no offense white people

to put it into perspective as to why it can be offensive to ask a poc their ethnicity: white people hardly ever ask other white people ‘what is your ethnicity’ even though technically there are different ethnic backgrounds incorporated into whiteness and everyone knows this. but regardless of what your white background is, you have become part of the national (homogenized white) identity. so like when white people ask poc what their ethnicity is, it’s always in an other-ing context and under the assumption that we are never removed from our ‘heritage place’ and we will never be fully integrated into the ‘national identity’ regardless of how many generations back we’ve lived here. like if it’s truly “out of curiosity,” do you ask everyone what their background is or just the poc?


A group of Americans on vacation in Cancun, Mexico were slammed by a Mexican newspaper late last week after they chanted “Build the wall!” while on a tourist ship.

… The editorial goes on to note that while “several Mexican tourists on board the ship expressed their annoyance,” the Americans nonetheless “did not stop at all and continued singing the racist hymn.”

The editorial concludes that this “situation is far from being an isolated incident, and it adds to the growing number of complaints from tourism sector workers, who point out that in recent days many Spring Breakers have been offensive, rude and haughty towards Mexican people.”

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Do V and Y get a lot of creepy people coming up to them when the kids are babies to coo about how biracial kids are the ~most beautiful~

YES AND IT’S SO BAD ALL THE TIME. It’s a different flavor racism than the one Yuuri dealt with in Michigan but it’s JUST AS BAD and bad in SO MANY DIFFERENT WAYS depending on which one of them the person sees with the kids or if it’s both of them???

One time Viktor is watching Irina’s ballet practice when she’s like five, waving through the studio’s glass when she looks at him and smiling as she does her clumsy little plies

Another father walks up to him and asks which one is yours? And Viktor points out Irina.

“Oh, wow,” says the other father. “She’ll be a looker when she grows up.”

“Um,” Viktor mutters, because that’s a weird thing to say to him about his five-year-old. 

“I mean, she’s part Chinese right?”

Viktor squints dangerously. “My husband is Japanese.”

“Oh, well. You know. They all look the same. But I’ve never seen an ugly Asian girl. She’s gonna be real pretty.”

Viktor takes Irina out of that ballet class and starts sending her to private lessons with Lilia, which is what Lilia has been WANTING THIS WHOLE TIME VIKTOR KONSTANTINOVICH I TOLD YOU. I TOLD YOU.

On the other hand, when Yuuri is alone with Mikhail, little old European ladies keep coming up to him and pinching Mikhail’s cheeks and saying things like, “Mixed babies are just adorable,” and Yuuri wants to physically slap their hands away from his child.

It’s equally as creepy though when people HIS AGE, LATE TWENTIES EARLY THIRTIES, look at his babies and say, “Oh, I want my babies to look just like that! Like, Asian but without the eyes! They’re so cute that way!” and then hastily and fervently glancing at him and saying, “No offense!”

It gets better when they go back to Japan but like even there?? even there sometimes people say backwards shit. Kyo and Koichi are born and a lot of people say they have “Anime eyes” because they’re so blue. Yuuri has to go into Emma’s school once because someone is teasing her so badly about having a big nose that she doesn’t want to go to school. Twelve-year-old Mikhail begs them to let him dye his hair black so that he “looks normal.”

Which, like, they’d let him dye his hair whatever color he wanted–it’s impermanent and something he can have agency over even at a young age–but not because he feels like he has to, y’know?

But yes people are horrible and Yuuri and Viktor Nikiforov just want people to let their babies LIVE and not say weird creepy things about them??? Also Yuuri Nikiforov is going to fight the FUCKING WORLD if one more person screams at him a slow voice?? He speaks perfect Russian? He studied it for five years in college?? Why is it that he’s the one who gets talked to like a child when Viktor is the one who STILL sometimes goes blank in the face and just blindly agrees to whatever it is the person he’s speaking Japanese to has just said to him.

“Is the moon made of cheese, Viktor?” Mari once asks a very tired Viktor, trying to smother her laughter as she watches him rock back and forth with both twins and their matching stuffed tigers cradled in his arms. Six-week-old Kyo and Koichi have had a case of the sniffles and, while not serious, it’s been a hell of a weekend.

“Uhhh yes,” Viktor mumbles, eyes half open. “It’s fine.”

Yuuri takes a break from wanting to sleep forever to laugh hysterically into Viktor’s knee before trying to fall back asleep.

“I’ll babysit the terrible trio tomorrow,” Mari assures them. “You guys look like you need a break.”

“Bless you,” Viktor whispers, strangely understanding every word of that much more complicated sentence. “You will be sainted.”

“The patron saint of sniffles and drooling brothers,” Mari says, and Yuuri doesn’t know if she’s talking about him or the twins but he throws a pillow at her anyway.

please unfollow and block me if any of the following apply to you: 

  • you don’t believe biphobia is a real thing that hurts people
  • you think bisexuality is unfortunate and buy into purity politics like “gay is superior to bi”
  • you think bi people currently in ‘het’ relationships are not a part of the lgbt community, because object permanence fails you i guess?
  • you wouldn’t ever date a bisexual simply based on the simple fact that they’re bisexual (and/or you’re white and defend this by making an offensive and invalid comparison to poc not wanting to date white people)
  • you just hate bi people for whatever reason
  • your bi friends’ feelings regarding bi issues don’t matter to you at all
  • thanks 

Apparently this needs restating, again: you can’t be ‘racist’ against white people.

Sure, you can be prejudiced, discriminatory, dismissive and rude towards white folk. But racism is a structure of oppression based in material relations which entails the wielding of violence against a specific ethnicity. White folk are simply not subject to these forms of structural violence - because the (overwhelmingly white) ruling elite wields this partisan violence as both a racist ideological tool, and as a class wedge to maintain social control over the working-class by sowing division between different ‘races’.

So let’s be specific - you might find things which criticise 'white people’ childish, pointless and offensive. But don’t you dare fool yourself that they’re remotely equivalent to the material violence which black, Latino, Muslim and Asian folk are subject to as a matter of routine.

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do u deem it problematic/offensive when white people listen to filipino music/try to learn tagalog?

no :0?? theres nothing wrong  wanting to learn a language dude

• about 14 million white people and 2.6 million black people report using an illicit drug.

• 5 times as many white people are using drugs as black people, yet black people are sent to prison for drug offenses at 10 times the rate of white people.

• black people represent 12% of the total population of drug users, but 38% of those arrested for drug offenses, and 59% of those in state prison for a drug offense.

• black people serve virtually as much time in prison for a drug offense (58.7 months) as white people do for a violent offense (61.7 months).

source: sentencing project

Intelligence is not a redeeming character trait.

I’m really unbelievably tired of (mostly male) characters being “redeemed” from their bad attitudes, bad manners, poor treatment of other characters, etc. by the big reveal of their supposed genius. 

Being intelligent (no matter how intelligent) doesn’t make a person worth more than anyone else. It doesn’t excuse any of those things. It isn’t a get-out-of-jail-free card for bad behavior, and having other skills (no matter what they are) doesn’t justify never prioritizing learning how to not hurt the people around them.

It’s not an excuse. 

And I think this is especially important to bring up for (mostly white) male characters, because actual men outside of fiction are excused by society in the same way that narratives excuse them in fiction. As long as they’re perceived by society as being “more important” than other people (which they already are by default if they’re men, and even more so if they’re white, etc.), any inappropriate, harmful, or offensive behavior toward other people is excused. 

The excuses are always that it would be “hard” for someone who is SO INCREDIBLY GIFTED to… be kind? Show compassion? Consider the effects of their actions on others and act accordingly? 

It’s bullshit. 

Fundamentally the trope is ableist (by basing someone’s worth around their mental capacity), with undertones of classism and racism (in the same ways that IQ tests are classist and racist), and it perpetuates a narrative of male privilege and entitlement.

And by the way, if you were reading this post and thinking “Is this about [specific male character who does this]?” then the answer is yes.

I’m Fed Up


Okay, so being transracial is becoming a thing now. However, I WILL NOT HAVE IT!!! More and more white women are claiming to “feel” like they belong to a different race or wanting to become a different race and going through drastic changes such as getting chemical treatment to have more melanin in their skin and lip injections. Usually, I’m a very open minded person, but I am so sick and tired of more and more white women (not all of course) using their privilege to decide that they want to just slip into another race because we black women are a fucking trend in their eyes. Wanting to copy our hairstyles and renaming them, appropriating aspects of our culture (ex. claiming that Rock and Roll is white music, despite the founders of it were all black), thinking it’s cute to say Nigga or Nigger and get offended when told they can’t say it. I’m tired of some white girls saying shit like their “inner black woman” like we’re some sort of fucking spirit animal.  

This is a prime example of the transracial trend going on. 

Not only am I annoyed with that, but I’m also sick and fucking tired of being told by some of my own community that I’m not black enough. All for dumb shit. I’m called white because I’ve actually left the country, because I sometimes go swimming in the ocean or lakes, for liking other genres of music than just rap and r&b, for speaking correct English, because I don’t like watermelon, because I’m not a Christian, because I’m in touch with my sexuality, because I play bass guitar and fucking love rock & roll, because I like being free spirited, because I’ve dated white boys, because I take my depression and ADHD seriously and don’t pray on it or ignore it, because I don’t know every rap song or every rapper, because I have a lot of white friends, because I can’t twerk (and have a little ass), because I take the time to learn about other cultures and foods, because I’m stick thin, and the list goes on and on. I’m really sick of all of this. I’m sick of feeling that I have to fit inside a box and if I do anything outside of it, I’m not black enough or being called stuck up because I don’t act stereotypically black. I’m sick of being told I’m too nappy headed, that I’m too dark (like that’s supposed to be a bad thing), being told that only light skinned girls and white girls who are wannabes (wanting to be black so damn bad *cough* Kylie Jenner *cough*) are beautiful. And what’s worse is that some white people think that they too have the right to tell me that I “act white” or that even they are “blacker than me”. I’m just saying that these groups of people can fuck right off and kiss my black ass. I’m going to continue being a Carefree Black Girl. 

I’m sorry for all the profanity but I just needed to rant or talk to someone. 

Also I believe that we need more Carefree Black Girls who don’t fit into the stereotypical black girl box. We need more SZA’s, Zoë Kravitz’s, Solange’s, Esperanza Spalding’s, Erykah Badu’s, Lupita Nyongo’s and more Janelle Monáe’s. Women who don’t let their race define their personality. 

I support witches of all religions and practices.

But if you culturally appropriate deities, religious practicing, sacred items and terms and actions from Native peoples and other closed religions, I will not tolerate it. It is wrong. I’ve gotten so much hate for simply saying that something is offensive to me it is unbelievable. Some white people are shoved so far up their own ass they don’t even care if they offend an entire race (as if being insensitive about the genocide and continued abuse and disrespect that wasn’t enough)

Not sure what the point of this post is.

If I see you on my dash using slurs like ‘n*gg**’ or 'g*psy* or r*dskin*, I will block your ass.

If I see you blatantly refuse to change something you’re doing that has been clearly and politely pointed out to you as insulting and offensive to a closed culture, I will block you.

I won’t tolerate it anymore. I can lead a horse to water, but I cannot make it drink. I will continue to try to educate my followers on Native culture and appropriation, but if someone wants to keep being an ass after being educated and called out and asked to stop, that is on them. I will have done all I can do.

  • my neighbor, who came outside while i was sitting in my hammock: so what are you doing with that hair cut? if i did that i would look like a boy!
  • what i wanted to say: bc im a dyke, loretta. i need other lesbians to know im gay. now stop yelling at me, im trying to chill.
  • what i actually said: idk i just like it

Full offense can non-poc/white people (like myself) fucking stop with trying to dictate what’s racist or not? And I’m sick and tired of seeing the feelings of people hurt by this c*ncrete situation being put down by some racist piece of shit saying it’s not even though we have no right to dictate of it’s racist because like….We’re white

And tbh its just really gross that many of the white crits dont give a damn about the racist shit tht goes on in the show but wanna cry about j*sper not coming back or something

And it’s not like you have to be black to realize this is racist like. I’m white and know it’s racist. It clearly has the resemblance of bl*ckface. So shut up lol I really don’t care if it was unintentional

And I get that Rebecca and Lamar apologized but what about all the other antiblack content in the show?

I know this isn’t my lane but I’m just disturbed at how many disgusting people have been uncovered because of this c*ncrete thing.