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if harry never covers young and beautiful what is like,, the Point

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Just dropping by to tell you you're really awesome and your artwork inspires me a lot! I'm so glad to have met you on DA all those years ago <3

this actually genuinely made things a lot better for me considering you’ve been my art senpai for so long and all ive ever wanted was to be as good as you ;u; like i sound like a total goober but man. like. ive only come this far because of your work! and your creativity! and your fearlessness when it comes to expressing yourself in your art! man im just sjdhlkshgfjlkshgjfdlkshgd AAHHHHHHHH <3<3

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Man I just saw the video of kookie hand crawling to the top of tae's head and back down and man jhope was like I saw u like ARGGGHHHHHH

now watch me whip, now watch me dig my grave

Chenanna is real yall know

~~~ @y-iama ~~~
-sometimes ppl get born with a flower bracelet
-you were no exception
-your whole family was shookt
-as you grew up, none of the flowers bloomed
-it didnt bother u that much
-until one day ur ass was in school
-u and anouk (bye let me live)
-were seated next to eachother and like holy crap
-u were just doodling in ur book
-and anouk almost screamed bc,,,,,thats how she is man
-no but shr gasped and u were like
-‘hoe whats wrong’
-so anouk just pointed at ur wrist
-and mother of jesus
-a flower bloomed
-you were so exited!!!
-your soulmate was getting closer
-a month later
-almost all the flowers bloomed
-ur ass was so anxious
-anouk was almost crying bc she didnt have a soulmate #lonelyforever
-today u were feeling g o o d
-u didnt know why tho
-u were in pe and suddenly the last flower started to bloom
-which caused you to fall
-so the teach send u to the infirmary (idk anglish)
-so u sat there on a chair
-swinging ur legs bc ur that adorable
-and suddenly the door busts open
-u almost fell from the chair wtf
-so u look up
-and expect to see the school nurse bc hecc u almost broke ur arm
-siKe biTch
-its a boy
-a very cute and attractive one if i may add
-and he just stares at u
-suddenly ur wrist itches tho
-so u look
-mother of jesus
-u almost faint because the last flower has bloomed
-so u stare back up at him
-hes examining his bracelet
-he looks so pale omf
-and then he just embraces u???
-so u hug back aww
-*cue anouk in the doorway with a tear rolling down her cheek*
-'im chenle btw’
-'im savannah , call me sav :’)’
-'lets get to know eachother’
-chenle’s so emotional
-he found his soulmate hecc-
-so yall are drinking bubbletea and walking in the park or smth
-and chenle pulls u to a bench (iDK ANGLISH)
-and yall sit down and just talk
-you have so much in common
-so its like 7pm and ur like 'hecc gtg my parents will whoop my ass’
-and chenle nods
-and pecks ur cheek
-u go like ’????’
-but u see hes blushing
-and ur heart just kinda melts
-'see u tomorrow chenle~~’
-'yeah… see ya tomorrow’ :’)
-u walk home in peace
-thinking about ur cute ass soulmate
-and u enter ur home and eat dinner
-ur such a smiley bby and ur parents are like ’???’
-after dinner u go upstairs
-lmfao anouks sitting there in a chair
-'spill the tea bitch’
-and yall just talk about
-anouk gets emo bc #lonelyforever
-djdjsjs next day
-u go to school and hang with chenle
-and ur both a little less shy
-*3 bloody months later*
-despite the two of u being soulmates
-chenle asked u to be his girlfriend
-and u slap him bc bOi???
-he just wanted to be cute~~
-ugh greasy baby
-yall are so adorable together
-u lowkey cri inside because ur soulmate is the best person in ur life!!
-everyones so jealous!!
-its really uncommon to find a soulmate
-yet here yall are
-happy together :’)
-im gon end this here bc i could write a whole chenanna fanfic i aint kidding

-also we dunno if anouk ever found her soulmate but eHh shes ok

Give me s3 where Lotor kidnaps Lance and everyone realizes his significance especially Keith. Yet again will he discover another part of who he is; that he’s fucking gay for Lance.

y'all beronica at hogwarts will kill me tho like

  • baby slyth!veronica meeting huff!betty and immediately deciding she’s her person and fuck what the dumb talking hat says
  • ronnie getting sat down by her parents in her first year bc ‘u can’t just hex anyone who doesn’t like betty, honey’
  • veronica crying on betty’s shoulder and sleeping in the hufflepuff common room with her when her father gets sent to azkaban
  • ronnie getting upset bc she’s spent so much time with huffs that betty’s housemates aren’t even intimidated by her anymore
  • betty getting her first detention because she hexed a gryff who called ronnie’s father a criminal
  • alice cooper, poster woman for the slyth charity ball, hating that betty is a huff
  • veronica being forbidden from the cooper household bc of that one time she gave alice severe facial warts for calling betty a disappointment
  • betty staying with veronica’s family over summer break to avoid her mom
  • ronnie wearing a huff scarf to betty’s quidditch games and her housemates barely even caring bc they’ve come to just expect this shit from her now
  • slyth!ronnie and huff!betty basically just being such obnoxious ride or dies that no one is surprised when they finally start dating in their sixth year

My @voltronsecretvalentine gift for @thedemidiaries! hope u like it ✨ Happy Valentine’s day!!

Klance miraculous ladybug AU, am I right or am I right?