no one asked for medusa but

Today, my name fits comfortably in my own mouth.
No metaphors needed. I am the brightest thing in
every room. I am both the prince and the princess.
I slay the dragon while wearing pink. I am the
goddess. There is no shame in the blood between
my legs. Leave rain water and lotus flowers at my
altar. Watch as I rise from the lake, demand the
blood of men as a sacrifice. A woman’s mythology
is riddled with stories of her own throat being
slashed, her heart on a silver platter. Today, I
am asking for gold. I am sparing myself. I am
the one left standing at the end of this story,
dagger still in hand. I am the lioness. The
combination of women’s past – Medusa,
Joan of Arc, Hecate, witches burned at the
stake. I’ve got their blood in my veins. I
know how to start a riot. My voice is only
heard when it’s a battle cry. The revolution
was birthed from my womb. Eve was
abandoned for choosing to see the
world, and I’m continuing the legacy.
—  Legacy, Angelea Lowes
Rocket Men: Part One

Summary: Internationally celebrated crew of Patriot Three, a rag-tag group of astronauts, assimilate back into life on Earth after months in space.

Characters: Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Natasha Romanoff, Sam Wilson, Chris “Thor” Odinson, Tom “Loki” Odinson, Wanda Mamixoff, Scott Lang, Clint Barton, Bruce Banner, and more.

Warnings: space related nerdery, violence, sex, drugs, drinking, cheating, lying, humor, angst, language, sadness, happiness, and more. Reader beware.

Author’s Note: Well, well, well. Here we are, sitting on the brink of the future. I (among of a bunch of you) am obsessed with space. I wanted to be an astronaut as a child but it turns out, you have to like… know stuff… to go to space so I will forever be stuck to planet Earth. So, second best, you get a series where I live out my fantasies of being apart of the NASA/Space exploration family.

Please note: This series is set in the year 2060 and it is really, really, really the definition of an “au” (alternate universe), so much so… you could call it… original content. **GASP.**

I got a lot of feedback about this series and I am super excited to see it come to life. Not only will I be posting the main story line, I will be creating other things to really bring my ‘verse to life like: interviews with the astronauts, profiles, letters, articles, etc.

I’m sorry @vintagevalentinexx. <3

Enjoy, Earthlings. -Ash

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anonymous asked:

i rlly rlly love your medusa and the blind priestess drawings!! i have to point out tho that one of the squiggles for the scales on latest drawing of them makes it look like medusa is making the OwO face and i CANT unsee it

It’s ..a thing

(image provided by this person on twitter)

Music Tag Thingy

Thanks for the tag, @shiroiraiha !

Rules: You can tell a lot about a person based on the music they listen to. Put your music on shuffle and list the first 10 songs and tag 10 people.

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1. Painkiller - Three Days Grace 

2. Suicide Season - Bring Me The Horizon

Originally posted by lifeisabowlofbullshit

3. Reflection - ONE OK ROCK

4. A Candlelit Dinner With Inamorta - Asking Alexandria

5. Lonely Day - System of a Down

6. Heartless - A Day To Remember

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7. The Black Market - Rise Against

8. Omnivorous -  Haikyuu!! OST

9. Migraine - Twenty One Pilots

Originally posted by llxxna

10. (I Used To Make Out With) Medusa - Bring Me The Horizon 

I’ll tag: @dearltachi @sharinghoe @naruroll @moonbbabyx @dailynaruto

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Unusual Bonding

Sonny Carisi:

The Avengers:

Steve Rogers: 

Female Fronted Bands and Things He Wasn’t Supposed to Hear

Bucky Barnes:
Daffodils, Mugs, and Rising From the Ashes

If Storms Were People Part 1 Part 2 Part 3  Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

Harry Potter:

Draco Malfoy:
White Hot Rage

Scar Tissue

Sleepless Nights

Borrowed Books and Long Showers

Medusa(Draco x reader x Blaise) Part 1    Part 2  Part 3

Blaise Zabini:

Medusa(Draco x reader x Blaise) Part 1 Part 2    Part 3

Criminal Minds:

Spencer Reid:

Almost Never Again

Words Written on Your Wrist (Soulmates) Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4


Derek Morgan:

The Five Times Derek Morgan Asked to Kiss You, and The One Time You Said Yes

Pull Me Closer

The Truth pt.1 (Male version)

Request for this scenario:

there is this song called “the truth” by bei maejor and I was wondering if you could write a smut scenerio using that song where Jungkook steals you frm rapmon?

Group: BTS

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader (Male)

Genre: Smut

“Please understand” Namjoon begged. His fingers wrapped around your wrist as his eyes melted, pleading with you.

“Understand what? That you’re putting your ex-girlfriend above me?” you asked. Namjoon sighed and the thought of slapping him crossed your mind.


“Your current boyfriend? You’re ditching your future for your past?” you said, talking over him. He just stared at you, his eyes still attempting to beg you. Why had he been so stupid lately? Were you speaking a language that he couldn’t understand?

“I’m not ditching you, okay? I can’t stand the idea of having her hate me. We used to be best friends, ___. I love you and you know that” he replied, sliding his grip down to hold your hand. Your eyes looked down at his hand and you raised an eyebrow.

“If you loved me as much as you say you do, you wouldn’t be acting like such a dick to me. I don’t care if you work on your relationship with her but it’s not okay that I have to watch your foreplay-”

“Foreplay? What are you talking about?” Namjoon questioned, his eyebrows knitting together in confusion.

“What am I talking about? You haven’t noticed the way she touches you? I’m surprised she hasn’t dropped to her knees yet-”

“Okay, ___. That’s enough” he cut in, voice a bit escalated. He was yelling at you now? You gave him a look and he groaned before starting up his usual apology. You snatched away from him and he stood up, trying to get you to come back to him.

The door opened and she emerged from the darkest pit in hell. “Namjoon are you really going to miss your own birthday party?” she asked, eyes slowly moving from your face to his.

“-are you really going to miss your birthday party” you mumbled, mocking her little voice as you walked out of the room. You heard Namjoon calling your name but you just kept walking. You needed a drink. You needed a walk. You needed your boyfriend to quit acting like a clueless dumbass.


You turned around and watched as Yoongi walked to meet you.

“You know, usually, when you scream someone’s name you’re jogging to catch up with them” you criticized.

“Yeah, yeah, sure. You and I both know that I am not going to run just to get you” he responded.

“Truly the greatest best friend in the world” you said sarcastically. Yoongi smiled in his drunken state and smacked your shoulder. His arm draped over your shoulder as he walked with you to the open bar. He sat with you before frowning, using his Jedi-Yoongi tricks to read your mind. He ordered a few drinks and passed them all to you.

“What did he do now?”

Before you could answer, a loud roar of applause started up and you both turned your heads toward the door. Namjoon walked into the room with his dimples flashing and the she-witch glued to his arm.

“Ahhh, Medusa again?” he asked, stealing one of your drinks.

“Cruella” you responded.


“…Jafar?” he struggled. You laughed and he smiled.

“I couldn’t think of anymore evil chicks” he explained. You just shook your head and downed a couple of the drinks. Your eyes cut back to the two of them and you felt your jaw flex, your teeth pressing together. You turned back to your drinks and quickly drunk the rest before taking Yoongi’s.

“Maybe you should try not being an alcoholic..?” Yoongi said, watching you.

You ignored him, asking for another drink. Who was he to judge? He’d been drinking too.

“I think it hurts more that it’s a girl because I literally can’t do the things that she can do for him” you vented. Yoongi frowned in confusion and you sighed.

“We don’t have the same parts?” you tried again. You could see that he still wasn’t getting it.

“A vagina. I do not have a vagina. I am vagina-less” you said, spelling it out for him.

“Well, she can’t give him what you can. SHE DOESN’T HAVE A PENIS. SHE IS PENIS-LESS” he shouted. You clapped your hand over his mouth and smiled to the people who’d began to stare. He mumbled something against your hand before licking your palm, forcing you to snatch your hand away.

“Seriously?” you asked, wiping your hand on him.

His glazed eyes were a sign that you’d clearly underestimated how much alcohol he’d had. He was officially beyond his limit and you needed to get him home.

“Let’s go” you sighed, standing to help him up. Yoongi allowed you to help him through the crowd, his smile thoroughly worked into his face. Namjoon saw the two of you leaving and he hurried toward the door.

“Is he okay?” he asked.

“He’s fine. Carry on with your party” you replied, not even glancing at him.

Ursula, being Namjoon’s shadow, moved to his side and asked the same question.

“He said that I’m fine, you dick-less homewrecker” Yoongi said. You held in your laugh as you continued out of the room.

Yoongi shuffled his feet along, making it a little easier to help him out of the building.

“You’re an idol. Why don’t you guys have your driver with you at all times?” you complained. Yoongi slapped his hand to your face and you slapped him back. He laughed and put his finger to your lip, telling you to ‘shhh’.

Yoongi tripped and you were barely able to catch him in time. He laughed as he went down and laughed even harder as soon as you caught him.

“You need to get me home before I die out here” he smiled. You just shook your head and continued down the street with your arm around him. As you approached the building, Yoongi had gone from laughing uncontrollably to singing at the top of his lungs. You tried to quiet him down but he was just too far gone to listen.

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oh my god. oh my god you guys i just finished reading The Song Of Achilles by madeline miller and it literally fucked me up so bad and ofc now i want a stucky au based off of it and i went looking and i can't seem to find even a greek au let alone tsoa aus???? can y'all help a sad gal out??

i got u friend

Sing, O Muse by Avelera

In which Steve and Bucky are the reincarnations of Achilles and Patroclus, and the only thing worse than history repeating itself is when it doesn’t.

Take My Soul, Make It Undone by earthseraph

(or: the soulmates au where the Gods really want Steve and Bucky to get together)

listen to your heart (but don’t say goodbye to me) by CinnamonCake

There is a Hades, and there is a Persephone.

They’re just not the ones you’d expect.

The Fall of Hydra by tisfan

The Son of Medusa with his stone gray eyes… falls in love with the mortal, Steve…

Salt & Stone by tumtatumtum

A modern retelling of the myth “Pygmalion & Galatea”, where Steve is a veteran who goes about sculpting as a form of therapy.

Only to fall in love with his statue and wish desperately it would come to life.

Soul Under Wing by togina

Bucky’s mother orders him to, for god’s sake (hers, specifically), do something about all the people in love with Steve.

Did I mention Bucky’s mother is Aphrodite?

7/11/17 recs

This is the 100th post on this blog, and I think that’s p neat. 

1. perfect ploys by pageleaf || Rated T, 3.6k (WIP)

“Why me?” Yuuri asks, for what feels like the thousandth time.

Also for the thousandth time, Viktor sighs, his chin propped up on one hand–the one not cuffed to the table. “What do you mean?”

Yuuri stares at him from behind thick glasses, wide-eyed and nervous. “You’re Viktor Nikiforov.”

(White Collar AU where FBI Agent Katsuki Yuuri is married to retired figure skater Phichit Chulanont, and international art thief Viktor Nikiforov charms his way into their home, and their hearts)

  • I!!! Really like this AU!!!!!! also there is polyamory visible in the endgame and I am HERE FOR THAT. I’m really curious to see how things play out, the plot looks really exciting already!!

2. The List of Big Rules by kafrickinboom || Rated E, 7.3k 

He’s over 250 years old. Old enough to have better control. Old enough to know better. Old enough to stop himself from marring that fair skin in the absolute best way possible, even if he wants it. He’d pulled his fangs out almost as soon as they pierced Yuuri’s skin, unable to meet his husband’s eyes and began apologizing profusely until Yuuri turned away from him, going to sleep. That still stings too.

…Or it could be the fact that he left for his trip without doing any of the frankly alarming amount of dishes he let pile up. Big Rule #4 is ‘Contribute to the House Chores.’ He isn’t sure. He’s just going to assume the level of bullshit he’s been dealing with is due to the biting thing. It just makes logical sense considering it’s the worse offense.

He had to make it right.

Or: Yuuri’s pissed at Viktor, is a little shit, and punishes Viktor the only way he knows how - by being petty.

  • Au with vampire Victor and an established relationship which he’s accidentally fumbled a bit (and not for the reason he thinks). A fun read, with plenty of banter and Yuuri being petty af. Things work out in the end though, and the smut is worth all of the tribulations Victor goes through lolol.

3.  The Lily of Kasagiya by Kizuna_Auri || Rated E, 30.5k

Yuuri, following his love of beautiful things, would have gone to any lengths to become the finest geisha in the world. Then he met Victor Nikiforov.

  • A really good big bang fic! The mood of the fic is perfect in the way that I feel like I’m really there with Yuuri throughout his life, from the beginning to his stage as a maiko and later on as a geisha. The author definitely put research into this fic, and it shows — I’m normally incredibly leery of fics that use the geisha premise because of how poorly it can be portrayed, but this fic honestly sets you in Gion and makes evident the amount of training that geisha put into their practice. 
  • I just. I started this fic and was spellbound, like the author had somehow pulled me out of my bed and I was staring through Yuuri’s eyes instead of reading. Wonderfully written, incredibly recommend.

4. Shooken, Not Stirred by MariaMediaOverThere || Rated M, 2k

“I’m- I’ll- I mean,” Deep breaths, deep breaths. Don’t look directly into the cute bartender’s eyes- it’s like looking at Medusa! He’ll turn you rock solid!

Shit- wait. That’s not… “I’d like a-”

Seung-Gil frantically reads from the menu pinned underneath his elbow.


  • Who doesn’t love one of the characters being a fucking dork. Short and sweet seungchuchu fic which his awkwardness is more evident than his stiffness, a great laugh. 

5. a lesson in opening up by postingpebbles || Rated T, 9.4k

How does one react when your cute (read: very, very cute) neighbor knocks on your apartment door and asks to use your shower to prepare for his date tonight?

Why, you let him in, of course.

(And proceed to panic for the next few hours because you’ve just let in the person that you’ve been crushing on for the past six months into your home, and you can’t stop blushing around him.)

Or: In which Yuuri is a shy artist in love, Victor is his very smitten neighbor, and there is much more time spent out of the shower than in it.

  • !!!! Cute!!!!!!! A premise I haven’t seen before, really good chemistry, and just really fluffy and sweet. My heart feels full. I might have cavities now.
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Law and Order SVU:

Rafael Barba:
Unusual Bonding

Sonny Carisi:

The Avengers:

Steve Rogers:

Female Fronted Bands and Things He Wasn’t Supposed to Hear

Bucky Barnes:
Daffodils, Mugs, and Rising From the Ashes

If Storms Were People Part 1 Part 2 Part 3  Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

Harry Potter:

Draco Malfoy:
White Hot Rage

Scar Tissue

Sleepless Nights

Borrowed Books and Long Showers

Medusa(Draco x reader x Blaise) Part 1    Part 2  Part 3

Blaise Zabini:

Medusa(Draco x reader x Blaise) Part 1 Part 2    Part 3

Criminal Minds:

Spencer Reid:

Almost Never Again

Words Written on Your Wrist (Soulmates) Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4


Derek Morgan:

The Five Times Derek Morgan Asked to Kiss You, and The One Time You Said Yes

Pull Me Closer

Daddy Daze - The Belly (Bucky)

By: ProMarvelFanGirl

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: Bucky thinks you are milking this whole pregnancy thing. 

Warnings: None

A/n: This is a Steve/Bucky series.  If you have any parent!Steve or parent!Bucky head cannons or imagines please send them to me! Tags are open. 

Originally posted by flashback-to-the-90s

“Doll I think you are milking this whole pregnancy thing.”  Bucky said cocking an eyebrow at you.   You look at him from you spot on the couch where you were lounging, your round belly on display.

“You do realize I’m carrying YOUR child inside MY body right?” You glare at him reaching your arms out in front of you trying your hardest to get your body off the couch.   

Bucky let out a laugh and grabbed you by the hands pulling you up from the couch.   You huff as you rub your bump still glaring at Bucky.   You move as quickly as your larger than normal body will allow you over to the front door.

You hold on to the wall as you try to maneuver your flats onto your feet without looking. You were so happy you were having this baby, but man was it hard to see over your belly.  Bucky stood behind you with his arms crossed and a smirk on his face.

You let out a dramatic sigh and kicked your shoes, “Will you please come help me get my shoes on?”

“Where ya gonna go doll.”  Bucky questioned you with his smirk firmly in place.  He moved to stand in front of you but made no move to help you.

“I want to go for a walk away from YOUR mocking.  I am so tired Buck!  My back hurts, my legs hurt, I can’t even put on my stupid shoes!” You kick your shoes once more as if it was their fault you couldn’t bend down.

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Checked out OP’s blog and saw a bunch of stuff about hating men, and then stumbled across a post saying that Medusa was turned into a gorgon as a… gift… from Athena… to protect… herself. How little knowledge of Greek mythology do you gotta have to buy that version of events?

Greek myths were spread mostly by word of mouth, in the form of epic poems and in art - they changed a little with the different people who told them or painted/sculpted them, and so there are a few versions of the Medusa story floating around. Early depictions show her as one of three sisters who have a lineage stemming from other gods/monsters and were all born as gorgons. However, people began to paint Medusa as beautiful, which spawned new versions of the myth. One more modern telling says that she was initially a very attractive woman who was turned into the snake-haired magical-eyed monster because a goddess was jealous of how beautiful she was. While a Roman poet tells that she was sought after by many men, but was raped by Poseidon in Athena’s temple, and was then punished (being transformed into a hideous monster that could never look upon her loved ones for fear of killing them) by Athena for desecrating the temple.

In that last telling, which I’m guessing is the one the post was referring to, Medusa is punished for being raped by Athena, while her rapist gets away with it, because Athena blames her beauty and not Poseidon for the desecration of the temple. She has her hair turned into snakes, is forced to live alone in a cave, and kills everyone she makes eye contact with so she has to live in utter loneliness.

Athena is not a feminist icon for putting that curse on Medusa, it wasn’t a protection Medusa asked for, it was a punishment for getting raped in Athena’s temple. And Medusa wasn’t beheaded in spite of her ~magical protection~, she was beheaded so that somebody else could use the power of the curse… somebody who was the son of a god and had the aid of the gods to achieve that feat.

TL;DR - The Greek gods were fucking assholes, especially in that telling of Medusa’s story, and you can fuck right off with your poorly researched crap.

~ Vape

leslietendo  asked:

SoMa 7u7

💕: who is more likely to make huge declarations of love in front of other people?

Pretty sure this would be both of them. Soul is a dork who tries to be cool and he is but he loves Maka so much he’d be willing to, like, punch anyone who dared to talk flirt with her—and probably announce that he loves her more than he loves himself even though it stains his cool reputation and omg ain’t that the sweetest shit ???

Maka would straight-up splatter other girl’s brains with a Maka-chop if they just  as much dare to ask Soul to be their partner for the millionth time right beside her. Probably kick his ass too if he ever entertained one XD

💓: who initiates most physical contact?

Maka. I mean, can you just


Originally posted by somethingstaythesame


Originally posted by every-fandom-girl

close ?

Maka holds her hand out for Soul to hold at almost everything they do; weapon form, walking, comforting each other.. Yeesh. The shit I’ll never ever forget is when Maka let Soul hold her hand so he doesn’t get overwhelmed by madness

  even if he still ended up doing so though lol

Oh and also that part where Maka broke down in tears because Medusa was a bitch and Soul just stood to let her cry against him like

I’m not done but I’m reserving all other hand-holding touchy touchy scenes in case someone also asks for this XD

 Maka wins the clingiest meister award and Soul is fine with it okay ???

💌: who is more likely to send cutesy texts to the other?

…..Tbh I think they barely text because they’re always next to each other, so when Maka’s in her room scrolling through social media shit and Soul is doing the same with his pc I’m just sure they’d send each other memes that remind them of each other… Like actual puns (Soul would mostly send these LOL), cute ass posts, Maka tagging Soul in those “relationship goals” posts either to agree or disagree (Maka once saw this “I’m your damsel in distress” bullshit and Maka would add a “lol @Soul is the damsel in distress” and they’d both laugh),

Also, they’re both huge fandom dorks so Soul would either tag Maka’s name in a picture of a certain book set, or Maka would tag him in a fandom reference post. 

Imagine them being excited for new seasons though.

Heart ask meme here !

Art Request: Inktober meme!

                                    Draw a character…

💀- With bones appearing/as a skeleton.

👁- Only one eye.

🔥- Fire monster.

❄️- Ice monster.

✨- Crying Glitter.

🐍- As a Medusa.

🍬- As a Candy monster.

🎭- With a Creepy mask.

🎪- As a Creepy Clown.

💍- As a Corpse Bride/Groom.

🎃- As a Bogey.

👽- As an Alien.

👻- As a Ghost.

😈- As a Demon.

🐺- As a Werewolf. 

🕷-  With 8 arms (like a spider.) 

👥- As a Shadow monster.

😭- Acid tears.

🔮- As a witch.

Feel free to use it! Re-blog it and let your followers ask what character they want you to draw as a monster.

snydog17  asked:

Any suggestions for Desert themed monsters for a level 5 party of about 4?


-Bulette. Crossing an expanse of sand dunes to get to the other side is a lot harder when everything starts to shake and a land shark is after you.

-Earth Elemental. It was asleep and minding its own business until some adventurers accidentally stepped on it.

-Shambling Mound. A peaceful grove in the desert turns out to be a writhing and living mass of thornbushes and cacti.

-Wyvern. Waiting from atop a nearby mesa, the dragon scopes out its prey and plans on flying off with at least one of them.

-Manticore. A mated couple of manticores is on the hunt for meat to feed their child, and they won’t relent until they have what they came for.

-Chimera. The party has stepped a bit too far into the chimera’s territory, and it intends on driving them out or taking them down.

-Medusa. A desert pass, leading up to a small tower, is filled with petrified creatures half buried in the sand.

Those are just a few ideas from the monster manual. If that wasn’t really what it were looking for, feel free to send in another ask!

Pushed To The Limit

Originally posted by babythirlwalls

request: Veronica x fem!reader where V likes to make the reader angry by often flirting with the guys from the football team, but this time the reader has had enough and finally shows Veronica who she belongs to.Please and thank you?

summary: The football team underestimates the power of Veronica’s girlfriend.

warnings: violence, sexual remarks and actions

written by Jasmine 

You rolled your eyes as you watched your girlfriend purposefully sway her hips as she walked, her booty shorts riding up further than they already had. You could practically see the drool oozing from the entire Wolverine’s team as they all stared at her.

You continued to go about the routine, flicking your gaze between Cheryl and Veronica. You almost missed as your flyer came back down into your arms, causing Cheryl to groan.

“Pay attention, (y/n)!” She yelled, and you quickly got yourself together. The music ended, and you hit the final pose perfectly. You took the opportunity to once again glance at Veronica, who was practically being undressed by the football team’s eyes.

“Alright, that’s all for today,” Cheryl announced, and you quickly made your way over to your bag. You sat down beside it, taking a few sips of water.

“Looking hot, Lodge!” Reggie called, making you glance up.

“Thanks, Reg! You’re not too bad yourself!” Veronica yelled back, before sitting beside you. You didn’t greet her, but you pulled out your phone so that you could ignore her.

“Hey, baby,” She greeted, placing a hand on your thigh. You smiled at her, going back to your phone. This wasn’t unusual for Ronnie, flirt with a few guys, then go back to being a sweet girlfriend. In fact, it happened almost daily.

“What’s up?” She asked.

You shook your head. There was no use talking to her about it; she still wouldn’t stop. “Nothing, just tired.”

“Oh, okay.” She stood up, pulling down her shorts a bit as she waltzed over to the boys. A few whistled as she approached, and you could feel your blood boiling. You watched as she turned around, smirking a bit once she saw your expression. You rolled your eyes but continued to keep an eye on her.

“You’ve got nice moves, Veronica,” A boy commented, and you could practically feel her biting her lip and winking at him.

“I’d love to see what moves you’ve got in the bedroom,” Another added, and you took a deep breath.

“I’m sure you would,” Veronica responded, her voice laced with seduction.

“And your body, don’t even get me started!” The first boy continued.

“I wish I could hear it, but I should get going. I’ll see you babes tomorrow,” She called, and you watched her turn around. Reggie’s hand moved forward, and you watched as he gripped her ass firmly. Your mouth dropped open in shock, as did Veronica’s. You stood up quickly, marching towards the group. You could feel your face heating up in anger, and your hands were balled up into fists.

“Babe, I-” You cut Veronica off by pressing your lips aggressively to hers, grabbing her shirt and yanking her into you. Her hands found your hips, and they rested on them comfortably. You pulled away after a few moments, looking at the group of boys, specifically Reggie.

“If any of you dare to touch or flirt with her ever again, you will not get away with it,” You growled, getting angrier when all Reggie did was smirk.

“What are you going to do about it, (y/n)? You’re a cheerleader.” His friends high fived him, and you gave him a fake smile.

“Why don’t you find out?” You suggested, and he crossed his arms.

“Alright,” He started, and another boy whispered something in his ear. “Oh, yeah, okay.”

He rubbed his hands together, looking right at your girlfriend, who nervously awaited whatever pick up line was about to leave his mouth.

“Hey, Ronnie, are you Medusa? Because you make me rock hard.” He gestured to his pants, and you scoffed. You pulled your fist back quickly, before connecting with his face. His head whipped back from the force, and he brought his hands up to his nose.

“What the hell? It’s bleeding!” One of the boys exclaimed, all of them looking at you in shock.

“Would anyone else like to flirt with her?” You asked, but they all remained quiet. You nodded, grabbing Veronica’s hand and yanking her into the hallway. You practically pinned her to the wall, placing your hands on her waist. You began to kiss and nibble at her neck, taking breaks in between some of them.

“You’re mine,” You growled, kissing her lips quickly before releasing the vice grip you had on her.

“Wow, that was-” Veronica paused. “Hot. I’ve never seen you that angry.”

You shook your head at her, kissing her forehead. Hopefully, you would never need to get that angry again.