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Ok I don't really know if you take requests/suggestions and it's TOTALLY fine if you ignore this but!! I thought I'd give it a shot lmao. Consider this: baseball!bangtan. Like, In the format of your college au. I just feel like each of the members would fit in a certain position and I just can't think of anyone else's bulleted au's that could do it justice!! But anyway, if it's not your cup of tea, just know I'm weak for college!bangtan. Very weak. Luv u

i dont think i know enough about just baseball, so i kind of took this request and did a mini sports!bangtan au……if that’s ok ^^

Namjoon: cycling~

  • cyclist!namjoon loves doing super long races without mountains just long long road races where he can just buckle down on his bike and go as fast as possible 
  • like he has the long legs for it so you know
  • likes cycling because no one is talking to him, its a one man thing and like when he’s in the zone like he feels free
  • you meet him because you’re at the bike shop to fix your brakes and you see this tall lanky guy come in holding this beautiful sleek bike over his shoulder and you’re like wow,,,,,,,so pretty @ the bike
  • and namjoon’s like ???? im sorry but did you just call me pretty?? and you’re like wHA no i meant your bike it’s so pretty and slender 
  • and he’s like why thank you,,, and gets proud because complimenting his bike = complimenting him basically in his head
  • and you two talk about bikes and good places to go out for a ride in your city and like your brakes get fixed and namjoons like wow your bikes nice too
  • and you’re like ahh thank you 
  • and somehow you two bond over your love for bikes and namjoon’s like ,,,,,,,, if you want do you wanna,,,,,,,,,have a date.,,,,,,,with out bikes like go out for a ride i can show you this long road near this river it doesn’t have to be a daTE dATE if that’s weird it’s up to you um you should bring a helmet though you know safety first
  • he blabbers because he’s shy but it’s cute hehe

Jimin: baseball~ 

  • is a pitcher on his league and it’s cute because like everyones like,,,,,,arent you kinda small dude
  • and jimin’s like what? small? excuse me? say that to my face? come here? say it to my f-
  • and like his height doesn’t matter his pitches are all like high speed and like no one can ever even hit them it’s alway strikes and he’s known as 
  • park ‘fastball’ jimin
  • you meet him because you work at the stadium where his team practices and you just sell hotdogs and drinks at this lil stand but jimin has had a crush on you for aGES and everyone on the league knows and keeps trying to get him to talk to you
  • and he’s only managed to like go over and stutter out an order for some hotdogs and then run away red in the face
  • until you’re like “hey!! i know you, you’re …..fastball right?”
  • and jimin’s like oh my god you said my name…..well my nickname… name……….
  • and he’s like ,,,,, “Y-yeaH it’s ,,,, a name the guys gave me it’s nothing special.”
  • and you’re like jokingly like “you should let me see if i can hit one of your famous pitches hehe” and jimin like perks up like “if you want!!!!! it can……it can be …..a………….da- dat- dateeeeee DANG This HOT DOG IS HOT GOTTA GO”

Taehyung & Hoseok: beach volleyball ~ 

  • literally spend 70% of their time on the court being Memes 
  • as in they don’t even play with a strategy, they’re just having fun digging their toes into the sand and taehyung wearing his eyeglasses on the back of his head while hoseok tries to balance the volleyball on his head
  • the team they’re facing is just like …….what is going on 
  • have a handshake before playing a match that takes like 5 min the ref is like oh my GOD stOP
  • turns out you’re the referee for one of their games and literally instead of i dont know playing and paying attention taehyung thinks you’re so cute he like tries to spike the ball and turns to you like “iM cool right, how many points for coolness ref (-;” and you’re like “one. it’s one point.”
  • hoseok thinks you’re cute too and he just gets distracted trying to sneak peeks at you that the ball bounces off his head but makes it over the net anyway and taehyung’s like holy Shit 
  • both of them use corny volleyball pick up lines on you
  • taehyung: “you’ve really SPIKED up my heartbeat with your cute face….”
  • hoseok: “wow you really make my heart do a DIVE if you know what i mean……”

Jungkook: wrestling ~

  • looks tall and sorta skinny from far away but upon closer inspection that. is. Wrong
  • he can body slam someone but he also enjoys watching naruto while drinking capri sun and eating chicken nuggets so
  • is actually really sweet before competitions like he’s all smiley and greets the other wrestlers with his childish smile but then in the ring he’s DEATHKOOK
  • you know jungkook because you go to the same gym but you’re always just like “oh he’s that kid that runs like 5032 miles on the treadmill”  but then one day you see him benchpressing like 250 pounds and you’re like Wait
  • and jungkook is like looking for someone to spot him and he asks you and you’re like,,,,,,,,,i can but if you drop that thing i can’t actually help you and he’s like it’s fine!!! 250 is nothing and you’re like oh my god how
  • and while you’re like spotting him jungkook is like whistling along to the theme song of some anime and you’re like …….. he’s twelve but he has the power of a horse
  • and jungkooks like smiling at you, sweaty and looking all cute like “hey, i did like ten sets isn’t that cool!!!!!” and you’re like this kid has the power to Destroy yet he is…….Soft? 

Yoongi: surfing ~

  • wears the shark tooth necklace ok for the aesthetic 
  • got into surfing because he was like “it’s just standing on a board in the middle of the ocean. it’s perfect.” and hoseok was like “yoongi,,,,it’s more than just th-” and yoongi was like shh
  • is actually super good and can even do tricks on the board and everyone’s pretty impressed considering that yoongi is impatient with anything that deals w physical strength
  • yoongi in hawaiian print board shorts
  • you’re on beach one day and you see this person sleeping and like slowly they’re turning red and you’re like ……. this person didn’t put on sunscreen did they
  • so you shake yoongi’s shoulder and he groggily gets up and is like what huh and you’re like my dude you can’t sleep on the beach without sunscreen on here use mine
  • and yoongi is like oh,,,thank you,,,,
  • and it’s cute he’s kind of caught of guard and clams up around you because you’re cute and whatnot and he’s like “thanks for saving me from becoming a fried lobster” and you’re like “you can thank me by taking me out for lobster, how does that sound?” and yoongi is like oH i mean YES cowabunga 

Jin: archery ~ 

  • “it’s a royal sport. ive got the face of a prince, so like duh.”
  • jin won’t admit he actually got into archery after dressing up as robin hood for halloween for like three years straight as a kid
  • is always the best dressed one at archery competitions like other people show up in casual clothes but jin puts on like a princely looking top with ruffles on the collar and the rest of bts watching him is like he’s so Extra
  • but like he looks like a real regal from back in the day so like 
  • you run a little shop in town that makes hand-made wooden toys and one day jin stops by and asks if you could possibly carve and paint arrows just for him
  • and like he doesn’t really tell you much about the style he wants but you make them very pretty and paint like beautiful flowers on them and jin falls in love with them when you present them to him
  • and he’s like you’re so talented wow and you’re like me?? no!!! you’re the talented one archery is such a ,,,, hard and precise sport,,
  • you two playfully bicker over whose talent is more amazing
  • and jin is like,,,,,,,,,listen you should come watch me,,,,,,ill be using these arrows so if you want ,,,,it’d be nice if you were also there to bring me good luck
  • an you shyly agree and it’s cute you’re there with the rest of bts and jungkooks like “sOOOO you’re hyungs significant other aren’t you?” and hoseok’s like “oh yeah, jin doesn’t invite just anyone to see him compete. you’re totally dating him.”
  • lmao jin doesn’t even have to ask you out, bangtan just unanimously agrees you and jin are thing LOL 

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You should also totally link me the think that you're interested in so I can check it out! It's like an art trade but instead with obscure fandoms!


(by the way, just a precursory statement, if you’ve been around since the dawn of The Interwebs ((i’m talking 2006)) you might have seen a meme called the lolwut pear. this, Cryptic Stitching, is by the artist-author Ursula Vernon, who created that painting. it’s actually called “The Biting Pear of Salamanca”. it will tell you a lot about the author and how Cryptic Stitching will go. she’s That kind of person. very surrealist, but not in an "lol so random” way which is nice. her art has this whimsical touch that comes from the mind of a children’s book author/artist with the depth and maturity of…… well, it’s her own special brand of depth and maturity. real and gritty without being “edgy”. ANYWAY)

This is Cryptic Stitching, on the StoryNexus!!!! Sadly you need to sign up for an account on the nexus to actually play (tho you can use facebook or twitter, too!) but once you’re done with that BOOM you can just start playing! It’s awesome! It comes with an optional tutorial for how to navigate the Nexus engine if you’ve never played before! You can pretty much ignore the action limit/timer since Ursula V. pretty much uncapped it so you can play THE WHOLE (incomplete) THING AT ONCE OOOOHHHHH

You can pick your name, and where you came from, and the kind of stuffed animal you are! Choose carefully, because some critters get bonuses/unlock special scenarios! (I played a mouse at one point and mice can get into tiny places that other animals can’t!) It’s a largely roleplaying experience so give a lil thought to your player character! There are even CLASSES!!! OOOOH! That you pick later based on quests/missions you undertake! I suggest shamanism just so you get more story. Quippet and Crazy-Wool are Ursula’s babies so obvs they got a lil more focus than others. >:3c

You should also check out Ursula V’s deviantart. You might just find scraps of Cryptic Stitching things around. Like this lovely painting of THE GREAT PLUSHTHANGA. PRAISE BE TO THOSE BLESSED BY HIS ADORABLE PINK FLUFF!

Poke around n you might find stuff like real-life pictures of replicas of Crazy-Wool and Quippet!!! Yes, Ursula V. even makes actual for real stuffed animals!!!!! It’s crazy! She’s multi-talented!

Of course, there’s also the fact she’s just insanely talented and BOTH her writing and her painting is perfection. Her work is just so unique and I just SCREAM every time okay?!

This is a really important piece of writing for the Cryptic Stitching universe, called “The Vision of Crazy-Wool”. It’s a solitary piece about:

  • Wool-Tribe’s shaman, you guessed it, Crazy-Wool. He can commune with spirits and the plush deities, but he’s also a grumpy old man who’s joints pop a lot. He’s always sighing on the inside because he just wants to do his job as Shaman in peace, but he has an apprentice who’s WAY TOO FRIENDLY WITH SPIRITS, and bumps elbows with a buncha deities so he’s kinds stuck there.
  • Quippet, a very sweet but eternally anxious little blue sheep, who is Crazy-Wool’s apprentice. He doesn’t really WANT to be a shaman, but he’s kind of cursed/blessed to be able to talk with spirits, and Crazy-Wool kind of pushed him into the trade. Everyone thinks that the spirits must be malevolent and boss him around, but really they’re actually quite sweet and they treat him well. ♥ I have a huge gay baby crush on Quippet.

  • The (probably) Chosen of the Spirits, the player character in the main game!!! This is you and your little stuffed animal, and visions of how you influence the spiritual world of Cryptic Stitching!

If you like listening more than you like reading, it also comes in Podfic form! I haven’t actually listened to it so I can’t guarantee the quality, but there you go!

That’s about all I got because Ursula gave it the most attention around 2014 and her life’s gotten hectic and sadly there’s no real fandom around but HEY. It’s better than nothing <:‘3c

Alright! So after seeing the brilliance that tumblr user Poopyuu added to the HoO fandom through the use of this kiss meme (found here) , I asked if I could write a fic inspired by it and voila this is what I came up with…

(And just quickly this is my first completed fic so I truly apologise for any spelling/grammatical errors or problems with the HoO characters but I did try my best!)

The sea was at rest and the sky was cloudless and Percy was bored as hell. It was as if this day, sailing along the coast of the Mediterranean on the Argo II was a pathetic fallacy for how lame this day was getting to be for him.  He had taken refuge on the front deck, lolling about for at least a half hour before Jason joined him.  Luckily enough, Percy recognised Jason’s own boredom as soon as he saw him and that meant finally he had someone to help entertain him. ‘Grace!’ Percy called and leapt up onto his feet, having previously been spread out on the floorboards. 'I’m bored, let’s play a game!'  Jason shrugged and lent against the railing, leaning over slightly to glance at the waves. 'I’m up for anything. Piper’s just shunned me from her room and Leo’s busy with, well-’ he motioned something ridiculously tricky with his fingers, ’-fixing or constructing or whatever.'  Percy frowned and stood by Jason. He whipped out a gadget Leo had given him that allowed him internet access. 'Let’s find a game then..’ He mumbled and began scrolling through options.  'Ah, we’ve already done the pocky game.’ He said, making a mental checklist. 'And the 'I love you’ game.’ He said scowling, pissed that he never quite finished that contest. He could tell Jason was sketchy about it as well because he plucked the device out of Percy’s hands and began scrolling through it himself.  'Let’s get somebody else to choose.’ Jason suggested, spooked after seeing a few crazy ones on the list.  They walked along the corridor of rooms, knocking on different doors asking people to choose a game for them, but often they were kicked out, called childish and in Piper’s case, a hair brush was thrown at Jason’s head.  Then they got to Frank’s room, where Percy swung the door open to find he and Hazel tangled together on the floor.  Hazel flushed bright red and began stumbling over herself to put some distance between her and Frank but the rest of the boys only laughed.  Percy apologised and lent against the door frame. 'Sorry guys, didn’t mean to interrupt your alone time.’ He chuckled.  'We’re kind of bored and we wanna play a game. I’d ask if you wanted to join in but I think it’s best we let you get back to whatever as soon as possible.’ Jason added.  Frank hesitated but nodded at Jason appreciatively. 'Thanks but maybe another time, why don’t you ask Nico?'  'Yeah, please do. He’s in my room.’ Hazel said weakly.  The two boys left Frank’s room and gave each other a brief look before muffling more laughter. 'At least they had their clothes on.’ Percy said.  'Oh god don’t even make me picture it.’ Jason laughed in reply.  Unfortunately, (although they would never admit it) both boys did picture it a little bit, and they both walked down the rest of the corridor, giggles gone, feeling a little uncomfortable.  Nico was found sitting at Hazel’s desk contentedly reading a book. Immediately Percy bounded into the room and ran straight over to the desk.  'Nico! Quick, choose a game for us. We’re bored as hel-’ he froze when Nico glared at him, ’-icopters…’ He placed the device on the desk and awkwardly took a step back.  Jason explained the situation further before Nico picked up the gadget and looked at the options. He grimaced before looking back up at the duo and shaking his head at them as if they were idiots. 'I can’t choose any of these, they’re all stupid.'  'Then just pick the first one you see.’ Percy shrugged. Nico looked back at the screen, covered his eyes and swiped his finger once. He squinted his eyes and read the title, 'Kiss meme…oh Gods, please don’t guys.'  Jason took the phone and clicked on the link. 'It says we just practice different kisses on each other.'  'Oh how lame, good one Nico.’ Percy droned and Nico grumbled something disbelieving in Italian.  Percy turned to Jason. 'Well?'  'Well what?'  'What’s the first one?'  'Oh? Oh okay we’re actually doing this.’ Jason said, clearing his throat. 'Um, oh for the love of god- it says a 'butterfly kiss.“ A second passed as the three of them cringed at how girly the first kiss was but it was quickly interrupted by Percy taking a step into Jason and shoving his cheek into his face. 'Go on.’ He said. Jason gulped before freezing completely. Percy had taken another step closer and it was getting difficult to comprehend.  'You’re not even blinking! C'mon, dude!’ Percy whined.  'Shut up! This is ridiculous.’ Jason retaliated but began blinking anyway.  Percy felt the gentle touch of Jason’s eyelashes and flinched back immediately before feeling Jason’s smirk against his cheek.  He pulled away. 'Do I win?'  Percy scowled. 'Not like it’s a competition.’ He said.  Jason crossed his arms. 'As if it isn’t.’ 'It isn’t.’ Percy said through clenched teeth.  'If it isn’t, then Nico would be playing.’ Jason confirmed, looking around Percy at Nico, who was looking back down at his book with reddened cheeks.  Jason suppressed his smile. Both Hazel and her brother had the same expression when they blushed.  'Nico’s playing.’ Percy said.  'Is he?’ Jason asked, unsure. 'What’s the next kiss?'  Jason looked down at the device, having forgotten that he was holding it. 'Eskimo kiss-what are you doing?'  Percy grinned and spun around to pull Nico’s chin upwards to rub their noses together. He pulled away and winked at Jason. 'Not a competition then.’ But it so was. He was still holding Nico’s chin in his hand and felt Nico tense up and pull away.  'No no no no, what the hell guys? Leave me out of this.’ Nico spat. Jason glanced at the screen and read the next kiss in his head. With a look at Percy he knelt in front of Nico and took the boy’s hand in his. Leaning down slowly, he kept his eyes locked with Nico’s as he planted his lips to kiss the fingers he held. Satisfaction grew in Jason when the red blush appeared across Nico’s face. It was quiet for a moment before Percy burst out laughing. 'Ahaha what the hell do you call that?’ He cried and took the device from Jason. 'A finger kiss? Brilliant. Nico you’re up.'  'I’m what?’ Nico asked, dazed.  'Your turn.’ Percy said, leaning down to match their heights as Jason stood up. 'Its a kiss on the shoulder, so hurry up.’ He said tauntingly, leaning his shoulders forward.  Nico nearly fell backwards on his chair at how far he was leaning back. Jason pushed Percy out of the way and caught Nico, pulling him onto his feet.  The momentum threw Nico onto him and his face smashed against Jason’s bicep. As he pulled away, the three of them heard the quiet smack of Nico’s lips.  Percy grinned and Jason blushed profusely. 'Good to know you’re really playing.’ Percy said. 'Gee,’ he added, changing his tone to a girly one, 'after witnessing that, I’m all hot and bothered.’ With that he stripped off his shirt.  Nico’s eyes grew wide and Jason frowned. 'Dude what the hell.’ He said bluntly.  'Hey, nothing wrong with a bit of skin. What’s the next kiss, I bags it.'  Jason looked at the screen, laughed once and hung his head to hide his smile. 'It’s a 'lick’ kiss.'  'Maybe I don’t bags it…’ Percy said looking away.  'No way, you have to now.’ Jason insisted. 'Go on, you and Nico.'  'I’m not doing it, no way.'  'I will.’ Nico said softly from one of the beds. When both of the boys’ eyes darted to him he smiled cruelly and said, 'I can do anything better than that hunk of sea salt over there.'  Percy frowned and walked over to the bed. He climbed onto it using his knees and towered over Nico. 'Calling me a hunk? How sweet.’ He said. Nico glared at him and leaned back but Percy just nudged himself forwards. 'You agreed to do this and you can’t kiss Jason twice in a row so don’t start running away from me.'  Nico frowned harder and clenched his fists. He looked as though he was going to punch Percy but instead he grabbed the hem of his own shirt and began pulling it off. Pale chest illuminating, he placed his hands on the demigod in front of him and opened his mouth slowly, leaning in with his eyes closed. Percy gulped and loosened his lips, droplets of sweat forming at his temples.  Nico’s tongue drew out of his mouth and swiped Percy’s lower lip tortuously slow. Percy’s eyes fluttered shut before darting open again the moment Nico pulled away.  Both boys panted as they observed each other before glancing back at Jason, who had fallen into the desk chair.  'What the hell, guys.’ He said exasperated. Percy smirked and asked what the next kiss was. Jason held the device loosely in his hands, peaked at it and answered with, 'Neck nibble kiss,’ before cringing violently.  Percy turned back to Nico and shrugged. 'Well, while we’re here.’ He pushed Nico against the wall beside the bed and lowered his head down into the younger boy’s chest. He breathed in once and then used his tongue to draw a line from his nipple up into his collar bone to plant a kiss there. He used his teeth to gently suck at the spot on the younger boy’s neck and using his hands, Percy could feel goosebumps forming on Nico’s forearms. With a particularly hard nibble, Nico whimpered and Percy smiled into the kiss before two hands grabbed his waist and hauled him away from the boy. 'HOLD IT RIGHT THERE.’ Throwing him onto the ground, Jason crankily lectured Percy about how inappropriate it was to molest a 13-year old, followed by him tossing Percy’s shirt back into his face.  Nico sunk against the wall and bowed his head, ashamed when Jason looked at him. Jason bit his lip and his eyes darted to and from Nico’s shirt that had nearly slipped off the bed so that the boy got the message to put it back on. Percy grumbled and sat up on the floor, pulling his shirt on and glaring at Jason. Jason glared back before something changed in Percy’s eyes and he smirked for what must have been the tenth time in the past ten minutes.  'Grace.'  'Jackson.'  'I believe I’m on four and you’re only on two.’ Percy said.  'I thought it wasn’t a competition.’ Jason said sternly.  'As if it isn’t.’ Percy said, mimicking Jason from earlier. 'What’s the next one?'  'Do you really think I’m going to buy into your crap after witnessing you with Nico?’ Jason said.  'Yep.'  'Fuck off.’ But he couldn’t help glancing at the screen anyway. It said 'French kiss,’ and by the look on Jason’s face, it was easy for Percy to guess it.  'C'mon.’ Percy said and kicked Jason legs out from beneath him and had him face-planting the floor. Percy flipped him over and climbed on top of him, pinning Jason’s arms above his head. Jason struggled but when Percy stared down at him with those eyes, dripping with seduction, all he could do was suppress a whimper.  Straddling him, Percy lent down even slower than he had with Nico and licked his lips. Jason felt himself staring and shut his eyes along with his mouth. There would be nothing French about this kiss if Percy couldn’t get his tongue passed Jason’s lips.  Percy must have realised this because he glanced down quickly at Jason’s pants and lowered his hips down to grind their hips together. Jason gasped, throwing his eyes open again and Percy dropped his head down to smash their mouths together. Jason quit struggling as Percy explored his mouth, causing him to moan and close his eyes again.  It felt like hours, but after a minute, Percy couldn’t help but grin into the kiss before pulling away and lifting himself back up off of Jason and off of the floor.  He started laughing at the sight of Jason lying spread-eagled on the floor, completely debauched. 'You look ridiculous.’ He said, clutching his belly.  'You bastard.’ Jason panted, sitting up and glaring at Percy.  From the bed, they heard a whimper and remembered that Nico was still in the room.  Percy turned to Jason. 'I can’t believe you would let a 13-year old witness that!’ He said sarcastically.  Jason leapt up off the ground, preparing to swing a fist at Percy but the boy ducked and ran over to the device on the desk. 'Last kiss!’ He called and ran back over to hug Jason from behind.  Jason growled and tried to grab at Percy but froze when Percy blew in his ear.  'Jackson-'  'Calm down. It’s a 'Tiger kiss.’ Percy whispered.  'What the heck is-OW  HOLY FUCK.’ Jason cried as Percy sunk his teeth down into his neck.  '’ Nico cried worriedly from the corner. 'Y-you’re hurting him.'  Jason swore violently for the duration of the 'kiss.’ Percy started chuckling into the bite but didn’t pull away until he drew blood.  Jason fell to his knees clutching his neck, trucker language tumbling out of his mouth like there was no tomorrow. 'Jackson you bitch, I’ll kill you.’ He hissed.  Percy stepped around Jason and floated towards the door. Before he slipped outside he blew a kiss at Nico before turning to look at Jason smugly before winking. 'I totally won.’ He said, and fled before Jason could try and punch him again.