no on really likes each other

teacherxteacher phan headcanons bc :-)))))))
  • whenever it’s their break, they love eating together at each other’s classrooms. but mostly make-out sessions ensues.
  • they’re not out to any one in the school so they really had to lowkey act like a couple.
  • following the former bullet, phil gets very jealous whenever a coworker flirts with dan. and dan gets very jealous whenever a student comes up to phil. really, both nerds are so possessive.
  • they live together. so on some nights when dan/phil passes out on doing paper work, the other person tries to finish it up for them. this is one of the few reasons where students sometimes see weird scribbles on their paper and when they come to confront dan about it, dan just splutters and claims he was drowsy while checking.
  • phil loves cooking their lunches. they have the same lunches and whenever people ask how did that happen they just say they buy it from the same place.
  • dan/phil loves intervening each other’s lessons to rile them up. this makes the students go wild every time the door opens in hopes that the one who decided to intervene distaract their teacher at the moment.
  • the students also love the idea of them being in a relationship.
  • dan loves hearing phil nerd about his current biology lesson and phil loves hearing dan act out literature pieces. both minds think that the other person is literally the most beautiful on that moment.
  • on the first day of school, right after summer, dan/phil enters the classroom and the students see a ring on their teacher’s finger and dan/phil just laughs and says “I got married last week” and writes “Mr. Howell-Lester” on the board.

ok brb i need to smile through the pain i caused myself

Eliza Taylor and Alycia Debnam-Carey on Clexa - Masterpost

“It’s funny, because it was sort of one of those things that people kept telling us… Maybe sly comments along the way or something suggested in earlier scripts, but Eliza and I never really thought it would [happen], so when we read the script, we were like, “Oh, okay. It’s really happening! Okay, cool.” I think we thought that it just happens suddenly, so soon, but I think that’s what makes it so lovely as well, is that it’s this passion and this desire and this solace that they find in each other, which is so lovely. I think it is something so different and unique for a lot of teen shows and I love that we can represent a broad variation of people on this show. I think it’s so wonderful that the network has allowed us to do that. I think it’s great. “ — Alycia Debnam Carey on Clexa kiss (x)

“But Lexa loves Clarke, that’s pretty clear.”  — Alycia Debnam Carey (x)

“I think those characters, they have to have a journey, and if Lexa’s going to be a part of that, they can’t keep fighting.” — Alycia Debnam Carey on Clexa being allies again (x)

“I think Clarke and Lexa have similar experiences and a similar past in that they both have been suddenly required to be leaders and have had to lead their people in a certain way. They’ve both lost ex-loves. Lexa’s lost Costia and Clarke’s lost Finn and so in many ways they both have been called to similar positions. And I think that’s such a great bond. For quite young people, that’s a difficult thing to comprehend and to do well. It’s a lot of responsibility to have, so I think they’ve always found a connection in that way, especially Lexa. I don’t think she’s really seen someone else have to go through that position. I think that was an undercurrent for her. She was seeing maybe how Clarke’s approach to leading her people and to having such hope and courage and love is very different to the way Lexa’s been brought up to see leadership with the Grounders - which is quite brutal and there’s a lot of logic and rationality involved. So I think Clarke brings a very new perspective which is refreshing and attractive. So it’s a lovely friendship, as well, that we see growing too. It’s an interesting time for Lexa because she can start opening up a little bit, which is obviously very hard for her. ” (x)  — Alycia Debnam Carey

“I only found out what “shipping” was like two weeks ago. I was like, “Why is everyone saying they ‘ship’ Clarke and Lexa? What is that!?” And suddenly having “Clexa” as a thing. But it’s so awesome. To be able to interact and have such an obsession with things that are so fun and exciting! I love that people are so invested…” (x)  — Alycia Debnam Carey

“It’s a lovely new dynamic for them to explore and I think it’s such a wonderful development between two young characters that you don’t really get to see on TV shows. That kiss come from a real place. It’s not like the fans just wanted it and so it happened. Clarke and Lexa have deeply connected experiences and past lives. They have both lost loved ones, and they both have to lead their people, and make a lot of hard choices that most young people their age don’t have to. So to be able to find comfort and solace in someone who shares the same similar background is lovely, and that is why the dynamic works so well. There’s real emotion and trust there, it’s not just gratuitous sex. ” (x)  — Alycia Debnam Carey

“It stems from a connection that they both share—which is similar experiences and similar positions that they now occupy. They’re both very young leaders with great authority, a lot of responsibility. They have to lead a huge amount of people. They have a lot of expectations riding on them. And…it’s been very sudden for both of them—they’ve suddenly had to rise to the occasion; they don’t want to slip up. And they’ve also both lost ex loves. Clarke’s lost Finn; Lexa’s lost Costia. In many ways they connect and relate to one another in ways they don’t with other people. That’s what creates such a foundation for this relationship to go somewhere. They can trust in each other [because] they understand the situation that each other’s been put in. That’s probably what’s created this friendship and what could be—and is—potentially more. It definitely stems from a good place. “ (x) — Alycia Debnam Carey

“In a strange way, they’ve found those similarities of being responsible for their people and ultimately doing what’s best, and they’ve both taken characteristics from each other. Lexa has learned to trust a little bit more with Clarke, and Clarke has adapted some more ruthless tactics from Lexa. It’s very interesting to see the way they ebb and flow with each other. “ (x)  — Alycia Debnam Carey

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i’m just shaking my head at all the little fools -media, fandom and otherwise- who are using the release of DRAG ME DOWN to further drag Zayn.

Do y’all really think that Zayn feels anything other than happiness for his former bandmates, his brothers?  Do y’all really think that Liam, Louis, Niall and Harry are sitting around plotting against Zayn and throwing shade at him after 5 years of being like brothers?  REALLY? 

I sincerely bet that at the end of each day, all five of them boys have one big ol’ conference call laughing at all the chicken-heads who keep showing their asses

Um… Was thinking about expression sheets while animating so I tried a few with these two corporate nerds (instead of my own characters). Please excuse me and my messy scribbles. They’re directly scanned from my sketchbook and I got real lazy to clean so… Here.

I’ll just be on this other side yelling at myself for doing this. eheheheh.

Miss acting with him
  • Miss acting with him
  • Jennifer Lawrence
  • SDCC

Interviewer : Jen, what are you going to miss about Josh? (GIFS)

Jen: I don’t really … I mean … I don’t .. we …we’re friends.

Josh : yeah (laugh)

Jen:So we still see each-other all the time so I don’t miss seeing him cause you know, we’re still hang out.

But I do miss acting with him. Cause ,cause, really horrible thing happen, we’re like ..we can’t make eye contact. (Josh laugh) cause I just (Jen laugh) I just can’t without laughing and I don’t have that challenge in any other movies with any other actors than I work with. Normally I can make eye contact with actors and finish scenes and that is a challenge that I’m going to miss (laugh)

Jerza is obviously canon. Even if their moments together are rare, the ones they have are really strong… More than moment.s I’m in love with, but did you see kiss? Or Gruvia kiss? No. Jerza admitted their feelings for each other like no one else in FT did. Jerza Power <3
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so how did u learn to color your art

I treat digital painting similar to how I would a pastel, acrylic or water color painting. Traditional art really teaches you how to  problem solve  and build up colors. It made me appreciate the ease of digital color editing. Since digital doesn’t waste any paint or supplies, I liked to play a game of “how many colors can I put in this drawing before it starts looking bad”  I learned a lot doing that, what I liked, what colors looked nasty with each other, and a million ways to fix the mess I made. 

I took a color class in school but what I was taught didn’t click for me till years later. I learn better if I try it first, mess up, and then seek help. I like to throw myself into projects/ideas freely and work around problems as I go. I don’t know if the “slap a bunch of colors together and pray for the best” will work for everyone… but it did for me. You’ve got to stay positive and not expect it to turn out great right away, a big part of learning is messing up.

I’ve been having thoughts the past few days about nerdy!Natasha. One of my favorite moments in the whole MCU, which really made me love her character development, was when she was hacking in TWS, glanced up at Steve with a smirk, and made a War Games reference. Steve just kind of gives her this flat look, totally not appreciating her being goofy on the job. It occurred to me that this is basically the reaction Bruce gets from Steve and the rest of the team in the hammer-lifting scene in AoU. These two and their shared dorky sense of humor! No wonder they like each other.

  • so my step father is an abusive asshole and has kicked my mom and gabe mashtonapologist and myself out of the house. i have to come up with last months rent and enough to get utilities for a new apartment asap. anything you could donate to my paypal cantsaythursday@gmail would be incredibly helpful. if you can’t help, i totally understand, and would really appreciate if you could reblog this for me. 

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In a way, tumblr is like Lord Of a the Flies. There is no adult supervision, which sounds good at first. But then they start picking fights with each other, and no adult is there to intervene. Then they divide into camps and viciously attack each other for petty reasons and go crazy. Their words really do hurt, causing harm to people. (Encouraging suicide, etc) what sounded fun at first quickly turns into a small, but all consumed dystopian world

mmhmm. When ever anyone’s like “Lord of the Flies isn’t realistic, kids wouldn’t act like that” I tell them to go peruse tumblr.

-the Polish one

reading a fan account from twitter who went to an apink fansign with a namjoo shirt on, and every member was like ‘you like namjoo?’ and when they said yes the girls got really excited about it 

apink makes me cry they love namjoo and think she should be so much more appreciated and when she is they all rally around her and i can’t breathe i’m suffocating from the amount of love apink has for each other bye

TWEEK : Butters and I ?

TWEEK : No no no ! We’re just camp buds ! And hopefully buds outside of camp hahaha

TWEEK : On the orientation and gender identities ask, Butters has came out to me as Genderfluid Pansexual ! So they likes to use gender neutral pronouns, and on occasion female pronouns. 

TWEEK : I’ll slip up a few times, but I’m slowly learning haha 

TWEEK : And for me, I’m not really sure what gender I am, but I know that I’m Demiromantic Pansexual ; I set up a nifty little page in the side bar if you’re wondering about anyone else ! 

TWEEK : Geez, some of you are getting a bit personal …

TWEEK : Well yeah, who doesn’t have a crush …

TWEEK : He and I’ve known each other for a while now, since fourth grade almost …

TWEEK : He’s nice …


Interview: Milestone 2.0′s Reggie Hudlin and Denys Cowan (Pt. 1)

Yesterday morning I spoke with Milestone Media co-execs Reggie Hudlin and Denys Cowan about the return of Milestone, the new live-action Static Shock series, Marvel’s Hip-Hop covers, Black Panther, and much more! Here’s the first part of our interview!

At this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, Hudlin and Cowan revealed just a few of their plans for Milestone 2.0, including close collaboration with DC Comics’ Jim Lee! They shared more about their recent meetings here:

Hudlin: We had a great meeting with Jim [Lee] last week where we started mapping out the first year, year and a half of new Milestone. At the end of the meeting we kind of looked at each other like: ‘That’s a lot!” [Laughs]

Hudlin says they’re “playing with the format” this time around:

Hudlin: We really started talking about focusing on graphic novels, mini-series, one-shots, doing things in a way that make it more accessible to the casual reader as well as the hardcore fan.

Put simply, “It’s a lot of work”:

Cowan: We’ve worked out a lot of the storylines…we have more ideas than we have space for.

Hudlin: [We’re] world-building. It’s Earth-M. It’s not the DC universe. It’s not quite the Milestone Universe folks are used to. When we first got back together, long before we sat down with DC, we said: “This is not a nostalgia company.”…We’re going to make books that are accessible…and relevant to people right here right now.

The focus on accessibility means it’ll soon be easier than ever to read everything Milestone, old and new:

Cowan: We plan to release all of our stuff digitally, [including] our back archives. There’s a program being set up to make all of that available to our readers.

Hudlin: Our name is Milestone Media. We’re working on comic books, we’re working on digital series, Denys is doing art for figurines. We’re working in a lot of mediums simultaneously.

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Hello there my sugarplums, strawberries or any other fruits that you like to be addressed with (haha)! Nash here and I’m back with my 2nd ‘Follow Forever’! OMG, to think that just last week I posted my first follow forever after gaining 500 followers. Yet here I am, celebrating 800+ followers in total!

I could not thank you enough for your endless support! Who would’ve thought that I would even reach a 100 to begin with, let alone this many! I really rea~lly appreciate each and every one of my followers, including mutuals and friends who have been making this an enjoyable experience. Heck, BIG THANKS to all of you who are in both/either SHINee and/or SEVENTEEN fandom itself. You guys are amazing and the nicest and sweetest people I’ve ever met online. <3

So in complimentary to that, I decided to include these praiseworthy bloggers that you yourself should know. They’re talented, funny and very supportive; without them, I don’t think I could even continue making gifs and edits.Yes, loves. You have that motivational effect on me.

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For You

Request from anon: Can you do one of your amazing angsts? Any member. Where the girl is kind of irritable and in a bad mood for no reason. Like waking up on the wrong side of the bed and just really annoyed all day? and the boyfriend annoys her and it blows up to a whole argument? like something small turns into something really really big and they end up yelling at each other at the end? thanks!!!!!!!

Originally posted by jellyyyace

A/N: This has been on my request list for like a month! So sorry that it took so long!

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annnd another tomco prompt: Star accidentally turns Marco into a bunny and Tom ends up finding him and taking him home to the underworld. At first Marco is super freaked out but Tom's really sweet to him and they end up having a really good time together. They fall asleep cuddling but then Marco changes back in the middle of the night and when they wake up all tangled in each other's limbs awkwardness blushyness ensues xD

I love this so much bc Star trying to work out her magic is canon and Marco has already gone through so much with it that if this happened he would probably just be like ‘:/ alright’ at this point omfg

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I try to prevent myself from talking about the boyfriend constantly because prior to being in a relationship, I never understood why people in relationships went on and on about each other. I thought it was cute, I suppose, but I never understood it. Kind of corny, I thought. But man, these days, I really have to watch myself so I don’t mention him in every other sentence. It’s hard because I’m a complete cheeseball. I totally understand it now. I really dig this guy. A lot. Like, a lot. Like, “can’t stop thinking about him” a lot. Is that cheesy? Probably. I don’t think I care. I can’t help it. It’s such a foreign, welcome feeling–it’s so nice to have something so good happening in my life for once. 

That’s not to say that good things never happened to me before–far from it–but everything has been so stressful and tense for the past few years that I genuinely believed that that was just how my life was going to be. A lot of anxiety, a lot of health issues, worries about my career, worries about my family’s health and well-being and financial stability…just a constant state of low-key panic. But that’s not present in this relationship. At all. It’s not perfect–what relationship is?–but it’s so honest and open and cozy. He’s kind and caring and extremely intelligent and good Lord, he’s hilarious. What a sense of humor with this kid, holy crap. 

Professional development is all well and good, but that was all I was focused on for years. All I cared about was being successful, enormously so, because I had this poisonous fixation on perfection. I had to be perfect, which meant that dating was absolutely out of the question. Relationships were out of the question. Friends took a backseat to my studies and internships and volunteering and work on this or that committee or this or that executive board. I had to be perfect, I thought, which meant I had to be Madame CEO, which meant that I couldn’t fall in love because it was wrong, somehow, detrimental to “success.” Don’t get me wrong: my studies are still the world to me. I love it. I’m still determined to do well, and I’m still a typical Type A personality. I can’t help that. I still take on more work than I can handle; I’m still volunteering too much and serving on too many committees and trying to juggle too much at once.

But I’ve scaled back. I have. Taking fewer classes, carefully starting to put my foot down when I feel overwhelmed, allotting more time for my passions and less time for things I know don’t really matter. Because I can’t live like that exclusively anymore. I want something more than work, work, work. I can’t take myself that seriously anymore because I am just not Madame CEO. I don’t want to conk over from a heart attack at age thirty. I want to give things like this relationship–honest, open things that let me breathe and make me feel energized–a chance. It’s a huge change for me, but man, oh man, has it been worth it. It gives me hope that maybe I can branch out and do things that I’ve always wanted to do, or at least try. I thought anxiety was keeping me in line, moving me towards my goals; in reality, it was locking me in place. There was no growth, not really. Just an endless cycle of the same stagnant worries. 

In the past few months, I really feel like I’ve stepped away from some of that. I let a guy in–which would have been unthinkable a few years ago–and it’s surprisingly comfortable and funny and challenging. And I’m really loving it. It’s weird, it’s new, it’s uncharted territory, and I actually love it.

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If Connor and Troye want their relationship to be a secret toward their general audiences, why do you think they allow certain tweets like Amplify's "Connor/Troye fan account" and even Ben's tweet about tronnor a while back? Like troye even drew attention to Ben's tweet before he deleted it.

Well those kinds of things are only just starting to happen now. For months there’s been this unnaturally high level of secrecy surrounding them and everything they do that’s slowly lessening. The amount of time they spend together rivals Dan and Phil at this point, but unlike Dan and Phil, Troye and Connor almost never mention each other or get mentioned as a unit by other people. Of course, Dan and Phil have a huge history, but the difference is still really striking.

It’s all still really hushed even if there are occasional moments like that. References to the Tronnor fandom happen slightly more often now because the fandom is visible and acknowledging it doesn’t necessarily speak of their relationship, it just speaks of the fans. But YouTubers still don’t play into the fandom quite like they do for other ships, it’s all very lowkey and subtle.

I was with Elizabeth [Taylor] the morning she got the call that Natalie Wood had died. Natalie had been like a younger sister to her during the old studio days and they adored each other. Elizabeth really fell apart that morning and I was privy to the rawest emotions I think I’ve ever witnessed in a human being. Elizabeth was the best friend anybody could have. She would stand by you no matter what. Look at how she stood by Michael Jackson! And I will never forget her sobbing in my arms and saying, “Why do all the good people have to die and I go on…and on?”
—  Anthony Geary