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b99 week // day 3
favorite episode: 2x17 - Boyle-Linetti Wedding

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Weird ask game but 🔥 about... Game Grumps in general. Sorry, too tired to think of anything

Unpopular opinion: I think people are super obsessed with Dan and it pisses me off. I may sound like a hypocrite considering that I talk more about Dan and his characters more than anything, but you wanna know WHY I do?

Because it’s all anyone wants to know. And it’s one of the few ways to get anyone to pay attention to you here. Yeah, I know people love Arin, but honestly there’s so much more Dan love that I just get tired of it sometimes. Like, I get it, we love Dan Avidan. But like….Arin Hanson, man. ARIN JOSEPH HANSON.

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  • What if in the Trek universe all outworlders are just baffled with cows and are just so interested in them because THERE IS NOTHING ELSE LIKE THEM IN THE UNIVERSE
  • One of Spock’s favorite animals being cows
  • Jim taking him to a farm and setting him loose with a field full of them
  • idk why i just think spock would talk to the cows 
  • “Hello, small one.” “Moo.” “Do you require assistance?” “Moo.” “Oh–yes. You are calling for your mother, we shall look for her.”
  • All the cows following Spock for some weird reason
  • “Moo.” “Yes, it is a nice day.” “Moo.” “I agree, it does look like it will rain”
  • Spock and the cows sitting in a field together
  • Jim just buying a farm so Spock can have his own cow
  • “Mooooooo.” “Yes, I know you are hungry. Have patience please.”
    “Mooooooooooooo.” “I don’t appreciate your tone.”
  • Jim buying Spock cow sweaters
  • Meditating while the cows take a nap
  • just spock and cows

Oh boys I think I broke my rib last night at kickboxing? Can you do that? You can right? LIKE. Break them and not even notice bc they are Minor and Don’t Hurt U. Is That A Thing.

Ohhhhhhh I hate it when people honestly compare batman and iron man and there is always some jackass in the comments like “batman is just better than iron man. Why? Because he’s batman!” Like yes Carl we understand that batman is a meme but we’re trying to have a conversation here and your obnoxious comment is going to be repeated 18374829 times in the notes so just leave please

I’m still watching the new ep and...

I realised… In the night club door, Lysander passed the security guard almost immediatly. Does that mean he’s over aged or he just looks like it? xD Or both 🤔

I have to believe he’s over 18 (my current age too) no matter what, but still, this “confirmation” made my heart happy :3

More thoughts on Utena and inappropriate sibling relations


I ragequit the show for awhile after dealing with Touga and Nanami, as longtime followers will remember. I couldn’t deal with their weird mutual manipulation, Nanami’s pursuit of Touga, Touga’s use of Nanami like a tool, Nanami KILLING HIS CAT–even though it never got sexual it got so uncomfortable and weird that i couldn’t handle the show anymore, incest is a huge giant squick for me, it bothers me INTENSELY. 

But what’s so odd about it now is I wonder if I was being set up to recognize those same patterns in Anthy and Akio. One of the interesting things about the way the show casts Nanami and Touga is that it doesn’t feel one-sided. Both of them are fucking nightmare children, and they are both terrible to each other, and the shit between them feels like this incredibly fuck-up dance they do, the show taking it to the extreme of having her kill a kitten because Touga loved it too much to really drive home to us that Nanami is a lot of things, but totally innocent is not one. 

So I’m wondering, with my continued suspicion of Anthy, if there’s not something similar going on between her and Akio? OBVIOUSLY, THIS IS IKUHARA’S, “oh, you could deal with Incest original recipe, try INCEST EXTRA CRISPY.” so everything is much easier, in some ways, to go, “BACK UP THE BUS.” Akio, you know, RAPES HIS SISTER. But I still wonder what’s going on with Anthy. What is she going to take from him? What will she destroy? How much will I be willing to condemn her when I fucking hate Rat-Tail and his fucking stars and his bloviating speeches?

Also totally possible that I’m not meant to notice a pattern at all! And it’s just my brain trying to make sense of Ikuhara’s need to throw a bunch of incest in here. 


Please not I haven’t seen anything past this (opening credits of ep 19) and am watching spoiler free! Please don’t confirm, deny, or explain anything to me! Even if I should be able to figure it out based on past episodes! Even if it’s cultural! Even if there is no answer! It ruins it for everyone when I get spoiled!