen years old and he had just turned twenty-nine. He had loved her so much. Alas, it was not meant to be, as after just one year - one perfect, blissful year - she and her mum moved to Norway with Jackie’s new husband. They quickly lost touch, though he thought of her often with a clench in his heart. The one that got away, indeed.

But now she was here, with his student Scott Tyler in one arm and his former student Tony Tyler in the other. After his heart skipped a beat he had quickly dismissed their surnames; Tyler wasn’t too uncommon.

“James,” she breathed. “But- what- when- um… hi.”

“Hey,” he exhaled. “Long time no see.”

She shrugged slightly, but her eyes gave away her shock, “Been busy, y’know?”

“I can see,” he said, rubbing his neck, nodding down at the two children.

“Oh,” the mention of the kids appeared to snap her out of her shock, “Tony’s my little brother. Mum was pregnant when we left. Scott’s my son. You’re his teacher?”


“A primary school teacher, Doctor?” she raised an eyebrow. She was teasing him.

He shoved his hands in his pockets and swayed back on his heels, “Always loved kids, me.” He grinned, “They’re lovely and curious about the world. They can find the fun in learning.”

They stared at each other for a moment, idiotic grins plastered on their faces.

“So, ummm, you’re back.”

“Yeah,” she bit her bottom lip and god he remembered that tantalising lip. “Moved after I had Scottie. Wanted him to grow up on British chips.”

“Ah, of course,” his smile widened. He’d missed her so much. He’d had other relationships since then, but she was the girl - woman, now - with her hands on his heart. No one compared: no one was funny enough; no one laughed the right way; no one’s smile was bright enough; no one made him smile enough. He wasn’t a fool. She was younger and free-spirited - of course, she’d find someone else and move on, but the evidence of that right in front of him stung. Still, he had to ask, “What about Scott’s father?”

He was glad the boy had grown bored and was hanging from the climbing frame with, what James now knew was, his uncle. He wouldn’t dare put him in that conversation if it was an awkward answer.

Which it was. “He’s in Norway. Didn’t want anything to do with him. Honestly, besides the language barrier, it never would’ve lasted between us. I was still…”

“What?” he encouraged, trying to keep the hope out of his voice.

“I was sort of… still,” she mumbled, “Well I was… on the rebound from you.”

He bloody giggled.

“Shut up.” Yet she was still smiling.

“I do want to talk to you about Scott, but that could wait until another time. Say, catching up at Platform One this Saturday?”

She gave a soft smile, “That was our first date.”

He smiled back, “We had chips.”

“I paid,” she reminded him.

“I know,” he remembered fondly. “That’s not a problem, is it? No boyfriend, or girlfriend, or-”

“No,” she denied quickly, “hasn’t been for a long time.”

“Good,” he replied a little too quickly.



anonymous asked:

a scenario with the rfa having their first fight with their mc, and she starts crying? With them making up at the end please!! 😙😙

an // i don’t know if you guys like my lil crossed out comments so lmk if i should continue or not with those? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • pps idk if saeyoung is like lowkey spoilerish? it doesn’t reveal anything about the plot though


  • honestly I don’t think Yoosung would be capable of saying something that would make you cry?
  • he’s literally too precious if he saw you cry wtf he’d cry?
  • so I think your first fight would be to do with him neglecting you emotionally??
  • you’d just be coming home from work/classes & instead of receiving lots of affection from Yoosung you’d receive a ‘hey’ and you’d be facing his back in no time
  • after a really shitty day you hear Yoosung’s simple ‘hey’ and the swivel of his gaming chair back to the screen and you just break down crying but like angry crying
  • and you end up just ranting at him because he wouldn’t say anything
  • DAMN it Yoosung if you want to just play LOLOL too much then just go 
  • do you like LOLOL more than me?
  • and when he tries to interject you cut him off
  • NO - you make me feel like shit okay
  • I just - like do you even want to be with me? Cause right now I even don’t know if i have a boyfriend?
  • you hear a small hiccup (I feel like a bitch writing this)
  • and when you look up you just see teary eyed Yoosung looking at you but he looks down really quickly
  • immediately you feel guilty and open your mouth to apologise before you feel Yoosung’s arms wrap around you
  • he repeatedly mumbles sorry in your hair and you can hear sniffling and shit you feel SO guilty
  • he pulls away before looking you in the eye 
  • I swear I won’t ever play that game with you around ever again 
  • and you try say no and you had no have no right but nope he literally shuts you up by crushing you into a hug
  • doesn’t leave your side that night
  • over time he comes to dislike LOLOL as he’s always reminded at the thought of you crying 
  • ends up playing DS games with you 


  • you’d be lying if you said that you weren’t expecting Zen to get lots of female attention
  • he’s a good looking actor who can sing who tf i mean come on
  • but you weren’t expecting him to respond back by being flirtatious especially when you were right next to him???
  • the screaming started as soon as you walked through the door
  • oh what the FUCK Zen? You can’t just say that the interviewer was one of the prettiest people you’d ever seen when I was literally on set - everyone looked at me?
  • she was pretty though? what am I supposed to say? she was ugly?
  • no - you don’t bring respond like THAT you insensitive prick!?
  • (intense)
  • jesus it’s for publicity just ignore it and anyway why are you taking this so seriously whats wrong with you? 
  • that struck a nerve with you as you’ve always had body image issues so your eyes started to prick with tears
  • remembering this his eyes soften and he crosses his arms at the thought of him making you cry and looks up to the ceiling unable to look at you for a while
  • I’m so-
  • you walk out the room before but before you can leave he grabs your arm before pulling you in and cradling you in his chest and now he starts rambling
  • Oh my - I’m so stupid, I’m a fucking idiot, I -  you’re the most beautiful person in my life, no one compares to you, oh god have I fucked up already
  • reassuring him that you overreacted you place your finger on his lips before walking away from the hallway into the bedroom
  • just.. come here and lets forget about this
  • he repeatedly apologises the whole evening and the next day even has a bouquet of roses for you as he still feels guilty 
  • i’m sorry-
  • it’s okay Zen - I’ve moved on
  • whenever you’re with him now on set he smiles at the compliments ladies give him and thanks them but never utters another word


  • your first fight?
  • probably over how much time she spends at work with Jumin
  • at one point you thought they were together before he spilt coffee all over himself; caught off by your ‘outrageous and ridiculous’ remark wow sorry guys jeez
  • can’t you see that he’s just using you to do extra work, come on Jaehee don’t get pushed over?
  • sorry MC it’s just work.
  • not when you’re finishing at 1am a-
  • You’re distracting me. I said I have to work. 
  • you’d never seen Jaehee like this why was she so… cold and emotionless?
  • being super worked up over the situation your eyes start to water and a (extremely dramatic) thought passes through your brain
  • ..or maybe you just don’t want to come home to see me
  • but you know what - it’s fine stay here I don’t need you anyway. (i told u this shit was intense but anyway)
  • she stops typing immediately to see your eyes brimming with tears and although you tried to look super tough you just looked like a broken mess
  • she slowly gets up from her seat and approaches you slowly before putting both your hands in between her palms
  • she can’t look you in the eye so she quietly whispers
  • I - please don’t leave me
  • you hear her voice crack and you think you’ve gone too far (you think? really?)
  • you being slightly taller than her - you cradle her wiping your own tears with the hem of your shirt
  • and you swear you can feel some tears on your neck 
  • when Jaehee pulls away she looks at her feet avoiding eye contact with you before grabbing her bag and saying she’ll be in the car scuttling away 
  • Bonus: you go to Jumin’s office the next day and pretty much scream at him for overloading jaehee with work till the early morning - but then by next week every day at 7pm you guys snuggle up to just talk about the day ( ゚ヮ゚) (thanks juju)


  • your first fight is probably because of a mix of Yoosung’s and Jaehee’s reasons
  • as well as working at work he also works from home which really fucking s u c k s
  • he’s also never really had a proper girlfriend before that he genuinely cared about (trust me) & didn’t know how to act around you so he eventually became sorta distant?
  • you’d tried everything to get his attention or to so some affection but he never did
  • and that lead to the thought - does he even find me attractive?
  • leaning on his office door with your arms folded he doesn’t even glance up at you before raising an eyebrow at you from his desk
  • can I assist you?
  • assist? I’m your fucking girlfriend?
  • I understand..  - your point..?
  • my point is when you’re ready to treat me like your girlfriend and not a damn client I’ll consider returning
  • returning? where are you going?
  • home
  • this is your home?
  • whatever
  • (cue hsm gotta go my own way )
  • (my sincerest apologies)
  • he stays frozen at his desk as you briskly walk away and doesn’t have a clue on what to do
  • he ends up slowly closing his laptop and leaning on the desk with his head in his hands thinking about how the fuck to get things back on track wtf wtf wt f 
  • your phone has been switched off and he’s just completely ???
  • tries to push his emotions ‘away’ thinking you’d be back in the morning
  • but at 5am he’s at your door with a piece of of paper in his hand as he nervously recites what’s he’s going to say
  • when he sees your red puffy eyes he completely forgets everything and nervously scans the paper s hit shit shit no this isn’t going to plan
  • stumbles on his words
  • um yes, i just um just wanted to say that - that I’m new to this and I yes um I apologise for - treating you badly and I give you my sincer- no I apologise because I have well - I’ve been distant but I’m worried I might get possessive and yes well I -
  • shut up you idiotic kid
  • and you crush him into a hug because he’s really trying and you feel him instantly relax as he breathes your scent in again before grabbing your hand quickly
  • come on we need to get to your real home, with me/
  • nah i’ll get the bus if the one driving no thanks


  • where is this relationship going?
  • you’ve thought this to yourself so many times since being with Saeyoung because he really was the love of your life
  • and although you had a rocky start to your relationship as he tried to push you away 
  • he showed affection after realising he couldn’t hide his feelings for you anymore
  • but after a few years those cold feelings were returning..
  • while he worked at his desk you looked at him typing on to his keyboard looking extremely stressed and all traces of the ‘707′ you’d fallen in love with had disappeared
  • you remembered the days where he said he wanted to get married in a space station with you and tear up 
  • you slap yourself thinking no no no don’t cry
  • hey, babe - do you want to get married someday?
  • um, who knows, I mean maybe.. i don’t know?
  • what do you mean you.. ‘don’t know’?
  • I don’t know if i want to get married jesus.. all right?
  • the tears in your eyes spilt over almost immediately as it felt like your heart had been crushed
  • excusing yourself from the room he swivelled around to find you running out of the room
  • frustrated he throws his head phones on the desk before running after you - hey wait no MC
  • you try pull away from his grasp on your wrist but he doesn’t let go
  • pulling you closer he grabs your wrists and makes you look him in the eye and his red sincere eyes tell you to listen to what he’s saying
  • listen - love-  I’m sorry that this isn’t what you wanted to hear but I promise you.. I wouldn’t want to get married to anyone else BUT you.. in a space station.. I’m stressed right now but I promise you one day it will happen - I don’t know when but please just give me some time..
  • hearing his heartfelt speech you nod before sighing and tightly hugging him - burying your face in his chest 
  • he hugs you back resting his chin on the top of your head 
  • …….
  • before the lil bitch smirks and thinks to himself damn I’m good..
  • huh??!! (du n dun DUN)
  • because guess what
  • the engagement ring is in his back pocket and those stress lines on his face were SO worth it because he had a space station booked and ready
  • for next week
  • ☜(⌒▽⌒)☞
  • Bonus: Zen texts Saeyoung ‘u owe me for those acting lessons’ & Saeyoung responds with ‘see you next week… my best man
  • :’’’’)