no one beats daddy

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What if in the raised by the Homra trio AU, Niki, who realizes they have no intention of returning his son, decides to take him back forcefully? So he waits for Saruhiko to leave the bar by himself and grabs him, only Saruhiko (to even his own surprise) starts screaming and maybe even calls out the Homra trio's names. How would they retaliate after seeing Saruhiko absolutely terrified (and maybe even restrained since he probably fought back) in the back of a car as Niki drives away?

Niki would have no idea who he’s messing with :P So maybe this is set after that other ask where Niki’s already run into Fushimi and his new daddies once so he knows exactly where Saruhiko is it’s just a matter of getting him back. He’s not super worried about Mikoto’s intimidation because Niki has the power of asshole invincibility and maybe he figures that if Kusanagi already bribed him a bit once to leave the kid alone imagine what else Niki could get out of those idiots who decided they wanted the worthless kid for some reason. Plus Niki is getting bored without his little monkey around so he decides the only thing to do is kidnap him back. Niki hangs out outside the bar for a few days waiting for the right opportunity, Fushimi’s still a little shy about stepping out without anyone accompanying him so it takes a while until Niki finally manages to spot little Fushimi stepping outside alone. Niki approaches him carefully from behind and once Fushimi takes a far enough step away from the bar Niki just sweeps in and grabs him.

Kusanagi meanwhile is inside the bar cleaning a glass or something and his head suddenly shoots up as he hears a sound he’s never heard before now: Fushimi screaming. Kusanagi probably practically drops the glass as he runs to see what’s going on because that kid is always so quiet sometimes Kusanagi even forgets he’s there and if Saruhiko is actually screaming that can only mean bad things. He gets outside just in time to see Niki waving pleasantly as he stuffs Fushimi in the back of the car, Fushimi’s hands tied together with a rope and maybe a gag stuffed in his mouth and looking absolutely terrified. Niki’s just like ‘thanks for watching my monkey for me~’ as he gets into the car and starts to drive away. Kusanagi gets like two steps after him when suddenly Mikoto appears out of nowhere, dashing out into the street after the car. Kusanagi stares after him for a minute trying to process what just happened before he turns and goes to get his own car.

Mikoto in the meantime is just totally keeping up with the moving car, following Niki without even breaking a sweat. In the car Fushimi glances out the back window to see Mikoto following them, Niki laughs and speeds up. Maybe Mikoto even manages to jump on the hood of the car for a minute and then Niki swerves, throwing him off, but luckily that’s right when Kusanagi catches up in his car with Totsuka in the passenger seat. They collect Mikoto and continue epic car chase throughout the city. At some point Niki finally stops and gets out of the car, dragging Fushimi with him. I like to think Niki’s getting a nice black eye from where tiny Saru slugged him trying to escape and Kusanagi is internally so proud of his grumpy child. Niki’s like wow you guys are some dedicated kidnappers. Kusanagi tells Niki to give the kid back, like Niki clearly doesn’t care about Fushimi so he shouldn’t mind if the Homra trio takes care of him. Niki’s like yeah but I was thinking and I bet I could totally sell this kid for some cigarettes or something. Fushimi continues to struggle and Totsuka places a hand on Kusanagi’s shoulder, all worried. That’s when Mikoto steps forward again, Niki’s like ha I’m not afraid of you, you wouldn’t hit me in front of the kid I could just sue you or whatever. Mikoto gives this dangerous grimace and then proceeds to pretty much beat the stuffing out of Niki, like Totsuka probably has to stop him from killing Niki dead (and even then Mikoto makes it clear that if he sees Niki again things are not going to go well). They take Fushimi back to the bar and fuss over him but Fushimi’s super clingy for weeks afterward, like he won’t let Mikoto leave his sight and he jumps every time a customer walks into the bar.