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….so uh @thelogicalloganipus pianist-patton anon here, i love what you wrote and i didn’t think of it much as i sent it to you but now i’m 200% ready to throw down for this headcanon i juST

  • as @madly-handsome said, patton with an outlet
  • patton who can make the sun shine indoors when he dances over the keys
  • patton swaying back and forth even though he was taught to be still because he just can’t help himself, the music is so alive
  • patton who can’t sing worth a lick but that’s okay, roman will drape himself dramatically over the piano and accompany the beautiful chords with his own lyrics
  • patton who played at his cousin’s wedding and got almost as many compliments as the brides themselves; his spin on even the traditional stuff moved everyone in the crowd
  • patton who can pick things up by ear crazy well; after he saw La La Land, he went home and just sat with his face scrunched up pressing one key at a time for five minutes and then bam, he could play the signature melody perfectly
  • patton who, when he’s mad, will simply smile a bit tighter and flex his hands at his sides, then go home and pound out chords for hours, letting it all out with each dramatic, harsh beat
  • patton who plays everything in a minor key to make it sound a little spookier around Halloween
  • patton who will hide away when he’s sad, only to be found with softly pressing each key as if in apology, the melody slow and steady like the tear that may or may not slide down his cheek
  • patton memorizing mozart and bach and all the famous pieces forward and backwards, who would never say it but he got bored of playing them even though he loved them so much; patton quietly printing out blank sheet music and scribbling his own as he goes, sliding an extra couple of measures in for himself, just to spice things up
  • patton with a secret love for Fur Elise and Danny Boy, simple and sweet, playing them mindlessly and letting his thoughts and hands wander
  • a stressed patton playing the same runs over and over and over, freezing if he ever misses a note and starting from the beginning, hands itching, legs bouncing underneath him
  • patton learning all the Disney songs and surprising Roman with a medley on his birthday
  • patton learning Welcome to the Black Parade and subtly switching to it when Virgil walks in the room, making him blush and grin once his ears recognize the tune
  • patton playing the most beautiful classics that he knows logan loves whenever he’s home, and if logan hasn’t turned a page in his book for ten minutes, well. that’s their secret.
  • patton who, when he’s not at home, will drum on his thighs, his arms, the desks, any chance he gets, running everything from Schubert to scales up and down and up and down every surface his fingertips find

i. just. love? p i a n i s t  p a t t o n ♡

The Signs as Jesus of Suburbia Lyrics
  • Aries: there's nothing wrong with me, this is how i'm supposed to be
  • Taurus: no one ever died for my sins in hell as far as i can tell, at least the ones i got away with
  • Gemini: are we demented or am i disturbed? the space that's in between insane and insecure
  • Cancer: city of the dead at the end of another lost highway, signs misleading to nowhere
  • Leo: home is where your heart is, but what a shame, cause everyone's heart doesn't beat the same
  • Virgo: i don't feel any shame, i won't apologize when there ain't nowhere you can go
  • Libra: to fall in love and fall in debt, to alcohol and cigarettes, and mary jane to keep me insane, doing someone else's cocaine
  • Scorpio: dearly beloved, are you listening? i can't remember a word that you were saying
  • Sagittarius: nobody's perfect and i stand accused, for lack of a better word and that's my best excuse
  • Capricorn: everyone is so full of shit, born and raised by hypocrites
  • Aquarius: i read the graffiti in the bathroom stall like the holy scriptures of a shopping mall
  • Pisces: running away from pain when you've been victimized, tales from another broken home

Derek x Reader

Requested By @greatcoralls23

Liam settled into the Hale pack well, naturaly the Betas resisted, until they decided he was an easy tool use to get their way. Liam was quick to take to Boyd, his silent guidance made his first few shifts easy, even encouraging Erica to help.


“Maybe we just don’t tell them?” You turned to Derek who had given up on comforting you and was letting you pace the bedroom.


“And how will you explain the second heart beat?” Derek hummed, head tilted in amusement.


“Hale this isn’t funny.” You snapped and jabbed his chest.

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choke-me-zaddy: AH REQUESTS ARE OPEN!!💕💕💕 EXO finding THE ONE at a Halloween party 👀 cute cringe pls, I love your work and you can have my anon virginity thnx for being amazing and a ray of pure sunshine godbless


★minseok wouldn’t spot you until you both were voted ‘best dressed’   

★once his eyes are on you  

★they ain’t leaving  

★’you look good’  

★’you do too’

★’can i get you a drink? celebrate our win?’

★you share drinks

★and talk about the stories of your costumes

★soon it’ll turn to him telling jokes

★’what tops off a ghost’s ice cream sundae?

★’i don’t know’ 

 ★‘whipped scream

★when he sees you laugh at it 

★he’s ♥u♥  

★so he continues to tell you every joke he knows

★and everytime you laugh

★he falls more and more in love with you 

★at the end of the night he’ll walk you out to your cab 

★and wrap you in a hug

★’thanks for a nice night’

★’maybe we could have more?’

★he’d pull back to give you his phone so you can put in your number

★’i’ll call you soon. be ready for the best date of your life’ 

★he’ll make sure you were safely in the cab before going back into the party 


★you and ‘myeon would be wearing the same lazy costume 

★a printed hawaiian looking shirt and jeans

★he’d be getting teased about it not being a proper costume 

★so he’ll approach you and ask

★’you’re dressed as a tourist too?’


★’m friends over there are saying they’re not proper costumes!’

★’well your friends are wrong!’


★’ditch them. stay with me!’

★he’ll flash you a grin

★and sit next to you

★’i think we’ve got the best costumes here’

★’why’s that?’

★’we’re nice and cool, and comfortable while everyone else is in heavy costumes’ 

★’that’s true!’

★he’ll fondly listen to you while you make meaningless chit chat with him

★when his friends tell him it’s time to leave 

★he’ll frown and look back to you

★’i’ll get a cab later on!’

★he’ll stay 

★and talk to you until the party dies down

★he’ll call a cab for the two of you

★’we can share one? we’re going the same way’

★he’d smile at you and nod

★will give you his jacket while you wait outside 

★when the cab stops outside your home he’ll pout

★’meet me in the park tomorrow at one. by the picnic bench

★the pout will turn to a grin

★’i promise i’ll be there’

★he’ll make the cab stay until he sees you enter your home safely 


★yixing would be dancing to the music 

★and you’d be in a trance as you watched how he hit each beat 

★’join me!’ 

★’i can’t dance!’

★’everyone can dance!’

★he’ll hold your hands and pull you into an empty space

★he’ll start swaying again

★making you move with him

★’just go with it!’

★he’ll grin when your body slowly starts to move 


★he’d watch you fondly 

★his hands would let go of you when your movements become more confident 

★when you began laughing he’d stop 


★’you’re amazing’

★he’ll giggle when you blush 

★and hide his face in his hands

★’why are you hiding?’

★’because i’ve never done this before’

★’done what?’

★’the whole flirting at a party’

★his giggle would be so sweet

★’i’m glad i’m the first one!’

★when the song changes to something slow 

★he’ll take your hands in his again 

★pull you close 

★and sway with you 

★’i’ll get blood on your costume’

★’i don’t care’

★your dance would be interrupted by your friend calling you to leave

★’meet me tomorrow at that cafe by the park?’

★’i’ll be there’

★he brought a hand up to his lips to kiss

★’safe ride home’  


★the moment he spots you in a similar costume to him (prince/princess)

★he’s like a puppy 

★he’ll follow you around  

★but still interact with his friends 

★when you’re friends leave to get drinks is when he makes his move on you

★’you managed to sneak out of the kingdom too?’

★’a prince/princess has to relax sometimes’

★the second you play with him he’s in love

★’what are your plans while you break the kingdom’s rules?’

★’i’m going to drink and eat merrily’

★’would you like the company of a prince?’

★when you raised your brow he’d pout expecting to be turned away

★but when you said yes he beams

★so the two of you drink 


★and tell as many jokes as possible

★when it’s time for you to go home

★he’ll walk you out to your cab

★and slip you his number

★’call me so i know you got home safely’


★his laugh will be what got your attention 

★you’d end up staring at him while his roaring laugh was almost louder than the music

★you’ll end up giggling  along with him  

★which makes him laugh even harder 

★when you both calm down he’ll move closer to you 

★and hold his hand out



★he’ll squeeze your hand when you shake it

★’your laugh is amazing’

★’people say sound like a dinosaur’  

★’you look like a dinosaur!’  

★’yeah, well i’ve been waiting to wear this out in public’  

★he’d tug at the baggy dinosaur onise before leaning back in his seat

★’you look cute’

★’you look cuter’

★he’d coo when you blush

★’so cute!’

★he’d scream

★’so loud!’

★he’d lean into you as his body vibrated

★’you’re cute’

★’you’re repeating yourself’


★don’t worry about it’

★he’d rest his head on you

★eyes looking around the room

★’did you come here alone?’

★’with friends. but i have no idea where they vanished to’

★’well it’s a good job you’ve got me now’

★’i got you, huh?’


★he’d grin up at you

★you’d allow him to lean on your while you both watched the activities that went on

★when the guests were asked to line up so their costumes could be judged

★he’d jump up and held his hands out to you

★’let’s go see how we place’

★’i’m going to head home’

★’can i walk you?’


★he’d pick up his things

★say bye to his friends

★and walk home with you

★when you get to your door he’d pout slightly 

★’do you have to go?’

★’early start tomorrow’

★’can i see you again? i need to hear that laugh as much as possible’

★’how about we meet for dinner at around five?’

★’that sounds perfect’

★he’d ruffle your hair before turning to head home


★it would be you that approaches chanyeol 

★’you’re not wearing a costume?” 


★he’d grin so you can see the two fangs that were glued to his teeth

★’ah. subtle’ 

★’didn’t want to be one of those that were over the top’

★’you’re supposed to embrace it! how many other days of the year can you walk around covered in fake blood and not be look at funnily?’

★’that’s true. you got any of those blood capsules left?’

★he’d let you cover his mouth in blood

★’you still look too cute’

★at that he’ll turn bright red

★’not as cute as you, though’

★you both kinda just stand there blushing at eachother for what seems like forever

★your little moment would be ruined by a friend telling you it’s time to go

★’don’t scare too many kids on the way home’

★’i’ll try not to’

★when you turn he’ll pull you back and hold up his phone

★’i was hoping you’d do that’

★he’d watch you with a toothy grin as you put your number in

★’i’ll talk to you soon’

★’i look forward to it’  


★he didn’t want to be there 

★so when he saw you looking like you didn’t want to be there he’d sit next to you 

★and offer you a drink 

★’it ends in two hours, this might make it fly by’  

★’you were forced here by friends too?’ 


★drinks with you

★until the two of you are a fit of giggles

★when the night draws to and end he’ll get upset that he might not see you again

★but when offer to share a cab home he’s back to heart eyes 

★’wanna meet up sometime?’

★’i’d like that’

★before he gets out of the cab you give him your number


★when jongin saw you pouting  

★he’d come over to you

★with a look of concern 

★’are you okay?’

★’i came for the fireworks, but i’ve just heard they’re not happening’ 

★’there’s a place five minutes away that are putting on a display. you can see it from the park’ 


★’they normally go off at nine’

★’i’ll see them when i’m walking home, then’

★’can i join? i head home through the park too’

★the two of you went to watch the display

★both grinning at the colours that lit up the night sky  

★’i should get going. i bet my dog is going crazy…’

★’you have a dog?’

★’i do. small, fluffy’

★’i have three’


★’maybe we could go on a doggy playdate’

★’i’d like that…’

★he’d save his number into your phone 

★then tell you goodnight  


★you’d have been paired with sehun for a haunted hunt   

★he’d hold the basket while you collected sweets 

★but they wouldn’t stay in the basket long 

★bc he’d eat them 

★’you do know those are part of the answer?’

★’why are you taking it so seriously?’

★’because i want the chocolate’

★the prize is chocolate?’


★with this new knowledge he’ll take it seriously

★he’ll grab your hand 

★and pull you around the maze

★ignoring all of the people that tried scaring you

★if you got scared he’d wrap his arm around your shoulder

★keeping you close to him

★he’ll grin everytime you solve one of the riddles

★and when he solves one he’ll have a cocky smirk on his face

★you’d be the first pair to finish

★and spent 20 minutes trying to decide how many of the sweets he ate 

★when you did get it 

★your answer was correct

★and now you had enough chocolate to last a year

★but when you’re done feasting

★there’s like 3 bars left

★’i need to go home before i throw up’

★’i can drive you? i haven’t been drinking…’

★’you’re at a halloween party and you haven’t had a drink?’

★’i prefer milk…’

★he’ll hand you the remaining chocolate bars 

★and go grab his coat

★’come on then’

★hissmile would be so sweet

★he’d help you into his car

★then get in 

★’are you cold?’

★’a bit’

★he’d pass you his coat

★and put on the heaters

★the drive will be silent

★he’ll glance over to you now and then

★when you finally get to your house he’ll grin at you 

★’remind me to call you if i ever needs help solving a puzzle’

★when you raised your brow 

★he’d hand you his phne

★’i really want to see you again. and i’m hoping you feel the same…’  

★his eyes will twinkle when you tap in your number

★’i’ll be waiting for that call’

★he’ll return your smile

★’thank you for the ride’

★’no problem’

★he’ll stay and watch you until he knows you’re safely in your home   

I've gotten comfortable with Mr.

Soooo I’ve had the same SD for 8 months and counting. 

 I get $2k to spend time with him, kiss on him…no sex 😭 Yea I said it. No sex.

 Keep in mind this is rare. Girls ask me all the time where to find platonic daddies…. 

 You don’t. You make them. 

 He wanted all the goods. They all do 🌚 but I’ve been holding out and so far survey says…. 


 Now here’s the ugly truth… 

 I’ve had to kiss a lot of frogs. 🤢 [i mean they’re all frogs right?] But I mean is that I’ve had to deliver the cookie with many SDs. I’ve only had 2 that didn’t get much from me.

 #1 [we will call him Eli….no not Pope….see what I did there? 😏]

 Met him at the strip club back in the day… Lmao who am I?

Met him 5 years ago in the club. He came to see one of my friends…well I don’t really have friends but you know…more on that later. 

She didn’t come in that day. Neither did the other girl he came to see. The sugar gods were smiling down on my that day y'all… 

 So I convinced him that he needed to dance with me. He was a Scorpio so that’s an accomplishment in and of itself…Scorpios stick to what they know [YES SIGNS MATTER….more on that in my members only tell all 💓] 

 So I get him to dance with me. He tells me he eats the other girls out. [🤢🤢🤢] But in the back of my mind I’m pep talking myself bc I know he racks out. 

Defining moment for me…I let him do it. Pretend the fuck out of that for 20 mins and walk out with 1500 

🙄🤔📝 1500 

Keep in mind that I knew the place I worked at very well and since we had specials I would count each dance instead of doing the special. 

 Basically…SCAMMER HEAUX. 

So I get his digits. 

We go out and he gives me like $500 or something….🤔📝 

So fast forward to me hanging with my “friend” she gets to talking about how her SDs stopped fucking with her…. 🤷🏽‍♀️ 

 She calls him and he makes up excuses about why he can’t see her…. 

 Well…I told him to cut her off. 

He spent 1500 every week for like 2-3 months 🤔📝 

Then I convince him that I need to replace his admin for his business. At that point I’m making 1700 every 2 weeks doing paperwork in his office. He would pay for every expense I had…car, nails, phone, my house….everything. 

 I didn’t have to do not a thing with this man after I left the club 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

 That lasted 2 years. 🤔📝 yep 2 years of living comfortably raking in that dinero, the yen, them pounds…. 

 Now that I think about it, I’m about to teach y'all about finances. I blew every red scent 😭😒 

 Now 4 years later [last winter] I find #2….I moved from LA to NY. 

Keep in mind I had gone through a few SDs that wanted me to deliver. 

#2 [we will call him Mr.] It’s been 8 months and all I’ve done is kiss him. I get $2k a month…he’s also taken me shopping and spent a substantial amount each time…[receipts are my recent money posts] 

 I went MIA bc I thought I was transitioning into a spoiled gf but let me tell y'all… 


 So recently he bought me a new AC unit and an expensive ass camera for my creative ventures. I’ve still done nothing. 

He’s currently on amazon ordering me new beats bc mine “broke” 🙄 [my sister wants a pair] 


1. I’m ruthless and nobodies sugar daddy is safe. Adopt this thought process. Be ruthless. 

2. No one is your friend. No one. Benjamin will never do you dirty. 

3. You can’t “find a platonic daddy”. They are home grown and not everyone can do it. 

4. I’m not the rule. I’m the exception. [Let this soak in] Don’t think you’re going to pop into the bowl and get the same results. Most don’t. I’ve been at this for a min. My natural personality allows me to be crafty, witty, calculated etc. I didn’t read some book. I tested my own theories and they worked. Sometimes they didn’t. 

5. I’m old school. I may have found Mr. on tinder but for the most part I have rich men falling over me every where I go. I can teach you the game, but it’s up to you to apply it. In some cases, personality is what trips you up. Things I have naturally are things you’ll have to learn. It takes time to find a good SD and sink your claws in. [notice the time difference between the 2?] 

That’s all for now cuz I’m at the gym but stay tuned!

anonymous asked:

(UF & SF bros) they have been dating their SO for a few months now, and they're the sweetest thing ever. Willing to help, try anything, and are always smiling. They always stay close to their SO whenever in public, but don't ever say why. One day when they're walking around, they hear their SO crying not too far away. When they look, a group of humans are picking on SO for being a bit chubby, and afterwords they tell them that they stay close so they don't get picked on. What happens?

🎶Violence Violence Violence🎶 (Note: With the Underfell and Swapfell bros, when they are out in public with their S/Os they always make sure to stay by their side {Especially Red and Rus} so they would already be worried in the first place when they turn around and you’re not there)

♥UF Sans: As soon as he hears you crying and sees that you’re no longer next to him he goes into defensive mode. When he sees you in the middle of a circle if humans, obviously in distress, he runs forward throwing a wave of magic energy and knocking them all back against a wall. If you can manage to stop him before he kills them all, he’ll be at your side making sure that you’re okay. After you tell him what happened he turns to finish teaching those jerks a lesson, but they ran away while he was talking to you. Red lets out a frustrated growl before his expression softens and he turn back to you, “Babe, don’t you ever listen to them, your the most beautiful person that I’ve ever seen”, “Aww, Sans”, he wraps an arm around you pulling you closer and burying is face into the crook of your neck, “Nah, kid, I mean it. I’m lucky to have ya”. He’s defiantly on much higher alert when the two of you you out together anymore, even floating back to his side with his magic when you wonder off (and kissing you before you have a chance to protest).

♥UF Papyrus: Boss does like you to be independent, so he’s not as worried about you wandering of on your own. Hearing you crying though, causes him immediate panic. He rushes toward the crowd of people around you flinging bones at them with the intention to kill, and they run away in fear. After you explain to him what happened, he’s fuming, “HOW DARE THOSE PATHETIC CREATURES INSULT THE DATEMATE OF THE GREAT AND TERRIBLE PAPYRUS! Before you have a chance to respond, he scoops you up stomps back home, where he’s going to be angrily cuddling you and yelling compliments at you about how beautiful you are and that anyone who says otherwise is an absolute idiot, “IF THEY AREN’T GOING TO USE THEIR EYES PROPERLY THEN THEY DESERVE TO HAVE THEM RIPPED OUT!”.

♥SF Sans: Raspberry’s reaction goes pretty much the same way as Boss, except afterwards he takes you shopping to buy you a whole new wardrobe. You’re beautiful and he’s not going to let you have any doubts about that. He’ll be picking out outfits and having you try them one, telling you how wonderful you look in each one.

♥SF Papyrus: When he hears you cry and turns around to see you gone there is only one thing on his mind: PANIC PANIC PANIC! Rus follows the feeling of your soul energy until he sees you surrounded by a group of humans and he immediately knows what’s up, and boy is he mad. Kind of like Red, he throws a wave of magic at them, knocking them back and cracking the cement everywhere around you except for right where you’re standing. After that he’s torn between comforting you or beating the crap out of the ones who were making fun of you but inevitably chooses the former. He lifts you up and teleports back home, setting you on his lap facing him and wiping away your tears. From then on, unless you can convince him otherwise, he’s going to be glued to your side whenever you go out and growling at everyone who so much as looks at you funny.

Do you know how many times I’ve heard the judges save someone who did bad because of their ‘body of work’ in the competition? Where was that for khrystyna? She won challenge after challenge after challenge. She won the most not just out of the ones left standing, but out of everyone and the one time they felt she didn’t deliver they sent her home. 

But Jeana can be in the bottom two constantly, lose, be brought back, lose again and be brought back and she beat out khrystyna for runner up? 

Nah. That ain’t right.

victor has just won his fourth consecutive world championship, and he and his good friend chris decide to take a few weeks off and soak in some sun on the Amalfi Coast.  what victor doesn’t really take into account but should have was that chris comes with his super hot boyfriend.  well, of course he does, and it’s not really like victor is third-wheeling it.  not really.  he’s with makkachin, and they’re doing their thing, playing on the beach and taking hikes, and chris and his super hot boyfriend are pretty much only on the beach (and in bed).  

but.  over dinners, while shopping, meeting up for a drink at night… chris and his super hot boyfriend are just so casually intimate, chris is just glowing and happy, there’s just something so comfortable and loving about them…

suddenly, victor is Thinking About Things.  things that victor Definitely Does Not Want to Think About.  winning year after year didn’t just happen.  he’s poured his heart, sweat, and soul into every season to make it happen.  and… as it turns out, it’s not as… satisfying as expected.  and now victor is faced with the Very Real Likelihood that he is lonely.  and that’s not something he wants to think about.  after all, he’s Victor freakin’ Nikiforov, certified to be one of the most desirable men in the world and the indisputable best figure skater alive.  if he hasn’t found someone yet then… whelp.

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anonymous asked:

Hcs that Jared and Joker has a badass for a daughter (on-screen and off-screen for jared)

-He’s the one who has to be responsible around her because he never knows   what she’s going to do.
-He debates taking her with him to places he knows batman will show up       because she won’t hesitate to kill him.
-Killing Jason Todd together is one of their favorite home movies to watch.
-She can hot wire any car and is constantly having street races with her friends, Joker always crashes in on them with the lambo and beats everyone.
-She’s his right hand woman during business meetings because the other          gangsters are intimidated by her.

-Leather jackets and aviators every day.
-She’s learned to do his guitar riffs better than him.
-Acts like a daredevil while rock climbing with him which scares the shit out of him.
-Befriends a rough crowd but Jared doesn’t try and intervene because he sees that she can hold her own with them.
-Steals his bronco on many occasions but she always returns it with a full tank of gas so he let’s it slide. 

anonymous asked:

Can you write the espada doing the ghost pepper challenge please?

Tbh, I had to look it up because I wasn’t sure what this was. Most of the reactions are inspired from the ones I watched!

Starrk: The pepper doesn’t sit in his mouth for even a few seconds before he spits it out. The pepper goes flying across the room, successfully going out the window. When Lilynette tries to laugh, he shoves a pepper in her mouth.

Harribel: She instantly regrets this the moment she bites down on the pepper. It tastes disgusting, but she is not a quitter. She makes eye contact with everyone as she chews and swallows the pepper from hell with a face of stone.

Ulquiorra: For someone who is the master of poker faces, you can see in his eyes that he is not enjoying how hot the damn pepper is. He definitely did not gulp down a glass of milk afterwards. Nope.

Nnoitra: The second he heard the word challenge, he was in it to win. He punches the table as he cringes, trying to get the ghost pepper down as he scrunches up his face. He proceeds to claim bragging rights afterwards.

Grimmjow: He is the one trying to act as if it’s not hot at all, but after five seconds, he beats Starrk in how far the pepper goes after he spits it out. He also chugs down a carton of milk.

Szayel: Um, he is the perfect being. Of course he’s going to succeed at this challenge. He definitely didn’t gag on the taste, and spit it into a trash can discreetly without anyone looking. Definitely not.

Aaroniero: He enjoys it. He doesn’t get why everyone is freaking out, and even reaches for a second one. He ignores the looks of horror as he happily munches on them like one would potato chips.

Yammy: Go big, or go home right? Yammy decides that trying just one is too weak. He shoves about ten in his mouth at once and regrets it instantly as he hurls. He smells like ghost pepper for days on end.


Member(s): Kai x Reader
Type: Fluff
Words: 839
Plot: A movie night with the rest of EXO turns into to an embarrassing scene for your poor boyfriend. 

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“Jongin!” you called loudly from your spot on the end of the sofa, safely buried under a mountain of pillows, blankets, and Monggu happily lying on top of it all. You heard your boyfriend quietly hum from the kitchen. “Will you make some popcorn?” you asked.

“Buttered or no jagi?” he questioned. You answered, laying your head back on the pillows in content.

“Buttered or no jagi?” you heard a teasing voice say from the couch beside you, only to look over and see Baekhyun and Chanyeol make mocking kissy faces at each other. You quickly gave them both the middle finger, only for Suho to reach around Lay and flick your forehead.

“Be nice.” he warned, earning a threatening growl from Monggu.

You watched as Jongin walked back into the living room, a bowl of popcorn in one hand, and two cans in the other. Jjangah and Jjonggu swiftly followed his trail. He sat the food on the coffee table before moving to get under the blankets with you. Quickly maneuvering around you, Jongin placed the bowl in front of your head that was now resting on his arm.

“I just got a text from Xiumin,” Lay spoke up from beside you, “he said he and Sehun stopped for pizza and should be here in like, twenty minutes.” Lay explained.

You felt your eyes involuntarily widen in nervousness. You hadn’t met neither Sehun nor Xiumin before, and it slightly terrified you since they were the youngest and the oldest members of EXO.

“Jagiya?” Jongin asked, noticing the look on your face, “What’s wrong? Why do you look like you’ve seen a ghost?” he asked, gaining everyone’s attention.

“I’ve never met them before Jongin. What if they don’t like me?” you questioned him. You heard Kyungsoo as he stepped out of the kitchen, followed by Chen who was surprisingly carrying drinks for the rest of the members.

“Scared of Xiumin and Sehun? Why? Xiumin is the literal epitome of a child trapped in a grown-up’s body, and Sehun is… Well he’s Sehun, that’s all you can pretty much say about him.” Kyungsoo told you as he sat next to Suho, Chen moving to sit beside Baekhyun.

The rest of the members nodded in agreement before pressing play on the film, knowing that they would get a mouthful from Sehun, but too impatient to wait to wait.

Jongin’s arms squeezed tighter around your waist, “Don’t worry baby. It’s impossible not to like you.” he comforted before resting his on top of yours.

You watched the movie for a few moments, pointing out all the obvious flaws and never ending sex jokes, which of course received laughs from all the boys in the room. It didn’t take long for you to small asleep, soothed by Jongin’s warmth and his soft chuckling in your ear. It was a simple lullaby, and it did it’s job.

The first thing Xiumin noticed as he walked into the dorm was the sleeping woman in Jongin’s arms. He mentally noted how much you guys seemed like a family, with Jjangah cuddled into your arms and Jjonggu cuddling with Monggu on top of the blankets. All bundled into one as Jongin kept a protective arm wrapped around your waist.

“I know I’ve been gone all day, but when did Jongin get married?” he teasingly questioned, making everyone glance over at the sight themselves.

“I know I’ve been gone all day, but when did Jongin get married?” you heard one of the most adorable voice you’ve ever heard say, awaking you from your nap. Keeping your eyes closed, slightly because you wanted to hear how your boyfriend would respond, and slightly because you were too lazy to even open your eyes.

You heard Chen’s unmistakable laugh and how Jjangah softly sat up, disturbed by the sound.

“Quiet!” you heard Jongin shush, “You’ll wake her up.”

“No, I think Xiumin brings a good point. When are you going to put a ring on it, Jongin?” what you believe to be Baekhyun said, and you could imagine your boyfriend’s cheeks becoming red. 

“Your dogs like her. You like her. What’s stopping you?” Chanyeol added in.

“Don’t forget to mention that she can totally beat him in a sleeping contest.” Lay piped up from beside the two of you, earning loud laughter from everyone else.

“We haven’t even been together that long.” Jongin mumbled.

“If you let this one go, I will kill you myself.” Suho told him, and you found this the perfect moment to ‘wake up’ so you could save your boyfriend from embarrassment.

There was a moment of silence, before everyone bursted out laughing again.

That night as the two of you made your way home, Jongin had still been suffering from the aftermath of the embarrassment from his friends, and you weren’t going to lose the opportunity to mess with him yourself.

“So Jongin,” you began, “when am I getting that ring?” you asked, grinning as you watched his cheeks turn darker than you’ve ever seen them.

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23 please!!! Candy :D

“Do you really need all that candy?”

Rey frowns up at him and nods seriously. “This one is for Finn. He likes the orange chewies. Rose likes chocolate and Poe likes the ones with liquor in them.

"We shouldn’t be giving Poe anything with liquer or liquor in it. Lets be real here, Rey.” Ben shakes his hair from his eyes and Rey laughs looking at the box before trading it for something else.

“Why candy? You know most people enjoy getting things that they can actually use in their homes?” Rey looks at him, puzzled.

“Everyone likes candy and we need to have some sort of special thank you gift for them since they are including us in their wedding.” Another two bags of candy go into the cart and Ben’s frown deepens.


“Mae wants fruity and Owen wants caramel.” Rey grins up at him, knowing he won’t beable to say no to his children’s wishes.

Ben’s face softens and Rey looks around, face beat red as Ben settles down on one knee, in the middle of the store aisle no less, to put his hands on each side of her slightly swollen belly, pressing a kiss to her naval before pressing his forhead to the center of her stomach and chuckling.

“Stop picking on mom you heathens. Pick some fruits and veggies or momma will get sick and then no one is happy. Not you, not me, and certianly not momma.” He’s acknowledged with a nudge against his hand and another against his forehead and he chuckles again. “I think Owen wants pears, mom.”

“Ooh. Pears.” Rey’s face brightenes at the idea and Ben can’t keep the silly grin off of his face as he tucks his wife under his arm and pushes their cart with his free hand. He’s resigns to buying all of the sugary candy she wants as Rey leads him to browse fruits.

green day. {rp meme}
  • 1: "Talk myself out of falling in love with you."
  • 2: "Don't wanna be an American idiot."
  • 3: "You're in ruins."
  • 4: "I'm not growing up, I'm just burning out."
  • 5: "Talk is cheap and lies are expensive."
  • 6: "I am one of the melodramatic fools, neurotic to the bone. No doubt about it."
  • 7: "You are the moonlight of my life every night."
  • 8: "Shut your mouth cause you're talking to much, and I don't give a fuck anyway."
  • 9: "Everything I need, I need from you but I just can't have you."
  • 10: "Sometimes I wish that someone up there will find me."
  • 11: "Wake me up when September ends."
  • 12: "Sometimes my mind plays tricks on me."
  • 13: "No one really seems to care."
  • 14: "Take me to paradise."
  • 15: "Do you think you're indestructible and no one can touch you?"
  • 16: "I'll hold your heart and never let go."
  • 17: "If I lose everything in the fire, I'm sending all my love to you."
  • 18: "So send me a letterbomb and visit me in hell."
  • 19: "They say home is where the heart is. Well, that's a shame cause everyone's hearts doesn't beat the same."
  • 20: "My shallow hearts the only thing that's beating."
Xu “The8″ Minghao | Highschool!AU

this was a Good Concept. i actually got this from an anon awhile back, so all credit goes to them for helping me write this! i think i like this one a lot, it’s probably one of my faves out of this whole au!! tho mingyu’s and s.coups’ make close seconds. anyway, i hope you all enjoy this!

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Imagine Your Kozik’s Old Lady and You Tell Tara off, Big Time!

Originally posted by kellylambert01

( back ground Info) Your and Ex-Marine your and Kozy served together where you feel in love and You’re roughly three months Pregnant, Kozik didn’t die he was severely injured (coma) he’s awake and its’ his first day back at the club with everyone..You being a Marine lost your cool when he got hurt and went sniper ops on your onesies and Killed 13 of the Lobo Sonora cartel, before Happy and Chibs found you and brought you home. 

Hey Y/N can we talk, I think we got off on the wrong foot?” Tara asks as she sits down next to you, on the couch where you’re watching Kozik on unsteady legs beat Tig at Pool. “ Um I’d rather not have a right one with you, thanks”  Rolling your eyes you get up and go get a glass of sprite from Chucky. She follows you and asks “ why not?”  You thank Chucky and look at her and suddlenly every eye in the club is on you two as you tell her “ Your a step down from Croweater in my book, Doll. They don’t pretend not to want the guys for their Kutte and you don’t really love Jax, at least not the man he really is. You love the man you think he should be. I love Herman, even the shittist parts, because he’s not himself without them. Jax is this club, Kaos, the brotherhood ,it’s literally in his blood. He loves it and I can see how it breaks him each time you turn your back on it. When he knows how much you’d love it if you’d just stop being suchhhhh an uppity bitch. Tara interjects “ and that makes me worse than the Pornstars and the Croweaters to you miss high and Mighty Marine “ You giver her a smile that’s a mix of mischief and mallace, “ I killed 13 men for my husband and that was just this week, I’ll bath in blood if it means I keep my husband and his family safe and  I did what I had to, not that you can prove it. By the way how did you keep Abel safe again , wait you didn’t Either Love all of him ever atom or let him go to find a old lady who can.You can’t love him if you hate half of who he is,  because he love you ALL of you not just the non bitchy parts. Hell the boy’s killed for you. He’s a good man and By the way if you clueless as how to walk and talk like an Old Lady should I’ll hold your hand. But till then, Yes your worse than a croweater to me.”  

Every eye in the room is on you as Tara stands there in total shock and you give Kozik a peck on the lips saying you were gonna go to store for a push pop and asked if he or they guys needed smokes. “ Nope, Even the shittist parts huh” he says pulling you close.” yep besides who else is going to fix your glock when you let Happy fiddle with it” Kissing him you walk out the door into the cool night air as you hear Tig say “ Lucky Bastard” 

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Winter headcanons for GOM and Kagami?


  • He’s the type of person who’ll be up bright and early on a winter morning, brew some tea and then stand by the window to watch the snow slowly drift down and blanket his front lawn. It was those moments in the Akashi household when the silence was welcoming. He took a deep breath, feeling the calmness settle inside of him.
  • While he doesn’t like the idea of going out and getting soaked in the snow, he wouldn’t mind being around his former and present teammates. He’d just watch everyone beat each other up with snowballs. Until they dragged him in. Then it was war. “AKASHI-SAN, STOP!”


  • He always crashes one of his friends’ house during wintertime (mainly, Kagami) because he’s always looking around for warm food. He especially likes hotpot when everyone is gathered around. He hates to be sentimental but he does like the fact that the team can gather as one again.
  • Aside from moving, count on him to curl up at home and ignore everything else in the world and watch action movies or play video games. It’s difficult to reach Aomine during winter because he’ll never pick up his damn phone.


  • He’ll get so sick of everyone by the time winter’s over. Everyone, and he does mean everyone, drops by his house just because he has a hotpot. It was nice to spend time with friends, especially since they all contributed for food. But not when they knock at 8 am in the morning, bringing in snow on their coats.
  • Every time Christmas day comes around, if he has no plans, he will watch Disney movies. No joke. He’ll stay in his house and bury himself underneath a blanket and watch all of the movies he’s collected in his house. His friends back in LA got him into it.


  • Kise is usually busy during wintertime. He’s always finishing up shoots and doing basketball practice, especially for the Winter Cup. By the time he gets back, he’d be out cold on the couch. Thus, during the mornings, his mom would always have a warm meal prepared for him. “THANK YOU MOM!” He’d hug her and wouldn’t let go. “Ryouta, don’t be childish, go to work.” “I LOVE YOU!” “Okay, Ryouta.”
  • He loves going to the park during wintertime, either alone or with a few friends. He loves seeing the snow fall and drift from the trees and the way his footsteps would print onto the snow. Guess he’s a little sentimental after all.


  • Vanilla shakes all the way. No matter how cold it gets outside, he’ll always have his vanilla shake. If it’s too cold or the snow’s too thick for him to walk to Maji Burger, he’ll make his own at home. Nigou would just look at him and inaudibly groan at his master who was much too obsessed.
  • He’s a secret fan of Korean and Japanese dramas and would spend his days when he can’t leave the house binge watching these. If Kagami happened to drop by unexpectedly, he’d quickly shut everything off. “Kuroko, were you just wa—“ “Shh.” “But—“ “Shh.” “Wa—“ “Do you want food or not?” “Yes.”


  • He hated snow, mainly because the weather wasn’t suitable for him to go out and buy his lucky items, hence he can’t even go out at all. He’d keep himself locked in during snow days and wouldn’t leave. That is, unless Takao dragged him out and he’d probably end up neck deep in snow or underneath a frozen pond.
  • However, Midorima always, with so much hesitance, accompanied his sister out to play in the snow. Despite his initial reluctance, he liked seeing his baby sister play around and bury herself in snow. Though, afterwards, he was in charge of making her feel better.


  • Food, food, all the food. He’d stock up for winter from three months before. Actually, he’d just stock up for food whenever. But by the time winter rolls around, he’d get ten times lazier and fluff himself up at home. His teammates would wonder where all his muscles went in the spring.
  • He learns to bake all sorts of things during the winter when he gets too lazy to go out. When he comes back to school, he’ll bring all sorts of treats that’ll have the class drooling, including truffles, chocolate bars, candy canes, cakes, and more.

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can you PLEASE do a badboy!calum AU where you've known him but he never talks to you until one day at a party!!!!!!!!

Yo, this one is pretty violent so be warned!


The parties your friends throw are all the same. There are the typical groups at these parties; the people who get high, the people who get drunk, and the people who do neither. You’re the person that floats from one group to another the entire night, talking to friends, making new ones, and making sure nobody dies from an overdose or from jumping off the balcony because their alcohol-buzzed mind thinks it’s a perfectly reasonable idea that they can fly. All from past experience. There is a particular group of individuals that make your job that much harder - the ones who stand outside smoking cigarettes and fighting with anyone who thinks it’s a good idea to take them on. You’ve never had to deal with them directly; you’ve just had to clean up their mess - cuts and bruises, smashed glasses, bruised egos.

You don’t usually go outside at these parties but tonight there seems to be an extra amount of people getting high inside the house and they’re insisting that the house be hot-boxed, so you grudgingly let them do so and walk outside so you can breathe actual oxygen again. But the calm doesn’t last long. You can hear a raised voice, and it doesn’t sound friendly.

“You fuckers think you’re hard, don’t you?” The guy who’s talking is big and you’ve never seen him before. You decide he’s probably come over from the other side of town just to see how ‘hard’ these bad boys actually are. He’s got two other guys standing behind him looking tough and this doesn’t look like it’s going to end well, so you sidle a little closer without drawing attention to yourself, just so you can get a better look at the drama that’s unfolding.

You know the ‘bad boys’’ names and can tell them apart pretty easily - Luke’s the one with the most facial piercings but he also has both arms covered in tattoos; Michael is completely covered (seriously, both arms and his entire torso plus parts of his legs have ink); Calum has a sleeve tattoo and a tongue piercing; and Ashton doesn’t have much at all. Calum is the one who’s standing his ground right now though, his shoulders squared as he stares the stranger down. He doesn’t reply to the taunt though, just stares.

“Did you hear me, Pretty Boy?”

“I heard you.” Calum says it quietly, so quietly that it sounds dangerous.

The guy gets right in his face now and sneers. “What are you gonna do about it?”

You can see Calum weighing up his options, glancing from the stranger to the big guys behind him. One of them takes this as a challenge and grins, uttering a single word. “Pussy.”

It’s now that Calum turns and raises a single eyebrow at his three friends; they all nod and take a step back, incredibly serious expressions on their faces. You know they won’t make the first move, and neither will Calum, but the stranger is getting restless now. He’s here for a fight and that’s exactly what he’s planning to get - which is why he throws the first punch. But Calum is ready for it and leans sideways.

Maybe nothing would have happened if you aren’t standing in exactly the place you’re standing. But you are, and then you’re on the ground. The first thing you see when your eyes open is Michael, a deep frown on his face, and the first thing you hear is him asking you if you’re alright. But the second thing you hear is what worries you. “I’m gonna fucking kill you, you piece of shit!”

“U-uh, don’t move,” Michael murmurs out of the corner of his mouth, using his body to shield the scene from your view, “that’s not something you wanna see.”

But you move anyway, and he’s right. Calum, who has a serious cut on his lip, has the stranger pinned to the ground and is punching him over and over, yelling profanities at the top of his lungs. You note that both of the other strangers are knocked out cold, one threat out of the way, and that Luke and Ashton are now pulling Calum to his feet, away from the stranger. You can see that he’s struggling to break free and jump to your feet, stumbling a bit and thanking Michael for keeping you upright, before sprinting to stand in front of the still struggling Calum.

“Calm the fuck down!” You snap at him, and he’s so shocked that he goes limp. But then he sees the bruise that’s already forming on your face and it’s as though a dark cloud passes over his eyes.

“He deserves everything he’s gonna get.”

You nod quickly, heart beating erratically. “I know, I know he does, but can you stop beating him up for half a second and see that you’re scaring the shit out of everyone?” It’s now that his eyes move from yours to look around the backyard, taking in all the shocked and frightened faces of the unfortunate people at the party who are obviously wishing they had stayed home tonight. Calum nods at each of his friends now and they cautiously let him go one arm at a time.

“Thanks,” he says to them in a quiet, almost inaudible voice.

Ashton shrugs before breaking out in a grin. “No worries. He deserved it; we just didn’t want you to go to prison.” And then, at a look from Calum, they both jog over to where Michael is watching the strangers, making sure they stay put and there’s no more trouble.

It’s only now that you look at Calum in detail; his eyes are back to their normal dark brown now but there’s blood trickling down the side of his mouth from the cut created by the stranger’s fist. “Let me clean you up.” If he thinks there’s anything unusual about this offer he doesn’t show it; he doesn’t react at all except to nod and allow you to lead him into the bathroom. You close the door after him.

“Sit your skinny butt on the sink,” you command, and he does as he’s told with a look of mild wonder in his eyes. He watches as you ruffle around in the cupboards, looking for antiseptic and cotton balls.

“Why’d you do that?” He asks finally.

“Do what?”

“Stand up to me like that. You don’t know me. I could have hit you.”

“Considering you got so mad ‘cause that guy hit me first,” you say, closing the cupboard with a snap, “I’d say I wasn’t too worried about that scenario.”

He flushes and hangs his head, looking embarrassed.

“Would you have done it if your friends weren’t there?”

“What, fought him?”

“Killed him.”

There’s an awkward sort of silence as he mulls the question over. “Maybe. Maybe not. I don’t even remember hitting him in the first place. I just… did. I’ve never been that angry in my life.”

“Everyone talks about you like you’re some sort of psychopath.” His jaw tenses at this and he looks straight past you at the bathroom wall. “I don’t think you are though.”

His eyes flick back to you, wonder present again. “Why not?”

“You didn’t hit him at first–” you dab the cotton ball on his bottom lip and he winces, “oh, you big baby. Sit still.” You dab again as he watches your face. “You only hit him when he threw a punch first.” You put your tools down and look back up at him, suddenly aware of just how close your faces are. He seems to have realised this too and is watching you intently, waiting for you to move away. But you don’t.

His hand touches the base of your neck so lightly that you can barely feel it and then glides from there to the side of your face. “Can I?” he asks, searching your eyes for any sign of resistance. When he doesn’t find any he leans forward an inch at a time, giving you ample opportunity to move away, and brushes his lips ever so lightly against yours. Your fingers trail along his bare arm, feeling the goosebumps there, as you kiss him back gingerly, not wanting to injure him any further. When he pulls away there’s a small smile on his face. “Thanks for the help.”



bad boy blurb night