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Hey! So I saw one pic of Adri on my dask, then literally started scrolling through his tag on your blog and I need you to know two things 1) your art is A-MAZ-ING, please never stop because I'm getting heart eyes and 2) Adri could literally kill me and I'd say thanks because he is a blessing and I love him. Thank you!

khashjkashkjfdshj thank you so much hhhh TvT im glad u like my shit art and my shittier son <3


make me choose | anonymous said: will herondale or harry potter?

 "I’m putting the Elder Wand back where it came from. It can stay there. If I die a natural death like Ignotus, its power will be broken, won’t it? The previous master will never have been defeated. That’ll be the end of it. That wand’s more trouble than it’s worth. And quite honestly, I’ve had enough trouble for a lifetime.“


Hormey, roon and hary were sitting in the groff-in-the-door common room having their nightly chat.

‘Crumbed fish’ hormey said.

‘Battered fish’ roon said.

‘Fish fingers’ hary said, just to be different. But he liked crumbed fish.

‘Im allegrci to fish’ nevil said

‘No one asked u’ roon said. Nevil cried and went to his room.  

‘Seamas, deen  what is your favouritw type of fish.’ asked hermo. Seamas and deen were busy kissing in the corner, but broke apart for a few moments to reply.

‘Battered,’ they both said at the same time. Deen and seamas were everyones fave couple because they were perfect. But never stopped kissing, which got a bit annoying.

They were making out again now, so roon, hary and hermy searched for someone else to ask. But it was quite late and everyone was in bed. Except for the three of them and seamas and deen. So there was no one left to ask.

‘Hm…’ said roon. ‘Potions was boring today.’

‘It was interesting’ hermy argued.

Hary was sad because the conversation was not about him so he dropped a bomb that was sure to get the attention back to him. ‘ iam in love in droc mafflo’

‘Merlins beard!’ hermy gasped. Roon’s jaw dropped.

‘Thats why he was looking for you today.’ hermy said. ‘You two are dating.’

‘Not anymore.’ hary said sadly. ‘Becayse droc and volllomooordo are married, with three kids, a mortgage and a pet dog.’

‘Whats a mortgage?’ asked roon. He didnt know muggle words.

‘I am so sorry hary’ hermmy said. ‘If i had known this i would have punched droc today like i did in the third book’

‘Wut’ said hary

‘Whats a book’ roon asked. As well as not knowing muggle words, roon didnt know the word book because he didnt read.

‘Crumbed fish’ said someone. Who was it? It WAS SERIOUS BLACK!!!!!11!1!1!11!!!!

Serious black wasnt in the room, no, his head was in the fire. This was not unusal. He sometimes popped in for a nightly chat with the trio. But he had not since he had died, because he had been dead. Or so they thought. Serious was sick of living in the jungle of cheese so he decided to come back alive so that he could live in his house with remis, his luvman.

‘HOLY PARCHMENT WITH A SPILLED BOTTLE OF INK!’ that was hermys worst swear word.


‘HOLY FUCKING SHIT BALLS ITS A GHOST’ Hary only knew muggle swears.

‘WHAT IS THIS COMMONOTION’ it was professor mocgogonol. ‘We do not permit those swear words in hooggy. Roon and hermy! 7.48 points from groff-in-the-door from you each1!. Hary your word was aokay.’ then she left.

‘I like professor mocgogonol’ hermy said. But that wasnt important. BECAUSE SERIOUS WAS ALIVE?

‘Halla hary i am alive’ serious said.

‘Oh kkay’ hary was sad because he thought serious was a ghost and would live and hoggy and be his best buddy. But now that he was alive he couldnt live in hoggy because he was an adult.

‘Serious how did you come back to life?’said roon.

Serious didnt come back to life, he faked his deatj .but they didnt need to know. ‘Magic’ said serious

‘Ah’ they all said knowlginly.

‘Know go to bed i have some lovemaking to do’ serious said. Hary roon and hermy all went to bed, and left seamas and deen in the corner kissing. They hadnt heard anything because they were too busy kissing.

‘I cant believe serious is alive’ roon said. The next day

‘I cant believe he wasnt a ghost’ hary said sadly. He was sad because of the ghost thing and because droc and voldmordrt were celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary at a function hall in paris, france. Apparently the minster for magic was going.

Hermy didnt say anything because she was worried about an exam. It was about the black plague and it was for muggle studies. Roon and hary didnt take that class. Hermy had accidentally forgotten about studying ever since finding out droc and vlotmotrdo were going through their midlife crises with their three kids, four dogs and 2 fish.

She noticed her time turner sitting in her backpack. ‘Hmmm’ she said carefully. Maybe she should go back in time a little bit to have extra time to study! It was a foolproof plan. Excpet this year, mocgogonol had accidentally given her the time turner that went back CENTURIES intsetad of HOURS. So hermy turned back 6 hours to study, without knowing she was going back 6 centuries! And becayse hary porter was set in the 90s, 1996-600 = 1396!

1396! And that is where hermy went, little did she know she was about to get more information abut her black plague exam then she’d ever thought she’d needed………………………………………………

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top 6 kagakuro moments (manga or anime, bloopers included) >:)


i will just do manga caps bc i’ve saved a bunch of kagakuro moments //sWEATS

  1. their fated meeting in middle school :’)))) this panel is SO freaking important!!!!

  2. this has to be the gayest moment in the entire manga unbelievaBLE

  3. remember when kagami said “if someone sees us, they’ll think we’re friends” in the very first chapter and then 200+ chapters later, he said THIS like how dare

  4. actual married couple tbh

  5. kuroko helping him up makes me sO w eAK

  6. literally the biggest fucking dorks ever i’m

so yeah um I forgot to post this yesterday but I recently got into kagepro (and I loved it so much oh god) and I dont usually make this sort of posts but

if you post Kagerou Project like or reblog this post to let me know pretty please and I will check out your blog out bc I need more of it in my dashboard !!!

and I hope it’s not too late to join the fandom by now ahaha OTL

ok thanks you can keep scrolling