no omg hahahaha

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How can you take such nice shots?? 😭😭 The other day I was trying to take a pic near some trees but everytime I got closer they'd disappear! I got so frustrated I shut down the game (rip to the lot that got lost bcs I was too mad to save, you'll be missed) share your secret sim goddess

OMG HAHAHAHA the trees thing happens to me too, but whenever i go in tab mode they appear again so when i take the picture at least they’re there :p there might be a mod for that.. i know that i use a camera mod from MTS that helps the camera not fly across the screen as much. :))) ily 

So oh my god, so I’m on Spotify on my tablet, and there is a small option at the bottom of the player that will make you choose to choose where to cast Spotify to play on, I always see my PS4, but I see a Google Cast device listed now and I’m tempted to play some music and play it on this random Google Cast (I guess it’s from someone else’s house) I really wanna do it oh my god and see what happens

I’m going to confess this stupid thing, but it happens to me that from time to time, when a very good blog of this fandom follows me I’m like ’is this true? You are following me? Are you sure this is not a mistake?’ And I always wait for they to stop following me because I can not believe that someone so cool has noticed my existence.