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Possibilities Of Tokyo Ghoul's Bad/Half Bad Ending

1) Kaneki dies from the rapid aging or during the big war but he left a beautiful world that both humans and ghouls (and of course for Touka and his child) can live in harmony behind

2) Everyone is alive but Kaneki and we can even see his grave on last page

3) Or everyone is died but Kaneki is alive but he is really too old from the rapid aging and he is in hospital now and he remembers all his memories before he closes his eyes to death

Add not: Please share your opinions if you want!

Kierark shippers: Kierark is the best ship they’re perfect together I love them!!!!

Mark Blackthorn: “The problem was fights with Kieran usually led to kissing, and that, Mark felt, was not helpful. It probably wasn’t all that healthy either.

Kierark shippers:

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Have you thought... what if Raven's romance is actually Bellamy? They get along well, between 7 people, it could happen, they slept together before so they could do it again & then develop into love. And then, when they came down and find out Clarke is alive and Bellamy... it would be history repeating itself, because of Finn falling in love with Clarke, but CW has a thing for tv shows soap opera type. Just a thought. I just want Clarke, Bellamy, Raven and everyone to be happy. My poor Raven tho

You know that’s been an argument for months now. Speculation. There are many people who ship them but I do not. Not in canon. I just don’t see the story happening on screen.

I do not think The 100 is going with Raven and Bellamy as a romantic pairing, at least not one that lasts the 6 years. If they have a thing during the time, I could see that, but I don’t think that is what they are to each other. They tried and it didn’t work. The relationship they have developed between Bellamy and Raven seems to me to be pretty platonic, despite having slept together once, and declaring it, “not helping” and “not much to talk about.” Sometimes when you sleep with someone, it’s just not what you’re looking for and they aren’t the person who does is it for you and having sex with them is how you find out. That’s okay. And I did not see their interactions in the final episodes to be romantic, either. There was affection and love and camaraderie and respect, but there was also a distance between them and I saw no longing. The movement of Raven and Bellamy’s relationship over the course of the show never really seemed to get deeper, but kind of skated on the same level of intimacy. Or at least I didn’t see it. 

With the way they talked about Bellamy and Raven at SDCC, and how Bob said she was his second in command, that also does not sound romantic to me. I love Bellamy and Raven, I love them together, but I don’t see that the show is making them romantic. It’s not because I’m a bellarke shipper. Bravenlarke is my ot3, so I look for this connection. I don’t see it in canon. They seem like friends. And if it were romantic in nature, I would want him describing her as his partner, not his second. That is not an equal relationship.

Making Bellamy and Raven a romantic, end game couple during the time jump would be a huge disservice to fans, because that means we would not get to see these characters that we love have this huge character development and this big change that would have a large effect on the story going forward, ESPECIALLY considering where they left the season, with Bellamy (and Raven) focused on Clarke, and Clarke, sitting there, alone, talking to and about Bellamy as if his existence was keeping her going in her isolation. 

I just don’t see it.

I see a more likely romantic relationship for Raven in Murphy, considering their personal development in the back half of last seasons. They got a lot closer and overcame a lot of their differences. This would also leave us without getting to see the development that got them there. 

Another possibility for a Raven love interest is one of the three new characters they talk about. I personally like the idea of someone on the Eligius being a match for Raven, because I don’t actually have anyone to ship her with right now. And the IDEA of someone that she really clicks with and who challenges her and protects her and loves her and puts her first is an idea that I want to see. 

Full offense but making friends in line for a concert is the purest most happiest feeling in the world and I would not trade it for anything else other than talking about the show afterwards & seeing if you can meet the band together to cement the memory. 💖✨💘

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